keeping up with the comstocks


Keeping up with the Comstocks

🌹Hi everyone! This is my first ever follow forever so I’m not really sure how to do this but I’m doing it!

First of all, I’m including everyone I follow and so if you didn’t get on this list an I follow you, it is 100% a mistake and let me know! Secondly, I love my followers and just because I don’t follow you doesn’t mean I don’t check in on your blog… It’s a bit odd/creepy but it’s cause I’m still interested in getting to know you!

Special Mentions: These are people I’ve been interacting or keeping up with or just following since I could remember.

biospookalacka ღ jackwhynand ღ comstocks ღ fraeport ღ ladytenenbaum ღ noskeletonsinthegraveyard ღ captainzappy ღ officialatlas ღ porcelain-infinity ღ sakimaru ღ shockkjockey ღ silentprotags ღ sleepyzombie01 ღ soupfromstones ღ spookybioshock ღ theastupidsakii ღ tinycatprince ღ toireto ღ transboyatlas ღ troybakerz ღ waylonpark ღ atlasboyo ღ atlaswhy ღ faicchi

…and now, last but not least, all the other wonderful blogs I follow :^)

go follow if you haven’t

 airgrabbers ღ amandafett ღ antiva-is-for-lovers ღ arcanepatrol ღ assassin-kawaii ღ augustein ღ ayobama ღ babybohemia ღ bdoubleno ღ beautyofsymmetry ღ beauziful ღ big-bad-wolf-coming ღ biosshock ღ birdorcages ღ bitterbrokenbones ღ bookersdewitt ღ burialatsky ღ callmebooker ღ cat-rabbit ღ caterinaasforzas ღ chickenshitx ღ childishgannbino ღ comstoked ღ condvit ღ connorkawaii ღ dalsinrowe ღ dashplaysgames ღ dearcorvo ღ dewitten ღ digitalfrontiers ღ double-oh-heaven ღ dunwall ღ echoh98 ღ elementzeros ღ elizabethcomstalker ღ elizabethcomstock ღ elliemillers ღ elvheenan ღ evescontroller ღ ewizaboof ღ franticassing ღ frostbiteskull8 ღ fuck-it-joel-needs-a-car ღ garrett-chan ღ generalcharleslee ღ ghostregents ღ gorlands ღ hankdaughtry ღ hrleenquinzel ღ huntersandfireflies ღ hyliandovahkiin ღ hypnophiliac ღ inorheona ღ ivilspirits ღ ja-ja-ja-jadeboat ღ jackwynass ღ spookyjessicalocke ღ joelsplaidshirt ღ justcallmebooker ღ kaldwins ღ *kayleighduck ღ letsdewitt ღ lizcomstockk ღ lordjesusofficial ღ madam-elizabeth-comstock ღ madame-mayor ღ masseffectvevo ღ misscomstock ღ missdewitts ღ missmirandalawson ღ murderouscrows ღ nihilnovisubsole ღ nykoload ღ officialbrigidtenenbaum ღ ookerdewitt ღ ourstartattheend ღ pandyssiaa ღ parkerlinguinii ღ piratekenway ღ princebelial ღ queerdovahkiin ღ queerqunari ღ radariant ღ recedingpunchline ღ *radaways ღ renegons ღ riense ღ s-ilverblood ღ sarabeaarr ღ sassyelizabeth ღ shouteme ღ simplyatlas ღ sirshepard ღ songbir ღ splicerspawn ღ spookycohen ღ spookywalrider ღ ssasseffect ღ stillupsetoverlegacy ღ starkarya ღ tachitsu ღ tentaspy ღ the-assquisitor ღ the-first-time-lord ღ the-mute-protagonist ღ the11supernovas ღ thechibeh ღ thefalseshepherd ღ thelastof-raider ღ theredpineapple ღ troybakerofficial ღ vakarianing ღ verabooray ღ waverly-boyle ღ yharnam-city ღ *you-make-my-cry-sestra ღ youpokedmysternum ღ yuthura-ban ღ abigailvvalker

     *A star by your name means I couldnt mention you for whatever reason