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happy birthday to the best nii-chan, nazuna nito! ♡ (27/04)

sanathequeen  asked:

Top 5 episodes and top 5 girl squad moments? 💖🙈

hiiii <3<3

ok for top 5 epsiodes like

1. s3ep9 like the last scene in the school yard thing wow ,….,, that fucked me up int he best way
2. ok s1ep2 bc like …..hav e u seen isak in that ep,,,,my baby sunflower 
3. idek which episode it was but when noora schooled billy and the white gang that was just…beautiful
4. s3ep2 or whatver when they go to evens apaprtment or whatver and they listen to nas and they made the horrible looking food….that was a moment 
5. all of the s4 eps up until now bc ……so much yousana content…its great 

and top girl squad moments omg
1. when they run away screaming from jamila or whatever…that was iconic
2. just every single scene from the cabin episode bc that was fo the bset (where my son got outed by the spirits)
3. like whenever one of them does somethign confusing and starts walking and the gang just walk behind that person going??????? wha happen ya that 
4. taht iconic slow walk in s1ep4 when vilde is just chugging wine ya that as well tbh 
5. when billy was bein a jerk(not for the first time am i right) and noora went after him and so did all the girls as good supportive friends that they are

send me ‘top 5′ anything

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALDUIN / DUCKY !  my dude my man my Best Friend lbr ! happy birthday to one Big Meme , who always makes sure to tell me good morning & who entertains my silly ideas & supports me through & through ! DUCKY : you & i have accomplished so much in just these past few months , & have gotten so much closer & honestly i don’t think i could imagine my day without talking to you or sharing things with you ! also wtf are you seeing this , i drew Karate Garage’s™ hair sort of nice !  anyway i love you Punk & i hope you have a great day !  @simpletool

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U keep goin on about how u don't want to do controversial stuff on social media bc of future employers, yet u flash your boobs on insta. Honestly

I “flash my boobs” because I believe in equality, I believe that we as women shouldn’t be forced to dress modestly just because of the connotations our bodies have. I “flash my boobs” because it’s a point of vulnerability that I’ve been able to come, it helps me feel comfortable in my own skin which as I’ve talked about on here before has previously been a struggle for me. I “flash my boobs” because I want to desexualise our bodies, which is not something we see often if everyday media, so we can walk a round in peace n fucken quiet without people harassing us,
Hell yes I’m gonna flash my boobs

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bean!!! i keep seeing u talking about bill nye and i just went to his book signing near me recently and waited for hours BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT because i got to talk to him and he's SO COOL and omg

I want him to notice me

when ppl keep trying to tell u what to do with ur teeth like……………………. no i don’t want or need braces. my crooked teeth are adorable. all i want is cosmetic surgery to get rid of my overbite. my teeth arE FINE

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i am a slightly-older-than-u artist and i gotta say your art definitely tops mine omg i love it its so good bless u keep drawing for the rest of forever

Awe thank you ;v;

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You are amazing!! Your art is beautiful in so many ways! And I love the way u talk with us about your situations and troubles 😸, please, keep doing what u love! I'll be here stalking u (JK XD) PS: your Sona is gorgeous, I'm gonna draw this beauty bun bun~ (by: @undernutrient - cuz my main sucks)

Omg thx!! Thats so sweet!
I dun rly know what to say qvq

Tbh its pretty hard to share anything here since i dun rly think someones even interested in my bullshit, otherwise i would’ve postet so much shit. I just dun rly have Self-confidence ovo’’

Geez! am already exited, cant wait to see!

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hey so ive always been really confused about feelings and like. how to tell the difference between romantic and platonic? like to the point ive avoided ppl out of confusion and a couple of months ago i found ur blog and saw the term quoiromantic (it took me the longest time to figure out it was an arospec id hsjjs) and im just !!!!! thank u for this blog and i hope all of u have/had a lovely day and that u keep having lovely days nd stay safe 💜💙💜

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you found a word that works for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you aaaa you’re so sweet and lovely and gosh thank you sfdkghfdgklfhgjkl 💜💜💜💜💜 I hope you have/had a lovely day too and that you also keep having lovely days & stay safe friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mod Wesley

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I really want to ask u a question. I have been coming to ur blog for over a year now cause ur one of my favorite bloggers and I have noticed (and for the record I don't know u so it's hard to tell too much about someone when we only see blog posts lol) that u don't seem to enjoy urself on here the way u used too. I understand y ur not believe me, but I'm just curious about what's keeping u in the fandom? I honestly don't mean any ill will by this, it's honestly just me being curious :)

lmao no it’s okay. i’m really mostly here for louis at this point i need to see him free and i feel like i can’t leave or like take time away from this nonsense until that happens.

i cant believe i gotta deal with this nonsense this early in the morning like pls keep my name out of ur mouth especially when ur not even the victim like u keep saying u are stop calling my friends and i toxic when ur the one that hacked my rp, denied despite ur ip address being right there n u literally joking abt doing it that morning, sending a long ass message saying ur better off without us n talking mad shit n tryna tell us off, then begging for forgiveness, then we found out you were taking fcs so our group couldn’t play them and talking shit about and you were telling ppl not to join my rp and THEN denied it despite me having receipts AND THEN you run to line / aim or whatever to talk shit again and play the victim like what @nickrobnsn are you DUMB or are you stupid like did you think you would get away w talking shit like that and lying to everyone