More than 250 bottlenose dolphins have been corralled into Japan’s Taiji Cove this weekend, where young have been selected for a life of captivity and the adults are to be slaughtered for their meat.

So far, a total of 37 dolphins, including a rare albino calf, were taken for a lifetime of captivity. Two have died in the process. 

Caroline Kennedy, the recently installed U.S. ambassador to Japan, tweeted that she is “deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing.”

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Australian authorities have approved a project to dump dredged sediment in the Great Barrier Reef marine park as part of a project to create one of the world’s biggest coal ports.

About 3 million cubic meters (106 million cubic feet) of dredged mud will be dumped within the marine park under the plan.

The already fragile reef will be gravely threatened by the dredging, which will occur over a 184-hectare (455-acre) area. Apart from the risk that the sediment will smother coral and seagrass, the increased shipping traffic will boost the risk of accidents, such as oil spills and collisions with delicate coral beds, environment groups argue.

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Sochi, Russia - Officials announced the city would be killing 2,000 stray dogs & cats in Sochi.

The reason? ”to keep the tourists and Olympic visitors safe.”


BOYCOTT THE SOCHI OLYMPICS: Do not watch it! The advertisers will make less money, and the networks will pick it up. It’s the least we can do here, in America!

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Last week, LION joined the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and local advocates at a meeting with Suffolk County pet dealers and legislators to discuss pending legislation that would help puppies and kittens in Suffolk County and their parents living in cruel mills. 

Please call (631-852-8400) and email ( Legislator Scneiderman, positively thanking him for caring about puppy mill dogs, but also and politely urging him to make the legislation strict. Most specifically, we’d like to see a law passed that bars Suffolk County pet dealers from using breeders who’ve had USDA violations in the past 3 years.


We need loving homes!

The tabby cats (bottom photos): 2, females, about 7-9 months old, very friendly, able to be pet!

Black cat (top left): male, 7-9 months old, little more skittish. Can get close, but not able to pet him.

Gray and White (top middle): Female, about a year old, gets close but unable to be pet.

Tabby Cat (top right): Male, about a year and a half, missing half of his tail, not aggressive towards humans or other cats.

All of the cats get along and will sleep in twos sometimes, said to be “not aggressive at all.”

CONTACT: or by phone 516-474-9765.

New York is updating their “bear management plan” and the draft plan includes consideration of the incredibly inhumane and unsporting practices of bear hounding, baiting, and trapping. 

Please personalize and submit this letter to send a message to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and urge them to remove any consideration of baiting, hounding, or trapping of bears from the Draft Management Plan.

LIKE + SHARE: Sign Senator Greg Ball’s petition to ban the possession and harboring of killer whales in New York State Aquariums and sea parks!

The legislation (S6613) was introduced after the documentary “Blackfish” highlighted the captivity and confinement of Tilikum, an orca whale that has been in confinement for the past 30 years. Large marine animals, such as orca whales, can develop health issues and become agitated from living in the confined spaces that aquariums and sea parks offer.


Please join Long Island Orchestrating for Nature - LION, the East Hampton Group for Wildlife, the Wildlife Preservation Coalition of the East End, theLeague of Humane Voters - Long Island, and In Defense of Animals in standing against the largest deer cull in New York State history!

Media will be invited and this footage of deer netting:, also a part of the plan, will be shown. We will meet at the Hook Windmill on North Main St, East Hampton, across from the Citarella, 2 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY at 1:00 pm and march through the village from there.

Signs will be provided, however we’d love if you could make your own!


More details about this event and the footage will be announced shortly.

(For the East Hampton Group for Wildlife’s event page for this event, please go here:

Event Date & Time: Saturday, January 18, 2014 @ 1:00pm