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Journal Series: some pages from my thanksgiving holiday break. In my experience it can be really hard to journal while you’re traveling; you often don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to sit down and journal, so my favorite method is to gather different memorabilia (Polaroids, postcards, metro tickets, menus, etc) to tape in and jot down some quick memorable things or thoughts about where you went. It’s a quick, simple, and creative way to keep all your memories.

What it's like to feel like a real angel

-never being able to keep your brain quiet
-memories are like stones that weigh on your temples
-forgetting to eat because it never comes to mind
-not wanting to eat because food feels foreign
-burning watering eyes
-constantly searching for signs
-a sore throats and headaches behind your eyes
-wings are heavy and hurt
-the even bigger ache of not having them
-constant guilt
-knowing someone is always watching over your shoulder
-nightmares and omens
-never knowing when to hold your tongue or not
-my skin feels tight and fake
-my scalp tingles

I’m sick of seeing posts about angels where everything is good and perfect and pure…. being an angel aches


 The view was appreciated by me and David V. so i took the second photo of him to remind me how even if not every sunset looks this beautiful you can always find something in the evening to be grateful about. Best friends are not meant to be with you forever, but rather to share the best memories with them until life tears you apart, which is totally normal. You don’t replace them, because you can never replace the sweet moments you had with them, you just find a new person to keep your memories and secrets in because keeping everything inside you can be a bit too much sometimes.

OK look I know the game has its flaws. I know a lot of you were expecting so much more of the story and didn’t get. Or at least hoping for more appearances of certain characters.

I’m also sad some things weren’t shown in the game.

But compared to what we got?????? All that stuff?????????????? I think I can forgive what wasn’t there. And this is only about the main story. The game is so much more than this, you guys should know this.

You can see how much effort was put in the game, how much love. A good video game for me is not only a good story. A good video game has a soundtrack that can make you understand what the characters are going through and what the situation means, characters that can make you love them as much as a real person, scenery that leaves you breathless and a story that keeps on your memory for a long time. A good video game gives you a real world with emotions and memories. And, in my opinion, this game has all of the best we could ever get.

You guys are only thinking about we didn’t get and forgetting about the wonderful stuff we got.

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I can't believe how strong Louis is for performing considering the things he has been going through he is so amazing and I can't wait to see him tonight I am so proud of him!

I know ❤️ Tonight is going to be extremely emotional. Not just for Louis and his family but for all the people who love him and Jay and who support his family. But also for everyone who has been going through something similar and who can relate to their situation or simply feel compassion for them. They are such an amazing family and I am sure this is something he really wants to do. Because ‘Just hold on’ is not just a song. And tonight is not just a performance. It’s a proof of love. Of strength. Of pride. It’s about treasuring the things you have. To keep your memories close to your heart, but also about moving on. About looking forward and setting goals for yourselves and making new memories for the people who means the most to you. His performance tonight and the song he’s singing, imho, is a gift from Louis to his beloved mother, to his family but also to his devoted fans. It’s a thank you and a promise all at once and I can only imagine how proud Jay was when she heard the song for the very first time. And she’s going to be there with him tonight. In his heart. In his soul. ‘Just hold on’ is for his darling mother and I am so humble we get to share his tribute to her tonight.

The support for him is and will be overwhelming.
We are all so proud of him ❤️

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How would swapfell pap be with an so who is a green soul and is similar to dory from finding nemo where they forget things or people?

Swapfell Papyrus

At first, Rus is alarmed by it. Because of your memory loss, you can get seriously hurt or people will take advantage of you, so Rus stays by your side whenever you go out. Overtime, he finds it endearing and likes to pull pranks or mess with you, but all of them are harmless and is meant to make you feel good about yourself. Like telling you a joke, then telling you the same joke five minutes later. He likes to hear your laugh. Rus keeps your memory loss condition on the down low, so the only people who knows about it are your closest friends and family who he trusts. If he does find someone messing with you because of your condition…well…it will not end well for them. It could be hard on Rus, but because you’re a green soul, you’re the best match for him, so he pulls through. 

We loved like the aftermath of war,
trying to piece together what was broken,
both of use remembering a time 
when the world was not burning.
But those golden years are far behind us,
sweetheart, and I don’t think you recall 
how I really looked in the light of the sun,
it is far different from my face now,
smeared in blood- I would rather 
stay in the shadows. I’ll let you keep
your too perfect memories of me.
—  like folded photographs || O.L.
Broken Glass and Almosts

I want to keep you in a jar, I really do, you and all your glory, but it’s like trying to fit a hurricane in a snow globe, or trying to paint the sun, but you’re always too bright, and when I stare at you for too long I get dizzy, and my veins feel limp, my blood stops when I try to process you, and the glory you exhale, like moonlight and the feeling of nostalgia that I will breathe in and carry around with me, to try to keep your memories.

I take pictures of you, but it’s not enough.

I want to escape, there aren’t walls, but there are, and they’re closing in on my, and it’s like the moon collapsed and I’m carrying around, and one false move will make the stars fall out of alignment and drain the water from this earth. I need to escape. I drive away, and listen to wrinkled songs that get caught on static until I can’t see the sun and the moon is behind me, and I’ve circled the earth.

I keep driving, just to get away, but it’s not enough.

I try to rearrange the world, and maybe make Scotland a little closer, because I always liked the idea of visiting the rolling hills, with lacy miss and clouds that drift in solitude, and the castles with flickering candlelight and echoing sounds of violins. I want to bring the people I love closer, and put them in jar, and force it into my bloodstream until it winds up in my heart, so that they will be safe there.

I stare at the stars until I’m dizzy and I tell people that I love them, but it’s not enough.

I want it all to stop. I want to freeze the sun where it is and find the garden of Edon, and eat an apple so I know how to stop the world, and laugh in the serpents face, because he was supposed to be evil, but now I can’t change the channel without hearing about someone dying. I try to ignore the deaths, and try to skip over the obituaries in the paper.

I am careful to look away, but they are inescapable and it isn’t enough.

I want to drag a star down the street, and watch it’s light bleed onto the pavement until my hands are black with ash, and iridescence is seeking out of all the cracks in the street, I just want to show people something beautiful, because it seems as though everyone has forgotten, and I don’t know how to make them remember. I want to grab their hands and find Peter Pan and fly through the stars for awhile and maybe talk about how small the world is as we sit on the moon.

I smile at strangers, but it’s not enough.

I want to start over, I want to build a wall of euphoria along your wrists and make the scars stop appearing, their edges at odd with your perfect veins. They are like blue flowers creeping up your arms, or purple stitches meant to hold the world together, because I swear, if I lose you, the world will split open and lava will lap at my ankles.

I tell you I love you, but it’s not enough.

I want to move the stars closer to the world, just to see what would happen, to see if we would all light up, or if we would all burn, at the point I don’t care. This world is insane and you’ve tried to stop it.

But it’s not enough.

You become a teacher, and watch kids fall in and out of love, and watch the knees of their pants wear, and watch the doodles appear on their notebooks. You teach them about love and history, and everything you’ve learned, and how fucked the world is.

They leave taller, and with worn jeans, and they are kind.

Maybe it’s enough.

Every new year is a little daunting. New people, new memories, new experiences and new struggles take the place of old people, old memories, old experiences and old struggles.  And you try to make room for the new while holding on to the old, because you know that they both make you who you are.  You don’t want to lose yourself; you don’t want to hinder yourself either.  This is what the new year brings: an opportunity to grow beautiful, new flowers while reinforcing strong, old roots.
—  k.r.b.// don’t be afraid, it’s just change 

ROTG Month Day 9: Opposite Day!

Imagine if instead of keeping your wholesome memories, Toothiana destroyed the bad ones?  I am at a really wonderful place in my life, as is the rest of my family, but every so often a memories from darker days in the past just springs out of no where and overtakes me, and it can really just mess me up.  That memory is a setback, and a lie, because the truth is that now things are much better, so I think instead of Tooth bringing me a good childhood memory (of which I already have many) I’d prefer that she crush the bad ones, like a rotten tooth, and blow away the dust.

On the flip side, imagine if instead of taking memories and destroying them, like Pitch did to Katherine’s, how sinister would it be if he stored happy memories and then placed them in your nightmares to add a little element of truth, just enough to make you think the bad dream was real when you woke up?  He could transfer his effect from slumber into the waking world that way, causing memories to be permanently distorted.

That’s Amore AU

Character A works at a pizzeria with little to no customers, leaving A with little to do but man the counter and wait for the occasional take-out order or guest to waltz their way in, usually drunkenly. They had cheap and affordable pizza, to say the least, which was a real attraction for the college kids nearby. One night, A is manning the counter when Character B and their group of friends loudly slams open the door and “seeks sustenance” as one of them shouts. A scrambles to get the manager and the two handle the large group who eventually leave the premises. 

The morning after, B enters the pizzeria with the worst headache known to man and a strange craving for pizza. A is there once again, covering a shift for a friend, and recognized B almost immediately as the one who wouldn’t stop telling A that they had the most beautiful eyes in the world and continually sang “That’s Amore.” B, on the other hand has absolutely no recollection of the previous night’s events and simply took out their notes for their upcoming class, waiting for their pizza. How does the reaction take place? Does A tell B what happened? Do they try to get revenge somehow? Is it all just one big misunderstanding?

If you have lost a loved one or friend to suicide, celebrate their life, their laughter, the things that brought joy and moments of peace to them. Dedicate their birthday to a day of their wonderful legacy and the lovely moments they brought to your life. Keep their memory alive, they may not be here in the physical but their incredible soul still lives on, embrace it each and everyday and hold on to the fact that you had a chance to experience the amazing individual they are, yep are and not were because they are still with you each and everyday, watching over you and cheering you on. They would want you to keep moving forward and to be happy and at ease, so while you’re celebrating their life, celebrate yours too and know that they’re still with you, watching over you, guiding you, listening to you, and protecting you. <3