Vanilla Nut Butter Bombs

by Chelsea Hornby

Its always great to have something to snack on with your coffee or at tea time. Friends, family and co-workers are always chomping down on the baked goods that really don’t do any good for your health, your figure or your goals!

Nowadays, a low carb, wheat free and gluten free diet is the right one to follow… but biscuits, pastries and tarts are usually impossible to make without some of those refined, cantankerous carbs.

Until NOW.

I have realised that in all my cooking and baking… the most healthy alternative to flour is Chickpeas!

So don’t be shy with them.

The batter for these was very difficult to resist… and to be honest the batter would have yielded a bigger batch if I didn’t eat away at the delicious batter!

If you don’t put eggs in the mixture… it can be eaten raw as a completely healthy “cookie dough dessert”!

It is very satisfying, fulling and curbs hunger instantly!

Vanilla Nut Butter Bombs

(Low GI, Sugar-free, Gluten Free, Low Carb, High Protein, Trans Fat Free, High Fiber)

(Makes 30 bombs)


800g cooked, drained chickpeas

400g rinsed, drained butterbeans

100g NutriTech 100% pure whey Lite (I used vanilla flavour but feel free to use preferred flavour of choice)

100g almonds (50g for the batter and 50g for pressing into each cookie)

200g sugarfree, organic, crunchy peanut butter/cashew butter/ almond butter

¼ tsp stevia

2 egg whites

1 Tbsp coconut oil


Blend together butterbeans and chickpeas in an electric mixer until a dough-like substance is formed.

Add coconut oil, egg-whites, stevia and mix again till smooth. Add protein powder and almonds to the mixture and blend.

Use a silicone scraper to scrape down the sides of the batter into the middle of the mixer as the protein powder tends to stick to the rim of the mixer.

Finally, add in the peanut butter and blend for 15 seconds to ensure you don’t lose the crunch.

Grease two baking trays with non stick spray and cook or coconut oil.

Use a teaspoon to scrape up desired quantity of the batter for each cookie/bite and another teaspoon to scrape the batter off and onto the baking tray.

Press 1 almond into the center of each cookie/bomb.

Bake at 140 degrees Celsius for 6-8 minutes. Do not leave for too long or they will dry out due to the high whey protein ratio.

Perfect as a snack anytime during the day!