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Ive been bedridden and depressed for a while now but everytime i see you and wills squabbles on my dash it puts a smile on my face and makes my day 10x better so thank 👍👍👍

aw i’m glad it makes you feel better, anon.

me & will finished playing DS3 now (the prime catalyst of our fake fights, see: “the bridge accident” and nearly every single time will gets invaded i just sit around and let the invader jump him then applaud afterwards no matter who wins), until the next DLC comes out

BUT we’re playing DS2 next so there’s definitely more to come. enjoy

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K: so now that the surgery rotation is over, what's next?

Aghhh I started my Internal Medicine rotation todayyyyyy x_x I feel so overwhelmed and drained after THREE different orientations that I’m not even signing off with proper hearts lol

And I have such a bad headache heuheu I just want to curl up with a cute fluffy fic and go to sleep

anyway. apologies for my lack of presence. aside from being sick for the past week and a half, i’m now going through the process of my exhaustion catching up with me from not sleeping well while i was sick, so that’s fun. i’m also pretty depressed and down on myself, so that hasn’t helped matters, i’m sure. i’m gonna be here tomorrow and hopefully get some drafts done, otherwise just please be patient with me for a couple more days while i catch up on some actual sleep. 

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.


guys I tried redoing a page of this doodle comic I’m super slowly working on in the new style and

I’m gonna have to start over it’s way more fun

So, I was reading my recently purchased Ao no Exorcist Volume 16, and happened to come across this little gem at the end of Ch. 69. Apparently, Rin and Shiemi went to the grocery store together after their demon psychology class (a class they take alone, together, teehee), which I imagine to be their last cram school lesson of the day.

My shipper heart can’t help but headcanon that they often walk home together after their demon psychology class (even though all Shiemi needs is a key to get back home) or that they sometimes study together.

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Can i has tim+damian brother bonding happy fun fun times pwees? (( i haven't slept a complete 2 hours for 4 days only power naps i hate life and exams and screw grammar i need mah happy babies to go on T^T )

Sooo this is not all fun times, but it is Dami and Tim bonding and sweet. Please please please try to get some sleep. I hope exams go well, and know things will get better!

Please enjoy! 

As Tim slipped in through the window of his University’s art building he’d never been more thankful for standard emergency lights. They were always on, and gave him enough to see the art by, without having to risk turning all the lights on. He considered pulling off his domino mask but left it, in case he ran into any unwelcome visitors.  

As he roamed the room he told himself, that technically he wasn’t trespassing. The art building was open twenty-four hours. Most visitors chose to come at normal hours, not 3 A.M. or in the middle of patrol. Plus, he was welcome to an exhibit where one of his own pieces was being shown. Still, his heart raced as he searched the walls for his picture.

A shadow darted out from behind a corner and halted first his heart, then his feet. Who would be at a university art showroom in the middle of a night beside himself? A frat boy? No, they usually travelled in packs and initiation season was long past. A thief then, except student artwork wasn’t the most valuable of works.

Caution eased his steps forward until he was at the edge, his back pressed against a wall, just under a framed picture. He peered around the corner, and his mouth dropped open. Inching his way forward was Robin. His attention was focused away from Tim, instead scanning the walls and artwork around him.

“No.” The word was out of his mouth before he realized what he was saying. He noticed that his feet, too, had taken him around the corner and towards his brother. “There is no way you should be here.”

He’d gone from being confused to angry. The jump came with the realization that Damian could be in the art building for one of two reasons. The first, and most likely was that the Bat Brat was stalking Tim. The second had to be that something in the building was tied to a criminal. That was the last thing Tim wanted.

He wanted the picture he’d taken to be remembered for its own merit. Not because it was in the same building a crime took place in. He hadn’t known what to do with himself when he’d gotten the news that one of his pictures had been selected for the semester end show. He’d been out of practice with his hobby, so his confidence was low when submitting the piece so the honor came as a shock to him.

There hadn’t been time to see it during normal show hours, not with his work at Wayne Enterprises or his nightly patrols. Which is why he’d carved out some time to see it in the middle of patrol. At least once he wanted to see something he’d taken framed, hanging on a wall, and not put there by Alfred. He loved the man, but there was a difference in having his piece in the manor and having it hang in the halls of a university.

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I’m flattered ppl want me to update I rly rly am but this shit does not help. It deflated my motivation faster than a balloon.

I don’t mind people asking about updates, thanks heaps for being keen - but sometimes I’m just.

Also even if fic was my full time job do you really expect someone to churn out 11K updates every “couple days”???? Seriosuly this is a genuine question to all of you in primary school or however old you are. Jesus.

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