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My questions —
1 - Where do you see yourself and/or your horse in 10 years, if everything goes as planned?

I will have moved off Tango as he will be 17 and on to another horse doing the 1.40 M or higher and tango will be teaching other kids how to show successfuly
2 - Favorite bridle?

my figure 8 bridle from GreenHawk

(Not my horse) picture off website

3 - What’s the best music to listen to when you’re riding, in your opinion?


4 - Your favorite equestrian, be it a famous person or not, offers you a big amount of money for your horse. What would you do?

Sell him. horses are always for sale no matter what you get offered money you sell that horse on the spot.

5 - Does your horse have any weird traits?

haha lots he’s an OTTB the one that I love is he loves to touch you with his nose all the time its truely annoying but cute at the same time (I’ve only ad him for 1 month so that’s the only one I know at the moment)

6 - If you’d be selected for the WEG in the future, what discipline would you start in?

Show Jumping

7 - Favorite dish?


8 - If you could breed a foal with any horse, what combination would you make?

umm I loved my WB/TB so probably that again

9 - Random: Blue Hors Matine, Valegro or Totilas?

hmm I can’t choose between Blue Hors Matine and Totilas becuse they are both too perfect

10 - What was your last dream?

I was following my friend home from a fire and we got lost and some other weird things happenend but i cant remember what.

11 - Favorite picture of your horse (or previous horse/favorite horse in case you don’t have one)

these are all Pictures of the horse I sold a few months ago (Eddie) I couldn’t choose a favorite

Your questions:

1- Who in the equestrian world do you look up to the most (Famous or not)?

2- Describe your favorite horse you own(ed)/ lease(ed)/friend has (had) /rode

3- What made previously said horse so special?

4- Favorite tack store and why?

5- Horse show you aspire to be in one day

6- Favorite disipline and why you chose that one

7- Zodiac sign?

8- Favorite colour on a chestnut horse/bay/black/palimino/buckskin/gray/paint(black and white/ brown and white)

9- If you were given a saddle pad with a monogram what would you want it to be?

10 - You are locked in a room with someone for 20 years and at the end you have to kill them (no committing suicide/ no pulling a hunger games and die together) would you rather be with someone you love or someone you hate?

bonus- Favorite picture(s) of you and your horse (horse you have ridden)








An Unfortunate Rant.

You know what I noticed? I’m that person, that person that is always there at everybodys beckn’ call. I’m always the person that fills the empty space; at work covering people, with new and old friends they hang out when they’re bored and I NEVER hear from them again even with relationships, I put my heart into them and they always leave that it wasn’t enough. And lastly with life itself. I’m replaceable. I’m there for the time being when people need me then people drop me faster than a boulder in water when they’re done. Now that I’m noticing all of this I’m so hurt and upset because I thought I meant something to my friends and co-workers, only to find out I meant something for the time being.  

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Ready, set, facts!

1. From Oklahoma

2. I want to live in Wyoming

3. I used to run track 

4. Favorite color is blue

5. Favorite country singers; Miranda Lambert and Florida Georgia Line

6. Favorite movie is top gun!!

7. I’ve been riding/training for almost 12 years 

8. My favorite animal are horses

9.  Country music is my FAVORITE

10. Plans to join the service later on in life! 

Question game

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My questions:
1. You get handed a ticket that allows you to go back and undo something from your past, but you have no way of knowing how it’ll affect your future/present. Do you take the ticket, and what would you erase?
I would take the ticket and go back to right after I bought Eddie and swap trainers two years earlier than I did (so 5 years back)

2. What would be your ideal life in 5 years?
My ideal life would be having a job I love. Spending time with a special someone whom I can just love being around. Living on a ranch (it doesn’t have to be to big) that is super cozy with horses and cats and dogs. And just being happy.

3. What’s a wish you made when you were a kid that came true?
I used to wish to own a horse every time a situation where u could make a wish came up. I now own a big black TB who is currently for sale because I have grown out of his ability level

4. Do you think you would be friends with your parents if you had known them at the age you are at right now?
I dunno. We kind of run in a different friend group. I hang out with horse people who are or used to be at my barn and my parents are more of the party type….

5. How would a stranger describe you if they crossed you on the street?
Shy. Skittish. Brightest blue eyes. (Depending on if I talk to them friendly)

6. What’s one thing you did for someone that turned against you?

I helped someone with their horse for over a year for free and that includes lesson and giving them tack and riding their horse and now… The horse was given away…

7. If you could rid yourself of a fear to do something, what would that be?
I’m terrified that after Eddie sells he is going to end up in the slaughter house… I need to stop fearing that..

8. Even if you don’t want kids, if you ever came to be a parent, what kind would you be?

I would be the “spare the rod and spoil the child” type parent and they would defiantly grow up with horses and horses have a lot to teach. Not a lot of it actually has to do with horses. Also if they want to do something then if they ask I’ll most likely say yes as I grew up with guidelines not rules… Like I don’t have a curfew. Instead I have to tell my mum where I am. And send her a pin on a map. So if I’m at a party or at the barn it doesn’t matter I just have to tell her. Also there is the usual no drinking and driving but I don’t drink or do drugs so I DD mostly but even then I get home late or crash at friends houses. So I love that system so I would keep it the same for my kid. I will also keep the I don’t care who’s house you stay at as long as they are not a of opposite genders rule… Depending on the situation of corse. So I think I’d be an okay parent…

9.What is the happiest memory that you can think of right now?
Going to Calgary in the summer to a Paramount show with my coach. My parents stayed home and 4 of us and a 4 horse trailer took off to paramount for a horse show and the 7 hour trip was so fun. The show was really fun. And the ride home was even better cuz by that point we were all tired and didn’t get home till midnight so we were all loopy. And honestly the amount of stories I have from that show are crazy. But I won’t bore you with them.

10. Here’s a thinking experiment for you. You are waiting for the train when suddenly, you see five teenagers tied up on the rails. You don’t know them, you don’t know why they are there. On your left, there is an obese 60 year old man, crumpled over a cane, obviously ill. There is no way to stop the train other than to push the man on the rails to block the way. Do you push the man or let the five teenagers die?
If the teens have not done anything wrong then it’s a one life for 5. Also he is older and they have a lot more to live for. But I would ask him if he is willing to help. Time permitting of corse. But I can’t decide if I would be okay practically murdering some old guy… Even though it would also watching these 5 kids being murdered as well. Especially since the average person walks past a murder in their life time a ridiculous amount of times. So I want to help but that is still not a good way…

11. Is there a movie that made you redefine your personal values, if so, which is it, and what changed?
Too many to name as I can’t really think of one off the too of my head as well. But I really think “the book thief” is going to be added to the list very shortly..

Thanks Love!!!!

My Questions!!!
If anyone not tagged wants to answer just shoot me an ask saying you answered I’d love to be able to read the answers!!
1. Have you ever met someone who changed your life??
2. If you could turn back time and change your past. What would you change?
3. If someone has a mental illness. What is your reaction?
4. How would a stranger describe you?
5. If you could have any pet. What would it be? And deceive their appearance? (Dragons and unicorns count)
6. Top 4 favorite colours? And memories that go along with the colour.
7. Favorite school grade and teacher? And why?
8. Would you rather be behind the camera? Or in front of it? Why?
9. What are you excited for this year?
10. What is your favorite holiday? And why?
11. You have to spend 20 years in a room with some one. At the end of the 20 years you HAVE to kill them. Would you rather spend the time with some one you like? Or hate? And why?
12. Are you sociable or just as happy to stay home alone and do your own thing? Do your friends bug you about it?
13. You see a person being bullied. What do you do?
14. You are walking down a street. You see a little kid and an older man. The man is pulling the kid down the street. And kid is yelling in a fairly frantic scared tone “you are not my dad! Help! Someone please help! You are not my dad! Let go!” The child’s mother is no where in sight. What’s your reaction? Do you think the kid is just being a brat or is actually being kidnapped? What do you do?