TAKE ACTION - Please contact Legislator Schneiderman now!

Last week, LION joined the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and local advocates at a meeting with Suffolk County pet dealers and legislators to discuss pending legislation that would help puppies and kittens in Suffolk County and their parents living in cruel mills. 

Please call (631-852-8400) and email ( Legislator Scneiderman, positively thanking him for caring about puppy mill dogs, but also and politely urging him to make the legislation strict. Most specifically, we’d like to see a law passed that bars Suffolk County pet dealers from using breeders who’ve had USDA violations in the past 3 years.


We need loving homes!

The tabby cats (bottom photos): 2, females, about 7-9 months old, very friendly, able to be pet!

Black cat (top left): male, 7-9 months old, little more skittish. Can get close, but not able to pet him.

Gray and White (top middle): Female, about a year old, gets close but unable to be pet.

Tabby Cat (top right): Male, about a year and a half, missing half of his tail, not aggressive towards humans or other cats.

All of the cats get along and will sleep in twos sometimes, said to be “not aggressive at all.”

CONTACT: or by phone 516-474-9765.