keeping up apperances

Touché Amoré ~ Stage Four
I’m homesick and living in the past
Seemingly unfazed and strong if anyone asks
I’m keeping up appereances with white lies
With a levee set for my heavy eyes

I apologize for the grief
When you’d talk about belief
I didn’t know just what to say
While watching you wither away

It was time this whole time
We can’t undo or rewind

  • <p> <b>Mare and Maven:</b> *about to kiss*<p/><b>Cal:</b> *jumps in between them*<p/><b>Cal:</b> hahaha gotta keep up apperances guys, what would the silvers say if they caught you kissing Mare in public?<p/><b>Maven:</b> Cal we're in our room.<p/><b>Cal:</b> but still it's indecent at the least.<p/><b>Maven:</b> Cal we've been married for 6 MONTHS<p/><b>Cal:</b> and doesn't time fly when your being virtuous and staying true to our lord?<p/><b>Maven:</b> CAL!<p/></p>

Okay but power couple cartinelli.

Angie making big on Broadway, which leads to her making it big in film. Peggy starting SHIELD. Them attending Hollywood and government parties together as ‘gal pals’ even once they both get 'married’ to keep up apperences. Ugh just give me pretty bi girls kissing already.