keeping your mouth shut

The signs as comebacks/insults

Aries : Remember that time I said I thought you were cool? I lied.

Taurus : You only annoy me when you’re breathing, really.

Gemini : Do yourself a favor and ignore anyone who tells you to be yourself. Bad idea in your case.

Cancer: Everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in awhile, but you really abuse the privilege.

Leo : Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

Virgo: Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither.

Libra : Do your parents even realize they’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Scorpio : Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d gotten enough oxygen at birth?

Sagittarius : Are you always such an idiot, or do you just show off when I’m around?

Capricorn : There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that.

Aquarius: I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than whatever you just said.

Pisces : Some day you’ll go far—and I really hope you stay there.

Another thing I’m salty as fuck about re: youtube 

Youtubers as a collective will go ON AND ON about how this is their job and they make money doing it, and how they deserve respect (they do). But then the second any group begins to hold them to the same standards we would hold a professional in any other job, suddenly they’re screeching about how “GOSH IT’S JUST VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET CALM DOWN Y’ALL.” 

You can have it one way or the other. Either your profession deserves respect or you’re a bunch of yahoos on the internet and should be treated and derided as such. You can’t be serious professionals when you want respect and then helpless nobodies when the tides turn against you. Use some of that ad revenue on a PR guy if you’re that nervous about your inability to keep your mouth shut and not make racism the butt of your jokes. 

Like, I’ve got fucking two thousand readers and I treat my writing/business account with more seriousness than people who have three to sixteen million viewers. I make a tiny fraction of what they do and I treat my position with more dignity and my supporters and fans with more respect. 

If you’re going to be a celebrity, realize what that fucking means and be a fucking adult when people treat you like the actual celebrities with actual reach and influence that you are. And if this is going to be something you get paid for? That makes it a job. And I guarantee that if someone brings your manager at McDonalds a video of you shouting racial slurs at a customer? Your ass would be fired there, too. 

too many white ppl not wanting to speak up bc they’re scared of bein ostracized by their white friends…and u know what i’m really sick of? white ppl who never bring up issues on their own. they wait till all the people of color on their twitter feed, on tumblr are discussing something and post a shitty rephrasing of a post a person of color already made and better to seem involved. they try to rehash a point that has been made millions of times to the point where it’s common knowledge and play this off like they’re accomplishing something. you don’t have to teach poc about racism. we fucking know all about it.

y’all are silent 364 days of the year but then when poc are upset about something you decide to chime in with your obligatory white two cents that accomplishes nothing. and you won’t bring this stuff up in front of other white people either. not ever. you’ll listen to the white people around you being openly hateful and you’ll keep your mouth shut. all this talking like you care and then you refuse to confront your racist and hateful white friends because you don’t want them to exclude you or get mad at you. if you care about us why the fuck you want friends like that in the first place? 

we can tell when you’re posting shit just to seem like “one of the good ones” and we can tell when you post stuff bc you’re scared the big bad people of color will come for you if you don’t and you’re just trying to cover your ass

Pro tip: when you’re starting a new job you may want to make friends and share who you are with your co workers.
Don’t. Not at first. Be yourself and be kind and open. But don’t go spilling your guts to people you don’t know. Many co workers want to know more about you only so that in the future they can use it against you.
So be careful. Be careful who you add to your social media, be careful who you talk to about your crazy weekend, and absolutely keep your mouth shut about how you feel about your boss. Stay out of gossip. Don’t pick sides. Keep your head down, observe, do your work, and collect that check.

“Trump is the forerunner of a new, authoritarian and chauvinist international movement. They stand for a return to the bad old times. In which women belonged in the kitchen or in the bed, gays belonged in jail and unions belong at the children’s table. And if you refuse to keep your mouth shut about it, you’ll be ripped apart in public.”

- Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor


If you see someone in a wheelchair stand up or walk, just keep your mouth shut. They either were prescribed that wheelchair and their insurance agreed they needed it, or they became so desperate for the mobility the chair would provide that they paid a lot of money out of pocket (because they don’t have insurance or they have a shitty ableist doctor or whatever).

It’s estimated that around 85% of full time wheelchair users can stand or walk to some extent. Think of it like glasses: the majority of people who wear them can technically see without them, but they reduce pain, improve the quality of the wearer’s life, and enable millions of people to do things they otherwise couldn’t. A wheelchair is no different. In fact, even part time users legitimately need their chair, just as people who need reading glasses legitimately need their glasses. In addition to paralysis, some reasons for using a wheelchair include pain, fatigue, fragile joints/bones, vertigo, and many, many other debilitating symptoms.

Using a wheelchair is already stressful enough as it is, thanks to iffy accessibility. Please don’t add to a disabled person’s difficulties by calling them a faker.

Unlike most Hobbits, Bilbo did not care very much for the hard work of gardening. At most, he could grow a rather tasty tomato. That was enough of his interest in the matter. He enjoyed flowers and their ilk, of course, and that was why he’d kept a gardener around. 

It made for a lovely scene outside Bag End. One which he could enjoy by settling himself onto the bench, pipe in hand. Some days, the especially sunny ones, he’d snag a sunhat. It was a day like that, though the sun had begun setting its way down the horizon. He had the hat’s brim pulled down over his eyes. 

That sometimes kept passing neighbors and busybodies from bothering him, for they presumed he’d fallen asleep. 

Not always, though, as he heard the telltale sound of someone approaching. His ear twitched, somewhat muffled by the sunhat. Regardless he could recognize the footfalls as they closed in on him. Hobbits rarely made so much noise. 

And, also, unlike any Hobbit, he had a dwarf for a husband. 

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Want to Improve your Communication Skills?

1. Listen carefully when others are speaking. Keep your mouth shut – and focus totally on them.

2. Never, ever talk over other people. This is disrespectful – and a real turn off.

3. Even if the person leaves an hour between each word, resist the temptation to complete their sentence for them.

4. Don’t interrupt - let the other person finish. Then, acknowledge what they’ve shared before adding your own thoughts.

5. Paraphrase or summarise what’s just been shared. It shows that you have listened – and are keen to understand.

6. Maintain good eye contact as this says you’re interested, and the speaker and their story are important to you.

it is YOUR book, you can

  • break the spine
  • draw/write in it
  • put sticky notes
  • place it somewhere dirty
  • rip pages out
  • bend pages/fronts/backs

and everyone else should keep their mouth shut and stop with the “how could you do this to your book?”/”the poor book”/”oh my god your such a bad person for doing this” WHAT THE FUCK come on guys, do with your book what you think is right and let other people do with theirs what they think is right.

as a non-male hockey fan i had to learn the game through watching it. I learned what icing was by watching the reptitive motion of the puck crossing the two red lines and then the announcers saying “That’s icing.” I learned what offsides was by playing NHL15. I learned the stats by incessant googling and research. I learned the players by scrolling through tumblr. I could never ask because guess what the first word out of a male fans mouth is? “puckslut”

male fans have done shit for me. so don’t tell me i’m not a real fan.

and if anyone ever has questions about certain things involving hockey, ask me, i’ll never pass judgement. i’m here to help.

  • Mashima: Yoo-hoo who wants to become canon
  • Gruvia: man fuck you
  • Gajevy: -_-
  • Zervis: no don't say anything
  • Zeref: Natsu I know I want you dead but not in this way
  • Natsu: gee thanks I feel so loved by Ed Elric 2.0
  • Natsu: but ya know I-
  • Mashima: cmon Natsu!!! Say it!
  • Natsu: can-
  • Jellal: I'm keeping my damn mouth shut foh
  • Erza: I was trained to slay. Not to be slain because Blueberry the Sinner wants to confess his love
  • Natsu: I would like-
  • Lucy: *bitch slaps him* SHUT UP
  • Mashima: why you gotta ruin the fun Lucy ;)