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lol i’m never gonna reach my next thousand because i keep posting random shit + lose like 20 followers but i’m having so much fun just chattin’ like i could lose 10k of u and keep posting about life and crushes i’m finally thoroughly enjoying having a blog

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when I moved to uni this year i found out that my roommate was a anti and shipp *endall wnxjajj then one day i walked in on her reading a physical copy of young and beautiful and I had to literally stop waking cause I was shocked, my voice fuking cracked when I asked her about the book and she's like "it's my fav piece of literature ever", and the point is that even anti's love Larry fics cause we have the best writers in the fandom lol


Threw together a quick and really basic idea of what he’d look like since I can’t remember what you have suggested he could look like or how he keeps his hair. Also no wings cause… no room on the page. ;u;


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as a trans man i am starting to have a personal, individual, and very very visceral beef with every single person who decides to go off about the problems trans people face/trans support/etc etc without including trans men in the discussion. ESPECIALLY those of you who are yourselves trans/nb. 

there is absolutely plenty of room in the world for trans women- and nonbinary- centric posts but until Transness General™ posts actually include us and until posts including/supporting trans men aren’t a fucking exciting rarity, all of you can meet me behind the bennigan’s at 2:34am for an ass kicking

supporting trans people means supporting trans men too, so don’t say you support trans people if you’re silent about trans men.


@icanhinatashouyoutheworld and i were talking about young Victor with pastel ombre hair