O Lord, my God, You renew the Church in every age by raising up priests outstanding in holiness, living witnesses of Your unchanging Love. In Your Plan for our salvation You provide shepherds for Your people. Fill the hearts of young men with the spirit of courage and love that they may answer Your call generously. Give parents the grace to encourage vocations in their family by prayer and good example. Raise up worthy priests for Your Altars and ardent but gentle servants of the Gospel. Give the Church more priests and keep them faithful in their love and service. May many young men choose to serve You by devoting themselves to the service of Your people. May St Monica, so effective in her prayers, intercede by her prayers for Your holy Church below. Amen (Author: Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.)

Fanfic Update

Okay peeps. I am ending my hiatus, for now. I need to get the Rucas feels up and I finally feel inspired. I have a couple Rucas stories coming and eventually some more Joshaya too! Keep the faith everyone!

Amy’s Boy – Joshaya - Maya finds out about baby Josh - Complete

Maya’s Boy – Joshaya - Sequel to Amy’s Boy - Complete

Marry Me – Shawn/Katy - Shawn Proposes at Maya’s 16th Birthday - Complete

I do – Shawn/Katy - Shawn and Katy’s Wedding - Complete

His Moment – Rucas - Lucas’ “moment” at Riley’s 16th Birthday- Complete

Jealous – Rucas/Joshaya - Junior Date Auction stirs up jealousy - Complete

Beginnings – Rucas/Joshaya - The Junior Class Party - Complete

Second Date – Rucas - Riley and Lucas’ second first date - Coming Soon

Full Circle – Rucas/Corpanga -  Lucas moving brings up past - Complete

One Dance – Joshaya - Senior Prom - Complete

Eighteen – Joshaya - Maya’s Eighteenth Birthday - Complete

Graduation – All - Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle’s Graduation - Complete

Fireworks – Joshaya/Rucas - 4th of July aka the night before Paris - Complete

Paris – Rucas - Rucas/Maya/Farkle go to Paris - Complete

Reunion – Joshaya - Maya and Josh reunite at the airport - Complete

Feel Better – Joshaya - Josh takes care of Maya when she gets sick - Complete

A Promise – Rucas - Riley’s 18th birthday - Compete

Fighting – Joshaya - Josh and Maya fight- Complete

Texas – Rucas - Lucas takes Riley back to Texas - Coming Soon

Double Date  Rucas/Joshaya - Rucas and Joshaya go on a double date - Coming Soon