keeping up apperances

Batfamily and social media

Finally getting started on Batfam spring/summer bingo, so heres my first headcannon for it.

- They all have social media. Some have it for their vigilante persona. *cough cough nightwing*
- Like Nightwings Instagram gets tons of likes.
- Stephanie and Pinterest are all sorts of fu. She is always wanting to try something new out she found on there.
- Jason and Kate use their social media the least.
- Damian just post pictures of his animals. They really should just have their own account.
- Bruce keeps one up for professional apperance. He is also that parent who checks his kids accounts.
- The comment section between the family. He just shakes his head. They can’t behave in the cyber universe either.
- Barbara creates the best Tumblr layouts.
- Duke likes to use his to stay in touch with his friends.
- Tim has made apperances on everyone elses accounts. Troll in the comments.
- Cass is a serial reblogger. Usually its her family stuff or things she loves.
- Harper always supporting Cullen and reblogging his stuff.
- Someone started a Tumblr called advice from the butler but no one will say who. It’s basically advice or sayings they have all gotten from Alfred.

Im @ the airport and as im passing by all the terminals i see a group of about 7 or 8 guys, all on the floor, all huddled together and napping, using their bags as pillows. Tell me that aint the foxes whenever they have to be up at 4 am waiting for their flight. Tell me they dont huddle together (“for warmth” Nicky says) and take up an entire section of a gate just so they can nap. Andrew and Neil are too frickin tired to keep up apperances so they say “fuck it"and join in on the fox-dog pile. Wymack, meanwhile, is making a fuss about his players “making a scene” but he doesn’t dare wake them because lbr they deserve to nap wherever they please after that game. Just: airport cuddle party pls and thank

Touché Amoré ~ Stage Four
I’m homesick and living in the past
Seemingly unfazed and strong if anyone asks
I’m keeping up appereances with white lies
With a levee set for my heavy eyes

I apologize for the grief
When you’d talk about belief
I didn’t know just what to say
While watching you wither away

It was time this whole time
We can’t undo or rewind

it’s all because of {this} post that I now have to ramble about Erik being way too enthusiastic about musicals and essentially roping everyone into participating in some shape way or form so more under the cut because this is going to be very ridiculous, very fast. 

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Okay but power couple cartinelli.

Angie making big on Broadway, which leads to her making it big in film. Peggy starting SHIELD. Them attending Hollywood and government parties together as ‘gal pals’ even once they both get 'married’ to keep up apperences. Ugh just give me pretty bi girls kissing already.