keeps on turnin'!

We’ve been through this enough
It gets rough but there’s nowhere to run
This is where we belong
We are strong, we can never give up

If we wanted to we could
But we’ve always understood
To keep lookin’ for the good

Keep the fire burnin’
Let it keep us warm
The world will keep on turnin’
Let it turn you on

And let us not stop learnin’
We can help one another be strong
Let us never lose our yearnin’
To keep the fire burnin’

the world: *is turnin*

me: michael arden and andy mientus are in england right now for their wedding and i am in england right now because i live here so that means that michael arden and andy mientus are in the same country that i am in and according to kathryn gallaghers most recent periscope they are getting married in london and england is a relatively small country and i am in bristol which is just a few hours from london so from all of that information we can infer that the broadway boyz™ are only about ¾ hours away from where i am currently and while I’m not gonna try to track them down (because I’m not completely insensitive to their personal boundaries) i am mildly overwhelmed by this rare proximity to two people i admire A LOT but who are normally on the other side of an entire ocean

the world: *keeps turnin*

i always wonder if i make dannys ghost form look dead enough
but now seeing him next to sam and tucker in this draw im doin rn
ho ly sh it i drain his skin of colour so much,,,