“So we have the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era. I was thinking, for this report, we could maybe make a diorama of each of the sub periods, the Neocomian, Gallic & Senonian, depicting the height of the dinosaurs, the radical changes in the landscape & the untimely demise of the dinosaurs & the end of the Mesozoic?” She suggests, glancing up from her notebook.    

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I just felt like posting this, madonna’s not lip synching and seems to be able to give such a flawless performance! This is AMAZING!


How To Destroy Angels - Keep It Together

I feel the skin that separates us start to fade
And when I lie on top of you, I’m afraid
I can see right through myself, crystal clear
I am disassembling
I could disappear, disappear

There is a voice inside of me, I don’t know
And all his words keep echoing a tremolo
I’ve been waiting for a sign to appear
He has a message waiting for me
But I don’t wanna hear
I promise
I swear
I can’t

I can’t keep it together