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prompt: hands clasped tightly between church pews, a love unseen.

a list of things i’ll give you once we’ve moved out
of our parents’ houses and found the church
where we don’t have to be afraid to hold hands:

-homemade tomato soup
-quilts to keep you warm by night
-love poems to keep you warm by day
-space when you need it or maybe just
want it for a while
-sunflowers & sunflowers & sunflowers
-a new rosary
-fresh warm coffee
-pots of rosemary, basil, & mint on
our kitchen sill
-the surety that god has blessed this
patient love between us with the same
hands that coaxed stars into burning
-a kiss on the mouth in front of everyone

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Can you write something about HUDDERS finding out about John and Sherlock and being a loving supportive mom

The night John moved back in, I heard him crying. I’d fallen asleep on the sofa, up watching the late news and eating Jaffa cakes, and when I found my glasses and looked round, the microwave clock said it was three a.m. That’s a funny hour. A good hour for thinking, a bad one for thinking too hard. I thought about going to bed, but I felt somebody ought to stay up with John, even without him knowing–especially without him knowing. So I just lay back, and got the end pillow arranged so I was comfortable, and covered up with the old quilt I keep under the sofa for these kind of nights.

I supposed Sherlock was asleep, or John wouldn’t have let himself go like that; he’s too proud by half. But when you’ve carried so much sadness for so long, and all at once you find yourself safe, and not alone anymore, it all slides off you and you feel strange just from the relief of it. At any rate, the crying went on a long while, but when I saw him the next morning he looked brighter.

After that there were some quiet nights, and then one particular one–I remember it was past midnight, again, at any rate, though I was in bed this time, when the giggling started. They’re like two boys sometimes, how they set each other off. It’s good to hear them, and I was just enjoying it when they went quite quiet. Suspicious, you know; no “Good night,” no water running in the loo, or footsteps trudging upstairs, just–a hush. And I wondered.

Well, the next morning Sherlock pops his head in, on the way out, but only just woken, I could see that–he’d not washed his hair and it was pretending to be tidy, but there was one curl in the back he’d missed, and his expression was still dreamy. He looked younger than he had when I met him in Florida. He looked happy, like he hadn’t since John left. “Bring you back a coffee?” he said, just that little bit out of breath, and I knew. “Pastry? We’re going to breakfast round the corner.”

“Hot chocolate,” I said, “thank you, love,” and then John came down. His hair was brushed up better than Sherlock’s, but his shirt was rucked up in back, and I could see they’d been snogging; and I couldn’t help saying, “Tuck your shirt back in, John, Sherlock’s pulled it out a bit.” Well, they both went stark red, and John’s mouth fell open; but Sherlock started laughing.

“I did,” was all he said, so proud; and I thought I’d never seen him smile like that, and I might have gotten just a bit weepy, because Sherlock went soft-eyed, and came and kissed my head; and then they left. And after all that happens in this funny old world, I’m glad some people still get what they deserve, because they deserve each other; the worst and the best of each other. I’m glad that after everything, love keeps on.

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Do you have any headcannons on hidden talents the tog characters have ?? Like idk singing or dancing or juggling or drawing or making up hilarious limericks on the spot or baking fucking amazing bread or just being really good at frenchbraids ?? I don't really know where I'm going with this I just thought it would be interesting to ask !

I’m including ACOTAR characters too.

Each and every member of the Thirteen is a FANTASTIC singer. On the level of sirens, only everyone is mesmerized by their voices.

Chaol can juggle. He started doing it one say for shits in his office, and found out that he is actually good at it.

Dorian can do the splits. He is actually quite limber.

Cassian quilts. Rhys’s mom taught the boys how to mend their own clothing, but she used to stay up quilting, and Cassian used to help. His brother’s don’t know this. But he can sew a mean quilt. And when Rhys’s mom died, he asked Rhys is he could keep some of her quilts and Rhys let him. He keeps them in a locked trunk in his house. But his favorite one hands on the wall. It’s both a work of art and a memoriam to the only mother he ever knew.

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I keep telling my new friends about my dollhouse miniatures hobby, so here are a couple of pics of my most recent one, inspired by blackhouses of the Scottish highlands and Hebrides.  Oh I loved that project.  I learned so much about blackhouse construction.  

So yes, this is what I do.  Right now I’m working on a 17-18th century Nouvelle France house, but I keep getting sidetracked by quilting and other crafts.  It’s always percolating in my mind though.

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It's stormy outside Jamie arrives home soaked to the skin ,Claire is at home waiting for him of course his clothes need to come off ,I'm sure she can help with that task

He should have been home by now. I’d begun pacing in the front entry of our house nearly an hour ago. The storm outside had turned our house black and I knew he was out somewhere in it. None of the lights worked and I was worried. Another crack of lightning and a roll of thunder had me pulling the ties of my bathrobe closer.

“Lord that he would be safe,” I mumbled. “And come home to me.”

Then the back door slammed open, sending a gust through the house. I ran, hoping it wasn’t the wind that had opened it. I hardly saw Jamie as I closed and bolted the door. Then I turned to him and gasped. 

He looked as though he’d climbed out of a pool, not just come inside.

“Christ Jamie!”

“S-S-S-Snch,” he muttered, jaw clenched tight against the shivers that racked his body.

We hadn’t had a storm this bad in years. He’d walked over to the manor house that morning to help Ian with some repairs, assuring me that he was a Highlander born and bred. A walk wouldn’t kill him.

I bit back my ‘I told you so’.

He was trying to speak again, but his chattering and the tenseness of his body didn’t allow it. Since he was puddling on the stone floor of the kitchen, I decided it would be best to start here.

“Can you strip?”

“C-c-cna f-f-f-feel… f-f-f-f-fngrs.”

Briskly, I peeled his wet shirt up and helped him stretch out his arms as I got it off. It slapped onto the floor where I dropped it before I moved to his boots. He lifted one foot stiffly and used me for balance as best he could before I got them off. Next were his trousers. The leather of his belt had swollen and I considered getting a pair of scissors. Just before I reached for them, it gave.

Carefully, he stepped out of the drenched denim and I got his boxers off. Of course naked and wet didn’t help anyone warm up, but it was better than standing in the wet clothes.

“Come on. Upstairs.”

I draped my robe around his broad shoulders, knowing it wouldn’t do too much. We took a long time to get up the stairs and to our bedroom. I wrapped him in as many towels as I could before shoving him beneath the quilts. I put a towel around his head to soak up the water from his hair before I lay beside him.

“F-felt l-li-ike a b-bairn,” he chattered.

“A grown man with grown children felt like a child being stripped by his wife in the kitchen?”


I rolled my eyes, holding close to him. Gradually, his shaking lessened until he was breathing and his body no longer tensed. 

“You decided to walk home in that weather?” I scolded.

“Aye, weel… It wasna so bad when I left. But then one of Jenny’s sheep was out, so I put it back in the pen. Repaired the fence that fell. Then I started home and, well… The sky tore open, ken?”

I glared down at him, helping him sit up to remove some of the layers.

“Yes, I ken. You bloody Scot, I was terrified something had happened to you.”

“I didna have a way to call ye, aye?”

“Yes I know that! I just kept thinking of that nightmare I had last week, and-”

He pulled me to him, cradling my head against his chest. His skin was still chilled, but I felt him warming.

“Shh. Dinna fash, a nighean. That was a bad dream, no more.”

“We almost went over the side of a cliff in a storm like the one we’re having tonight. So when you didn’t come home tonight, all I could see in my head was you crushed beneath a horse at the bottom of a cliff.”

“Aye. I’m sorry, Claire. I didna mean to frighten ye so. But I’m home now, safe and alive. No one’s fallen off a cliff. I promise.”

I pressed my ear against his chest, counting the beats of his steady heart. I let the rhythm of him settle into my bones. Once I’d calmed myself down, I sat up and took his face between my hands.

“Don’t you ever frighten me like that again, James Fraser. Do you understand me?”

“Aye,” he said, his face serious though his eyes glinted.

“Never again,” I almost shouted, shaking his head in emphasis.

I had very little warning before his mouth was on mine. I could feel him beginning to truly warm beneath my nightgown. It seemed he had his own ideas for driving out the last of the cold.

“I was frightened too,” he said, pushing me onto my back as he climbed above me. “I was worried that I wouldna come home either. Or that ye’d go out lookin’ for me, though ye canna track for your life.”

I hit his shoulder feebly. 

“I kent I had to make it back to you, no matter what.”

The pad of his large thumb circled my nipple, rubbing the flannel of my nightgown against it.

“I’m glad you didn’t give up.”

“Gi’ up? Not makin’ it back might have frightened me, but nothing compares to you when ye get in a temper.”

I raked my nails deliberately across his lower back, making him shudder and squirm.

“I’d have dragged you back by your thick red curls. And you wouldn’t have liked it one bit.”

“I expect not. But now…” the hem of my nightgown was pushed up above my belly button. Jamie settled himself between my legs, hot and hard with need. “Now I’m home.”

He punctuated the last word by pushing fully into me. I cried out, back arching into him as my legs came around his hips. He moved with determination, his body holding close to my own. The heat in us grew until it consumed us, driving away the worry and the cold from the hours before.

Despite my urging, he didn’t move any faster or harder. His huge body pinned mine down, not giving me the leverage I needed to flip us over. I was about to ask him to let me up when his left hand snaked down to our connection. 

I jerked and squealed in surprise as he teased my swollen flesh. He was relentless, playing with me as he moved and I shook with a powerful orgasm.

“You,” he breathed. “You, mo chridhe, mo ghraidh, mo nighean donn. You are my home.”

“And you are mine,” I answered, even as he thrust me into another climax.

His head dropped to my shoulder when he came to the end of himself and I just held him. No part of him felt cold now, save his damp hair.

I got us under the quilts again, keeping our bodies tangled together. To have him home, safe in my arms, I couldn’t make myself stop touching him. I dropped my wrinkled nightgown over the side of the bed and sighed.

“Feeling warmer?”

“Oh aye,” he said, smiling as his eyes closed. “Ye always drive out the cold.”

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Word Count: 6285 (That justifies the delay, yes?)

Summary: You prepare to move out even as Steve does his very best to convince you to stay

Warnings: Language, marriage problems, some serious angst like honestly I am so sorry, BUT ALSO SOME LIFE-SAVING FLUFF 

A/N: Finally finished! A very intense and heartfelt thank you to @aubzylynn the love and light of my life for helping me through all of the anxiety and writer’s block. The song of this section is “Love in the Dark” by Adele. This one is tough, but I promise the next part will be much lighter. Stick with me, guys. I’ll get you that HAPPY ENDING IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!

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Your mind was a jumbled mess. There was so much to do, so much to take care of, and though you knew how vitally important it was to get every step of this process of separation exactly right, you couldn’t focus. But it wasn’t the endless scraps of paper denoting all of the things you needed to pack, not the glaring debt you now owed to Tony for procuring and purchasing a beautiful three bedroom apartment for you, Maggie, and James when you had him – a debt he assured you did not exist – that preoccupied your thoughts. Nor was it the precarious pile of boxes, the few pieces of furniture Steve insisted you take, the fact that the movers were supposed to be here soon and God you weren’t ready to leave. Even the wind and rain lashing against the windows and that scratchiness at the back of your throat that signaled you were getting sick again did not once draw your attention.

It was worse than that. So, so much worse.

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40 Things To Do With Your Plushies

taken from here; a li///tt//le blog

1) Have a tea party with them.
2) Have a plushie Beauty Pageant.
3) Play doctor and take care of your plushies
4) Play school with them.
5) Play circus with them.
6) Make a tent with a sheet and pretend to be camping.
7) Reenact a favorite TV show or movie scene with your plushie.
8) Throw a party for your plushie, complete with gifts and human and/or plushie guests.
9) Play pirate and have plushies as your crew.
10) Go on a vacation and take pics of your plushies at famous landmarks.
11) Make a disguise kit for you and your plush and then pretend to be spies. (In your kit you can both use wigs, costumes, fake glasses, etc., and maybe even use funny accents when talking.)
12) Use a Magic 8 Ball and have your plushie predict your future.
13) Have a dance contest between your plushies and give a prize to the winner.
14) Watch a marathon of your favorite TV show with your plush.
15) Teach your plush your favorite dance moves or make up one with them.
16) Make a Time Capsule with your plushie and bury or hide it together.
17) Make a house out of a box for your plush, complete with a bed to sleep in and toys to play with while you’re gone.
18) Help your plush create and maintain their own webpage or blog, maybe even their own art page at Deviant Art. (
19) Use your plush as a model and draw their picture.
20) Read to your plush.
21) Watch cartoons with your plush.
22) Make clothes and accessories for your plushies. How about friendship bracelets for each of you? Can you sew? How about a cute quilt to keep your plush warm?
23) Tell your plush your deepest, darkest secrets; or maybe even your fears, worries or about your secret crush. You know they’ll never tell. :)
24) Tell your plushies how crappy your day was and cry and cuddle with them until you feel better.
25) Tell your plushies how great your day was and cuddle with them because you’re so happy.
26) Color with your plush.
27) Play a board game together.
28) Play your plush’s favorite music for them, or better still, make them a cd of their favorite songs as a gift.
29) Bounce with your plushies on a trampoline.
30) Cuddle with them for no reason but merely for the fact that it’s nice.
31) Dance with them in your arms.
32) Take pics of them and with them.
33) Pretend your plush is an acrobat and have them do flips in the air.
34) Pretend to be super heroes! Your plush can be your sidekick or vice versa. Maybe your plush could even be the villain!
35) Play house with your plushies.
36) Pretend you and your plush are super models.
37) Web surf together. Perhaps even watch funny cat videos.
38) Make a pillow fort with your plushies and then defend it from attacking plushies.
39) Make a book together or make a book about them.
40) Make a shelter from a sheet and pretend to be stranded on a deserted island.

Twenty-First Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

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Maggie invited herself to Christmas dinner at his house by email, a very un-Maggie like thing to do but necessary in her mind.

“Dear Fox,

I was going to ask this on Tuesday when you were here but I realized that if I mentioned it in person, you would attempt to find a way to decline and that will not work. Instead, I am letting you know that I’ll be there on December 20th at 4pm for appetizers, for dinner at 6pm and I will be leaving no later than 9pm to allow you to get your proper night’s sleep.

I will be bringing with me one blueberry pie and one pumpkin pie.

Whatever you choose to serve for dinner will be wonderful and I will enjoy it immensely.

I look forward to it and will not be checking my email so any possibility of you cancelling will not be seen and I will be on your doorstep regardless of weather and circumstance.




Somewhere around the previous February, he worked up the courage to write Maggie a short note, much like the ones he and Scully had been infrequently exchanging. She responded immediately and had not left him alone since. It had taken until April for her to convince him to come to her house on a Tuesday afternoon to help clean out her gutters. He’d made it there by cab, ontime, and the whole experience had been terribly awkward and clock-ticking dreadful.

He returned the next week to fix some siding issues she was having on the garage.

Then to mow her lawn.

Weed her garden.

Re-stain and re-seal the deck.

By June, he just came over, no work beckoning him but working once he got there none-the-less. She fed him, they talked, they cried on multiple occasions, he apologized every time before he left again that night.

He didn’t ask about Scully though.

Maggie had questioned him as to why he didn’t but with a simple shake of his head, “not yet. I know she’s okay though so that makes it easier.”

Once or twice, he’d come earlier or stayed later than he’d meant to or Scully had dropped by on the wrong day, forgetting, in the hustle and bustle of hospital life, which day was verboten. The first time for that had been painfully wretched, Mulder dropping everything and bolting from the house, apologizing later to Maggie from the comfort of his living room.

The second time had been easier, Scully apologizing for interrupting and nodding towards Mulder, eyes open and accepting that she still shared her mother with him even though she didn’t share his bed. She’d disappeared to the backyard and as he left a few minutes later, he called a quiet ‘good night’ through the screened door, hearing her call one back without missing a beat.


As the holidays approached and there ceased to be a lawn to mow or windows to wash, he began to worry that he wouldn’t have a reason to go see her, to interact with her, to learn, through osmosis and rusty spying techniques, that Scully had an apartment, a job, a decent car, a life that didn’t involve him.

He desperately wanted to curl up and die a little bit when he began to hear Christmas carols on the radio but then Flab jumped on his belly, walked smartly up his chest with tail raised and waving, licked his chin, whisker-tickled his cheeks, then meowed fishy breath in his face, demanding scratching on her head and undercarriage.

He had no choice but to smile and do her bidding.

He snuggled up with her later on but didn’t die, instead listened to her purr against his throat while he watched ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ and forgot to lock the front door.


“Mom, you didn’t even let him try to cancel? What if he’s not there when you show up?”

“He’ll be there. He wouldn’t dare not be there and he will have dinner ready and we will have a very pleasant holiday meal.” Giving her daughter a not-so-sneaky look, “you could always come with me. I think Fox would like that very much.”

Scully shook her head, leaning back against the kitchen chair, feet settled on the seat beside her, elbow resting on the table, head against her hand, “I can’t. I just … I’m okay with him being here but I’m not ready to go back yet.”

Maggie loved them more than her own life and wished they’d just get themselves organized, “he’s been doing so well with his medications and trying, Dana. He talks now and carries on a conversation that has nothing to do with aliens and invasions and basement bomb shelters. He’s like he used to be and he misses you so much. If you’d just try again …”

Scully cut her off, eyes closing, “Mom, I will do this at my speed, okay? I can’t just show up at the house for Christmas dinner and pretend life is fine.”

“I know, honey, I’m sorry to push.” Resting her hand on Scully’s arm, squeezing lightly, “but you’re sure you’re fine with me going?”

Eyes popping back open, they both ignored the shining tears suddenly pooling, “at least he’s letting someone in and better you than some crazy person he met online.”

Lightening the mood, Maggie smiled, “it’s nice to at least rank about the internet chat people.”


Maggie knocked on his door at precisely 4pm, pies in hand and scarf tied tight, the harsh wind blowing through her coat and sweater as if they weren’t there, small, sharp pieces of ice pummeling her hair and stinging her cheeks. Mulder answered with the same nervous look he had on his face when he showed up for his first Christmas all those years ago and she couldn’t help but smile, “relax, Fox, it’s just me and pie.”

Mulder smiled back, “am I wearing my panic look?”

“You are indeed.”

Appetizers consisted of fresh fruit and cheese, alternating olives and cubes of ham skewered to death on a red-foil topped toothpick, along with sparkling apple cider or water. Feeling the need to apologize for the drinks, “I’m not allowed any alcohol with my medication and I don’t need the temptation.”

Taking a long sip of her cider, “this is just fine. I don’t need the alcohol if I’m to drive home without getting pulled over.”

Dinner, with a little of Maggie’s help, was steak, baked potatoes, asparagus and salad. Nodding her approval as she took her first bite, “better than my husband ever made.”

“Mr. Scully couldn’t cook a steak?”

“Not unless you liked shoe leather. There’s a reason we all love burned bacon. At first, it was a necessity because that’s how he cooked it but it grew on us. The well-done steak, however, never quite caught on.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it.”

Conversation flowed smoothly, Mulder asking about the family, all the kids floating around; Maggie asking about his medications and his routine, keeping him honest without letting on that she was keeping him honest but given he knew she was keeping him honest, he answered honestly, never wanting her to worry about him again.

Talk turned to Scully completely on accident, just as Maggie was serving out gigantic pieces of pie, “you know, I never could get that daughter of yours to eat pie.”

Even before he finished the sentence, he felt his stomach clench tightly, the steak threatening to push back up his throat as his eyes darted anywhere but to his dinner guest. Maggie, heart aching once again for the pair of them, nodded lightly, her voice carrying a joviality to it that relaxed him somewhat, “neither could any of us, no matter how many we squished her face into and believe you me, there were a lot.”

Mulder lit up, suddenly needing to hear a story of Scully’s face buried in a banana cream pie as much as he needed air to breathe, “define a lot.”

The next hour, loose lips told stories that would make Scully blush, had she been there; stories of pies and bathing suit incidents and spelling bee SNAFUs and embarrassing questions and equally embarrassing answers.

Mulder had never, not in years, laughed like he did that night. He relished each incident as if it were precious crystal and gold, woven into an intricate remembrance of a Scully he’d never met, never heard about and never wanted to forget. He even repeated a few things, just to make sure he had them committed to memory correctly, realizing that even if she never came home again, he’d have these treasures forever.

Watching how delighted he was with her reminiscence, Maggie shared more and more, one story blended with the next until she looked up, realizing it was after 10, the wind howling, the snow pinging the glass as it drove horizontal against the house. Standing, she moved to the window, “I don’t think I can drive home in this, Fox. Would you mind terrible if I stayed on the couch?”

He felt awful that he’d kept her for so long, wondering if he’d done it on purpose for the company then berating himself because he’d done nothing but listen, Maggie leading the charge down memory lane without so much as a care about the weather outside. Nodding in her direction after a moment, “in face, you can have the spare bed upstairs or our bed, if you don’t like the mattress. Plenty of blankets and quilts to keep you warm, too, no matter how drafty it gets up there.”

Her heart sang momentarily, knowing that an offered room upstairs meant he was cleaning even where no one would see. Blankets and quilts meant he was doing laundry. All little things that added up to telling her her son was doing okay.

“I would love that, Fox, thank you.”

He looked around the kitchen, which they’d cleaned up earlier, “well, are you ready for bed now? It’ll probably take a few minutes for the room to warm up after I open the door so would you like another piece of pie, maybe or watch the news?”

Maggie drew back in surprise, “when did you get regular television again?”

Mulder went sheepish, ducking his head, “well, more like I have a satellite dish that I can aim through the attic window so no one can hijack the dish or signal and mess with me.” Running a hand messily through his hair, he squinted apologetically at her, “old, old, old habits die hard but I realized it was a good next step for me.”

Hugging him tightly in a surprise attack, he still marveled at how tiny both her and her daughter were given that their mere presence burst the seams of whatever room they were in, “it’s a very good step and yes, I would like to watch the news with you, then maybe an episode of something nice, ‘Golden Girls’ or whatever might be on one of those old lady stations.”


Soon, Maggie was wearing some of Scully’s old sweatpants and a t-shirt, settled comfortable under mounds of covers when she heard Mulder knock on the open door frame, “Fox? Is everything all right?”

Mulder regarded her seriously, “earlier, I referred to my bed as our bed, meaning mine and Scully’s. I shouldn’t have said it like that. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression or idea that we were talking and she’d be back soon.”

Giving him the smallest head tilt, pulling her lips in slightly, pressing them together in sympathetic understanding, “I know, Fox. I don’t expect anything from either of you. I will always have hope and I will always pray that you two work things out eventually, be it end in love, friendship or understanding but above all else, I just want you to be happy. It’s what every mother wants for her children, both the ones related by blood and the ones she adopts as her own along the way.”

His eyes swam for a moment, then, “I go to therapy now. I mean, I actually go. I was doing things over the phone but finally, I realized that I needed to do it in person. I started a few weeks ago and I wanted to see how it went before I told you.”

Her chest swelled in pride, “I’m so proud of you, Fox. Dana will be to, whenever and if you ever choose to tell her.”

“I will. Just, in my own time … that is if you don’t mind keeping a secret from your daughter for me.”

With a juvenile turn of the fake lock on her lips, she tossed the key over her shoulder, “I will be silent until I hear from you.”

Flashing another Mulder smile at her, the one she’d missed so very much, he then scooped up the lurking Flab and dropped her on Maggie’s lap, “g’night, Maggie.”

“G’night, Fox.”


The next day, after Mulder had cleaned off Maggie’s car and had plowed the driveway with the lawnmower/snowplow, he came back in, shivering and soaked, grateful for the steaming mug of hot chocolate she met him at the door with. Taking it, he sipped, disappeared upstairs to change, then returned to the living room to find her waiting, small Christmas bag on the table, happy smile radiant. Once he sat down beside her on the couch, she handed him the bag, “Merry Christmas.”

“Aww, Maggie, you didn’t have to get me anything.”

“No, I didn’t but I wanted to so I did and you can’t return it because it’s homemade and personalized just for you.”

Curiosity drove him to pull out tissue paper while smirking at her threat, “please tell me it’s fudge.”

“No, you’ll get that next time so stop bothering me about it.”

He would have responded with something but his tongue tied itself in a knot, the ornament he pulled from the bag stopping him in his tracks. It was a cross-stitched sphere, a myriad of blues in the background except for where ‘Fox’ and 6/6/1992 were sewn in, one on either side of the gift. It only took a moment for him to remember the date and looking at her in quizzical wonder, “why would you put this date on here?”

“Because that’s the first day I heard about you. She called me up that night and told me about the man she’d been partnered with, someone with the odd name of Fox Mulder. Had I known then what I know now, I would have told her to kiss you the first opportunity she had.”

Knowing Maggie well, he studied it first, then focused past it to her face, “did you make one for Scully, too?”

“It’s time I should be going, I think.” Standing, she left his question hanging in the air, the answer obvious but enjoying her mysterious ways just the same, “thank you for a very lovely Christmas dinner and for letting me stay the night. I truly appreciate it.”

“You are welcome anytime, Maggie, anytime.”

“And I’ll see you on the Tuesday between Christmas and New Year’s, correct? I need to give you your gift.”

“The ornament was gift enough.”

“Hush, now. I have something else for you and expect you at my house by 2pm that day.” Sliding arms in sleeves, gloves on hands, she picked up her keys, “now give me a hug.”

Doing as ordered, she held a little tighter and a little longer, whispering into his ear, “you are a good boy and a wonderful son and I love you very much.”

“I love you, too, Maggie. Drive safe and email me when you get home.”

“I will.”


Scully opened her ornament in silence Christmas Eve, mirroring her mother’s head tilt and curving smile, “I have a feeling Mulder had the same one, doesn’t he? Just, I assume with his name on it and hopefully not in red?”

“Blue and you take all the fun out of gift giving sometimes.”

Not about to let her mother see her cry yet again, she instead pulled Maggie close, tears hitting out-of-sight shoulder instead, “it’s perfect. Thank you.”

Stuck With Me - Part 9

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Sam x Reader

Words: 1,100

A/N: Whoa baby! Almost done. Not so angsty this time I promise. Beka ( @impala-dreamer ) I am forever in your debt for your help with each and every part of this. I really hope you guys like it. Happy reading pals!


Dean was waiting at the bottom of the stairs when Y/N and Sam walked in. When she reached him he wrapped her in a hug.

“I am so sorry sweetheart. You let me know if there’s anything I can do ok?”

Pulling back, the corners of her mouth lifted in a barely there smile “Thank you. I um, I don’t know if-I guess I don’t know much of what I need ya know? Wouldn’t hate a drink though.”

“Well now you are speakin’ my language! And oh boy have you come to the right place. Sam’ll take your stuff to your room. You’re with me now kid.”

He slung his arm around Y/N’s shoulders and lead her to the bar cart.

Sam watched as they walked away, Y/N’s head leaning on his big brother’s shoulder. Slight hurt from suddenly being made a bellhop aside, he couldn’t help but smile at the sight. The circumstances were beyond terrible, but the fact she was here made his heart lighter than it had been since Stanford.

                                            *    *    *

The funeral was small. Y/N didn’t have a whole lot of family left, and the ones that did come were mainly there out of obligation, not grief. The majority of attendees were friends from around town.

Her grandmother was nothing if not prepared, and Y/N barely had to do anything. The ladies from the beauty parlor took care of food and programs, the lone florist in town had known for years exactly what would be needed. Irene was diligent about updating her will, and had given her lawyer strict instructions on how to handle everything down to the last detail. Even after she was gone nothing was left to chance and more importantly to her, nothing would burden Y/N.

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The Cat Returns “Talent” AU

1. This AU definitely takes place in a fantasy realm where creations, humans, talking cats, etc. all coexist in the same sphere.

2. Everyone has a magic “Talent” that can be anything from useful to flashy to down right bizarre separate from spells that you have to memorize and study to use.

2a. A spell’s usefulness depends on not only being able to memorize the incantation, but also on the caster’s understanding of the language and context to allow them to modify it. Seeing how incantations are literally millennia old at the youngest, not a lot of people study of magic not directly related to their Talent.

3. Naoko’s Talent lets her tie simple enchantments into her quilts. She regularly will tie in enchantments to keep stains away, keep the quilt always at the perfect temperature to bundle up in, and prevent fraying. Occasionally she’ll include enchantments to make the designs move or glow when a higher paying customer requests it. Her quilts are famous across the kingdom for their beauty and sturdiness.

4. Hiromi’s Talent enables her to run with the wind. She regularly exploits it to get a couple extra minutes in with her friends and make her job as a courier easier.

5. Muta’s Talent allows him to know the components of anything and Toto’s Talent is the ability to change the components of anything. They regularly use their Talent’s to mess with each other and have gotten into month long prank wars with them.

6. Baron’s Talent is his nose for trouble. He can literally smell the degree, type, and direction of any and all trouble in his range of smell. This is what led to the creation of the Cat Bureau. After the first decade he learned to filter out normal kind of trouble, though he will go look for it if he’s had a slow month.

7. Haru’s Talent is shape-shifting into how she feels. Which causes endless shenanigans when she first manifests it. That is what introduces her to the Cat Bureau.

7b. Once Haru gets ahold of how her Talent works she has great fun using it on Bureau Cases.

Feel free to jump in with your own thoughts and additions :)

Survival tip #25

I know that many of us with ADHD have difficulty getting to bed and sleeping on time. We also have trouble getting decent sleep. So here are some tips:

- Set a bed time and stick to it.

- Create a ritual around going to bed i.e. Showering, brushing your teeth, washing your face, getting into bed and reading a chapter of your book.

- Make your bedroom somewhere you want to be e.g. A nice bed spread or a comfy quilt.

- Keep all study materials out of your bedroom.

- Try turning off all technology around you before you go to bed.

- Charge your phone in the other room and use an old school alarm clock to wake you up.

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whoops sorry this took me a while to finish up, I had it waiting to be posted for ages but I got distracted by symmrat week…

  • who hogs the duvet

The problem for these two isn’t so much than anyone hogs the duvet so much as the fact Lena is, apparently, completely incapable of being still even while she is fast asleep and will relentlessly kick the duvet off at approximately 2:30 every. single. morning. And Lena isn’t thrilled about it to begin with, she always wakes up cold, but Emily is really not impressed with this.  Darn it Lena, she just wants to get cozy and have a solid eight hours of warm, uninterrupted sleep, dammit. If Emily wakes up in the middle of the night freezing cold though and has to climb out of bed to get the duvet, you better bet your ass that she will pettily cocoon herself in them and fall back to sleep and let Lena go get another blanket from the hall closet.

(This problem is eventually resolved (somewhat) when Emily starts keeping a second quilt folded underneath the bed within easy grabbing distance.)

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

They both text each other back and forth throughout the day, and the one who does it more really depends on what’s going on in their lives at the moment.  If it’s just a lazy, run-of-the-mill day and Emily’s at work and Lena’s bored then Lena’s going to text the most.  Emily’s phone is a constant hum of incoming texts and snaps and messages from Lena, just little things like jokes and selfies and stories about silly things that happened while Lena’s in town, things that Emily can look at and smile at on her break.  It’s fun for both of them, though Emily’s coworkers will rib her about it.

However when it’s Lena at work?  When she’s been called off on a mission or is back at the Watchpoint or worse on the news then it’s Emily texting her.  And Emily tries her best to keep the texts very casual, sort of a “ha ha just thought of you babe how you doing :) please don’t be dead”. Emily figures Lena’s job is hard enough without having a frantic girlfriend, and Emily knew what she was getting into when she started dating Lena (even though Overwatch had been disbanded at that point, the worst thing she was supposed to have to deal with was Lena’s pigheaded, vigilant heroics, not organized, international military ops, damn it, damn it) and Emily refuses to be one of those simpering “hero girlfriends” that you see in movies.  …Some days are just harder than others.  Lena understands though, and makes sure to respond to ever text she gets from Emily on days like that with selfies that show she’s okay, and lots of love and sweetness.

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Obviously Lena is the sort of person who puts off gift buying until literally the day of any given event, so her ability to choose good gifts (and she is fantastic at choosing good gifts, she loves finding the perfect thing for her friends and girlfriend) is slightly tempered by her inability to then get it in time.  She has absolutely, shame-faced, given IOUs as gifts, but she always delivers in the end.  (Emily is always enormously touched and more than used to her rather scatter-brained girlfriend.)

  • who gets up first in the morning

It’s often Emily on the pure technicality that she has a job that demands she be up and at work at a reasonable hour in the morning.  Still, they’re reluctant, groggy mornings with a lot of tea and as little breakfast as she can get away with while still surviving until lunch – whatever involves the least amount of effort until she wakes up properly, which usually takes about an hour.

On a weekend, when Emily doesn’t have to be at work, Lena is the one who wakes up earliest naturally.  Lena is able to sleep in until approximately 9:00 AM and by then her internal clock dings and up she goes.  She’s the sort of person that wakes up itching to go and do things.  As far as Emily’s concerned, this is a hundred times weirder than any time displacement or talking gorillas, especially after Lena informed her that, no, this is not a side effect of the chronal accelerator, she’s always been like this.  Still, Emily definitely profits on weekends because Lena likes to make a proper fry up for breakfast so Emily normally shuffles out of the bedroom to the smells of sausages and eggs and grilled tomatos and toast and…  

  • who suggests new things in bed

Both are pretty open to a bit of experimentation here and there.  Emily’s the one that comes to Lena in the middle of the afternoon and brings up this possibility she came across and looked into and worked out the logistics for and definitely thinks could be really enjoyable for both of them, what do you think?  (Lena still can’t figure out if Emily does this because she thinks it’s important to talk about those things outside the bedroom when everyone’s thinking clearly, or because she knows how much it ruins Lena for the rest of the day.  …Going by the smirk, Lena’s willing to bet on the latter.)


  • who cries at movies

Lena.  She is a Mess.  She will cry at the drop of a hat, even over things that really she has no business crying over.  Emily is forever amused, sitting there watching some silly romcom and then having Lena very quietly bursting into tears while pretending she’s not doing just that.  Like… babe… you know they’re going to reconcile by the end of the movie…  and yeah, of course Lena knows that but right now it’s just so sad ;-;

Plus if something even remotely sad happening in a kids movie she is done. There’s something about having sweet animated characters that are made to be happy and fun and seeing them in pain that just kills Lena.  She would have been destroyed if she’d been around to see Up when it was new.

  • who gives unprompted massages

Emily, and Lena just completely melts every time.  The first time Emily gave Lena a massage was a couple months after they started dating.  They were lying in Emily’s bed and Lena looked exhausted, so Emily nudged her onto her stomach and started giving her a message… it was supposed of a playful, teasing thing to lead into something More but holy jeez you’re really tense???  Like you know the blissful relief of taking your bra off at the end of the day? Now imagine how it must feel to take off the chronal accelerator. Lena’s shoulders are permanently sore because of that thing, even with the great harness she and Winston designed.  So Emily will often give Lena a massage at the end of a long day and it just about makes Lena purr every time.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Emily’s the one who fusses and honestly it sort of throws her off because she’s normally not the sort to fuss – she’s pretty laid back most of the time (and honestly, if you want to date someone with Lena’s sort of lifestyle, a laid back attitude is very much advisable…).  Normally it’s fine – yup, she’ll make sure you have a full glass a water by the bed, pick up medication on the way home from work, make some soup and toast, and that sort of stuff, but with Lena a little part of her can’t help but worry more than usual.  Because… well, what if something goes wrong.  Most of the time she trusts Lena to know what she’s doing with the whole time disassociation thing but when Lena gets sick… well, a part of her can’t help but get hung up on the whole thing and start to worry. Even though she knows chronal disassociation has nothing to do with the sniffles she also wasn’t around when Lena disappeared the first time and has no real idea what it looks like or what would happen or what she could do. So yeah, as long as Lena’s sick, Emily fusses while trying to pretend to both herself and Lena that she is absolutely not fussing.

(On the other hand, when Emily is sick Lena sees her primary job as being to cheer her up and keep her company.  Which inevitably means that if Emily is sick, Lena will be as well soon after.)

  • who gets jealous easiest

Emily gets jealous.  Again, like “fussing” this is something she’s not really used to.  She’s normally pretty confident in any relationship she’s in, and it’s not that she isn’t confident in this relationship with Lena, or that she thinks Lena would cheat (she doesn’t) but sometimes when she hears about all the amazing things Lena’s done, and the exceptional people she’s met, Emily can help but wonder how in the world she measures up in comparison.  A part of her can’t stop thinking about the girlfriends of superheroes in comics and movies (she’s definitely a comic book nerd, okay) and how they’re so… disposable.  They’re only there when it’s plot relevant and can get killed off without the slightest inconvenience and most of the time people are more interested in the other superheroes more than The Girlfriend.   She knows it’s a silly fear and that Lena doesn’t think that way at all – that this is real life, not a comic, and the two of them have a life together – but she can’t help it all the same.  So when she sees Lena hanging around other girls that are clearly Interested, she might be a little territorial, but nothing more than just hanging around Lena or keeping a hand in hers or on her arm or something, just something to say this one is mine, back off, but she gets more nervous when she sees Lena hanging out with other old Overwatch members, people she has history with and who are equally “super”…  (It gets a little better when she starts making friends with Lena’s friends and really gets to know the other Overwatch members.)

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

We’ve all seen Lena’s punk skins, right?  Lena went through a hardcore punk phase and never quite grew out of it and her music choices reflect that.  Emily puts up with it with the best grace she possibly can.  (I imagine Emily being into chiller music, like soft background music and instrumental stuff and classical, that she just plays constantly through the apartment.)  Honestly, I’m not sure if the music Lena listens to is as embarrassing as her determination to dress appropriately every time she goes to a concert – those punk clothes definitely still make appearances from time to time.

I also think Lena has a pretty wild running playlist.  Like you know how most people end up sort of pacing themselves to the music they listen to?  You’ll find yourself running faster to fast music and slowing down if a slower song comes on?  So just imagine the nonsense Lena likes to listen to when she’s working out, it’s like… aggressively fast tempo’d and perky.  (I can see her and Zarya having an on-going feud over who gets to pick the music while they’re both in the gym, so it ends up being this weird mix of Zarya’s loud, bassy Russian metal or something, and then Lena’s music which, according to Zarya, sounds like hamsters on crack.)

  • who collects something unusual

Did you see the inside of their apartment?  That’s minimalist af.  Lena’s been in the RAF and then Overwatch since she was pretty young, and then has more or less been on the go since Overwatch’s disbandment, so she never really acquired a taste for collecting.  If it doesn’t fit into a footlocker or a backpack, what’s she going to do with it, really?  Barracks only have so much space, and if she’s buying something more finnicky than that, it’s something to go in the communal areas or something.  I’d say the closest she comes to collecting is an impressive digital library of truly awful movies, but even then she definitely prefers digital over physical collecting because digital can be carried on the go.

As for Emily, she seems to prefer things neat and tidy and stream line so she doesn’t really have any strange collections either.  She has a much more impressive wardrobe than Lena does, but again that’s not really unusual.  (Unless you ask Lena, who is of the mind that you need one good, functional and comfy pair of shoes and should be good with that and can’t quite wrap her head around how many Emily has. Emily can’t wrap her mind around how Lena has one pair of functional shoes and they’re crocs monstrosities.)

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Absolutely Emily.  Lena is constantly Ready To Go.  I mean… the fact that she can blink her way through her morning routine probably helps too, but still, Lena seems like the sort of person who’s constantly ready to bound off from Activity A to Activity B with no transition in between.  Emily, on the other hand, needs the time to get an outfit together, put on her make-up, fix her hair…  Lena has spent a lot of time loafing around their living room moaning theatrically while Emily reminds her girlfriend exactly how much she likes the results of all Emily’s hard work, thank you very much. (You can’t enthusiastically mess up make-up with kissing and cuddling unless it was put on first.)

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Emily wins that one.  Lena’s probably pretty good, again just from ingrained military habit, but now that she’s been out on her own for a number of years and has her own space those old habits have begun to backslide a bit.  Especially since Lena tends to be trying to do a dozen things at once and has a tendency to forget little things like putting her dishes away or cleaning up that project before starting another or taking off her muddy shoes before blinking through the apartment.

Emily is the one who likes to keep the apartment spick and span.

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Lena is so fucking here for the holidays.  Themed parties!  Gift giving!  Television specials! Costumes!  Cheer!  Not to say Emily doesn’t also love the holidays, she really really does, Lena just tends to show her enthusiasm in a similar way to your average six-year-old.

Emily’s enthusiasm tends towards the slightly calmer variety but it’s definitely still there – she’s the one who suggests they walk in the snow to look at Christmas lights and who makes them hot chocolate with marshmellows and who is, yes, even willing to wear a matching elf outfit with Lena to the Overwatch Christmas party because she loves her nerdy girlfriend.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Lena’s tiny, she’s like 5'4” or something, so Emily gets to be the big spoon more often than not. Even when they’re not in bed, Emily loves to come up behind Lena and tuck Lena’s head under her chin and just enjoy the pleasure of cuddling her short girlfriend.  And Lena is definitely not arguing! You don’t know pure bliss until you’re lying around on the couch and your girlfriend comes home from work and wiggles herself behind you just so that you can lie curled up in her arms.  Plus, both of these girls are from England, land of perpetual rain, so they both enjoy cuddling and sharing some body heat and cold, wet days.

Lena will shamelessly go big spoon though if she’s trying to keep Emily in bed; she’ll wrap herself to Emily like a monkey and cling until both her and Emily end up tumbling out of the bed onto the floor.

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

…Take a guess.  Lena has literally no chill when it comes to anything that even whiffs of competition. Sports, video games, board games, Lena is going for the gold.  

  • who starts the most arguments

I honestly hate this question a little because like… as a general rule it’s gonna take two people to argue, and even if one “starts” the argument it’s probably because there was something being done that needs to be addressed. Either way, I think Emily “starts” the most arguments simply because I can see Lena as someone who tries to avoid those sorts of confrontations.  She’d much rather ignore an issue and try to dance around it.  Emily’s the one who finally forces them both to acknowledge issues there might be, and it might explode into a fight but as a general rule it’s ultimately for the best because it actually ends with them having a discussion about whatever the issue is and resolving it.

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Emily brings it up, actually.  She’d like a companion in the apartment, someone to welcome them home, to cuddle with, to keep Lena company while Emily’s at work and keep Emily sane while Lena’s off risking life and limb.  Plus it sort of… feels like a good next step for them.  To have a life to take care of, together.  They haven’t committed yet, because both of them are serious about it and with Overwatch just starting up again it seems a unstable, but they’re definitely talking about it and looking at breeds and adoption centres and stuff.  (There’s also the little fact that Lena wants a dog and Emily wants a cat.  Don’t worry, they’ll figure something out.)

  • what tv shows they watch together

They’re the sort to have one intense, dramatic show on the go.  What the 2070’s equivalent of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or whatever is.  They lose their shit over each new episode release, they laugh, they cry, on occasion one or both may scream and leave the room.  You don’t mess with Their Show. Lena has definitely woken Emily up in the middle of the night because she just had this amazing idea and what if this is the next big plot twist??? and Emily can’t even be mad because that is literally genius and do you think the creators are that smart and now it’s one in the morning and they’re both scouring the internet to see if anyone else has had that theory yet.  On the other hand, they also keep pretty sporadic schedules so it’s not unusual for Lena to get a string of texts like

you know I love you
but if you don’t stop saving the day and come home soon so help me god i am WATCHING this next episode because it came out yesterday and I NEED to know what happens to Alex

followed by Lena’s: don’t you DARE

  • what other couple they hang out with

I am 100%  fan of Lena casually introducing Emily to all of her Overwatch buddies and Emily being Very Chill about meeting all these weird, quirky heroes, so I suppose they’d hang out with any of the ships you have there.  I absolutely love the idea of those two going on double dates with Genji and Zenyatta or Fareeha and Angela.

  • how they spend time together as a couple

In a weird way one of the things I can see them doing together is exercising?  Which is a little hilarious because obviously there’s Lena who is the embodiment of that one spongebob quote “wanna see me run to that mountain and back? …wanna see me do it again?” or like… when Captain America keeps lapping Sam.  Still, I can see Lena slowing her pace down and jogging along side Emily when she goes out for a run, or joining her in the gym when she’s working on upper body stuff and things like that. Obviously Emily’s just doing it to stay fit, this isn’t like the sort of workouts Lena did when she was still with Overwatch and trying to stay military fit, but Lena still likes going to keep in practice. After all, you never know…

(Also then imagine, post-Recall, Lena invites Emily to come work out in the Overwatch gym with her because they have great facilities that Emily will love. So there’s like… Lena there running like sonic the fucking hedgehog, then Zarya in a corner lifting a million pounds like it’s nothing, and maybe Winston’s finally been talked into working out a bit by Athena so he’s there with all his gorilla strength, you could have Genji and/or Hanzo, trained ninja assassins from birth, or Fareeha who’s built like a brick wall, and then, in the middle of it all, Emily with her headphones in, exercise music on, resolutely working out with a jump rope and enjoying every minute of it.)

But I mean besides that they do… normal couple things together?  They share an apartment so a lot of it is just normal every day life things.  Sharing chores and cooking, sleeping together and cuddling on the couch, fighting over the tv and going shopping.  They probably go out on dates a whole bunch, like they try to have a weekly date night sort of thing.  Sometimes it’s just staying home with chinese food and a movie, but they’ll also go out to restaurants or to the theatres or try some sort of couples activity, that sort of thing.

  • who made the first move

My favourite headcanon was that it was… kind of both of them?  I can see Lena being a bit of playful flirt when she’s at the pub, so she was talking up this one really pretty red head who seemed sweet and funny and really smart.  Things are going great, only for Lena to realize a bit belatedly that this girl has no idea who she is. And it kind of throws Lena off a bit.  She’s very used to being Tracer From Overwatch, very recognizable …and let’s be honest being a bit of a hero definitely helps when it comes to picking up cute girls.  But… well, Overwatch isn’t the hero anymore, is it?  Saying you’re a disgraced member of a corrupt military organization that was forcefully disbanded by the UN is… not really a good ice breaker. And suddenly Lena’s having all these doubts and Emily’s not really sure what’s up with the girl that started flirting with her – is she getting cold feet? did Emily say something wrong? – but so far she’s really likes this girl and would like to see her again so Emily pushes through Lena’s sudden hesitation and secures a date for them.

It takes a little while before Lena admits to being Tracer (and Emily just kinda stares out into space like… wow I’m a fucking idiot I saw you on posters… though to be fair you don’t really expect to see someone like that in your local pub).

So Lena was the one who made the very first move, but it was thanks to Emily that more came of it.

  • who brings flowers home

Both of them!  For birthdays or anniversaries or just “hey it’s a beautiful spring day and I was thinking of you” gifts, each will randomly bring home bouquets to put in the kitchen or on the window sills.  They tried to do live flowers once (Emily thought it’d be great to try to grow a little herb garden in the kitchen window) but they both quickly learn that they suck at keeping plants alive.  Lena has a tendency to remember them rather sporadically (well I remembered in my timeline, is her go to excuse but they both know she just completely forgot) and will let them go dry for days then drown them in a desperate attempt to overcompensate, and Emily works weird hours all over the place and has as tendency to just want to crash and go to sleep when she gets home so yeah.  Live plants aren’t ideal.  Emily’s been talking about them getting some little succulents though on the grounds that even they shouldn’t be able to kill those, but Lena is a little reluctant because she knows if Jesse comes over and sees them with a cactus he will never let Lena hear the end of it.

  • who is the best cook

Emily… though honestly I imagine both of them turn to takeout more often than either would like to admit. As far as cooking goes, Lena’s specialty tends to lean a bit more towards the chocolate-covered or slathered-in-oil variety foods (she is a very big fan of pub food) and while it’s tasty Emily continues to insist it’s not sustainable.  (“Psssh” responds Tracer,, “hasn’t killed me yet, right?”).  Emily is much better at cooking meals that involve actual vegetables but she also hates cooking with a fiery passion.  When they do cook, it’s often either easy things like fried vegetables on rice or Emily’s speciality: a huge vat of soup that can then be stored and brought out later for like a month’s worth of lunches.

Lena, however, absolutely does breakfast.  She does the best breakfasts.

newt marriage headcanons

a lil collection of scenarios from domestic life with Newt Scamander

-His proposal was nervous and his hands slightly unsteady, each word clearly carefully rehearsed. (You knew they were carefully rehearsed, as you had overheard him practicing it to himself over and over, early one morning in the bathroom mirror while he thought you were still sleeping. You had been thrilled, but you never had the heart to admit to him that his proposal was not a surprise.) Newt does not take the idea of marriage lightly, and when he looked up at you and said that he wanted you by his side for life, you could hear the commitment and certainty in his tone. 

-”In sickness and in health” is a promise he most definitely kept: even when it’s just the common cold, Newt is there to keep you warm with quilts, cuddles, and homemade soup. 

-He studies you a lot, and this never fades even after years of marriage. He never gets tired of observing you, as he finds you incredibly fascinating even after all the time he’s known you. When you catch him staring, he always smiles slightly and looks away, somewhat embarrassed. It’s adorable.

-Your rings are matching gold wedding bands with the date of your marriage carved into the outside. They are simple, but they carry enormous meaning. He always frets when he has to remove his, and does so as infrequently as possible.

-He told you fondly once after returning from a long trip to the mountains that he loved his work, but he missed your face dearly when you were unable to accompany him. You had remembered this and scraped together enough money by your first anniversary to purchase a pair of lockets and surprise him. He wears his at all times, and if he starts to feel lonely he will pop it open and take comfort from seeing your smile.

-No matter how short the trip, you both dread it when one of you has to go away. Reunions are always tearful, and often you take a running start as soon as you see him. He’ll catch you, swooping you up into a tight embrace. You often spend several minutes like that, your face in his scarf and his in your hair, rocking slightly back and forth and savoring the closeness you both missed so much while apart. 

-Evenings are often spent reading together and holding hands, and he will always at some point pull your hand to his lips to leave soft, absentminded kisses on your skin. He is only half-aware of this usually, as he is engrossed in his novel, but it always makes him feel safe and comfortable to feel your soft hand brush his cheek.

-Sometimes, while tending to his beasts, he can think of nothing else and for a while you are out of his mind. He is so focused on them that he’s put the rest of his life to the back of his mind for those moments and devoted all of his attention solely to the beasts. Then, often after a long day of work, his ring will catch his eye and he’ll remember that you’re probably at home waiting for him. The thought always makes him smile, and sometimes he finds himself updating his beasts on how you’re doing and what you’re up to. Most days, though, you go down with him to help feed and care for them, and he loves to watch you interact with them. 

-When together, the two of you are touching more often than not. In public it tends to be more subtle: standing very close or his hand lightly holding your arm, but when the two of you are alone together you love to trace your fingers over his skin or climb into his lap wordlessly just to bury your face in his neck while he reads or writes. He particularly enjoys it when he can rest his chin on your shoulder so he can read whatever you’re reading.

-Sometimes, you find yourself exhausted after a long day of work, and you curl up on the couch to read a book and relax, your eyelids drooping. On evenings like these, he can tell that you’re stressed so he joins you on the couch, coaxes you to rest your head on his lap, and reads quietly to you from the novel you had chosen. He keeps reading aloud to you even after he notices that you’ve fallen asleep, and he runs his fingers gently through your hair. The two of you have both fallen asleep like this more than once, and you love it when you wake up with the book lying dog-eared on your stomach and a gently snoring Newt sleeping, his hand still resting on the cover.

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Can I get some snuggly tummy tickles with Darky please??? ((You're amazinggg))

You want a snuggly tickle monster, how adorable~ 

You just crave touches, who would I be to deny that?

It would be so enjoyable for both of us. 

I could sit by your side on the couch as you hug me close as ifi am your only protection from the cold. We could be under a blanket as my fingers slowly crawl to that ticklish tummy of yours. 

With the blanket it’s harder for you to get away form these tickly touches, so I’d be free to play with that soft sensitive tummy skin. I could go soft, keeping you in a constant fit of giggles as you wiggle around next to me. 

I could go rough, watching you try to thrash with the heavy quilt keeping you tangled up, my fingers pressing each little spot that makes you squeal and buck. 

I’d keep my arm around you, hugging you close with an adoring smile on my face as I watch your face scrunch up as laughter tumbles from you like a waterfall. 

Stay close under the warm blanket in my comforting embrace as the tickle monster has a small snack. 

oh my god so you know how i'm newsies trash, but did you know i also have strong feels about peter pan. and one time i wrote this newsies peter pan au and this is just the beginning of it, but i said i'd post it so here it is...

it’s long so it’s going below the cut.  there are hints of javid and jackcrutchie and lambcuddles because i headcanon peter pan as panromantic at the very least - hopefully that’ll entice some of y'all to actually read this :)

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anonymous asked:

can you tell us about north and theta in nyau

Theta was a bubbly 7 year old that loved dogs. North was the next door neighbor with a german shepherd. Eventually Theta’s foster mom let North know that she was planning to retire. Since he and Theta got along so well she thought he should consider getting licensed, so that Theta wouldn’t have to get placed in another home.

South’s like “North you have no impulse control, you need to ignore this kid before you do something stupid,” and North Dakota, a paragon of reason and logic, tells South that he knows exactly how absurd it would be for a single combat veteran in his 20s to try and foster a 7 yr old. Ridiculous. He would never.

Somehow, North does not know what happened don’t ask him about it, he ends up adopting Theta. 

North gets a huge honeycomb-patterned quilt that keeps the monsters in the closet away. The dog starts sleeping in Theta’s bed. They’re all learning how to feel safe at night.

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Can you do something for the prompts 24&28 with Carl from TWD? Thanx

Prompts: 24. “You look really cute in that sweater.”

  28.  “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

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