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Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender (feat. a very extra altean cape)

Yes, ofc i had to draw the other son (more like 2am inspiration strikes again).
Or an altean!Lance with a very extra cape to go with my galra!Keith 

it’s the distant future, humanity has spread across several galaxies, but they keep coming up with weird nicknames for every planet and solar system, much to the confusion of every other species on the fleet

“oh yeah we just have to make a quick stop at ranch dressing before we get to the megatron system”

“… what??”

“sorry i mean quarpsulon and the zimp system”

“why did you call them ran-”

“well quarpsulon is covered in trees that are the exact colour of ranch dressing and if you look at the zimp system from a distance the asteroid field is totally in the shape of the decepticon logo”

“okay i get the megatron thing but what is ranch dressing”

“i don’t know whether to be more alarmed by the implication that there’s no ranch dressing in space or by the implication that there is a megatron somewhere”



Gerry Duggan (W), Chris Samnee (A/VC), Aaron Kuder ©

* Star-Lord has been sailing the radio waves of the galaxy for years, keeping up with the one piece of Earth he could never quite leave behind. Guest artist Chris Samnee joins writer Gerry Duggan to check into Peter Quill’s sonic conquests!

32 pages, $3.99.


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Long Life

Rex is a thirty year old man in a sixty year old body.

But it’s not as simple as that.  Sixty, by galactic standards, even without the best healthcare, really isn’t that old.  Humans often live to be twice that age.

It would be more accurate to say that Rex is a machine with a three month warranty that’s been plugging along for thirty years.

Three months.  That’s how long the kaminoans expected a clone trooper to last in combat.  Six if you were command, but Rex was never intended to be that, the CCs of his legion just didn’t seem to remember they were supposed to outlive him. 

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I see so much hate for Liara but I've never understood why... I like her and no one has ever explained to me why she is a "bad" character :( poor asari

I can answer as someone who is more on the neutral side about Liara. I think it’s really two-fold.

Her personality in ME1 is really hit-or-miss. She’s sort of the standard adorkable scientist trope, which you either like or you don’t. Then there’s her development into 2 and 3. Some people really like the turn her character took, but it feels more abrupt than some other characters. Particularly in 2, she’s a lot colder and emotionally shut-off than she is in the first game. That’s a lot of reasons I see cited on the personality side why people dislike her.  

The second reason for the backlash is her prominence in the narrative. Not only is one of the only squadmates who can’t die, but she’s heavily featured in the story in ME1, ME2 and ME3 in missions that are critical to the overall story. At times, it really feels like the game assumes you romanced her in ME1 whether or not you did. So if you already dislike Liara’s character and then keep seeing her pop up constantly…that breeds resentment.

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Can I ask for some fluff for Keith? Like maybe some dancing or kissing headcanons?

A/N: yes. yES. YES 


  • He will use Classical Music from the famous composers such as; Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Brahms, Vivaldi and many more. He is a sucker for music like this. Trust me. 
  • Dancing with Keith include some blushing Keith. He will try his best to impress you but end up blushing away. 
  • If you dress beautiful, you could feel Keith might faint. I mean, look at the dress. It shows your curve. Can Keith keep up with you? Oh dear galaxy, save this blushing man. 
  • His favourite part is when you put your arms around his neck. He will feel secure. He knows that you will with him. 
  • Your favourite a part is when each other foreheads touch each other. Its a sweet moment. Practically, the distance is close to each other lips and close the gap-
  • His style of dancing may varies to the song he choose. If its soothing and subtle, slow dance. If its his favourite, here comes some waltz. 


  • Things might get, a bit, steamy from here. He may a blushing dancer but kissing? Oooh, boy. 
  • Let me list it down before moving to the ‘interesting’ part. 
  • He gently kiss your hands if you are feeling low and sad. Some kisses are a few pecks at the cheek. 
  • He will continue from the hands, to the shoulders and his target was the neck. You heard me, the neck. Ladies, calm down. 
  • Neck is the sweet spot to hear you purr. Just a short kiss and here comes the purr. Sweet mother of the Altean Kingdom, keep it PG Keith. 
  • Lips is Keith number one place to kiss you. And so are you. If Keith has something bothering his mind, surprise him with a kiss onto his lips. You can cheer up Mr Grouchy with a swift kiss. 
  • And, bam! He will become from Mr Grouch to Mr Blushing. Lance would give him a thumbs up as Keith glares at you. In return, you wink at him.
  • So, be careful of kissing the Red Paladin. It may become fluff and sweet at first then all of a sudden, its just you and him. 
Yet Another Star Wars AU

Leis discovers her strength in the force by accidentally-on-purpose force-choking Tarkin when he orders Alderaan destroyed. Vader takes her on as his apprentice on the spot, her own preferences be damned.

(‘My master will excuse the lose of one military politician for the sake of acquiring a powerful new ally. For the sake of the rebellion, less so. I suggest you choose carefully, princess. Your home has been spared for the moment, but the emperor is rarely merciful.’

'I despise you.’

'Then you are already well on your way to being a proper sith. All apprentices despise their masters.’)

things that keep me up at night. did Siri have a designated squadron of clone troopers at the time of her death and where were they when they found out about their General’s death. 

were they among the reinforcements sent to Azure that couldn’t get there until the battle was lost? did they land on Azure in time to help evacuate, only to find themselves bringing her body back to Coruscant? did they even make it to Azure before everyone was evacuated? did they know she was there when the call went out about the attack? did they only find out after? had they been on leave while she was on that mission – did they have to hear about her death on the HoloNet? 

had they been under her command long enough to miss her?

Dating Yondu Udonta would include :

(Woooo more prompts in queue! Yaaaay Yondu :3 I really this character guys :3 I really do!!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like jt :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him acting all tough and as if he doesn’t need your attention when you are both out, only to beg for it once you are alone

-Him being terrible at hiding his jealousy over others flirting with you, especially when Peter does it because he notices you and him having things in common since you are both from Earth

-Him going through any galaxy to retrieve you and willing to do anything, only to act like it wasn’t a big deal once he gets you back

-You and him spending hours in a store looking at cute figurines for his dashboard and the whole crew asking you both to hurry up

-Him not being able to hide his joy and excitement when he sees you in a cute outfit or you acting cutely, resulting in him just hugging you

-Him loving to teach you how to use his yaka arrow as it’s an excuse to get to touch you, especially your lips

-Him wanting to desperately hold hands with you when you visit a new planet and only doing so when you are both alone or when you initiate it

-Him asking you about what people on Earth do when they date, just to be able to provide you with a similar experience

-Him enjoying to hear you beg for him and always making it happen during sex

-Him taking you out on dates whenever you visit a new planet but not telling you that it’s a date, only for you to realize it when he gets you a gift

-Him learning about cuddling and loving to do it every night before falling asleep with you

-Him telling you that he’s in love with you and spilling out all his feelings only to end up telling you that you better keep it a secret


All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 by Aaron Kuder

Variant cover by Chris Samnee


Variant Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE
Star-Lord has been sailing the radio waves of the galaxy for years, keeping up with the one piece of Earth he could never quite leave behind. Guest artist Chris Samnee joins writer Gerry Duggan to check into Peter Quill’s sonic conquests!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Look so I’m pretty late into the WOY fandom, and if what I’m saying has been said before please point me to the right post. I’ve been holding off on WOY rants because I don’t wanna be repeating old ideas or stepping on anyone’s toes, but I have things to say so….

That said… Wander is hella strong.

And not just through his capacity to love.

Like, he’s genuinely strong. Physically. Far more so than his size or demeanour suggests. And I know it’s played for laughs in the show. Cartoons do that, the whole “exaggerating characteristics” for humour. 

But do you know what’s not played for laughs? Wander being shown as weak. And like, if I’m being honest, there’s only a few times where he’s ever not shown as being strong. 

(Like of course he’s not picking up that egg look at it it’s three times his size.)

That there? That’s average. Slightly above average strength even. Not weak. And let me tell you it would be more than easy enough to make Wander a “can’t even pick up a stick with two marshmallows on it” type character. (I’m looking at you, Spongebob). Look at Wander. He’s tiny. He’s got noodle-y limbs. He’s a sweet, gentle character with a heart of gold. It would be very easy to play up his lack of strength, get some good humour out of it, that whole shindig. 

But the show doesn’t

Instead, to very little hurrah, Wander displays feats of physical strength that are far beyond what he should be capable of.

Like, it’s just something he does. No one really questions it.

And I mean, he’s always been shown as been pretty physically fit. His morning routine – sit-ups included – in The Breakfast, or the way he was able to keep up with Trudy all across the galaxy in The Tourist. But abnormal strength is something I’ve been noticing as a pretty consistent aspect of Wander’s abilities, and I think it’s worth pointing out.

Wander is very strong, and it’s not even a notable part of his character. And yes it’s probably not important and there’s likely no deeper meaning behind it other than humour, but let’s pretend for a second that there is. 

Say Wander’s very strong and he knows he’s very strong… well, what good does that do him for most folk he’s trying to help? Unless he needs to lift buildings off people or something, no one cares. It would be very typical (as many comics/shows do) to have a trait like super-strength be the defining part of a character’s M.O.. Wander? Nah. He helps people, sure, but in more meaningful ways. He teaches, kind of? And you can learn about love and friendship. You can’t exactly learn super-strength. 

TL:DR - Wander is super duper strong and it’s great that the show doesn’t make a big deal about it because love is better than strength anyways.

not only is anakin the son of the force itself, padme is the daughter-in-law of the actual force, luke and leia are the force’s grandchildren, han is the force’s grandson-in-law, and kylo ren is literally the great-grandchild of the real, actual, honest-to-the-stars force

and people wonder why the skywalkers keep fucking the galaxy up