keeping your eyes above your head

Reaction to seeing you naked/almost naked


Both Tae and you were playing on the floor. When V loses, he playfully tackles you to the ground refusing to accept his defeat. Both arms are pinned down, held tightly by large hands above your head. Your shirt rides up your torso exposing soft flesh. Licking his lips, his eyes pierce through you as he looks at your body underneath his. Keeping your arms pinned with one hand, he begins kissing your neck, making his way down your body. His free hand glides over your clothes gripping at the unwanted fabric and pulling it off your body. Next he discarded your pants and underwear. He sits up, body between your legs, he stares. Smiling he bites his bottom lip. Leaning down to whisper in your ear.

The deep velvet voice asks, “how about we play another game?”


Yoongi sits on the bed eyeing you from the corner of his eye. They way you took off your shirt, slide down your pants, his breath hitched in his throat at the way your fingers wrapped around the delicate fabric. Biting his bottom lip he breathed out in a deep voice.
“come here baby girl.”
He pulled you down on his lap, kissing your collarbone, trailing his kisses to your jaw. He pulled back to look you in the eyes. And placed a sweet kiss on those perfect lips.


You and jin are in the kitchen making dessert for the holiday party. When you go to turn in the blender you forgot the lid, and fruit juice got all over you. Jin got a towel and began to clean you up. He started at your jaw and ended up between your breasts. He gently wiped them. His face turned to look at yours. Blushing a bright pink, he smiled softly. Looking at your wet skin he noticed you missed a chunk of fruit next to your mouth. His tongue lapped at the fruit. He made sure to lick it all up. He sucked in the sticky skin around your collarbone.
Breathing in the sweet scent he whispered into your flesh, “Well jagiya, might as well take it all off.”
With a flop, the wet clothes were thrown carelessly to the side. His lips red form ravishing your skin, his eyes were fixated in you. Taking in the sight before him. He could barely breath.
“Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Large hands wrapped around you, as he lifted you off the floor. You both made your way into the bathroom.

~ SugaDaddy


Jungkook walks in and sees you about to change clothes and decides to help you. He saunters in and gently lifts your shirt over your head, humming in appreciation. He slides down your shorts and just gazes at your naked form.

“Oh Jagiya, you are so beautifully sexy.” He murmurs, voice low.

He begins to place kisses down your stomach, causing you to shiver. He chuckles and proceeds to kiss you lower and lower.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would walk to the entrance of the bedroom and his eyes would nearly bulge out of his skull.
“Oh damn.” He breathes, voice low.
He looks your body up and down, frowning at the thin fabric covering your breasts and ass. He would softly walk up behind you and snake his strong arms around your waist. He would kiss your neck until he reached your ear.
“Can I take these off?” He would ask lightly touching your breasts through your bra.
You would nod and allow him to bathe in you.


J-hope and you were practicing your dance moves together. You were both wasting time until your date for later that evening. And he decided he wanted to show you a few moves, you happily said yes and spent the afternoon with him in the dance studio. When it was time for you two to leave you were changing in the bathroom when he peeked in through the cracked door. His eyes grew wide as he saw the light glow of your skin as you took off your shirt. You heard his audible gasp and decided to put on a show for him. You started your own little strip tease for J-hope and by the end he was pushing the door open to touch your soft skin.
“Looks like we may be missing that date tonight.” He smiles wickedly and bites your shoulder playfully.


Jimin would be getting ready for bed when you decide that tonight was the night. You were feeling confident and decided it was time for him to see you. So you walk out of the bathroom wearing nothing but matching black underwear. He looks up at you from his seat on the bed and a sly grin spreads across his face.
“Well hello my pretty princess.”
You smile as he beckons you towards him. He kisses your lips deeply and then kisses both of your breasts. He holds an ass cheek in each hand as he drinks in the sight of you, the bulge in his pants growing.
“Thank you for putting on a show for daddy, now are you going to fix the problem you caused?”

~ Kookiesandcream

Sorry this took a few days to complete we have been busy with the Christmas season. Please enjoy!! <3

Hacked (Sombra x reader)

A/n: to the anon who requested some awkward Sombra, I hope you like it ^^ thank you for the request

Edited 12/20/16 by @shadowbolt64

The lights flickered as the underground subway made its first turn out of the subway station. The old thing squeaked and sputtered in protest as it continued down the rusted tracks. Your eyes glided across the many faces of the early morning commuters who were taking the early subway to work.

Most of the bodies on the train were covered in dark heavy coats and thick scarfs, as the subway could not hold the heat inside of the old passenger car, even if it was ten feet underground. The winter morning was definitely the worst time to commute on a subway.

You held tightly to the old leather strap that was attached above your head, you tried to keep your balance as the subway went over another bump. You groaned in protest as you quickly grabbed your phone out of your pocket to look at the news.

You could see your own breath as you slipped your hand from one of your gloves to scroll through your newsfeed. You lazily looked over the passengers in front of you. Trying to find something decent to look at while you were waiting for your stop.

Suddenly a message popped up in the middle of your screen, your eyes squinted at the message. It clearly read that your data usage was almost up and that data should be turned off.

You scoffed loudly as you quickly exited out of the news app and went into your settings. You crossed your fingers that there was an unprotected Wi-Fi somewhere that you could use. It wasn’t exactly legal, but who would catch you?

As the phone searched for a signal it immediately picked up on a unprotected network that had three bars in your area. The Wi-Fi was named S0mbra1. Curious you tried to connect to the network and sure enough it worked. Your eyes lit up with delight as the network allowed you to browse your favorite apps.

It was an incredible network, it loaded all photos and videos on the app in an instant and would never buffer. Your smile widened as the network continued to do its magic.

Suddenly, the subway came to a halt, you looked up to the old blinking sign confirming that this was your stop. The light in your eyes faded away as you slipped your phone into your pocket and continued to your work.

You threw your belongings on your small desk as you quickly sat in your office chair. Your spun it around a couple of times before you turned on the tower hiding underneath your desk as well as the monitor. The painfully familiar blue screen clicked on with the usual request for a username and password. You rolled your eyes as you quickly typed it in. You navigated to the online service and typed in yet another login. Your job was one of the worst out there but hey, money is money right?

You slipped on your usual headset and clicked a button on the side; it immediately directed you to a call. You cleared your throat and introduced yourself.

“Hello, this is y/n with tech support. How may I help you?”

The voice on the other line belonged to a Hispanic woman who casually talked to you in a rather calm tone.

“Yeah I had a question about my computer, the monitor seems to be glitching out and the mouse isn’t appearing on my screen, what should I do?”

Before you could answer you heard rather fast typing on the other end. It seemed rapid and well placed as if the person knew what they were doing.

Suddenly, your monitor went white before revealing the screen of another computer. Your eyes went wide with shock as you quickly shuddered into the microphone.

“H-hey, I’m going to need to put you on hold for a second, my computer isn’t w-working properly.”

Suddenly the typing on the other line paused, the sound of a moving chair could be heard as the women continued to speak.

“Oh, that is me, I hacked the server your company is currently using with your IP to show you what is happening, I thought it might be easier for you to se-”

“And if you know how to hack a private network do you really think you need tech supports help?”

The awkward tension grew as the silence was dragged on. You heard the woman tapping her nails on her desk thinking of an explanation for her actions. She finally took a deep breath and answered.

“Yes, b-because I need assistance with the monitor a-and I don’t know how to fix it.”

You’re rolled your eyes before quickly saying something to stop her from rambling on forever.

“Ok, thank you very much for calling tech support, you have the number on your phone already so call when you have a real problem ok?”

Before you gave her a chance to respond you quickly ended the call before she could continue. You leaned back in your chair letting out a long drawn out sigh.

Your monitor sputtered and clicked a bit before displaying a rather suspicious purple coding. Soon your computer was automatically transferred to a Skype call to a women with electric violet dyed hair and rather vibrant clothes. She spoke up before you could freak out about her being on your screen.

“Ok listen, I’m sorry for all of my fussing. But when I saw you on the subway you looked really cute in that winter coat so I wanted to get to know you. So I decided to help you out with the Wi-Fi network and I wanted to talk to you, so that’s why I made the call and that’s… why I am … here.”

Her face suddenly became warm as she scratched the back of her neck waiting for a response. Your first reaction was a loud laugh before you looked back at your screen.

“You seriously hacked my computer just so you could talk to me? Ha! That is just hilarious.”

Her nose suddenly scrunched up while you continued to have your laughing fit. She crossed her arms before responding.

“You really think I was just going to walk up to you and say hi, this was way more elaborate then anything anyone else could do.”

You finally got you composure back and cleared your throat before responding.

“Oh no! That is very elaborate… and I thought it was cool, it’s not often you meet someone who can hack a server just to talk to someone, we should talk more often.”

Suddenly the woman’s eyes went wide with shock before she let a smirk fall on her face. She wasn’t actually expecting you to comply with a wave of her hand she did her best to cover her blush before responding.

“Perfect, I’ll keep in touch. Talk to you later.”

Before you could reply your screen went back to its usual blue hue. As if it never even happened. You slumped in your chair and let out a tired sigh. You realized that before she left you never even asked for her name.

Suddenly your phone dinged with a message. You looked over at it and saw that a new contact by the name of Sombra was added to your phone, and the number already sent a message.

“Did you think I wouldn’t get your number before leaving? That’s what happens when you join unprotected networks.”

You let a smile creep up on your face as you leaned back in your chair and responded.

“As I said before I would love to chat more, Sombra.”

(Forgive me if she seems cheesy! I don’t know her well enough yet ;-;)

Mrs. Grinch - Christmas Prompt - Jordan Parrish

-gif source unknown-

Christmas Prompt: #10. Character A doesn’t feel the Christmas spirit, but Character B, who lives above them, keeps playing Christmas carols really loud. – Requested by Anon with Parrish as Person B

Warnings/Labels: Adorableness. Overuse of Christmas lyrics.

Approx. Word Count: 900

A/N: This was so fun. I love it. Thank you whoever requested it!

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anonymous asked:

honestly you're one of the best authors out here, truth. Can you please do smut with Taemin, your mind can wander with it... I just want my oppa😍

Try Me:

The door locked once it was shut, the blonde making his way towards you until he was pushing you down on the bed hovering above you. His eyes shown nothing but lust, and a bit of his cocky attitude, but those lips shown a smile that was seductive and inviting, leaning down to hover his lips above yours the male spoke, his breath smelling of strawberries and vodka as his hand moved to grip at your hair keeping your head in place. “So, are you ready to try me?”

It was supposed to be the impossible situation but here you were laying under Lee Taemin. This should have never been allowed to happen. If it wasn’t for the stupid party that your stupid friends invited you to, then you wouldn’t have gotten drunk talked too much shit and played spin the bottle resulting in you laying here under this man who looked at you like you were edible. It wasn’t the fact that you told Taemin he was a fuckboy or too pretty for you. No, it was the fact that you kept going, saying how he was too cute to be in bed with you because he couldn’t handle you. How he would probably be the submissive one begging for you to go harder and touch him. You shoved your foot in your mouth big time hurling insults at him about his sex life because you wanted to believe that. You told yourself these things in your mind for a reason. So, that you wouldn’t jump on him, be needy for him. But now look at you, pinned under him and already breathless from a little kiss that he placed on your neck.

“We don’t have to do this..” You rasped out trying to move your hands from above your head that he so effortlessly pinned down with one of his own hands. His legs slipping in between yours he gave a low moan, letting his free hand move to cup your breast through your shirt groping you gently as he looked up at you.

“No I think we do. You questioned a lot about me, so I know that you’re curious. But it’s also no secret that I want you and I’d be a fool to let you walk away now. Untouched, unmarked… Untainted.” He whispered lightly before his lips was crashing against yours knocking anymore arguments from your lips. He slipped his hand under your shirt to draw lazy patterns against your flesh, smirking against your lips as he kissed you tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss. His fingers scrapped against your hardened nipple that was poking against your bra resulting in your mouth parting to gasp and his tongue finding away inside of your wet cavern. You let out strangled moans from his touch, resting your hands under him because it took too much energy for you to pull at his grip and try to get free. Taemin greedily sucked at your tongue claiming your mouth as his even if it was just for a night.

He pulled back after devouring your mouth, his blonde hair falling into his eyes as his hands went for the hems of your shirt. You lay there watching as he lifted it off your body, his lips placing wet lewd kisses against your skin until he had the offending material off your body and scattered somewhere on his floor behind you. His hands didn’t worry about undoing your bra, too impatient and needy he slipped down the straps of your bra and yanked it down revealing your pert nipples and breast that begged for his attention. Grinding his hips down against yours, Taemin grabbed at your breast cupping them and playing with him, his tongue dancing across your flesh. He watched you humming and sucking on your breast, making slurping noises when he caused too much spit to get on your skin. He treated your breast like he was a feeding man needing his fill. Taemin bit on your nipples pulling them gently with your teeth letting them go when he felt he had done enough. He flipped you on your stomach grinding his hips into your ass as he undid your pants sliding his hands down past your pants into your panties and past the top of your pussy to rest it on your soaking folds. He chuckled breathlessly against your ear as his fingers danced up and down your lips parting them so that his long slim middle finger could rub your wet throbbing clit.

“For someone to talk so much shit about what I do. You seem to be the needy one here who can’t even contain your need for me right now. Just like a little slut. I bet you’re thinking about how good it’s going to feel when I finally fuck you hmmm? I can bet I’m bigger than some of my fingers combined and I can’t wait to stretch out this little pussy since you’re so sure that I won’t be able to handle you. I won’t stop until I have you screaming.” He promised licking the shell of your ear as his finger twirled around your clit slowly, your mouth filled with whimpers and pleas you were not going to tell him he was wrong or how good it sounded to you. Your hands pressed down against the bed because you were sure you’d fall over if you weren’t careful.

Taemin let his finger drag down your slit until he was sliding his long middle finger inside of your went pussy. It didn’t sting too much because you weren’t a virgin but he did have a length on his fingers that you couldn’t deny felt good. It had you gasping and arching your back to push your hips down against his finger. He smirked thrusting it in and out slowly, he slipped in his second finger after sometime scissoring your pussy open for something much bigger and harder. Taemin licked down your back slowly along your spine placing more wet kisses there wanting to see you squirm more for him. It didn’t take long for him to have you a whimpering mess wanting him to give you more, your head rolling forward to bite against the sheets as you rolled your hips down against his fingers. You wanted more fingers gripping onto the soft comforter that was under you.

“Ta-taemin please.” You whined softly looking up at him.

“Please what?” He asked curling his fingers to press them against your spot smirking as he licked his lips.

“I want you to touch me. Taemin make me cum.” You groaned out rolling your hips back once again. Taemin full on smiles moved to jerk down your pants and panties in one go, his hand moving to slapping your ass cheeks making them jiggle and sound off in the quiet room. Taemin spread your legs wide licking against the star of your ass before he pushed his tongue in causing you to gasp in surprise. Your face heated up and red as he licked and flicked against your asshole lubing you up and making sure that you were going to be stretched out for what he had planned. Once his tongue played with your entrance enough Taemin was moving back to grab at some of the beads he kept in his dresser beside the bed. Looking down at your helpless form he licked on a few beads moving behind you as he sucked on some more, lining them up with your anal entrance Taemin slipped them inside starting with the smaller beads. He moved them one by one until he had as many of the big beads in your ass that you could take without hurting you. He rolled you on your back smiling down at your naked panting flustered form.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I should have done this earlier. But don’t worry it won’t be the last time. Next time, I’ll enjoy you even more.” He teased as he stripped himself of everything he had on letting them pile together on the floor by your clothes. He spread your legs wide, reaching back over he grabbed a foil packet tearing it with his teeth. He slid the condom onto his shaft, his tip glistened with wetness from how aroused he had gotten.

His hands gripped onto your hips and he slowly rocked his hips forward pushing inside of you. Your lips let a hiss escape as you felt your walls being opened and stretched by his girth. Taemin felt so good inside of you, and part of you were glad you were not inexperienced because it would’ve hurt. Your hands moved up to grab at his biceps, rolling your hips up against his you moaned in pleasure not wanting to wait. He got the hint starting to slam inside of you at a fast pace, the bed shaking under you as he fucked into you. Your back arched off the soft surface as you rolled up your hips trying to keep up with his pace. Your wet pussy invited his shaft in every time he penetrated your walls and caused you to scream for him. You were keeping up until he reached down with one hand starting to slowly pull the beads out of your ass one by one. Taemin would give you a few harsh thrusts, slow his speed down and keep it gentle only to pull a bead out and start back up with it all over again. Your body shaking and writhing with the pleasure he delivered to you. You tried to calm down your loud screams of pleasure but it was no use because you were sure everyone could hear you and frankly you didn’t care right now. Taemin used his other hand to start furiously rubbing at your clit, two of his fingers pressing down against the soaked bud as his hips slammed against yours and his other hand pulled on the beads watching both of your clenching holes take him and the beads he was close to the edge growling and biting down on his plump lip to keep from cumming. In a few more strokes of his hips colliding with yours, he was pulling out the last few beads watching your face contort in pleasure as you cried out for him with your back arched and lips parted. Your eyes rolled back as your fingers clung to the sheets, stomach clenching and sweat falling from your body. Your holes were both clenching, your cum was sliding onto the condom, and feeling all this Taemin was no match for his desire resulting in him cumming as well. He slowed down his hips, helping you both ride out your orgasm as his fingers pull out the rest of the beads from inside of your twitching asshole your hips jerking as you whined.

“I know, I’m done you can rest for a bit.” Taemin chuckled as he moved to clean off the beads and tie the condom by the end throwing it in a trashcan. Moving he scooped you up in his arms, crawling to lay against the headboard with you he pressed his lips against yours smiling.

“Now, aren’t you glad you tried me?” He teased you gently rolling you over to lay on top of you starting another make out session.

Keep your arms above your head.

I’ve been a little brat.
You know damn well that I know I have been.
I’m doing it on purpose, silly.
I know it drives you insane.
I know it makes you want to pounce. Why wouldn’t I be a brat?

I see the look in your eye. I pretend I don’t, but I can see that sparkle, that “You’re screwed, little girl” look.

I finally stretch just a liiiiiittle too far, revealing my tummy and underarms, and the inner monster is released.

You pounce.

I scream.

You know just as well as I do that this is what I hoped for all along. To release the big, bad Ler in you. Your mouth curls up into a sadistic smile.

“We’re going to play a game, little girl.”

My eyes are wide and my face is flushing red.

“You’re going to listen really close, understand? I’m going to destroy you, and the entire time, you have to keep your arms above your head. No bondage. No restraints. Just keep them up. If you don’t, you’ll get it a thousand times worse. Understood?”

The inner monster really has been released. This is a game that will destroy someone as sensitive as me.

I can’t keep my arms up. It’s involuntary. I’ll squeal at the first touch and throw them down. You know this is well as I do.

You’ll give me another chance, just because you love to tease me so horribly.

“Aww is someone ticklish??”

This will destroy me.

Because not only will I get the first little pokes and prods as I pretend to be tough, but the second I lose cognitive control from the butterflies in my tummy and the joyous, uncontrolled laughter falling from my lips, those arms will be down, feebly trying to protect myself.

And that’s when the punishment begins. The flurry of scribbles and squeezes and pokes and prods. This is when I’ll beg and plead, at first for you to stop, but then, when I am thoroughly broken from fingers and feathers and brushes attacking every square inch of my body, all I’ll be able to say is one simple word.


That’s the point of this game. You know it. I know it.

It’s not to see who can win or lose, because we both know I’m about to be wrecked.

No, it’s about that point, where I can’t get enough. Where I can’t control smiling and giggling, even when you aren’t touching me. Where I crave for more. Where my walls are completely broken down, and you can see me. The real me. No acting. Just pure, blissful laughter.

And that moment starts with a simple, blush-inducing sentence.

“Keep your arms above your head.”

(Okay this is my first writing ever so if it’s horrible I’m so sorry. Tell me what you think???)

BTS Scenario: Sweet Music

Request: Hi! Just wondering do you have a mobile masterlist available? Also~ can I request a scenario with Suga of BTS? Maybe like a date at his studio? Thanks! Sorry for the bother ^-^’

A/N: You’re no bother, thank you so much for the request! As of right now I don’t have a masterlist because I didn’t have that much content but it is definitely on my list of stuff to do now so do keep an eye out, hopefully it shouldn’t be too long! xx

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Your back rested against the sofa while you stared up at the ceiling, your phone raised above your head while you scrolled absentmindedly through social media, the mundane instinctive drivel of the tv in the background being the only noise in the flat you shared with your boyfriend Yoongi and his puppy, Holly. Holly was fast asleep in her bed after just having eaten her food so all was eerily undisturbed. As for Yoongi, he was, as he always was, cooped up in his studio, working tirelessly and nonstop to live up to the expectations set by his idol status and reputation for making outstanding songs. 

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Comfort (Jealousy 1.5)

Thomas Jefferson x Reader 

Jealousy (Part 1)

Misunderstandings  (Part 2)

Note: So i decided to write a bonus story for you guys since you seemed to like Jealousy and Misunderstandings so much. This one is pretty much Misunderstandings from the readers point of view up until Thomas comes home. To understand this you’ll probably have to go and read the first two parts, I linked them above. Enjoy!

Word Count: 575

Originally posted by linnamonbun-s

As Thomas slams the door behind him you feel your heart sinking.You curl up into a ball, pulling the blanket over your head as you feel tears burning behind your eyes, before they spill down your cheeks. 

Why would he think I’m cheating on him? How could he think that? I love him. 

Those thoughts circle around and around in your mind as the tears soak your cheeks and the couch below you, the only sound in the apartment comes from you as your sobs shake your entire body. 

You keep crying until you feel like there’s no more water in your body that you could cry out even if you wanted to. Before you can think about what do to next, your phone starts to ring. 

You quickly sit up, grabbing the phone off the coffee table to see if it’s Thomas calling to apologize but your hopes are dashed when you see Alexander’s name in the caller ID. 

“H-hello?” You answer, your voice soft. 

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Alexander asks, you notice the way the excitement drops off in his voice. 

“I… I um, no. No I’m not” You admit, sitting up slightly and wiping away your tears. “Thomas he… he…” your voice catches and you bury your face in your hands. 

“Did he hurt you?” Alex demands immediately, not stopping to see if you’ll finish your sentence. 

“No! No he would never do that. You two need to stop thinking the worst of each other” You tell him, anger creeping into your voice along with the sadness. 

“Alright, okay I’m sorry! Tell me what happened” He requests. 

You take a deep breath before recounting to him exactly what happened after Thomas got home from work, right up until he stormed out. You continue to take deep breaths as you speak, desperate to keep yourself from bursting into tears again. 

“I’m coming over” he says, the finality clear in his voice. You mutter something that sounds like a yes before he hangs up. 

You don’t realize that Alexander has arrived until you feel a gentle hand on your shoulder. You poke your head up out of the blanket and frown at him.

“How did you get in here?” you ask as you sit up, rubbing your eyes. 

“The door was unlocked” he says with a shrug as he slides onto the couch next to you and drapes an arm around your shoulders. “Can I get you anything?” he asks softly. 

You shake your head as you lean into him, letting him envelop you in his warm arms and resting your head on his chest. You feel his chin resting softly on the top of your head and he runs a comforting hand down your back. 

He doesn’t force you to talk about what happened or anything else, he just holds you close and waits for you to be ready to talk about everything.

When you’re finally ready to talk you sit back slightly so you can look at him, but before you get the chance to speak, you hear the front door open and Thomas’s voice calls through the apartment. 

“Babe I’m back. I’m sorry I stormed out, but I’m ready to talk now. Calmly” he explains as he makes his way into the living room. When he spots you and Alexander he freezes in his tracks and glares at the both of you. 

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me” 

BTS reaction/scenario to you coming to bed in just their t-shirt and underwear

A/N: this was again requested like twice so i kinda combined them :-) hope you like them!!


Once Jin saw you come into the bedroom, he’d look up from his phone, his own body clad in just his boxers and a shirt, and at first he would be in awe of how cute you looked in his tee, but then he’d have to try to keep his jaw from hitting the floor once he saw your lower half, adorned with silky pink panties, with little pieces of candy dotted all over it, ribbons holding together the seams as you waltzed over to him, oblivious to his staring. Your arms stretching above your head, causing his shirt to ride up even more on you, closing your eyes in content as you began to clamber on top of the bed. The silky sheets would run under your bare thighs as you say next to Jin on the bed, finally turning to look at him for the first time since you’d entered the room.

“You ready for sl-are you okay Jin?” You were caught off guard, jin’s face was glazed over with what looked like confusion, and he was staring at your thighs. You brought a hand up to his shoulder, catching his attention.

“What?” He’d ask, still switching his gaze between you and your thighs.

“I said are you ready for sleep?” Your question would be left hanging in the air as he suddenly bent his head down to kiss the tips of your thighs, causing your body to heat up as you struggled to ask him what he was doing, as his mouth began to move dangerously close to your underwear that was becoming more and more wet every second.

“J-Jin?“ You’d ask, cheeks flushing a light pink.

"Shhhh. We’ll sleep later, I want to try something new right now.”

Originally posted by sughyun


his lips would open a little as he saw you walk into your shared bedroom in his large white tee, but his eyes would bulge as you turned around in front of him, so that your behind was facing him as you reached up to put your hair in a ponytail. Your underwear colored a light pastel blue exposing some of yourself as it held you up nicely, completely visible unbeknownst to you. You’d be talking about something until you finally turned around when he wasn’t responding to your question, prompting you to call his attention from where it was fixated on your ass.

“Yah, namjoon, aren’t you listening to me?"You’d pout, turning around now that you were done and walking closer to the bed, before you’d stop as you realized namjoon was now getting up to approach you. Once he would reach you, his hands would come up from your shoulders, and smooth down your body until they reached your bottom, so he could cup the skin with his two cold hands as you gasped into his chest.

"N-namjoon?” You’d question, looking up to see him biting his lips as he looked down on you.

“I heard what you said, y/n, but, how about we do something funner than just talking?”

Originally posted by hongshiyoung


when he tossed you his shirt at first, he didn’t think that you would look as good as you did in it, and he would be mentally fighting himself to stay away from you as you laid down on the couch next to him, softly drifting to sleep on his lap as a movie played softly in the background. His top would expose the bottom of your tummy and the very beginning of your black laced underwear, his fingers would be itching to touch the skin that would be left out in the cool air.
He would try so hard to focus on the movie and ignore how nice your body felt against him until he lost all his willpower when you shifted lightly, pressing your head into his stomach as you closed your eyes and let out a soft sleepy moan. Immediately, his fingers would reach down as they began to trace circles on the tops of your stomach, moving ever so slowly as he inched his way to your thighs, and then closer to your clothed slit, your breath still even as he continued, but he would stop suddenly, clenching his fingers away from you and draping his head behind the couch as he chanted to himself to keep it together. Eventually bringing himself back to his senses as he picked his head up and opened his eyes, almost throwing you off of him when he saw you looking up, curiously. Your stomach still exposed.

“Why’d you stop?

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“Hey, don’t you think this is a little short?” You would ask jimin, catching glimpses of you behind as you walked back to the bedroom from the mirror behind you, to find him seated on the floor of your shared bedroom arranging his CD’s inside of his cases. 

“No, I think you look perfect.” He’d smile at you, causing you to roll your eyes at his statement but turn around to go fix the bedsheets so you could both lay down. You began to grab the ends of the covers when you would hear jimin take in a sharp dress from behind you. You’d turn around, confused, to see a look in jimins eyes you knew too well, his stare directed at your exposed bum. Wickedly, an idea flashed in your eyes as you turned back around to continue folding the sheets.

“Ah, I’m so glad you didn’t think this was too short.” You’d began, leaning over even more as you smoothed down one side of the bed, causing jimin to shift from his seat on the floor.

“I have to run to the store later for breakfast tomorrow, maybe I could go with this on?” You’d ask him, shaking your ass a little in the air, as, unbeknownst to you, Jimin began to walk closer to you, until his hands came up and grabbed the sides of your hips brashly, a yelp coming out since you didn’t hear him walk up to you. You felt him pull you closer to his jeans, the air hitting your back that was exposed lightly as you felt his body curve against your as he leaned over to whisper in your ear, your teasing forgotten as he began some of his own. 

Thank god for his shirt.

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“Bye guys!” Taehyung would call out to the rest of the boys as he waved them off, movie night coming to an end. You had excused yourself earlier to go change into pajamas as the boys began to file out. Instead of your normal choice of pajamas, you decided to wear one of Taehyungs old shirts with just underwear, figuring if the boys were gone, there was no reason for you not to.

“Taehyung?” You would call, wondering where he was as you walked outside, feeling the breeze swirl under the baggy shirt and at your exposed bum.
Suddenly you’d hear a gasp, turning around to find him standing in the hallway, his fingers gripping his jeans as he stared directly at your ass, as you were caught mid step.

“T-tae?” You’d call at him, beginning to turn around slowly before he placed up a hand, your curiosity causing you to still.

“Stay there.“ Your mind would go blank from his sudden gruff voice as his eyes grew darker, his feet beginning to make their way towards you slowly as he licked his lips.

"If you were gonna change into this, I would’ve made the boys leave earlier.”

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“When I said change into anything, I didn’t mean that.” He would whisper to himself once his eyes caught you coming out of the bathroom, your body adorned with his large white t shirt, but his gaze instead focusing on the small portion of your ass visible from the lack of bottoms. Jungkook wouldn’t be sure whether or not you had actually done it on purpose, or whether it was an accident, but when you entered the bedroom again, a small smile on your face, your eyes would meet his, and his usual happy disposition gone, his face a little sweater than usual.

“Ahh, jungkook-ie, you okay?” You asked him loudly, causing his eyes to snap back up to yours.

“Are you sick?” You would ask worriedly, rushing towards him as you placed a hand on his clammy forehead, as he held his breath, unknowingly to you.

“No-no, I’m fine, y/n, I just..” He would look up at the ceiling fan, trying to avert your gaze as his mouth began to move before he could stop it.

“C-can you put on some shorts please? It’s distracting me.” He would mumble, burying his face in his hands as he realized what he had said, your mouth open in surprise before you brought a hand up to stifle your giggling.

“Yah! Why are you laughing at me?” He would ask, offended, as he kept his head down.

“I’m not! Jungkook really, just, I’ll go change, there seems to be a circus tent in your zipper though, you might want to take care of that.”
Skipping out hurriedly, you would hold your hand to your mouth as jungkook’s scram of frustration filled up the room.

“I hate you.”

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“I don’t care.” Yoongi would mumble to you, your mouth turning into a frown as you held up one of your pajama combo’s. Previous excitement on what to wear killed by his disinterest in your options for the night. Angrily, you would slam the pajamas down, Yoongi not even looking up from his computer as you marched inside of the bathroom.

“Freaking Yoongi.” You would whisper, beginning to strip so that you could put on your pajamas, before your eyes spotted a stray shirt of his lying on the floor, and that’s when an idea would make its way into your head.

“This’ll show him.” You internally would say, abandoning your previous outfit so that you could put on his shirt, knowing that it would expose your butt to him, as you clicked the door shut, emerging changed from the bathroom.

“Ahh, I picked my outfit Yoongi, want to see?” You asked him, positioning yourself in front of the TV, as his eyes continued to scan down his computer screen.

“Ah, what? Sure, what did you-” when his eyes would shoot up, he would almost choke as you held yourself in front of him, staring at yourself through the television reflection as you leaned forward, your entire backside on display for him as you coyly looked back, tuning around very slowly as his eyes struggled to follow your ass as t turned away from his view.

“You like it?” You would ask softly, a bit more restrained as the initial bravery wore off, and your cheeks were dusted a deep pink from his sudden interest.

“Yeah, I-I uh like it a lot.” He would mumble as he shoved his laptop onto the side table.

“Want to come model it for me a little bit more?” He would smirk, suddenly relaxed on the bed as he raised an eyebrow at you.

“It worked.“ You would whisper to yourself softly.

"What?” Yoongi Would ask as you snapped your head up to him.  

“N-nothing!” You would tell too quickly at him, causing him to smirk but not question you.

“Okay, well, how about we start with the back view again?”

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Jackson Imagine - After

A/N - This one was requested by an anon so I hope you liked it. Keep sending in your requests!

Morning dawned on you as you woke up. You stretched your arms above your head before opening your eyes to see Jackson’s sleeping figure beside you. His arm had been around your shoulders while the two of you slept. You lay there admiring his shirtless body, watching it rise and fall with each breath. Memories of the previous night flashed through your mind. It had been your first night together and it had felt so perfect feeling his hands all over your body. The way the two of you had connected so deeply and intimately was amazing and you were still on a cloud of euphoria. Looking at him now made you realise how much you really loved him and wanted to have so many more nights like that with him.

Jackson began to stir and you rolled away from him before he fully awoke. For some reason, you felt almost embarrassed about what the two of you had done the night before. Something just felt different and you couldn’t quite get your head around it. You felt him shift in the bed and his arms moved to wrap around your waist, his hands resting on your stomach.
“Morning, babe,” he said in a low and husky voice. Instead of turning over to cuddle him, you moved his arm and sat up.
“Is everything okay, (Y/N)?” He asked, watching you with concern.
“Yeah,” you replied, not looking him in the eyes, “I’m just going to make some breakfast.” You stood up and put on Jackson’s shirt and pulled some underwear on as well before heading downstairs to make some pancakes.

While you were in the kitchen, Jackson also got up. He was worried about why you hadn’t stayed in bed longer. Did you regret sleeping with him? Wanting to find out, he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to see you there, the morning light glowing on your face. Without saying anything, he came up behind you and cuddled you, burying his face in your shoulder. When you didn’t lean into the hug, he knew something was wrong.
“Yes, Jackson?”
“Do you regret last night?”
“What? No, of course not. Why would you think that?”
“Well, you haven’t really said much and you haven’t kissed or cuddled me at all this morning,” he said while giving you a pouty look.
“Jackson, I promise I don’t regret anything it’s just…” you sighed before turning to face him, “that was my first time and waking up this morning with you was amazing but I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed by it all like, what if I wasn’t good? Or what if-” You were cut off by Jackson kissing you passionately.
“Babe you don’t need to worry or feel embarrassed about anything. Last night was perfect. You were perfect. There’s nothing I want more than to relive that night with you,” he said, looking into your eyes as his hands rested on your hips.
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I am, you’re beautiful and I love you, why wouldn’t I want to spend the night with you again?” He asked before kissing you again with even more passion.


Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1321
Request: @winterboobaer - Hey, I saw your post about the follower celebration. Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉 I love your writing and I hope that more people will follow you to read your amazing stories ❤️💞 Could I request number 13 with Bucky (romantic) please? Have a nice day :)
Prompts: 13) ‘Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.’

A/N - This is angsty. Tell me what you think… Lyrics are from Shawn Mendes -Mercy.

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The bell above the door to your bakery chimes, you await your next customer to join the end of the queue, their hands trail against the case of pastries and then moves onto your showcase display. His cap is pulled low as he keeps his head down, that much you know. His eyes take in and soak up the new goodies that have been added since the last time he was in here, a few years ago maybe. He still remembers it. He still remembers this place. He still remembers his favourite waitress that served him the same thing he ordered. Every. Damn. Time. He can only imagine the pain he had caused.

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they tell you to keep your head down.

you are told to be blend in because it will be easier that way and your parents only want you to be safe. they promise you will get all the opportunities they never had, but please don’t make them worry.

you cannot promise them this. i have a voice, and i will be heard. you learn how to be louder than your brothers and you unlearn how to be quiet—keeping your mouth shut never suited you, anyway.

there’s a glass ceiling above you and you want to shatter it. your eyes are full of wonder and curiosity and you think stability is overrated.

you’re as sharp as a blade, your brother says.

—  and he pities those who get cut // i.s.
Mafia!AU Baekhyun Smut [Requested]


Genre: Smut

Warnings: slight slut shaming/humiliation, dominating themes, orgasm denial, and just good ol’ smut

Word Count: 2318

Keep your fucking mouth shut.” Was the first thing he whispered to you with his warm breath faintly brushing up against your flushed skin, his body pressed so tightly against yours with one hand being used to pin your hands above your head, the other with a tight grip on his gun.

The sounds of gunshots being fired off into the distance hadn’t made you flinch, especially since you’ve been tagging along in your boyfriend’s erroneous duties of illegally becoming involved with drug trades and other activities you’ve decided to keep to yourself. Baekhyun’s eyes as well were unflinching, bullets hitting the wall and flying across the worn down room while he finally leaned over the corner and shot down the last of the henchmen on your tail. He smirked to himself in satisfaction, finally letting your hands loose to fall to the side of your worn down shirt and disheveled denim jeans. Your hair was a mess from all that running, a sheen layer of sweat evident on both of you faces.

“Stay here doll. I need to make sure everything’s okay.” He commanded, as you willfully nodded your head. But just before you could even turn the other direction he had grabbed you by the wrist and leaned closely into your ear. “And go into the bedroom all the way down the hallway while you’re at it. I’d like to give you a little prize for being so obedient this entire trip. Maybe spanking you was the best thing I’ve ever done to discipline you.” Baekhyun grinned, planting a sloppy kiss on your lips before walking away and surveying the area for any more surprise attacks.

It came as a surprise to you as to how his black dress shirt and slacks were in top-shape, still accentuating his broad shoulders and every little detail you couldn’t keep your little hands off for any time longer. Your way down the hallway towards the bed room was spent biting down your bottom lip harshly, thinking about all the different ways Baekhyun took you. From feet away from perpetrators, his hand over your mouth to keep you shut from them hearing your dirty little deeds, and not to mention the way you would shamelessly beg for him to thrust harder ran through your head of yours. It was no game when it came to him, especially since his eyes became so accustomed to all of your irresistible features as well.

Your eyes wandered around the room, the bed in the middle of it with its white, dusty sheets, the curtains hanging loosely from its holdings and the amount of thrown papers and books on the ground made the place look like a robbery. And before you could even walk around and examine anymore of the contents withheld within the books, shelves, and dressers, Baekhyun had already walked into the room with his arms snaking around your waist. His enchanting and intoxicating lips pressed feather-like kisses onto your shoulder, his hands drawing closer and closer to the zipper on your denim jeans.

“You always smell so good, doll.. You’ve been so good to me, what have I done to deserve you baby girl..?” He murmured, turning you around and pressing another sloppy and erotic kiss on your swollen lips.

“I’m all yours.. Take me please, I’m begging you.” You pleaded with desirous eyes, hands running up and down his toned torso as Baekhyun growled at this. His now strong hands pushed you towards the bed, your petite frame falling against the sheets as he climbed over you and immediately undid the buttons on his dress shirt. You took this opportunity to quickly throw your shirt off, exposing your chest covered with a lace bra.

“Oh baby..” He groaned, relishing in the beautiful sight and burying his face into your fleshy mounds and planting kisses onto them. “Beautiful.. Every inch of you is so beautiful, doll..” Baekhyun whispered, now leaving a trail of kisses from your breasts and up to the nape of your neck. His mouth left marks, hickeys to blossom later and as well as a way to ward off any possible on-lookers. And you knew all too well that Baekhyun had a delirious hatred for any man who turned to look at you when you were all for him and only him—not that you were complaining, there wasn’t any man who made you felt as good as Baekhyun did.

He now took this time to finally undo your zipper, sliding down the denim material and indulging in the beautiful lace sight that was your lingerie. Baekhyun licked his lips seductively, his bottom lip being caught in his teeth as he continued to eye you up and down while you looked up at him pleadingly. The sight of you so ready, so pleading for him to take you turned him on; followed by how beautifully tainted you were for him—and only for him.

“Baekhyun.. please..” You whimpered pathetically, and in a desperate attempt to arouse yourself even further your hand slipped itself into your panties and began to toy with your clit. His jaw hung agape at this, the look in his eyes becoming a shade darker and glistening with lust at the lewd sight. Nothing had ever made him this madly turned on, and he was more than willing to show his token of appreciation by pushing your hand away and pulling down the lace fabric to devour your dripping arousal.

A sudden gasp left your lips, his eyes trained on your gaze down at him licking and slurping at you until you felt your head dip back in pleasure. A small smirk curled up on his lips at how your body reacted to the slightest of touches, devouring and savoring in the sweetness that was you. Suddenly, he introduced a finger to toy around with your clit as his tongue worked its way up and down your slit. You could no longer suppress your moans any longer, the way his tongues and fingers magically making you give into the tightening knot in your stomach.

However just before you could even catch your breath, two long and slender fingers entered your hole abruptly and your back arched off of the messy and dusty bed with toe-curling pleasure. Your moans came out broken and hoarse, your tongue unable to string syllables into words as Baekhyun finally moved his face back up to yours while his fingers worked wonders between your legs. Baekhyun relished in the sight of you looking so hopeless beneath his touch, vulnerable to each thrust of his beautiful long fingers and desperate for a release only he could give. And being the cocky tease he was, he playfully took a nipple into his mouth and began to slow the pace of his digits between you.

“ Baekhyun please.. D-don’t slow down..” You pleaded, clutching onto his biceps with urgency as the knot in your abdomen grew tighter and tighter. But as soon as your orgasm was about to course through your veins violently, he pulled out abruptly and slapped you across the face to humiliate you.

“Aw my poor little slut.. look at how desperate you are to cum.” Baekhyun smirked down at you, your eyes filled with tears as frustration became evident on your face. “Don’t you give me that face baby girl. You don’t want me to spank you again now do you?” He asked, whispering those tantalizing words into your ear as you desperately shook your head from side to side. Anything but that.

“Don’t punish me please..” You said, your voice weaker and smaller from how dry your throat was. He smiled down angelically at you, admiration for you evident on his face as he brought his fingers up to the light. Your cum glistened and deliciously contrasted against the sexually tense atmosphere, and abruptly, he shoved the digits into his mouth to savor more of your taste. “Baekhyun..” You whimpered, turned on madly by this gesture.

“You taste like heaven doll..” Baekhyun groaned. “Now let’s make you cum all over me. We don’t have enough time until the cops find the place ransacked now, do we?” He smirked, gesturing for you to spread your legs open as you were happy to oblige.

Baekhyun soon positioned his body between your legs, unbuckling his slacks while your eyes were trained on his outlined erection through the black fabric. You gulped, watching all of the layers of clothing come off of his toned and delicious body while he threw his clothes somewhere already forgotten. After giving his pressing erection a few experimental strokes, he finally positioned himself right at your entrance at pushed into you roughly—perhaps to have more time in you that in a jail cell.

You both immediately let out content sighs, curses leaving his lips while he dirtily complimented you with remarks regarding to how tight and how deliciously wet you were for him, while you bit down on your bottom lip harshly at how big he was. Immediately, his thrusts became very forceful, every inch of his thick and pulsing member pushing into your tight snatch and driving you closer and closer to the edge of heaven. His pants and warm breaths stroked the side of your cheek, the look of adoring lust all over his face as he continued to press kisses here and there.

As your hands wandered the skin of his back, your nails dug its way deeper and deeper in a way that made him groan out and thrust even harsher into you. Your head was thrown back, eyes rolling to the back of your head as Baekhyun began to leave more hickeys onto your tainted neck while his hands roamed your chest and kneaded your breasts. He looked completely delirious in this position, his eyes darkened with lust, a sheen layer of sweat on his face while his eyes were screwed shut in how tightly your walls hugged his member.

“Baby.. H-ah… I love you..” He groaned out, spreading your legs out farther and letting his other hand wander down to you core. HIs fingers easily found your erected clit, teasing and pinching it in a way that made you squirm. “That’s it baby.. Take all of it.. Take it all..” Baekhyun growled, staring down at your vulnerable state of pure need. You shook your head from side to side, his thrusts now managing to hit your sweet spot every, single, time.

You whimpered and mewled, begging for him to slow down but you both knew that in vain—you wanted him to ruin you beyond imagination. And that’s exactly what he did when he ignored your pleads for mercy, thrusting and teasing you in a way that drove you both crazy. How softly he could kiss you, caress you in every place that made your body crave and bend to every word he spoke, and how roughly he could also handle you made your head spin. How on earth had you find such a treasure like Baekhyun? He could honestly say the same thing about you now, and the way how you took all of him and how you begged for more despite the fact you were pushed beyond your limits drove him crazy.

“N-no.. Baekhyun I’m going to.. h-ah..!” You tried to articulate words, only to fail miserably as he head-on hit you in the right place, making your world shatter apart into pieces. Baekhyun was close behind, a final groan and growl leaving his lips as he continued to shoot up white ropes of sexual frustration deep into your tightening core.

“Oh doll.. Mmmph..—” He called out, only to have your lips pressed onto his to shut him up while you continued to ride out your orgasms. Just then, however and unfortunately, the sound of sirens and flashing lights could be heard and seen, interrupting the intimate moment. “Shit, come on baby let’s get dressed. Grab all the bags by the entrance and jump out of the window. I’ll be right behind you to make sure they don’t hurt my precious darling.” Baekhyun grinned, placing a quick kiss on your lips before you both sprinted off the bed and hastily put on your clothes.

The police drew in closer, and this adrenaline rush wasn’t the only reason why you loved being with Baekhyun so much. It was something else about him that made him so irresistible to you. Something you couldn’t quite yet give up just yet. And after you quickly grabbed the bags he instructed you to grab, you already heard the policemen yelling and screaming at each other to surround the perimeter and close off any possible entrances. Too bad they didn’t know about how thoroughly planned out this escape was going to be.

Gunshots were already being fired, Baekhyun’s dress shirt still hanging unbuttoned on his shoulders as he wrapped an arm around your chest and dragged you to the window where you both jumped, possibly two stories. Despite the loud thump, the two of you began to run like madmen towards the exit point you both agreed on and hopped into the car with a loud and painful thud. He grinned over at you, starting the car and already driving off into the sunset and away from the things that held you back. Things that held the two of you back.

“What a day..” You sighed, slumping in your seat and letting a chuckle leave your lips. Baekhyun couldn’t agree anymore, and adjusted his rear-view mirror before cupping your face with his gentle hands.

“I can’t really call it a day unless I hear those pretty little moans of yours against the flashing of blue lights again now, can I?” He smirked, gesturing towards the faint image of blue flashing lights in the mirror while his hands now wandered down to the zipper of your denim jeans once again.

wow I have sinned and I must now scrub in some holy water [heavy breathing] I hope this fulfilled your expectations and that you enjoyed reading! I certainly enjoyed writing it (-; now, back to my holy water.

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Not All Coffee is Created Equal

PromptCould you do a one shot with herc in modern day where he meets you at a coffee shop and gets flustered when he talks to you? Btw your blog is the best!

Word Count: 2,184

Author’s Note: Ooh, my first modern one shot! And wow, I cannot believe there are over 500 of you now! Thank you so much for being so supportive! I’ll probably do ships or something at one point over the next several days in appreciation, so keep your eyes open!

The heavenly scent of freshly brewed coffee intermingling with chocolate immediately overwhelmed you the moment you opened the door to Continental Coffee, a silver bell ringing above your head to mark the arrival of another customer. The shop wasn’t too full, for you had missed the early morning rush; there were some people scattered around the tables, with one man typing furiously on his laptop and another one sitting on the farthest stool at the counter.

It was patriotic inside, to put it mildly. American flags were stuck inside small vases of flowers that were on each table, and the paper cups that people were drinking out of had various red, white, and blue designs on them. Even the employees behind the counter had little flags embroidered into their aprons, right above their name tags. One of them, a joyful young man with freckles and green eyes, beamed at you as you approached the counter.

“Welcome to Continental Coffee!” he exclaimed, and you couldn’t help but smile as you hoisted yourself up onto a stool; his cheerfulness was contagious.

Non, John,” Another man with an unmistakable French accent came out from the kitchen, his hair pulled back. “When greeting customers, you have to speak to them with a little more—how you say?—flair.” He gently took your hand and brought it to his lips, making you blush. “Mademoiselle, welcome to Continental Coffee. We are absolutely delighted to have you here.”

John groaned in the background. “Alright, that’s not fair. The rest of us don’t have your stupid French charm.”

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anonymous asked:

What would the boys reactions be if their crush confessed to them?

I accidentally made this super long, I hope that’s okay…! (ノ*゜ ︿ ゜*)

Osomatsu: He stands there dumbfounded, blinking at you in complete confusion, suspecting it is either a dream or just a prank, and you can almost see the “loading” text above his head. You have to repeat what you said to finally get a reaction out of him, as his eyes widen and he takes a step closer to you, grabbing your arms. “Are you… Are you serious?? Is this for real?? Is this really happening??” he shouts excitedly, gently shaking you as he keeps rambling on about how it’s the first time he’s been confessed to and how happy he is, and he only stops when you ask him not to yell inches away from your face.

He takes a step back, slowly releasing you from his grip, his hand now resting in his pocket, the other rubbing his nose awkwardly. You see his cheeks suddenly take up a very dark shade of red, something you would have never expected from him - he was always the one making you blush, without taking notice of it, and this was the first time you saw it happen the other way around. What, so he could be even cuter… In the heat of the moment, you blurt out something really embarrassing, something about loving him so much it keeps you up at night, and asking if he feels the same, and you immediately regret it, your cheeks suddenly burning up. He stays silent, processing the information, his brows furrowed, then out of a sudden takes your hand and pulls you closer again.

“That is why I’m lost!” he exclaims in a confused voice, which almost sounds… desperate? His touch is gentle, comforting, yet intense, it’s like he’s been wanting to do this for the longest time. “I’ve been in love with you since I don’t even know when! Probably when we first met? I’m not sure, but I was always watching at you! At first I just really wanted to touch you and be touched by you, just the usual, but then… Being next to you made me feel weird - the good kind of weird, I mean! Now I just really want to be by your side and stuff! Ahh, man, love is very strange…!” he lets out an irritated groan, scratching the back of his head. “But why didn’t you tell me sooner?? I was practically dying here!”

You poke him in the stomach with a bit more force than intended, making him yelp in surprise, and you both engage in a small fight about who was supposed to make a move first. You decide to leave it as a tie in the end, agreeing that both of you are, indeed, bona fide idiots. He giggles at the exasperated look on your face, that quickly turns into a full-out laugh, and you can’t help but join him. You’re about to throw in an insult to regain your composure, when he suddenly stops and turns towards you, pulling you dangerously close, with that stupid grin on his face you know way too well. “That’s right! Now that we’re dating, can I kiss you?”

Karamatsu: If this wasn’t right after your confession, you could have sworn he saw a ghost and that is why he was looking like life was being sucked out of him. He was looking at you, yes, he was looking right into your eyes, with that usual smirk of his, but he was also paler than moonlight and was shaking and sweating intensely - really, what kind of reaction was this exactly…? An allergic one…? He reaches for his shades and quickly puts them on as if they were the source of his fabricated self-confidence.

“H-heh, seems like I c-couldn’t quite get what you said, my honey… Mind repeating it again?” he is an awkward, stuttering mess, but still posing like his life depended on it. You answer bluntly, surprising even yourself. Yes, you love him. You love him so much, dear god. Romantically. This is a confession. Yes, you are confessing to him. You want to date him.

He, unexpectedly enough, loosens his stance, his arms now hanging at his sides. He is still staring at you from behind his shades, though they did slide off a little, making his expression easier to take out. A very red tint appears at his neck, going upwards to the top of his forehead, until his whole face looks like a ripen tomato. You two stand there for a while, looking at each other in complete silence. He tries everything to regain his composure again, each attempt ending up more horribly than the previous, until he finally blurts out a “do you really mean that”, followed by a bunch of incoherent words you can’t decipher, but at this point you’re pretty sure he’s trying to tell you he feels the same… At least that’s what you gather from the “I-I-I’ve always-” and the “I really l-l-l-l-like-”. 

Boy, is he struggling, you almost feel sorry for him. Gently taking his hand, you give him a soft smile in attempt to encourage him. “Iloveyousomuchpleasegooutwithme!” he jumps in surprise, spewing words faster than he could think at that moment, his cheeks are now burning with an even brighter red, and you can’t help but let out a snort. Ah, but you didn’t mean it like that, you’re not laughing at him or anything, he’s just adorable when flustered… But by the time you could utter a word, he suddenly wraps his arms around you, pulling you close, so close the tip of your noses almost touch. It’s exactly like in cheesy romantic movies, and you wonder how much he must have rehearsed in front of a mirror to get it this perfect. You relax into the hug, urging him to continue.

Choromatsu: He needs a few seconds to completely comprehend what you were saying, before letting out a very confused “What?!”, asking you if you feel alright, if you’re sure you have the right guy and didn’t mix him up with any of his brothers by accident and if you really meant it, all in one go - it’s a whole mess as you’d expect, and he clearly has no idea how he should react. Is it okay for him to have a little self-confidence, or should he just stick to not expecting too much like he would usually do? When you reassure him that yes, it was indeed him you were looking for and yes, you completely meant it when you said you were in love with him, he turns even more nervous. 

“Me??” he points at himself, shocked, blinking rapidly. You nod, and he jolts, images of every single moment spent with you suddenly flashing before his eyes, analyzing each and every one of them. So when you went together to that Nyaa-chan concert, was that supposed to be a date? When you went on a walk and ended up in a park swarming with lovey-dovey couples, was that really intentional? How about that time when you accidentally brushed along his-

Instead of a slight blush appearing on his cheeks and slowly spreading across his face like it normally would, his whole face just burns up with an unbelievable shade of red, and you start to worry if he’s going to self-destruct. He stutters something about talking about this whole thing later, slowly increasing the gap between you. You blink in confusion as you see him practically sprint off into the opposite direction, and you suddenly feel like you’re in a very strange shoujo manga… Should you follow him, or…?

He ends up avoiding you for the next few days, blushing hard even when your eyes met, and you start to give up on any hope left, when he suddenly confronts you and grabs your hand with the most serious expression on his face, apologizing about what happened before. “You see, the thing is that I’ve always had a crush on you, but I was convinced my feelings would never be returned.” he scratches the back of his head awkwardly. Seriously, what did he think you were doing?? Even Osomatsu somehow got that you were desperately after his brother, and that tells something… “When you confessed to me, everything went blank, I just couldn’t believe it… Well, I still can’t.” and he gives you that laugh, ever so soft, probably able to make flowers bloom. “Would you go out with me?” You don’t answer, just pull him closer, placing a light kiss on his lips.

Ichimatsu: You don’t think you’ve ever seen him with such a shocked expression before, his eyes widening, breath visibly catching up. He forces back an unimpressed look on his face, quickly turning his head into another direction, but you could swear you saw a light blush appearing around his cheeks.

“Are you joking?” he asks in a rather harsh tone, and when he sees you shaking your head, he lets out an even more irritated growl. “Don’t screw around. There is no way someone would ever love trash like me. I’m like a shitstain under the stinking feet of the world’s greatest douchebag. That’s how low I am. Knowing all this, you still expect me to belie-” He stops when you suddenly step closer, cupping his cheeks in your hands, turning his head towards you. But you love him. You love him so much. Trash? Worthless? You don’t think he is either, but even if he was, it wouldn’t matter. You really, really just love him for who he is. 

He lets out a soft gasp as you finally release him, his entire face burning up with a deep shade of red. “Th-there is no way someone like you would-” But you don’t stop, oh no, you’re not intending to - you look into his eyes and once again tell him you love him, then again and again, as many times as it takes for him to finally understand. He tries to fight back, but eventually gets so embarrassed he’s unable to even move, only incomprehensible sounds leaving his mouth.

You take this as a chance and ask him whether he feels the same at all, in a very calm and soft voice. He’s sweating an ocean, trying his best to avoid eye contact, as he mumbles a very quiet “love you”, and nearly dies of overheating when you affectionately pat his head, your fingers running through his hair. With a shaky hand, he returns the gesture, resulting in the two of you just standing there cuddling for a while. His head is now buried into your shoulder - damn, is he cute when he does that -, his voice sounding even more quiet, almost like a whisper. “Can I… kiss you?”

Jyushimatsu: He looks utterly confused, a confession being the last thing he’d expected from you, but his shocked expression quickly transforms into a smile, little stars lighting up in his eyes. “Really?? Really??” he dances around awkwardly, and you can’t help but let out a giggle before you answer. Of course you love him, you love him so much it hurts. It’s a strage kind of “hurt”, though, not the one you’re used to, because at the same time you’re somehow incredibly, immensely happy

Jyushimatsu gives you a slightly more concerned look, patiently listening to you, before he gently places his hands on your cheeks, giving a sweet, innocent kiss on your forehead. He laughs and it sounds like sunshine. “Isn’t that a good thing in the end?” you feel him softly stroking your skin with his thumbs, though it’s hard to tell under his oversized hoodie. “Loving someone so much… Isn’t that kind of beautiful?” He embraces you in a hug, tight but tender. It’s completely different from the ones you’ve gotten from him before, it’s filled with passion and… strangely enough, desire - the desire to hold you close and stay by your side.

“I’m sorry, I should have been the one confessing, but… I was afraid you wouldn’t accept my feelings.“ he says, and you feel happy, so so happy, but also on the verge of tears, when he pulls away a little so he can give you another smile. “But it’s okay now! Because I love you and you love me!” Another kiss is placed, this time on your nose, and he giggles and rubs your foreheads together, humming a silly song, flinging your arms around as if you were flying, and he keeps doing it until he hears you laugh. His eyes sparkle with a different light when you do, and he leans closer, entwining your fingers. “Can I give you a real kiss now?”

Todomatsu:  A slight blush appears on his face and he just stares at you in awe for a few seconds, then quickly readjusts himself, putting up a mischevious smile. Reaching for his phone in his pocket, he leans closer to you. “I don’t think I heard it right, could you perhaps repeat it for me?” he fiddles around on the screen, as he wraps a hand around your shoulder. “Oh, maybe I should take a video instead.” With a swift move, you snatch it out of his hand, taking a step back when he tries to reach out for it.

You’re being serious here. The least he could do is give you a proper answer. He lets out a sigh, looking at you with big puppy eyes. “I’m sorry.” Is he really, though? “The thing is, I really like you, too.” Is he really, though?? “Let’s go out on a date sometime! Oh, wait, I know! Let’s do it right now! A really cute café opened somewhere around here, let me check-” You hide his phone behind your back, telling him you have zero intention of giving it back. It’s not about “liking” or ”finding someone attractive”, it’s not about being needy and wanting to be pampered for a day, it’s about you being desperately, devastatedly in love with him. If he doesn’t really like you back, he can just refuse - there’s no point in pretending.

You see him lower his hands, and his playful smile is also gone. He glances to his side, avoiding eye contact while scratching the back of his head nervously. “I don’t know how else to react.” he says, brows furrowed. “I mean, I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you. The fact that you like me back is… I’m so happy, I can’t even believe it. Isn’t it the perfect chance…? Wouldn’t you normally want to go on a date with the person you love?” he looks at you, his voice getting louder and desperate, demanding answers. “What should I say or where should I invite you then?”

You stand there, shocked and flustered, trying to process what is exactly happening, then blurt out something incredibly stupid - you want to hear him say he loves you, so you could truly believe it. Yes, this is what you want. He blinks at you in confusion, but nods at your request, shifting closer to you and wrapping his arm around your waist, the other caressing your hair. You feel his slender, delicate body pressing to yours, he’s really just so close now, and you feel the urge grab onto his arm, gripping on his shirt. Just when your noses are about to touch, he stops. “I love you.” he whispers with a smile sweet like honey, tilting his head and placing a kiss on your lips.

The Basics of Meditation

Meditation is fairly simple. It is the practice of building your focus. Start by sitting either on a cushion on the floor with your legs crossed, or, if that is uncomfortable, sit on a chair. The important thing is to keep your back straight. So, if you sit on a chair, don’t lean against the back. Keeping your back straight makes you more alert. Tilt your head slightly down and look out a few feet in front of you. Keep your eyes open with a soft focus. Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth above your front teeth. Put your hands in your lap with one hand resting in the other and the tips of your thumbs touching each other.

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes for the first few times. If 10 minutes is fairly easy, do 15 or 20 minutes. Begin your meditation by setting your posture and then breathe out all of the air in your lungs. Take three slow, deep breaths. Count slowly to six as you breathe in. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds and then slowly breathe out for another slow count of six. You can do this as many times as you like and then let your breathing go back to normal.

When you breath in, feel the air come in through your nose and travel through your lungs into your belly. As you breathe in, mentally check your posture. When you breathe out, let the breath begin from your belly, go through the back of your throat and out your nose. Count your breath on its way out. Your first breath is one, second two and so on. Check your posture as you breathe in again. Continue breathing, counting your out-breaths up to ten, then starting over at one. If you notice your thinking interfering with your counting, just breathe out and start counting again at one. When your timer rings give a small bow and get up. If you feel like sitting more, reset the timer and do it again.

When you are sitting meditation you are not trying to get anywhere. You are absolutely perfect just as you are. You are full of dignity. You are bringing peace to the world. That’s all there is to it. Try it and enjoy.

Turn back the time for me - Part 2

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Imagine: You have to comfort Björn before his raid to Paris because Þorunn’s mental state is going downwards and he is losing his strenghth to take care for her and Siggi.


Timeline: Situated around S03E06

Björn was standing next to his mother, he easily towered half a meter above her. But his magnitude wasn’t the only reason he jumped into your eye. The conversation you both had a few days earlier still haunted through your head, and you couldn’t resist to keep an eye on him wherever he went. “Pour me some more ale.” A deep voice next to your ear made you startle. With shaking hands you poured the enormous Viking with a braided beard another cup. Nervously you smiled to him and walked away, more to the side of the room. Here and there someone bumped into you, but the atmosphere was enjoyable. Everyone was hyped because of the trip to Paris that Ragnar had planned. It was the last feast before they hopped on board and set sail to the west. You placed the jug with ale on a little table and wiped your moist hands to your apron. After that you reached with your hand to your back and untied the knot. The dirty piece of fabric fell on the ground, but because of the fuss there was nobody who noticed. With nimble fingers you stroke through your hear, loosened up some braids until your coiffure looked a lot more like that from an normal citizen than a servant. It was a matter of blending into the crowd. When you looked up, you noticed Lagherta had joined Kalf but Björn was nowhere to be seen. Immediately your heartbeat raised and your eyes shot through the room. Your feet moved without hesitation, and searched your way through the crowd looking out for a tall guy with a blonde, little tail on his head. And there he was. Björn walked fast, almost ran towards someone.. Someone wrapped in white lace. Þorunn
It was as if your heart skipped a beat. Björn laid his hands on her waist and pulled her body against his. What was she doing here? Was she really able to go to a feast, but not to care for her daughter? A mildly anger feeling flooded through your veins. “Don’t hide away.” You heard Björn say to Þorunn, almost begging. Meanwhile you were closer to the pair, hiding behind a pillar in the shadows. But you could clearly hear and see everything they were doing. “Why not?” was her answer, and Björn buried his head into her collarbone. “Because there’s nothing more beautiful than a mother.” Softly he kissed her cheek. There was a smile on Þorunn’s face, but she didn’t answer Björn’s longings. “You’re drunk.” Was her aloof answer and she tried to hide her face some more behind the white lace. “I want you.” Björn whispered in her ear and stroke with his hands over her body, right to her breasts which he kneaded a little. “I know and I’m sorry.” Þorunn grabbed his hands and stopped them when he tried to guide them down between her legs. Björn looked up, obviously confused. “It’s been a long time. You need to be with a woman. Let’s find you someone.” Björn frowned his eyebrows and took some distance from Þorunn. “Don’t be this.” He said her, his voice sounded broken. He wanted her, not someone else. A lump formed in your throat. Actually you weren’t suppose to hear this. Not at all. But still.. How could Þorunn be like that? She moved up rank, from servant to almost the wife of the first son of Ragnar Lothbrok. Björn loved her, they had a healthy child, she survived a great battle and gained a scar that would made people remember the great things she did. You put your hand frustrated to your forehead and turned around, walked away from Björn and Þorunn who were still arguing. There were no words for how much you’d like to switch places with Þorunn.
For half an hour you lost Björn from your side, the appearance from Athelstan attracted much attention and you were kind of lost in the crowd. But when all the Vikings tempered a little, you finally saw him again. He was carrying two ivory cups filled with ale, and was making his way to Torvi. A frown appeared on your forehead as you slowly walked closer upon him. But not close enough to hear what they were talking about. The only thing you could notice was that the conversation wasn’t very long. Torvi was taken away by her husband, whereby Björn was left behind. Immediately you took a few steps in his direction. “Björn.” You said his name, loud but not too loud. Distracted he looked around him, trying to discover the person who called his name. Carefully you grabbed his wrist. Forthwith he balled his hand into a fist and tried to pull it back to himself. “It’s me, calm.” When he saw your face he released the pressure and the look on his face softened. “What is it?” he asked as he took another sip from his drink. He was trying to act like he didn’t care. He wasn’t himself, that was obvious. It was impossible to ignore the smell of alcohol in his breath. “Can I talk to you?” Björn laughed, shaked his head sideways in a sarcastic way. “Why?”
“Because you look like you could use someone to talk to.” Your cheeks turned soft red. It was strange to talk to him this way, as if he was supposed to listen to you where it was normally the other way around. But the influence of the alcohol and emotions made him weak. “Brutal as always.” He said roughly and clammed his jaws firmly on eachother. But he was just hiding behind a mask where he tried to keep himself stong. Only it was almost impossible to stay strong in a situation like his. “And you could also use a little less of this.” You took the cup of ale from his hands and eventually he tolerated your interventions. The only reaction he gave was a soft muttering. “Come now. Let’s get out of here.” You let your fingers slide through his and guided him outside. Björn followed in a faltering way.

Preference 1: Sexual Kink (Omaha Boys)

J. Gilinsky:

“Fuck baby, yes, just like that! Keep going.” Jack’s desperate moans were enough to get you to your climax. He gripped his hands around your hips as he helped guide you while you rode him. “Fuck, you know how much I love it when you take control.” His voice was raspy and dominant, even with you on top. You grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head, riding him faster. You look down at your boyfriend who gives you a menacing smirk. “Don’t fucking stop.” He growled, his dark eyes filled with lust. You do as he asks and you continue riding him like there’s no tomorrow. His moans were mixed with profanities as you helped him edge closer to his orgasm. Your hands move from above his head and onto his chest, leaving red streaks that turned him on even more. “I’m gonna cum baby, keep going, just like that, keep going.” He begged, biting down on his bottom lip. He roughly thrusts his hips up and just like that, you both release, and you collapse onto his chest trying to calm your trembling thighs. You feel him grin against your skin as he stokes your naked back up and down. “You did a great job baby girl.”

J. Johnson:

“Turn over with your ass in the air.” Jack demanded and you willingly complied to his desires. You got on all fours and arched your back, knowing it turned him on. You felt him scan your body up and down and without even turning around to look at him, you already knew he was stroking himself as he got ready to fuck you the way you both liked it: rough. He sticks the tip in, teasing you, wanting you to beg for more. “Please, baby. I want all of you inside me. I need all of –” Your sentence was cut short when you felt your boyfriend slam himself into you. “Oh my –” You couldn’t even finish three words without your moans interrupting. He roughly penetrated into you, having you beg for more. Like the giving guy he is, he quickens his thrusts, but continued to fill you up with every inch of his member. You felt him grab your hair and you knew it would be harder to hold in your orgasm. He tugs on your hair, causing your head to jerk back as he bends over to whisper into your ear. “I know how much you love getting your hair pulled.” With his hands still gripping your hair, he pulls it harder, bringing your back to his chest. He wraps his forearm around the front of your neck, still careful not to choke you. His free hand traces circles on your clit while he continued to deeply thrust inside of you. As you felt yourself inching closer and closer to your orgasm you grip his wrist that was closest to your neck, signaling him that you were almost there. As you released, the walls inside of you tightened and a few seconds later, Jack reaches his orgasm too. You collapse onto the bed, face first, trying to catch your breath.

Nate Maloley:

“Don’t freak out, okay?” You tell him as you pulled out a tie from one of the drawers you had your undergarments in. You presented Nate, who was sitting at the foot of the bed, the black tie and he gives you a strange look. “What do you want me to do with this?” He asked, taking the fabric into his hand and examining it, then looking up at you with confusion. You drop to your knees in front of him and held out your wrists together. With the eyebrow raise and the smirk that was starting to form on his face clearly indicated that he finally put the pieces together. “I want you to tie me.” You tell him, not breaking eye contact. Without hesitation, he wrapped the tie around your wrists and tightened it. “Stand up.” He commanded and you obey his orders. He pushes you onto the bed, with your back pressed against the white covers. He lifts the dress you had on up, exposing your underwear. He quickly pulls it off, throws it over his shoulder and onto the wooden dresser behind him. He pulls you closer to his mouth, allowing your legs to rest on his broad shoulders. He rubbed your clit a few times, preparing you for whatever comes next. “You have a vibrator, right?” He asks, looking at you. You nod your head and he gets up to walk over to the dresser, rummaging through your underwear to find what he was looking for. You tapped your fingers against your stomach as you waited for him to do whatever he had in mind. He hovers over you and gives you a smile as he lifts your head up and slides a pillow underneath. With another pillow, he places it under your lower back to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable, then proceeding to get into the same position he was in earlier. “You’re gonna wanna see this.” He smirks and laps his tongue around your core a few times without any warning. When it stopped, you were slightly disappointed. “Hold this against your clit, babe.” He instructs you as he positioned the vibrator in your hands and presses it to where he wants it. He turns it on and the vibrations from the toy sent tingles through your body. He wraps one of his hands around yours, making sure to keep it steady, and he slides his index and middle finger inside of you, pumping it in and out. Soon enough, with Nate fingering you like crazy and the toy stimulating your clit, you couldn’t take it anymore. Nate takes ahold of the toy and allowed you to focus on the pleasure you were getting. “Cum for me, Y/N.” he says, his voice deep and raspy. You finally release, pushing Nate’s hand away from you. You hear him let out a chuckle as he turns off the vibrator. He hovers over you once more and you tugged on his shirt, trying to pull him closer to you and gesturing him to give you a kiss. He gives in and gives you a sensual kiss before pulling back and whispering something in your ear. “I’m definitely not done with you. That was just foreplay. Wait until I actually fuck you. You’re going to be begging for more.”

John Swift:

“You sure about this, babe? I don’t want to end up hurting you.” John asks as you both laid in bed. You nod your head and reassured him that everything will be fine. “Okay.” He simply says. You straddled him, arching your back so your ass was easier to grab. You began kissing his collarbone, then trailing up his neck to his lips. His hands caressed your waist, then moves down to caress every inch of your bum. He gives it a squeeze as you slowly sick your tongue in his mouth, massaging yours over his. You pull away from the kiss and slowly start to move your hips against his growing erection. His lips attacked your neck sending chills down your spine. “Give my ass a nice slap, baby.” You whisper in his ear and he does what you say. You felt a small sting, but it turned you on even more. “Again.” You whisper before nibbling on his ear lobe. Once again, he does as you asked, this time a little harder, causing you to let out a moan in his ear. You knew that turned him on when you felt his bulge throb underneath you. He began rubbing your skin, trying to sooth the pain. He continued with the ass slapping as you straddled him and grind yourself against his dick. When he was hard enough, you knew it was time to fuck. You get off him and removed your clothing and he does the same, having his erection spring out of his boxers. He grabs your hips as you aligned yourself with his tip and guides you as you slowly sink yourself onto him. “Slap my ass while you fuck me and I’ll make sure tonight will be the best night of your entire life.”

Sam Wilkinson:

“Holy shit baby.” You moan, the electrifying feeling causes you to grab ahold of the headboard behind Sam. “You like that?” He teased, moving his hips up and down as he held onto your waist, keeping you in place so that you wouldn’t jerk up every time he would thrust inside of you. “I do, baby. I really do. Please keep going.” You begged, your hands moved from the headboard and you wrapped your arms around his neck, lowering yourself even more, causing him to go deeper inside of you. You felt his hot breath against your neck and a string of vulgarities left his lips as you tightened yourself around his dick. You felt his hand give your ass a tight squeeze causing you to giggle, appreciating the fact he knew what would turn you on even more. “You feel so good, baby.” He compliments right before sucking your skin into his mouth, leaving a trail of bruises down your neck and to your collarbone. After a few more thrusts, he flips you over onto your back and hovers over you, his tip teasing your slit, making you beg for it. “Stop teasing me, Sam. Stop teasing and just fuck me.” You commanded and you see him smirk. “You want it? Beg for it.” He says as he slides his shaft up and down your slit. You finally give in and begged the way you knew would drive him crazy. You locked contact with him and bit your bottom lip. “Please, daddy. Please fuck me. I promise I’ve been a good girl.” You said in the most innocent voice. A growl resonated in his throat and he shoves himself inside you, leaving you breathless. His thrusts, deep and rough, inching you closer to your climax. You try to speak, but the pleasure he’s giving leaves you at a loss of words. All you could get out were breathless moans, letting him know you were seconds away from giving in.


You feel a pair of strong arms tug you by your waist above the water line. Gasping for air,you splutter and hack the water from your throat, wretching the last drops out.

Your world seemed to sway from your lack of air and your head raged, you were heaved out of the lake on the grass beside.

Who must have been Sam was holding you protectively, keeping you upright against his chest.

Through the obscured glistening coating on your eyes you manage to see your eldest brother Dean staring down at you. His hands held your face and he seemed to be saying something to you. You shake your head in attempt to get rid of the white noise. It began to fade and you heard the muffled cries of him. “Y/N?! “ He frowned, gently shaking your shoulders.

You manage a nod.

“Oh thank God.” Dean murmured with relief.

“You should’ve told us you couldn’t swim, Y/N.” Sam said calmly, you knew he didn’t mean it harshly. he stroked your hair away from your eyes and rubbed your upper arms encouragingly.

“…Sorry..I guess it just sounds pretty pathetic. A Winchester who can’t even swim. Bloody useless.” You explain sheepishly, still out of breath.

“Ah kiddo you’re anything but useless, c’mon, we can teach you some time, yeah?” Dean smirked, shooting you a wink.

“You’re not pathetic, Y/N.” Sam added, pressing a kiss to your forehead and bringing you into a proper hug.

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Peculiar Stranger (Part 4)

Dean x Reader

Summary: You wake up in a dark cave with little hope.

Warnings: Mentions of death and violence, cursing.

Peculiar Stranger Masterlist

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you all enjoy this next installment. Do you guys enjoy this series? Should I keep going? Let me know!

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“Fuck”, you groan as your head throbs violently. Black spots litter your vision, but you notice you’re in a cave, and your hands are tied together above your head. 

“Morning princess.” You jump at Dean’s groggy voice, snapping your head in his direction.

His face is dirty and cut, like yours most likely is. You begin to fight the chains holding you, but to no avail. Defeated, you slump your head against the wall behind you. 

“Well”, Dean begins, “Since we’re stuck here, we should get to know each other.”

You roll your eyes. Of course Dean’s flirting, even during your impending doom. “I’d rather not, Winchester.”

“Oh come on, Y/N. I know a lot about you.”

You raise your eyebrows sarcastically. “Oh really?”

“Your name is Y/N L/N, and you’re good with a bow and a pistol.” You chuckle. “That all you got?”

Dean laughs nervously. “Yeah.”

“Well, I know your name is Dean Winchester, and you have a brother named Sam. Oh, and, you two are the biggest pains in the ass”, you tease, laughing slightly. 

“Not as much as you and your boyfriend”, Dean scoffs dryly. 

“Chris? He isn’t-”

You don’t get to finish your thought as you see a familiar face at the mouth of the cave. 

“Oh, god, Y/N, are you okay?”

“Been better”, you say as he loosens the chain from your wrists. Sighing, you rub the angry red marks tenderly. Before either Chris or you can go to help Dean, his green eyes widen as he looks behind you. Chris seems to notice the wendigo, and tries to drag you away. “Y/N, we have to go!”

You watch Dean’s terrified expression, and no matter how much you hate him, you can’t just leave him here to die. You roughly pull away and your fingers quickly try to free Dean.

Chris shoots the beast back with a shotgun. Sam must have had the flamethrower. Dean’s wrists are soon free, but it’s too late. You watch the wendigo pounce on Chris, the shotgun thrown away from him. 

“Chris!” you cry out as the wendigo sinks it’s claws in his neck, his eyes glazing over.

You scream with tears flowing down your face, hardly noticing Sam come behind the wendigo and burn it to a crisp. You try to run to his body, but Dean holds you back. “Hey, hey, Y/N, stop”, he whispers, allowing you to bury your face in his chest.

He was gone, the only thing you had left was gone.

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