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How about The Lords Men for your meme?

Fic I Would Write For This: Political Historical AU. Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are two of the most powerful people in the kingdom. Both heirs to noble families and with the skill and wit to keep the king’s ear, they pull strings from the shadows, shaping the future of the kingdom as the powers behind the throne. 

But the world of politics and power is a dangerous and precarious one and there are many who would love to tear them both down and take their places by the king’s side. Betrayal and treachery are common in the court of the lord and every day is a fight, where one wrong move would mean to lose it all. And when love is thrown into the mix, everything becomes far more complicated and far more dangerous 

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Coffee, comfy clothes, quiet, llama socks, and my book. I’ve been so tired this week that I wasn’t exactly thrilled to have woken up at 6am…but oh well. Might as well make the most of it. I do love a quiet house in the mornings…except The Boo Boos is purring like a freight train…but he’s cute so I’ll allow it. 😊

Found out this morning that my favorite college professor (who is also one of my favorite humans) who had the most tremendous impact on my life and who I credit to an extremely large degree for my general life direction and attitude was diagnosed with lung cancer. I do not have many personal heroes–I admire many people, but I’m quite reluctant to use the term personal hero for most people. But, this woman is incredible. She is the best professor, and the world NEEDS her (especially now) to stay in the classroom and keep shaping our future social workers.

Soldier Wars - End The Reign

Chapter 5 - End The Reign
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Summary: We’re closing in on our final battle

Words: ~10,000

Tags: #Stuff happens #Buckle Up and Hold On

Note: Hint: Play epic music in the background for ultimate reading experience (because that’s what I listened to while writing)

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Dear Anon:

It’s 100% okay to show your feelings to anyone. You don’t have to be afraid because if someone loves you back they will love you for who you are!!

Never be afraid to be yourself. Never be afraid to say what you have to say. Never be afraid to show your true color’s. Never be afraid to take risks for yourself.

Just know things will always keep changing in life and it’s up to you to shape your future. So don’t be afraid to take that step!!

Thank you for coming clean and I’m really glad you said what you needed to say!! Thats a really big step and I’m very proud of you for being so brave!! 

I hope you find peace and happiness with someone very nice!! :3

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I’m Jenn, I’m 20 and I’ll be 21 at the end of this year. I enjoy working out, camping, drinking a beer or two, hanging out with friends, snowboarding, fishing, playing softball, and going to the beach. Future Border Patrol Agent who likes to keep in shape and will love a femme lesbian to explore the world with me.

Words for your future wife?

DJ: What’s your ideal type, before we send a message to your future wife?
Eli: Umm I like…glamorous [girls] tall..s-line..
DJ: Miranda Kerr?
Eli: Mmm yes.
DJ: How about you Kevin?
KV: Idk I guess appearance-wise? Someone who has good smile, easy to talk to, really outgoing, friendly..
DJ: So the words for your future wife? Eli?
Eli: Uhh..
DJ: *jokingly* Keep in shape? Watch out for your calories? 
Eli/KV: *LOL*
Eli: Umm..always stay healthy, and I will try my best to make you happy. I love you.
DJ/KV: Awwww
DJ: Kevin?
KV: Till death do us part…I dunno..
Eli: I don’t think Kevin’s gonna get married.
KV: I REALLY don’t know../ DJ: Are you serious?!
KV: Ummm..I’ll love you..even if you have wrinkles..I’ll love you even have gray hair….I don’t know that’s not romantic!
DJ: It is romantic! Come on Kevin~

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Ooops, as in shape! Sorry ahhh><

It’s fine, It’s fine! I’ll show you how to make a basic shape! To start off, I typically use brushes instead of the shapes given to you in photoshop, so I’m going to just assume you know how to put new brushes into photoshop. If you don’t, that’s fine! Just send me a message and I’ll let you know how to do that. 

Anyhoo, I’ll show you how to make something like this

the concept is the same no matter the brush you use, so don’t worry!

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