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Across the Veil - Part 2

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Summary: After refusing Crowley’s offer, you find yourself stuck in a room with your memories, making you want to take his deal. With 24 hours to decide, you try to focus on helping Sam solve the case (unbeknownst to him). That is, until Sam heads to sleep and Dean sneaks out - ready to do something dangerous.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,273

This is a series! Find Part 1 here.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading!

“No way. No way, Crowley, no matter what it is you’re here to sell - I’m not buying.” You stood across the room from him, your eyes focused and certain, your hands in fists at your sides.

“Well I haven’t even told you what I’m proposing yet,” the king of demons muttered, his hands calmly rested in his pockets. “S’a bit rude not to let me offer first.”

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Part One, Chapter Nine: Calman Geal

Huzzah! We have come to the end of the Prologue! Now for the good stuffs.
You can find links to previous chapters here.

April 16th, 1746; Craigh na Dun

I stood at the outer edge of the circle of stones and could go no further.

Now that I had seen what love, what life, was truly like, how could I go to a time without it?

I couldn’t.

Turning on my heel, I blindly walked straight into Jamie. He pulled me into his arms and whispered in my ear, “I dinna ken how I’ll let ye go either, Claire, but ye have to.”

Bloody man. He could always read my mind.

“For the sake of the bairn.” His hand traveled to my hips, coming to rest just above my womb. “He will be all that’s left of me. Ye, and the child ye carry.”

And there it was. The single, solitary reason why I could not stay.

Why now? My mind screamed. Why, when I had longed for so many months and years to be with child, must it be clear now? Why couldn’t it have been even a few weeks ago, when we might have had time to get away?

The logical and rational portion of my brain reminded me that even if I had, even if we had known of the child months ago, Jamie would not have left. He was destined for Culloden Moor, to stand with his men, to fall with the fate of Scotland.

Death didn’t frighten me.

I had watched too many people die to fear it. While, it was true, not all the deaths I had witnessed had been of the peaceful sort, I feared living without the people I loved far more than the end of my life.

Neither my husband nor my daughter would live to see the sunset. I couldn’t save either of them. I had tried. God, I had tried.

But I had failed. I couldn’t stop the rising tide of Scottish independence, the ebbing flow of Julia’s life. And so, here I stood: neck deep in waters I could never hope to swim in without something to grab hold of. About to return into the life I had left behind, the life I no longer wanted.

A life without either of them.

“Sassenach,” Jamie’s voice interrupted my thoughts, his hands echoing the desires of my heart.


Nestled in my arisaid as well as Jamie’s plaid, Julia was well protected from the wind and damp ground in her place beneath a nearby tree. Jamie stooped and gathered her into his arms, burrowing his face into the folds of wool beside hers. He rocked slowly back and forth as he spoke to her in Gaelic.

All the breath left my lungs as I caught some of what he was saying.

“Tha gaol agam ort, mo beag calman geal.”

I love you, my little white dove.

“I will be with her soon,” he swallowed hard as he placed her into my arms, “to watch over ye and the bairn.”

He made no attempt to stem his tears, only to be sure I understood his words.

“Name him after my father, aye?”

“I promise.” My voice sounded strange. Distant, almost detached.

The roar of the stones was growing louder by the second, shaking me to my very core. I knew Jamie was moving us slowly towards the center stone. My back was to it and I tried not to think of how close we were, how many more steps it would be.

I looked down at Julia. She lay motionless in my arms, save for a minuscule rise and fall of the blankets with her every breath. A sudden thought shattered what little semblance of self-possession I had left.

What if she couldn’t go thru with me?

“Promise me, Jamie.” I pushed at him, moving away from the stone. “Promise me you’ll stay with her. That you’ll lay her to rest somewhere safe. Promise me!”

Jamie’s eyes grew wide with shock, not at the suggestion he’d do anything but honor our daughter until the last, but with the idea that she might not be able to leave with me.

“She’ll go wi’ ye, Claire.” His voice was unwavering, sure of this as the only possible outcome.

“But what if she can’t,” I sobbed and pulled my daughter closer. “What if she can’t hear them like you, Jamie? Promise me!”

He straightened slightly, taking my face in his hands. “Then, aye, I promise ye, Claire. If she stays, she will be at rest beside my parents.”

“They’ll take care of her, won’t they? Your parents and mine.”

“Tha’ they will.” Jamie smiled wryly down at Julia, “It may take St Michael himself to keep her from turnin’ the place upside-down, though, aye?”

I gently placed a kiss atop of her head, another on each cheek, and the tip of her nose.  

Pressing my forehead to hers, I said goodbye to my daughter.


I woke face down in the grass, arms empty.

Scrambling to my feet, I desperately searched the base of every stone.

She was gone. I was alone.

the world: *is turnin*

me: michael arden and andy mientus are in england right now for their wedding and i am in england right now because i live here so that means that michael arden and andy mientus are in the same country that i am in and according to kathryn gallaghers most recent periscope they are getting married in london and england is a relatively small country and i am in bristol which is just a few hours from london so from all of that information we can infer that the broadway boyz™ are only about ¾ hours away from where i am currently and while I’m not gonna try to track them down (because I’m not completely insensitive to their personal boundaries) i am mildly overwhelmed by this rare proximity to two people i admire A LOT but who are normally on the other side of an entire ocean

the world: *keeps turnin*

Sweet Home Alabama (Dean x Reader)

A/N: This is for @deanwinchester-af​ ‘s 25 Songs Challenge. I picked SHA, so here’s this fluff-ball of a drabble-y-thing. Feedback is appreciated; send in requests if you have any! Lmao I’m sorry this is so late. It’s late by a week and a half. Oops. :( -Admin Sammi

Word Count: 1514

Summary: When Dean hears some god-awful singing coming from the kitchen, he decides to help the damsel with her vocal skills using his elusive and rarely seen guitar skills. Little did he know that he would walk into that kitchen a troubled man and walk back out with a weight lifted off his shoulders. 

Warnings: fluff. all the fluff. it’s all fluff. if you like tilt your head like 46.77 degrees to the left you might be able to discern some angsty subtext background information, but other than that, it’s. ya. all fluff. 


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“Big wheels keep on turnin’, carry me home to see my kin! Singin’ songs ‘bout the south-land, oh how I miss ‘ole’ ‘bamy once again– and I think it’s a sin…”  She can’t help but to sing the song as it comes to mind, her own drawl accenting the song of her home state. There was no accompanying music, nothing to guide her along and give her the right rhythm. It was simply [y/n], in her most relaxed, unreformed state, standing before the stove, skillet in one hand, spatula in the other, as her hips swayed to a beat that only she could hear. Dean stood on the threshold to the kitchen, dumbstruck by her voice and its off-kilter warble when she hit a note that was simply too difficult for her to pull off without the accompaniment. He watched her quietly, lips pulled up in the first genuine smile he had mustered in– weeks.

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i always wonder if i make dannys ghost form look dead enough
but now seeing him next to sam and tucker in this draw im doin rn
ho ly sh it i drain his skin of colour so much,,,

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin || Closed


Ru was doing his best to stay out of everyone’s way while looking at paints in the small aisles of the art store. He was well aware of how he looked, in his beat up wheel chair. How much space he took up. How he was an inconvenience. But really he didn’t have time to care, he had to find the right colors and get back to painting before the deadline was up and he lost another customer. But just as he was about to find the perfect shade of green, he was bumped by a rather tall stranger, “Are you alright?”

Horoscopes 12/6

Aries - wear more black lipstick and black nail polish and you will find love
Taurus- don’t go out to lunch this week
Gemini- drink more water
Cancer- communicate more
Leo- you look hot keep taking selfies
Virgo- keep turnin up
Libra- don’t be overbearing
Scorpio - open up to people
Sagittarius- stay true to your core beliefs and values
Capricorn- you’re artistic and other people think you’re interesting
Aquarius- drink more coffee
Pisces - calm down and don’t have feelings