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Everybody say my name! It’s my birthday!” 🎈🎈🍰🎇

Happy birthday, dear sunshine TEN! Our eternal beautiful smile, sweet lover, innocent baby, you’ve been blessing our eyes and hearts with your hardworking, spectacular performances and even during hard times your smile never faded! You are the best like always! The one who always helps the others before him, the one who always makes you smile, the one who always makes your heart flutter…once again, happy birthday precious baby!♥♥♥♥♥

Requested by the wonderful @happypencil  Continuation of this


If I die young bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses 

“Friends, family, and loved ones. Today we are gathered here today in the remembrance and celebration of the short life of Lance McClain." 

 Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song 

The priest cleared his throat. There was an eerie, haunting silence in the church. The only thing that could be heard was the rain drops outside, hitting the tin roof, creating a slight hum throughout the room. 

 Uh oh uh oh Lord make me a rainbow, I’ll shine down on my mother She’ll know I’m safe with you when She stands under my colours, oh and

 No one in the room can bring themselves to look at Lance’s mother in the eyes. All they can manage is a sad look and a quick nod before turning away quickly, head down. Not that she blames them. Her eyes may be preeminently red and burning, tears still streaming down her face. She feels her husband take her hand, but it offers little comfort. She has become numb. And at the moment, she is grateful. The pain would consume her, and she has to be strong. For her family. For her Lance. 

 Life ain’t always what you think it oughta be, no Ain’t even grey, but she buries her baby

 But she can’t stop the tears from coming faster. She’s hurt and angry. At everything. The universe, herself. She tightens her grip on her husband’s hand, ring beginning to sink into her flesh. Her baby. Her baby. Is gone. Forever. And she didn’t even get to say goodbye. 

 The sharp knife of a short life, Well, I’ve had just enough time

 "This is not an easy day. Our hearts go out to his family and friends, who will dearly miss him. We mourn his short life, but we must celebrate and remember the time we did have with him.” The priest shuffles some papers at the podium, eyes turning toward someone in the crowd. “And there is one here who can help celebrate this cherished life, and who genuinely saw Lance for he he was, and loved him for it.” The priest nodded. “Keith Kogane, please make your way up.”

 If I die young bury me in satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses

 Keith cleared his throat, and gave Shiro and Allura’s hands a reassuring squeeze and nodded to Hunk and Pidge, who were sobbing quietly. With a shuddering breath, Keith rose and made his way to the podium. 

 Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song

 As Keith made his way, he let his fingertips graze over the white, glossy casket. His chest tightened and he inhaled sharply. He could already feel the familiar sting of tears behind his eyes. 

 The sharp knife of a short life, Well I’ve had just enough time

 He finally reached the podium, and gripped the sides until his knuckles turned white. He couldn’t cry. Not now. He already had so much already. He had to be strong.

 And I’ll be wearing white when I come into your kingdom

 Keith loosened the white tie around his neck, feeling much too tight. He cleared his throat and turned his gaze to the audience.

 I’m as green as the ring on my little cold finger

 "I-I know most of you might not know me, but I was Lance’s- he was my-“ Keith let out a shuddering breath. He could hear Allura start crying along with Shiro. Keith’s vision blurred. "He was my best friend. My partner. My everything.”

 I’ve never known the lovin’ of a man But it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand

 "I loved Lance with all my being. And before Lance, I didn’t know what love really was. I was so alone. I-I didn’t have anybody. And then Lance came into my life.“ He gave a wet chuckle. "Even when Lance was my ‘rival’ and we both thought we hated one another, he was always there." 

 There’s a boy here in town says he’ll love me forever

 Keith turned his eyes to the ceiling, not able to stop the tears from flowing. "When we finally stopped arguing and fighting all the time and just got to know each other, we discovered how much we cared for one another. And it was scary at first. I was never good at showing my emotions, but Lance was so patient and he just loved. He loved hard. Unconditionally. Even though I cradled him in my arms first.” That earned a few chuckles from the crowd. Keith smiled softly, but it didn’t last long.

 Who would have thought forever could be severed by The sharp knife of a short life, Well I’ve had just enough time 

“We both thought we had forever. All the time in the world. We had the whole galaxy to ourselves. We both knew how dangerous our job was, and the risks that came with it. But we didn’t care. We were surrounded, absorbed with one another.” Keith closed his eyes and could see ocean blue eyes, blushing warm skin, and a small smirk with glistening teeth. He could feel soft, warm touches, promises of forever. He could hear his voice, whispering sweet nothings and everlasting love in his ear. Keith chocked on a sob. “I love him. I love him so much. He didn’t deserve this. He deserves the whole universe." 

 So put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls What I never did is done

 "He deserved to see his family again, and not like this. He deserved so much more. Someone better than me, a better life. A better ending. There are some many things that I wished I had done, wished I had said. But now he’s gone." 

 A penny for my thoughts, oh no I’ll sell them for a dollar They’re worth so much more after I’m a goner

 Keith turned his gaze to the team. All of them were crying. Coran was holding Allura, Shiro was holding Pidge’s hands, gently rubbing small circles with his thumb, trying to ease her cries. Hunk had his head buried in his head, whole body shaking violently. 

 And maybe then you’ll hear the words I been singin’ Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin’

 "Lance always told us how much he loved us. How much he cared for all of us. He would always tell us that if something ever happened to him, not to cry and morn his loss. He wanted us to live our lives to the fullest, to take care of one another. And we would sometimes brush it aside.” Keith turned his gaze to Lance’s mom. “I just wished I would’ve listened." 

 The ballad of a dove. Go with peace and love

 "But we can keep the memory of Lance alive. He will never leave my thoughts, and I know he won’t leave yours. He will live through us, his legacy will live on forever.”

 Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket Save 'em for a time when your really gonna need 'em oh

 Keith shook his head and gave a small sad smile. “Lance would probably smack us if he saw all our tears. 'Save them for a time when you’re really gonna need them’ is what he would always say.” The tears came faster, falling onto the podium and into the papers, smudging the letters. He shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts. He fruitlessly tried to wipe away the tears that continued to fall.

 The sharp knife of a short life, Well I’ve had just enough time

 "So for now, I say goodbye to him.“ Keith looked down at the closed casket, wishing instead that he could see a warm smile and bright lively eyes. "I will see you again one day. So wait for me, okay? And until that time comes, know that my heart is yours. I love you Lance. Until then, Sharpshooter.”

So put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls…

Apologies; H.S.

I hear his laugh resonating through the room and immediately, without a second thought, my eyes try to locate him. It’s been a while, a few months, since we had last seen or spoken one another. Another man’s arm is draped over my waist as he guides me through the mass of people. We’ve been together for a few weeks, but it never had felt the same as if it were Harry. They always warned me you would never forget your first love.

I think I’m staying in this dreading relationship out of comfort. I don’t like being alone and when I’m occupied, my mind can’t wander towards the thing I desired most. I know he would be here tonight, I just hoped, with all my heart, that I could avoid him.

“Y/n!” My name sounds out of a familiar mouth and I relocate my gaze – away from searching Harry – to the man in front of me. “Oh! Niall. Hi love. How are you?” I’m glad to see a familiar face that I actually like – more like adore – and casually throw my arms around his neck for a friendly hug.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you! What have you been up to?” Niall smiles but I notice his gaze flicker to the male beside me and I can see the small hint of disappointment. He’s not alone.

“Nothing much. Trying to pick up life again.” I shrug my shoulders as I step away from my date for the evening and take a step towards Niall. I turn us so I have a clear view of the remainder of the room as Niall merely stares at me.

“You should talk to him babe. I’m sure he’d like that. He’s here, you know?” Niall, on cue, turns around to try and locate one of his former-bandmembers but he sighs when he can’t spot Harry in this instant. “I have noticed already, yes.” I reciprocate, my own gaze floating over the many heads present tonight to hope and see that brown mop of hair I loved threading my fingers through.

“Between you and I,” he starts and leans in at the same time, his lips lightly brushing my ear, “I’m sure you could fix this.” Niall keeps hovering there, awaiting my response and I can’t help to let my eyes flicker. If he saw, Niall would have a black eye. When I see he is preoccupied with some of his mates, I refocus back on the void in front of me.

“Promises are broken like a stitch is. Something Harry once told me.” I whisper in return, blinking slowly when I see his frame appear behind Niall’s, in the distance. He motions to a secluded place in the back of room and I can already feel my cheeks heating when I think back about all the things we’d sneakily do during these parties.

“I’m sorry Niall, I have something I need to do.” I squeeze his biceps as I grant him a bright, genuine smile before turning to my date for the evening. I tap him on the shoulder and hurriedly mumble that I need to freshen up and bolt away.

Harry has already disappeared behind the curtain and when I slip through also, I see there’s a small, secluded hallway. “Are we allowed here?”
“Probably not. But that means we can’t be disturbed. Y/n, I need to talk to you.” Harry steps closer, causing me to take a step back.

“Haven’t you already said everything that had to be said?” I remember every word that slipped past his lips the night he told me this, we, wouldn’t work out. They resonate through my mind over and over again. “I know I’m selfish. But I don’t ever want to see you with him.” Harry takes another step, and this time I don’t back down.

“Harry, I – you were the one that ended this. I can’t keep locking myself up forever. Do you expect me to reserve myself for you when you decide you’ve made the wrong decision?” I throw my hands up in exasperation, shaking my head. He can’t expect me to be okay with this. I haven’t heard from him, I’ve decided it was time to move on – if you can call it that – and there he is.

“I’ve thought about this for a long time, Y/n. And I’m sure of it. He’s right where I should be.” Harry casts his eyes towards the floor, his hands jammed in his pockets. He seems defeated, empty almost, and I want to reach out and hug him close to my chest. Even though I desperate want so, I need to hang onto that thread of self-worth I still possess for the time being.

“Isn’t that something you could’ve figured out months ago? You have absolutely no idea what I have been through.” My voice cracks in the middle of my sentence and I sniff loudly. I’m blinking feverishly to keep possible tears at bay as I turn a quarter, away from Harry’s penetrating gaze.

“Apologies are never going to fix this, right?” Harry steps closer and closer until he has cornered me against the wall. I feel my resentment toward him crumbling and I can’t help but reach out for him, to lay my hand on his chest. His heart beats rapidly underneath his clothing, causing me to press my hand even harder against his chest. I take a few moments to recollect my thoughts. Him saying these words to me is everything I’ve lulled myself to sleep with.

“I – I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about you but that doesn’t mean it’s all good thoughts either.” As I speak the words to keep him at bay, my fingers have curled around his blazer and I’m pulling him closer and closer until our chests are touching.

“Don’t tempt me, Y/n.” It may not be a good idea, but I have made my decision.

“I’m not tempting you, I’m inviting you.” With my last words spoken, I close the small gap between us and press my lips upon his. His arms immediately encircle my waist and my hands cup his neck as I let his kiss guide me home. “Please give me another chance, Y/n.” Harry mumbles against my lips as his hand slowly inches down and he cups my bum, forcing me to lift my leg up and hitch it around his hips.

I don’t say anything, instead I try to kiss him again. He lets me, but only for a short while before he breaks our lips apart again. “One date. Please.
“One date.” I mumble in return, very well knowing that I’m back in as deep as I were the first time Harry had requested one date. His fingers circle around my wrist and he pulls me out of the door, away from the party.

“Harry I – I came here with someone.” I stop him in his tracks, guilt taking over my body as I think about how I am what I never wanted to become. Harry’s smile fades in a split second before he averts his gaze from mine. “Were you serious?”

“I – uhm, I guess not.” I give a light tug on Harry’s arm to grab his attention. A frown forms on my features before I roll my eyes dramatically. “As if you don’t know you’re the only one, Harry. Come on.” It immediately pulls the bright grin back on his lips as he pulls me toward him so swiftly I bump into his chest. “God woman, how I love you.”

Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them Pt 3

Jae: “he’s so cute omg I bet he’s the kind of guy who takes his girlfriend on aquarium dates”

Sungjin: “oh shit look at that facial structure this man was a king in his past life”

Young K: “can he choke me with his bandanna pls”

Wonpil: “he looks so soft so fragile I want to wrap him in blankets and keep him in my pocket”

Dowoon: “a true hottie. i am shook to my core.”

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Would you do a story of jughead asking Betty's parents for permission to marry her? X

Yes! I love this prompt. Hope you like it.

The Proposal (Sequel)

Jughead took a deep breath and knocked on the Cooper’s front door.

He was fiddling with his pants pockets when Hal Cooper opened the door. 

“Jughead!” He exclaimed, opening the door wide. “What a nice surprise. Come in!” 

“Thank you, sir,” Jughead smiled nervously, walking inside.

“Jughead,” Alice said when she saw him, annunciating every letter. “To what do we owe this pleasure?”

When Jughead and Betty started officially dating, Alice wasn’t too welcoming. She didn’t want Betty to make the same ‘mistake’ Polly had, and became very protective. 

Eventually, though, she came around. She saw that Jughead didn’t want to rush things, didn’t have bad intentions. He just needed someone and her daughter needed him back.

She saw their love grow over the years. She softened, somehow, and treated Betty better.

Jughead shoved his hands in his pockets and faced the Coopers. “I wanted to talk to you both.”

“Okay, son, let’s talk then.” Hal smiled, ushering him into the living room.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Alice offered.

Jughead shook his head, sitting down in the living room. He pressed his slick palms against his thighs.

He took a deep breath. “You know how much I love your daughter…” He started.

Hal furrowed his brows. “Yes…”

“Well, I want to keep loving her for the rest of my life. I want her to be mine, and I want to be hers, forever. I want to ask for your permission…” He took another breath. “to ask for Betty’s hand in marriage?”

“Are you kidding?” Hal smiled.

Jughead blanched.

“We love you, Jughead.” Alice smiled.

“Of course you have our permission, son.” Hal laughed. He sat closer to Jughead, reaching to shake his hand.

Jughead smiled, shaking Hal’s hand in return. “You scared me for a second, there.”

Hal shook his head. “Sorry, sorry, you caught us off guard. I always just assumed one day, you’d marry Betty. That’s it. I didn’t know you’d consider asking us first.”

Alice shook her head, smiling in agreement. 

“I couldn’t imagine marrying someone without asking their parents first,” Jughead shrugged. “It’s just something I’ve always planned on doing.”

“What about the ring?” Alice said excitedly.

“I’ve been eyeing one for weeks now. Round blush diamond - I didn’t want to buy it before asking your permission, though.” Jughead laughed.

Jughead stood up, hugging each of them.

“Bring her over as soon as she says yes?” Alice asked, her eyes twinkling.

Jughead nodded. “I promise.”

Cliché || Namjoon

Request - cookie-monster104 asked:I really love your page and I love the fanfics you post as well. Thank you so much for everything  Can I request Namjoon x Reader where he is planning to propose to the reader at her birthday and does it anyway. Thank you  I was hoping if you could wish me a happy birthday please thank you for everything once again😊😊

Pairing - Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre - Fluff

Summary - He decides just a bouquet of flowers is not enough for your birthday; but a dip on one knee with a velvet box is just what he deems perfect.

You were so psyched. You didn’t think you’d ever been so excited for your birthday like you were right now. Heck, the last time you even remembered being excited was back when you turned 10. What a milestone.

It felt like Christmas. The anticipation of piles of gifts under the tree, lights adorning every cranny of the house, aroma of freshly baked cookies and ginger bread and a doze of sweet, sweet caffeine.

And that pile of gifts you anticipated, was actually your boyfriend, Namjoon, who’d spent the night with you, but had totally not stayed awake with you until 12 a.m. despite your protests. He was there, his back to you as he struggled to get (probably over-cooked) eggs off the pan and onto a plate; a beautiful substitute for cookies/ginger bread. And those lights that were supposed to be hung around the house, were definitely the streamers readied for the party later tonight.

“JOONIE!” You could’ve sworn he’d dropped the eggs on the counter and had hastily picked it up with his fingers before dropping it on the plate and wiping his suspiciously oily fingers on his pants, turning around with a goofy smile. You didn’t mind.

“Doll, you weren’t supposed to be up until, like-” He looked at the clock on the kitchen wall that clearly read 9 a.m., “-twelve.”

“Yet, I see and smell food.” You wrapped your hands around his waist, grinning up at him, your chin propped against his broad chest. He smiled back, his hand coming up to ruffle your hair - you’re definitely going to wash your hair.

“That’s for me, but since you’re awake…” He turned around with you still leeched onto him, his long arm reaching for the plate before placing it atop the table behind you. “You can have it.”

“Aw, I’m touched.” You stood on your tip toes, and pecked his lips, letting go of him to sit down.

“Come here, Y/N.” He pulled your hand, jerking you back against him. You crashed against his chest, your eyes wide as you looked up at him. He laughed a cute laugh before he cupped both your cheeks, his eyes twinkling with familiar and heart-wrenching adoration before he mumbled, “Happy birthday, baby.” And he kissed you, so, so, so gently you felt yourself turn into slime. Maybe your body gave away, or your knees had actually buckled, or he was just feeling the mood, because in seconds, he had you sitting on the table (not on your plate, of course).

It got deeper, his kiss holding much more feeling than you’d ever felt and you felt a sudden rush of emotions tackling your insides, your arms not able to pull him closer enough. Eventually, he had to pull away, his forehead pressed to yours, your eyes open as you watched his lips stretch into a dreamy smile.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked innocently, still breathing heavily from the birthday kiss. He let one of his hands feel you, outlining your jaw, grazing your neck seductively, feeling the outline of your breast before he rested it against your waist. You could see a sudden burst of nervousness in his eyes, but he said instead, “Nothing.”

Now he knew what his friend had been feeling when he was about to propose to his girlfriend.

“Yoongi Hyung, I deeply apologize for mocking your absolutely respectful feelings regarding the proposing of marriage to your wife.” Namjoon said heavily, watching the mirror as he let the older work on his suit for the evening. While the party was nothing grand, Taehyung had insisted that it be a kind of grand that could only be found in houses. Hence, the touch ups for the thumb-fiddler Namjoon.

“Shut up, Joon.” Yoongi’s voice came out muffled through his pursed lips that held in between them the flower that was supposed to go in the breast pocket of Namjoon’s coat.

“This strangely feels like the matrimonial ceremony already, brother.” Namjoon said again, his voice remaining heavy. Yoongi sighed and wondered if his nerves always gave away like how it was doing right now, turning him into a strangely philosophical asshat.

“I swear to god, Namjoon, even Hoseok did better than this.” Yoongi glared half-heartedly at the taller boy, and while he carefully attached the flower to his pocket, he could feel Namjoon’s heart racing. He’s really no joke, Yoongi thought with a roll of his eyes. He remembered vaguely back to when it was Namjoon who fixed his suit for him for his wedding. He almost broke down - and that was his wedding. This was just the proposal and yet Namjoon looked like his brain had abandoned him.

When he was done, he took one final look at the younger, his heart feeling heavy with happiness and pride. Everybody was growing up. Next thing you know, Jungkook would be marrying.

He didn’t dwell too much on it - there was plenty time - and guided Namjoon out of the room - because he seemed to need it.

And he could’ve sworn that the shutdown part of Namjoon which was supposed to be handling this had literally jumped to life at the sight of his to-be fiancee.

You stood with your back faced to him, a beautiful metallic silver gown clad to your body, accentuating just the right parts, the spaghetti strap of the dress criss-crossing on behind you, letting it fall loosely at the small of your back - leaving most of your skin bare.

Namjoon, as though in trance, made his way to you and was thankful for when Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s wife moved away at his arrival, standing close to the rest of the girls, the boys watching from the kitchen. You turned around, a smile breaking apart your lips - a smile so beautiful, Namjoon felt his heart race so fast it became numb.

He felt himself reaching for your bare hand, his fingers curling with yours before bringing it up to his lips - pressing a kiss on your knuckles, while still staring at you.

“Joon…” You said, dazed at his god like looks. The suit fit him perfectly, and his hair was pushed back and parted sideways, revealing a glorious amount of forehead. You were swooning.

He cupped your cheek and leaned in to press a firm kiss to your parted and red glossed lips, your eyes fluttering close at the feeling. In that moment, everything drowned to leave just the two of you with each other, his eyes gazing at you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world.

You were the most beautiful girl in the world. And he was glad he was going to ask you to be his forever.

“Joon, maybe you should just do it.” He heard a familiar voice echo from behind him. Either they were too uncomfortable with the way you both were just staring at each other, or they were too happy to keep this for later. Namjoon couldn’t agree more.

Confusion flickered across your incredulous eyes. “Do what?” You asked softly, the girls giggling behind her.

“Just you wait, Y/N.” One of them teased playfully, while you watched Namjoon with a tiny frown.

He chuckled his deep, soft laugh. “Y/N…my love,” His hand reached inside his trouser pocket, and he remembered vaguely registering the fact that his hands were shaking while he pulled out a silver velvet box out - a color that he’d tactfully matched with the gown he’d gotten you.

Your eyes never left his to see what was coming, but you’d caught a shiny glimpse of it and right then, you felt your pulse quickening, and your heart hammering so loudly in your chest, tears beginning to pool out of instinct. But mainly, purely out of happiness.

He dipped to one knee, and somewhere from the tiny crowd, you heard a feminine whimper as they watched you two closely.

Your eyes went repeatedly in and out of focus, until he opened the box to reveal an equally silver ring, the diamond shining so boldly, Namjoon having chosen it because he felt it matched your personality.

And he couldn’t have felt more right as he saw a tear slip your eye.

“Will you be my wife, Y/N?”

Your head nodded this way and that, your lips quivering violently as you held in your sobs, your trembling hand coming forward to let him slip the ring in. When it finally rested on your ring finger, he raised to his feet and instantly gathered you in his strong arms before pressing another kiss to your lips, and somewhere around you, a loud pop sounded.

Namjoon felt the confetti running down his body and yours, both of you pulling away at the same time, and right then there was a click.

“Courtesy of Vante!” Taehyung announced, making you both turn around with dreamy smiles on your faces, another click sounding at just the right moment.

Happy birthday!” Everybody screamed, coming in to give you a group hug.

You couldn’t have ever asked for a better birthday gift than this.



Warning, some serious fluff coming your way. Seriously, I’m slightly embarrassed how fluffy this is.

Ace hobbled along the long quiet hallway of the hospital, Marco close by his side.  The staff had offered for the injured man to use a wheelchair but Ace insisted that he didn’t need it, nor did he want the crutches.  Marco, of course, disapproved and intended to scold Ace at a later time but for now he was too relieved Ace wasn’t worst off to push it.  At least he would be there should walking prove too difficult.

At the sound of muffled voices they both looked up to see various members of their family sprawled about the waiting room.  Newgate looked up and smiled kindly, relief evident in his eyes.  Izo slept against Thatch’s shoulder as he was discussing something with Haruta.  Sabo was leaning back with Luffy stretched across his lap.  And Jozu leaned against the wall lookingup for them.

Ace snorted at the sight and shook his head. “You told them I was alright didn’t you?”  He laughed softly when Luffy shifted and nearly rolled off Sabo’s lap.  Sabo just barely catching him in his barely awake state.  “Honestly, it’s not like it’s my first visit here and probably won’t be my last. They should all be in bed by now.”  Contrary to his exasperated tone, there was a soft smile.  Marco knew it meant a lot that they were all waiting there for him.

But those feelings were short lived as Marco dwelled.  “They were worried.”  He intertwined his fingers with his right, hand. “You could have died.” Marco’s voice was just barely a whisper.  Ace stopped and turned to look at him and Marco tightened his grip. He was almost afraid to let go.

Being a paramedic you learn to distance yourself from the emotions that generally follow the average human at the sight of horrors one is faced within this line of work.  But when his unit got the call that a firefighter had been injured and in need of immediate care, he couldn’t stop the dread that welled up.  He was quick to snatch up the intercom to say his car was on route and pushed to be the first to arrive.  

His fears were realized when the firefighter in question had been Ace.  They were quickly fed the details as Marco dropped on the lawn beside him.  Ace had gone up to the third floor when they had learned and elderly woman had yet to make it out.  Before Ace had been able to get her out, the floor collapsed beneath them.  Ace had managed to push the woman to the side to save her from the fall but he was unable to avoid it himself.

Marco had been saved from worrying about the elderly woman by the ambulance that had followed in seconds after.  He had tried to separate himself from the situation, to be purely professional but couldn’t stop the panic from setting in when Ace had not responded.  Luckily he had been saved from his panic when Ace woke several seconds later.  Marco couldn’t help but smile when his name was the first thing Ace had said.

In the end Ace had been very lucky.  He had a sprained ankle, a broken write and was covered in minor burns, bruises and scrapes but he could have wound up a lot worst.  For hours he was kept on oxygen and slept through one hell of a headache brought on when he hit his head.  Until finally Ace was able to sign himself out, refusing to stay through the night, even though it was already 2:16 am.

Marco shook his head of the memory and met Ace’s gaze. “You could have died.”  Ace’s shoulders sagged and he opened his mouth to retort but Marco cut him off.  “You could have died and I would have never gotten your answer.”  Ace furrowed his brow and tilted his head, confused.

Marco took a deep breath and let go of Ace’s hand.  He stepped back a foot and faced Ace directly. “I keep planning, keep revising what I’m going to say, how it’s going to go.  I’ve even gotten Izo leaning over me to check to make sure it’s perfect.  But every time I think ‘this is it’ something happens or it’s just not good enough.  It’s not perfect.”  Marco could feel his palms getting sweaty and his stomach flipped.

Ace stood by, his face etched with confusion. “Marco” he started but said man raised his hand to silence him.  After all if he didn’t get it out now, he might miss his chance forever.

“I had a realization tonight that there will never be a perfect time.  If I keep putting it off, I might never be able to ask you. So.”  Marco reached in his back pocket and kneeled before Ace.  Slowly he opened the small velvet box and held it out.  “Portgas D. Ace, will you marry me?”

Ace stared frozen, mouth slightly ajar.  He looked from the ring to Marco’s face. “You…I…Me?”  Marco smiled.

“There is no one I want to spend the rest of my life with but you.”  Ace’s breath hitched and remained quiet for a minute before a smile slowly broke over his face.  He started off with a small chuckle before a he was in a full blown laughter.  He dropped to his knees and flung himself at Marco, winding his arms tightly around him.  Instead of answering he just nodded his head repeatedly.

Marco was quick to join in his laughter, joy spreading through his chest.  Over Ace’s shoulder he could see his family. Their family.  Sabo held Luffy back in a tight hug around his waist.  Izo was repeatedly smacking Thatch’s shoulder in excitement. He didn’t need to see clearly to know he was crying.  Haruta was obviously trying to not cry as well.  Marco’s smile somehow stretched further and he closed his eyes leaning into Ace.  

It certainly wasn’t a traditional proposal.  No fancy dinner, no music or formal clothing.  Yet, it felt better, it felt right.  After a short while, he pulled Ace up.  Ace wincing slightly.  Flinging himself on the floor certainly didn’t do his injuries any good but of course he couldn’t regret it.  Still holding Ace close, he brushed his thumb over the freckled cheek.

“I love you” he whispered and Ace leaned up and met his lips.  The kiss was short and sweet before they pulled away.  Marco gently pressed his forehead against Ace’s and Ace looked up into his eyes.

“And I love you.”


A sequel to Papà

When Race comes face-to-face with his father once again, their reunion is less than civil.

“Who did this to you?”

Remember the mantra; always busy, never too busy. Even if it takes fifty years.

98. “Hold me back!”

Never be sorry for sending me requests, whether you think you’re “flooding” my inbox or not. I will never find you annoying or irritating. In fact, I will forever be solely grateful.

TW: Homophobic slurs (once again, in Italian) and hospitals

Brushing carefully at his tender nose, Race tried to hide his face from his brother, Dante, as his fingers shook trying to unlock the door to his apartment. He eventually managed to turn the key, pocketing it soon after and pushing the heavy door forward with a harsh wince and a sharp intake of breath.

He held it for Dante, keeping his head down as his little brother tried to look him in the eye on the way passed. It was no wonder that he was worried but Race would really rather just forget about it for the few seconds that he could. There would be no keeping this from Spot, no matter how hard he would try to deter him from asking. Race simply accepted that as he hobbled through the door, closing it gently behind him and turning to see Spot asleep on the sofa. His boyfriend lay, head fallen backwards, with their puppy, Dima, snuggled in his arms and their kitten, Anya, draped lazily around his neck.

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Just a Bet, final part

Part 1, Part 2 ♡♥︎

I wasn’t really awake just yet, but the feeling of arms wrapped around me made me open my eyes. I gasped as I saw a shirtless chest right in front of my eyes. My face was resting on the unfamiliar chest, and I could just make out a few tattoos on the rock-hard chest. I slowly unwrapped the stranger’s arms from around my waist and crawled out of bed, only to realize that I was naked. I screamed and hurried to grab the covers from the bed and the stranger’s body. The scream must have woken him up, and that’s when I realized that I had slept with Justin! Justin was laying fully exposed in front of me and I couldn’t help myself, I studied his body intensely.

“What happened?” Justin asked as he rubbed his eyes, he still hadn’t noticed that he was naked. When I didn’t answer him, he finally looked at me. He furrowed his eyebrows as he realized that I was looking intensely at him, then he looked down and hurried to cover his private area. “Did we…” he didn’t dare to finish the sentence because he knew we had. I hurried to grab all my clothes, then I went into the nearest bathroom and got dressed. I didn’t even know where I was, I just knew that I had to get out of there.

“Y/N please open the door, we need to talk about this” Justin said as he continuedly knocked on the bathroom door. I had just pulled on my jeans and was only wearing my bra, but I decided on opening the door anyway. Immediately Justin came into the room, then he pushed me against the nearest wall and crashed his lips onto mine. I moaned at the feeling on the cold wall against my naked back, which gave Justin access to my mouth completely.

“Please tell me you don’t regret our night together” he pleaded as we pulled apart. I looked down and shook my head. “I’m still very disappointed in what you did, but as I recall, last night was pretty amazing” I whispered to him, then I hugged him tight. “You’ve got every right to be disappointed, but as I told you last night, I will do anything to make it all up to you,” he told me, then he pecked my neck repeatedly. “Now let me take you home to get showered, then we’re going on a date,” he told me. I pulled away from him, then I put on my shirt and jacket. “Okay,” I told him.

I was currently getting ready to go on a date with Justin. I was really excited, and that was very easy to tell.

Justin had told me to dress casually, therefore I was dress in a pair of black jeans, an off-shoulder blouse in black, a pair of baby pink sneakers and a floral printed headband. I decided to try my best, regarding makeup. I even put on a pair of false eyelashes to make my eyes pop. I also wore a whole bunch of jewelry in silver to go with both my clothes, but also my skin type.

A car horn was heard outside, Justin was here. I smiled to myself, then I grabbed my phone, sunglasses, and bag and then I ran down the stairs.

“Who is at the door?” mom asked as I made it downstairs. I smiled and started blushing lightly. “Justin” I then casually said which made her smirk. “Oh, just Justin?” she asked with the smirk still playing on her lips. I nodded my head, then hurried out of the door before she could embarrass me even more.

Justin was standing outside his car waiting for me, and when he saw me, he hurried to walk up to me. He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, then grabbed my hand as I blushed rather hard. We got into Justin’s car, and then as we drove off, Justin waved at my mom in the window, talk about being embarrassed.

“Okay, so I thought we should be tourists for a day,” Justin said as we drove out of town. “I thought it would be great to get away from normal, therefore we’re going to LA” Justin placed a hand on my lap and then looked at me.

“What do you say?”.

I placed a hand on top of his, then nodded my head. “I like that idea”.

We drove for an hour just listening to music and talking about everything and anything. I hadn’t been in LA that many times, but I certainly enjoyed being there. “How about we start at the Hollywood sign?” I asked Justin. Justin nodded his head and then took a turn to the right. We parked at the bottom of the mountain and got out of the car. Justin grabbed a few things from the trunk, then he came up to me and grabbed my hand. We stood still for a few minutes just staring at the big sign then slowly we started walking closer to the sign. It took us a while to get up to the sign, but when we did, it was amazing.

Justin had brought us some sparkling wine along with some chocolate-covered-strawberries. We sat down on top of the sign and enjoyed the food and drink. “I got to ask you something,” I said to Justin after a long pause of silence. Justin gulped and nodded his head. “Why did you do it?” I asked him. The question had been stuck in my head for days, and I really wanted an answer to fully forgive him. “I honestly don’t know,” he told me, which made me sigh sadly. I figured that would be his answer. “I guess I was just tired of hearing the guys talk badly about you because let’s face it, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world” he then continued. My feelings were getting completely mixed now. “I wanted to make then realize that you weren’t just the nerd and the nobody because I had seen how you could just let go and be yourself when you were at home” he continued. I still said nothing. “Every night I would watch you as you got ready to go to bed. You would listen to your favorite music, and you would sing along, especially to ‘hall of fame’ or 'superheroes’ because that’s your favorite band” he said with a smile, and finally, I also smiled. “I didn’t know you knew this much about me,” I told him honestly. “You would never look at me, which made me want to get your attention even more, and eventually that lead to the whole bet,” he told me. That’s when I did it, I finally kissed him again, the one single thing I had wanted to do all day but hadn’t dared to do. Justin was caught off guard, and it took him a few seconds to kiss back, but when he did, he gave all of him to me.

We pulled apart and just stared into each other’s eyes. “I know I still have to earn your trust, but I need you to trust me when I say that I love you,” Justin said. I covered my mouth with my hand as I gasped. He loved me? “Will you be my girlfriend?” he then asked me. I was still very speechless and decided on nodding my head instead of trying to answer. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me close and hugged me tightly. Afterward, Justin pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket, which made me furrow my eyebrows. “I’ve gotten you a promise ring, where I promise you that I will remain faithful, to want you forever, to one day pop the actual question, to keep your secrets and to always let you know that I love you,” he said. The ring was very simple and it had a knot on it to resemble to promise to pop the question someday in the future. I awed, then I let him put the ring on my finger. I pulled Justin in for a kiss to tell him thank you, and he sure understood the intention because a few seconds later, I was laying on the ground while Justin was on top of me.

Today had really been the best day of my life, and even though I knew Justin and I would have our ups and downs, I knew in that moment, that I loved the man in front of me.

Last part was supposed to be published hours ago, but apparently my scheduled time was not right, so I apologise for that ♡

Easy A

Paring: Previous Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Word count: 2,169
Warnings: Swearing, oral, smut, angry Dean

Part 2 of Consequences

Sleeping with Dean didn’t seem to change all that much at first. Sam knew what had happened, as he’d walked into Dean’s room the next morning to see if he’d seen you. You were wrapped up in Dean’s arms, both of you still nude. That had been a fun morning of explanations.

He would tease you randomly by quoting Easy A, and you were starting to regret making him watch it. The first time, you and Dean were making breakfast together a week after the fact. You had showered just before joining him in the kitchen, so your wet hair was sticking to your shoulders. Dean was in nothing more than a pair of lounge pants, as it was already nearing 80 that morning. Sam smirked and didn’t even miss a beat while he walked by. “There’s a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.” He mocked, making you stop was you were doing and look at him like he was insane.

“Then what’s he going to say about you and your killer dick?” You asked, making Dean bust out in laughter.

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Trip diary

- by Minho

It was a bit difficult for us to decide where we should travel. At this point Jinki and I are very different. But in the end we decided that we would travel to North America, starting with Canada (a beautiful place, I can tell).

The airport was so packed that day, it seemed like some idols were there too (I’m not sure), had a lot of fans holding their giant cameras and Jinki curiously looked everywhere.

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I feel like throwing up. I don’t want to do this. I really do not want to marry him. I love him too much for far too long to settle for this mockery of a marriage. My hands are cold as ice, and though I am standing right next to him listening to the serious looking official who is forever sealing my fate, I feel alone. 

This is stupid. I took a step back ready to run for it. But he quickly put a hand behind my back, supposedly to steady me, but in reality so he can remind me to stick to the plan. He threw a quick sideways glance at me which made me swallow in fear. I can see a hint of anger in his eyes. He doesn’t want this either but we have to stick to the plan. 

I should be delirious with happiness right now. I’m marrying the man I love. I’m having his baby. But everything just turned into a nightmare. I heard a cough and noticed the official seems to be waiting for me to say something.

“I….I….ddddd…do?” I stuttered in confusion. It was a blur after that. Did I just marry him? Am I lost in another one of my fanfics? Can I wake up now? 

I felt his lips touch mine. Time stopped and I forgot to breathe. This is is what lead us here. His kiss was my downfall. Before I can shame myself even further by kissing him back, he straightened up and gave a fake smile for the cameras. Hell just started.  

I worked part-time on and off through the years for SME. That’s where I met him. He was young but very talented. No doubt he had a bright future ahead of him. I doubt if he ever noticed the mousy girl, with the big eyeglasses standing in the background. But that was okay. I was content being a fangirl. I worked to supplement my scholarship so I can finish school. I was never a trainee at SME. I was one of the hundreds of busy workers that make their artist stand out.

What I am good at is organizing anything and everything. I can pack up an entire group’s wardrobe and never have a single hairpin missing. My goal was to be one of the office based assistants. I wanted permanency in my life which I never had growing up. I had an absentee father, an overworked and often distracted mother, and no siblings. Too introverted to make friends easily, I tend to be alone a lot. 

That’s how I met him. It was lunch break and I was sitting in a corner quietly eating. I looked up and there he was smiling at me. I swear I saw a halo on him for a second. He was friendly and noticed me sitting alone and decide to strike a conversation with me. Before I knew it, he had me throwing back my head and laughing until tears run down my cheeks. Sadly, I don’t think I was that memorable. After that day, I seldom saw him in person but his face is everywhere. After all, he is Byun Baekhyun of EXO, my bias, now my husband and my baby’s daddy. 

I’m foggy about the details. I can’t even blame the alcohol. I barely had an ounce of soju. What I remember is being tired and sleepy. I barely had six hours of sleep in the last two days prior to the party. I was studying for my finals and working at the same time. I was in short, burned out. I got dragged into the party by the PD who was extremely happy at me for finding one of his precious top secret “game plan” which in all honesty was in the freezer of his office fridge. How it got there was another long story. 

I was seated on the sidelines biding my time until I can politely take my leave. Exhaustion caught up with me. I closed my eye for a second and woke up to the smiling face of Baekhyun. 

“You’re cute when you sleep. Do you know you snore too?” He was teasing me. I slapped a hand over my mouth and quickly sat up. A sudden dizzy spell had me flailing and grabbing to the first thing I could grab. I felt a sudden small flick on my face. I cautiously opened one eye only to squeeze it shut again. I had grabbed Baekhyun’s shirt and just tore it open. The flick on my face was his button popping. 

“Sorry, sorry….I will pay for the shirt…sorry, sorry” I muttered with my head bent in shame. “Yah! Not that I don’t love my sunbeanims, but you do know that I’m in EXO, right?” He was chuckling as he gently released my fingers that were still clutching at his shirt. I nodded my head vigorously knowing that my cheeks are probably as red as a tomato. How can he be laughing when I’m dying here?

“You okay now?” He tilted his head a little to get a better look at my red face. I felt something light brush my ear. I jerked slightly, tickled by the sensation. He was tucking my hair behind my ear. He suddenly smiled brightly like he found a hidden treasure. 

“You’ve got ticklish ears!” For a split second, I saw a glint of pure mischief in his eyes before he quickly leaned over and blew in my ear. 

“Yah!” I covered my ear and looked at him like he lost his mind. I wasn’t sure whether I should be offended or to start laughing. He looked a little afraid that he went too far. This is war! I pulled his head down and quickly blew on his ear too then just as quickly released him. He automatically covered the ear I blew on and stared at me with his eyes wide. Now I’m the one wondering if I went too far. His lips started twitching and I had to look down afraid I will start laughing and end up offending him. 

My mistake was making eye contact with him. That’s when we both lost it and started laughing our heads off. I was still laughing when he blew on my other ear making me squeak like a mouse. I tried to do the same thing to him, but it was impossible since he was taller than me. Inexplicably, I ended up kissing him. His lips grazed mine and I was so surprised I didn’t move. He raised his head cautiously and looked down on me before he dipped his head again for another kiss. 

My eyes fluttered closed, lost in the warmth of his lips, the strength in his embrace. Patiently he pressed his lips lightly over my own, teasing me to open mine as he flicked out the tip of his tongue ever so often. Shyly I parted my lips for him, and he boldly swiped his warm tongue inside. I gasped, taken aback by this sweet onslaught to my senses, he lifted his mouth a few inches away but like a fool, my lips chased his. I felt his smile rather than saw it, before he responded by kissing me again, this time a bit more boldly as he slanted his mouth over mine. 

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Pregnancy (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 2

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

After your fight with Daryl, the redneck starts to take his role seriously and decides to deal with his love for you. 

Fluff, fluff and FLUFF <3

Part 1 


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Months had passed since you found out that you were pregnant and since your argument with Daryl and not even once did he scream or made you feel sad. The man was by your side at every single minute of your life and you weren’t complaining. His love for you and your baby was unthinkable and powerful. Daryl also became extremely protective over you. He would have locked you in your cell or into the prison if he could have but you always complained that you needed to see the sun and feel free. You two were perfectly fine and your love became stronger (if it was possible) with the thrilling event of becoming parents.

You were currently sitting at the cafeteria’s table with Beth and Judith, the day was warm and humid but you couldn’t help but feel happy as you watched the young girl and the baby girl laugh and play together. Your back was killing you, your feet were puffy and you couldn’t control your emotions anymore but you’ve never been that happy in your entire life.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Beth’s soft voice asked suddenly, making you look up into her eyes and smile.

“I’m fantastic, Bethy. I was just wondering how I could have been so lucky to be in the situation I am in right now.” You answered with a small chuckle as you bent down to pinch Judith’s cheek. The small toddler laughed happily and grabbed your finger into her small hand. You smiled and leant back into your chair, your back killing you only with the smallest move.

Beth started to sing softly and you kept watching the two girls with teary eyes. Yeah, hormones were kicking in once again. You chuckled to yourself but suddenly, the loud sound of the cell block’s gates opening made you jump. Your eyes snapped to the side and Judith started to cry a little. Beth rocked her in her arms but she kept crying until she saw who was now standing at the cafeteria’s entrance.

“Well, lil’ Asskicker. Don’t cha cry…” You smiled as you heard the deep and husky voice of Daryl. The man of your dreams made his way down the stairs and towards Judith, giving you one of his small smile as he stopped next to you and took Judith into his strong arms.

You watched while he was rocking the baby girl softly, cooing and looking at her as if she was the most precious treasure on earth. Your stomach did a quick flip as you watched the scene before you. You could feel your heart swell with love for the redneck. Judith laughed and placed her little hands over Daryl’s cheeks, looking straight into his baby-blue eyes. Beth smiled at you and your eyes started to water once again. You loved Daryl so much it was even hurting you.

After a few minutes, Judith fell asleep and Daryl gave her back to Beth before making his way towards you. You got up with difficulties and Daryl quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead. You sighed in content and rested your face against his chest.

“How was the run?” You asked just above a whisper, happy to be in his arms. Your hands played with the hair on the back of his neck and he hummed in appreciation.

“It went all right. Rick is with Carl, takin’ care of what we found.” He answered in his accented voice. You looked back up at him and smiled, getting lost in his beautiful eyes. Daryl slowly bent down to bring his lips down on yours. The kiss was soft and gentle, full of love and passion. He caressed your cheek with his thumb as he pulled away, his forehead still touching yours.

“I missed ya.” He whispered, making you bite your lower lip.

“I missed you too, Darebear.” You chuckled as he groaned at the nickname. Your back started to ache as you were standing for too long. Daryl noticed your discomfort and smirked mischievously at you before he decided to grab you into his arms and carry you bridal style towards your shared cell. You squealed and wrapped your arms around his neck but you knew that Daryl would never drop you.

Daryl chuckled at you as he walked up the stairs that lead to your cell while you were leaving soft kisses up his neck. You smirked as you saw him blush lightly and enter the cell, he laid you down carefully on the bunk and you grabbed his hand to make him lay down with you. Daryl quickly obliged and cradled your body into his arms. You buried your face into his chest and sighed in contentment as you let his warmth soothe you. You started to drift off to sleep as Daryl ran his hands up and down your back and kissed your head lovingly.

You woke up a few hours later, the sun was already setting, its orange light illuminating your cell. You sighed and blinked several times to adjust to the light and looked down at your stomach to see Daryl with his face inches away from your belly and his hands stroking your exposed skin. You smiled and reached your hand down to run your fingers through his hair, making him look up at him.

“What are you doing?” You asked him in a sleepy voice. Daryl smiled up at you and sat up next to you, his right hand still stroking your belly.

“Our lil’ bean was kicking. I soothe him up.” He said just above a whisper. Daryl’s voice was always soothing you or your baby. You grinned and chuckled before answering him.

“Him? What makes you think that our baby is a ‘he’?” Daryl smirked back down at you and shrugged his shoulders.

“I just know…” He answered before bending down to capture your lips in a passionate kiss. You kissed him back instantly, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“So we’ll name him Daryl Junior.” You said, teasing him. Daryl groaned and shook his head.

“No way… We’ll never name our baby Daryl Junior.” He answered, staring at you.

“Why not?” You said, trying to sound offended but it was hard to cover up your amusement.

“Just because I said so, woman.” Daryl answered, clearly joking as he nuzzled your neck and left sweet kisses up your jaw. You loved how Daryl became so comfortable around you. He never once contained his love for you since your fight, he couldn’t hide it anymore and he even seemed happy about it.

“Sure, let’s pretend that you’re the one in charge.” You joked, hearing Daryl chuckle against your neck.

“You’re something else, (Y/N) …” Daryl said as he suddenly got up. You frowned and sat up on the bed, raising your eyebrows to quietly ask him what he was doing. Daryl smiled again and extended his hand for you to take.

“Come with me…” He said, making you smile back and take his hand.

Daryl helped you up and kept his arm around your waist to keep you close, as if to keep you out of danger. You slowly made your way down the stairs and out of the prison.

“Where are we going?” You asked him curiously.

“Just on a walk together.” Daryl said as he walked you toward the field where Rick had built his small farm. You loved how the prison finally looked like a real home and how your family had organized everything to make it look like a real sanctuary. Daryl kept walking in silence, his hands quickly becoming sweaty as you neared the centre of the field, you could hear his quick breathing and his fast heartbeat and you wondered what was going on. You looked up him then at the watchtower to see Glenn and Maggie looking down at the both of you. You waved at them and Glenn gave you a thumb up, making you frown. Why a thumb up? You chuckled and turned your head to see Rick, Michonne and Carl sat at a table near the barbecue. You smiled at them then looked back up at Daryl who stopped suddenly as you had reached the middle of the field.

“Dare, you okay?” You asked, concerned as you saw the fear and apprehension on his features. Daryl nodded then started to pace next to you.

“I…” He tried once as he stopped pacing and turned around to face you. He stared at you, into your eyes and your soul. You stared back at him, your heart beating fast against your chest.

“This isn’t a simple walk, is it?” You asked with apprehension. Daryl shook his head ‘no’ and took a step towards you to hold your hands into his calloused ones. The man took one last short breath in before he finally decided to look up at you. His eyes held so much love that you almost started to cry.  

“(Y/N), I know I should have done this sooner.” Daryl started in a shaky voice. “But I was too scared… I guess.” You looked at him and waited for him to keep talking.

“Ya know that I love ya. Ya and our baby are my word, my everything. I can’t imagine a life without ya now and… I don’t want to hide my love any longer.” Daryl gulped and cleared his throat before searching the pockets of his vest. He took his hand out of the right pocket to reveal a small diamond ring and you gasped. “I want ya to be mine, forever. I want ya to be a Dixon, I want ya to be my family so, (Y/N) …” Daryl kneeled before you and, at this point, tears were rolling down your cheeks as you stared at the man before you.

“Will ya marry me?” Daryl breathed out, looking expectantly at you. You sobbed quietly but you nodded your head repeatedly, trying to find the strength to speak up.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Daryl! Yes!” You squeaked out and covered your month with the palm of your hands. Daryl beamed at you and got up quickly to engulf you into his arms, squeezing you and spinning you around. You laughed and everyone cheered around you. Daryl set you back down on the ground and cup your face in his hands before kissing you passionately, taking your breath away as he put all his love in the kiss. You two broke away to breathe and Daryl slipped the small ring onto your finger. You smiled down at the ring, a small giggle erupting from your lips and you wrapped your arms around Daryl’s neck once again.

“I love you so much, mister Dixon.” You whispered into his ear. Daryl squeezed you tighter against his chest and sighed happily.

“And I love ya more, misses Dixon.” He answered in the same kind of intimate whisper, making your heart swell with happiness. “I’ll never let anything hurt ya or our baby, I promise. I won’t fail ya.” Daryl promised and you knew that he was telling the truth.

You were safe with Daryl, forever and ever.  


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