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You’re late

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It seemed like years since Ragnar left for the East. Lagertha counted the days until they were expected home, and grew more impatient every day. It was around mid-day, three or four days after they were due home, when Lagertha heard the horns blow in the fjord. 

They were home. 

Gyda was the first to run out the door, followed by Bjorn, who ran much slower. 

“Father is home!” Gyda yelled happily as they waited at the docks. Lagertha just grinned and watched the ships come to port. She watched Rollo step off, followed by Floki and then Ragnar. A grin spread across her face as she watched him walk closer. 

Gyda and Bjorn stood back, knowing to let their mother say hello first. 

“You’re late.” She said when Ragnar was a few feet away. 


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She knew it was coming. The first snow of the winter was starting to fall, and it was always Lagertha’s favorite. Snow seemed to revert her into a child again, and she loved to go out and play with her children in it. Gyda was already dressed and outside with Bjorn. Ragnar was getting dressed in his warmest to go out with the children. Lagertha turned to corner to peep into where they made Athlestan a make shift room. Her hair wasn’t braided once, covering her ears, so she wouldn’t be cold. 

“Priest! Would you like to come with us? We’re taking the children closer to the mountain to play in snow. We can dress you in some of Ragnar and Bjorn’s clothing so you will be warm.”