keeping up apperances

Im @ the airport and as im passing by all the terminals i see a group of about 7 or 8 guys, all on the floor, all huddled together and napping, using their bags as pillows. Tell me that aint the foxes whenever they have to be up at 4 am waiting for their flight. Tell me they dont huddle together (“for warmth” Nicky says) and take up an entire section of a gate just so they can nap. Andrew and Neil are too frickin tired to keep up apperances so they say “fuck it"and join in on the fox-dog pile. Wymack, meanwhile, is making a fuss about his players “making a scene” but he doesn’t dare wake them because lbr they deserve to nap wherever they please after that game. Just: airport cuddle party pls and thank

Small headcanons about the EAH parents 

Snow White & Ferdinand : The ultimate business parents which make people believe they have quite the loveless marriage. It isn’t true at all in fact. Ferdinand is the affectionate one that would pull Snow into slow dances in the kitchen and always wake her up with small kisses to her face. They both believe in the concept of true love and always have each other’s backs through anything as long as it makes the other person happy. ( They also named Apple, Apple to make all the Apple puns ) 

The Evil Queen & The Good King : They seem cold together in public because The Evil Queen just can’t show affection when other people are around. The Good King always whispers how beautiful she is and they are both very affectionate in private. Gentle kisses and cuddles in bed which The Evil Queen sometimes start because it’s just them there. No one can see how weak she is when it comes to her husband because she really loves him. 

Cinderella & Charming : The most adorable annoying couple ever, they are always holding hands and kisses each other because they are just so happy together. Charming always slide down on the floor when his wife has dropped a shoe and they do a small reenactment of when he found her after the ball. Most people think it’s just an act of perfection they keep up but it’s actually very true love. 

Sleeping Beauty & Her King : When Sleeping Beauty falls asleep the King is always around the catch her and carry her to somewhere she can lay and sleep safely. He is always worried she is going to fall out a window or the stairs and hardly spend time away from his wife. In bed, at nights Sleeping Beauty always snuggle up against his chest and strokes his cheek and thank him for taking care of her and not ever getting annoyed about the curse. They worry for each other more than the other person thinks and just want to make sure their couple is safe and okay. 

Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf : Let’s face it, the couple that still thinks no one knows about them and sneaks around for the thrill. Always secret meetings in the woods like when they were young to have picnics and kiss in the sunset. They also feel so much guilt when it comes to their daughters because of their own secret and they wish that people would be more understanding so their daughter didn’t have to keep the big bad secret that is their parents. 

The Snow King & The Snow Queen : The ultimate cuddle couple, they never stand without each other and always holds each other in some way. Both of them just love the other person so much they want to kiss and hug all the time no matter where they are but the best cuddle place is in front of the fire late at night when everyone has gone to sleep so they can be alone and just be them for a few hours. 

The Queen Of Heart & The King of Hearts : Very affectionate towards each other in private. Every time no one is around they can just breathe out and let go of being king and queen for a few minutes. They are always snuggling in bed in the mornings and don’t spend time with the small kisses, they have passionate kisses and always whispers how “You are the queen of my heart” or “You are the king of mine” and they would never let anything happen to the other person. It has always been them and that is something that continued from their first kiss. 

King Charming & Queen Charming : Both of them sleep with swords under their pillows in case of danger and actually have long talks about how Queen Charming wishes Darling could have the same hero training as their sons. They both try to understand the others point of views and always keep up the royal couple apperence in public. At home, they can relax and just enjoy watching over their children. The king is very fond of holding his queen’s hands because of the calluses, it’s a constant reminder of the tuff girl he fell in love with and that she could kick his ass if he ever did anything wrong. 

Beauty & Beast : Active helper of animals and creatures and isn’t the people to judge someone for their stories or appearance. They are always pulling each other into slow dances and just loves to take small walks through the woods together and talk through the latest book they finished. They both are still so completely in love with the other person and feel so incredibly lucky that they lived through their story together.  

itโ€™s all because of {this} post that I now have to ramble about Erik being way too enthusiastic about musicals and essentially roping everyone into participating in some shape way or form so more under the cut because this is going to be very ridiculous, very fast.ย 

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Touché Amoré ~ Stage Four
I’m homesick and living in the past
Seemingly unfazed and strong if anyone asks
I’m keeping up appereances with white lies
With a levee set for my heavy eyes

I apologize for the grief
When you’d talk about belief
I didn’t know just what to say
While watching you wither away

It was time this whole time
We can’t undo or rewind

Okay but power couple cartinelli.

Angie making big on Broadway, which leads to her making it big in film. Peggy starting SHIELD. Them attending Hollywood and government parties together as ‘gal pals’ even once they both get 'married’ to keep up apperences. Ugh just give me pretty bi girls kissing already.