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So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


This summer I drew a line and turned off my feelings. I have committed myself to no strings attached, pure, relaxed fun. But as the summer goes on, I feel the line starting to get crossed. I slowly back away and you drag me back across with your lips and your hands and the way my body reacts to you.
—  Me, 26.7.16, “Me and the Hipster”

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생일 축하해, 전보람!! ❤ [March 22]

Happy birthday to our most beloved Jeon Boram. Thank you for showering queen’s with love and ‘aeygo’, your smiles and ajumma laughs. No matter what decisions you make in the future, know we will always be behind you, supporting and watching over you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for being a part of T-ARA ♛

I color coordinated my outfit and glasses with rage today

Just in time to go meet my negligent, transphobic doctor again. I don’t plan on being nice this time, not after my fun near-death experience. 🙃

Anyway, see you guys later for possible commission???

I hope you have a good day, with no weird massive bugs from Australia or anything like that. Let’s avoid those.

Wings Chapter 32 on AO3


Beta of the video I’m working on (including exclusive glitches that won’t make it into the final version!)

I’m thinking about doing an editing live stream on YouTube today in case anyone is interested C:

Super SuperCat Fic Recs

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Hey so I’m attempting to apply to some apartments today but I don’t have enough $$ and if anyone could spare for my sister and I to apply that would be reallly nice!!!

ALSO if u wanna know anything about my life feel free to message me and I’ll keep u updated on my life because I don’t want my posts to come off like I’m scamming ANYONE I’ve been through a lot in the past couple months and I’ve really been needing help.

Thank you.

My PayPal is

Taking a Break from Dentistry

Hi everyone and yes, that’s my final decision. I found out that I could do an intermission leave in the middle of the semester and my thought was ‘what’s the point of studying this anymore when you hate it and you almost killed yourself (twice) from it.’ So, taking a break it is. I’m going to talk with my academic adviser tomorrow about writing an application. And I’m going to go back home after finishing all of the stuff I have to do. Maybe I’d rest for a while. Side notes that I use the term ‘taking a break’, rather than ‘dropping out’, just in case I want to continue my study in dentistry, although there is a slim chance for that.

I’ll retake an admission exam to study what I really like, and hopefully pass it. The admission system in my country allows choosing 4 majors/universities of choice and you can enter said major if your score is enough. I’d go with: language/law/psychology/???(undecided, maybe sociology). I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I’m definitely not happy with what I am and who I am now. Taking a step back from dentistry is a big step, both out of and into my comfort zone at the same time. I mean my friends here are really nice, some teachers are great but what I have to do (wax carving, tooth preparation, dentures, etc) just isn’t… me. And it has been killing me inside since last year.

I’m not going to lie but the last year (until now) I have cried more than I did in my whole life combined and I’ve become suicidal. Just from studying and doing lab practices. I loathed myself and thought that I was a useless piece of shit just because I couldn’t do like others in the class. It may sound funny to you but this is what I feel. This is what I face everyday, waking up and thinking ‘why can’t I sleep forever’ just because I don’t want to go to the lab.

I’m worried about my future, yes. What if I still don’t like what I do? Do I look pathetic, retaking exams with those high school students? But right now the best choice I can do is rest, and let my mental health recover.

Again, I’m not going to stop posting studyblr posts just because I’m taking a break from studying. I appreciate everyone’s effort and that’s one of things that keep me moving forward. Knowing that I’m not the only one who is struggling with (academic) life, and I have those of you who have sent me kind messages. I’m very grateful for that. Thanks to all of you who have stick with me. Thank you.

I’ll keep update about my life after this, If you are interested, it’s in my personal tag ‘#piiess ranting’. And if you’re not, make sure to blacklist it.

With love and coffee,

Pat x 08/10/17

PS. Special thanks for these people; I want to hug you all @lavietudier @trainstationery @clueless-dullahan @960705 @gloomstudy @yamaguchibi and @writtenstutter

PPS. Thank you Asa @bekicotwrites for advises over the semester, they really helped me and I appreciate them very much. We might not be in the same major in the future but I hope I can still keep in touch with you. :)

SNS appreciation post

I really wanted to say thank you, to everyone in the SNS fandom you guys are the best bundle of people I have ever got to met so…….. here goes. I hope you can handle the fluff. I am going to attempt to write some of the nicest ish about the people who make up my sns family.

Dear SNS family…

@kuramaknows: you are litteraly the cutest bundle of joy to know, your life is literally my goal and your so preeeettyyy HOW THE FUDGE? I know we only recenlty started talking but you inspire me with your writing and you personality is literally infectious.

@sns4life: you are my beta bae and you are a blessing to my bad grammar. You blog is beautiful and i need to embody your smartness because i will never be as smart as you.. please transfer your knowledge to me.

@philosophy-and-coffee: your fic was amazing and creative and you have such real skills, i miss talking to you :(. Your mind is a fanfic temple, please bless me with your talent.

@tomato-x-ramen: girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you are soooo frickin talented, your art work is honeslty so beauitful. Never ever ever stop sharing your work because it is a blessing from the gods. I honeslty respect you so much as an artist, your digitial art is beyond awe inspiring.

@jaimeejaeger: you are a blessing to my life, you are a preety angel who came down to earth and hit me in the face with happiness. You are goals, your hair is goals, your life is goals, your dog is goals. You do such great things for the fandom and your personality is literally the most infectious thing in this world. Trully amazing person <3

@bean-paste-man: you are preety much a semi-god of the sns fandom, you are all our mum and I appreciate the level of commitment you have to this fandom. You bring such creative and innovative sns content to this fandom and for that i bow down at your feet. I respect you sensie, please teach me your ways true sns master. 

@cantgetoversns: You are the cutest pile of fairy dust to this fandom, i actually cant believe how long its been since I talked to it :( Hit me up gurl :P But honeslty your drawings are so cute and amazing and beautiful and your blog is a pile of happiness. Honeslty your like the sweetest person in the fandom, i am pretty sure everyone in this fandom thinks the same of you. So thank you for always being so nice to everyone and welcoming others joining us. Never ever ever change.

@yuurei-cosplay: I think you are one of the best sns cosplayers ever, we used to talk quite alot. Your photos/cosplay are just getting better and better. I love how beautiful and well thought out your cosplay, photos, setting, everythinnngg is. You trully are an inspiration and i wish you nothing but the best and please keep posting because your updates give me life.

@hotmessmuffin: I left you for last for a reason. You are one of the first tumblrs I had ever became friends with and I will never ever regret the day we started talking to each other. You are such an inspiration to me, your ability to write is impeccable, you literally take me places when you write, I have laughed and cried reading your work, please I beg of you never stop and let the world see all your head canons because girl your mind is a literal sns gold field. You have moved past the stage of being my friend on tumblr to my literal wife. I love you. Literally. I wish nothing but happiness for you, please never be afriad to post your work because everyone and i mean EVERYONE needs to see the level of pure awesomeness that is your writing/mind. You are one beautiful person with a very interesting and complex soul, who ever wins your heart is one lucky person. Girl honestly unleash all your ideas and work to the world, please. Plus i cant wait to work on this collab together. you will forever be my sns wife <3

wooooooo… holy crap, that was alot of fluff in one go. But honeslty you guys plus many more have made my sns experience phenomenal. You guys in some way have been part of my sns jounrey and I want to say thanks, from those who welcomed me into the fandom to those who stuck around and stayed in my heart. Thank you! I hope we all continue supporting our boys and keep providing great content to the sns fandom!! 

anonymous asked:

So I just want to tell this to someone (? Well.... it turns out I'm friends with a guy who was born the same day as me. Same day, same year, in pretty close cities. Basically we have very similar birth charts, except for the houses probably Aaaaand I think he's like my lost brother or a soul mate bc I can't decide jshdhdhd But also people tell me he's got a crush on me? And I dunno if that's 100% true but his interactions make me think so. Umm dunno, if he asks me, I would totally date him...

i’m invested in your life now, keep me updated if something big happens

Don’t all line up at once.

*update waiting on the pathology to come back Tuesday. Staples come out the same day. Moving around without my walker and rehabbing my leg. Laughter is the best medicine I’ll just be glad when I’m cleared to go to the gym.

“You’re not allowed to lift anything over 10lbs.”

At that point just tell me not to lift anything at all lol.

Anyway I’ll be back snapping pics, driving, and starting up a charity car group soon enough. Busy rest of the year on my way to recovery. Who knows I may do some motivational speaking before the year is up. We’ll see…

all the signs from that one shop next to Bob’s Burgers

Season 1 Episode 1: P.F.E.T.A

Season 1 Episode 2: Trot’s All Natural Fertilizer

Season 1 Episode 3: Rent Reduced: Crime Scene Special

Season 1 Episode 4: Meth I Can! Methadone Clinic 

Season 1 Episode 5: Synthesizers! Synthesizers! Synthesizers!

Season 1 Episode 6: Extra Moist Yoga

Season 1 Episode 7: The Horse Renderer

Season 1 Episode 8: Attempted Crepe French Cooking School

Season 1 Episode 9: STD B-Gone Free Clinic

Season 1 Episode 10: Rocky Refuge Raccoon Sanctuary 

Season 1 Episode 11: Bass Drum Emporium

Season 1 Episode 12: Magnum G.I. Colonoscopies

Season 1 Episode 13: Chris’s Brisses

Season 2 Episode 1: Uncle Marty’s Breast Pumps

Season 2 Episode 2: Hannibal’s Dead Animals Taxidermy

Season 2 Episode 3: Pookah Pagoda Pookah Shell Warehouse

Season 2 Episode 4: A Fridge Too Far Used Appliances 

Season 2 Episode 5: That’s Improv-able Improv Theater

Season 2 Episode 6: Stickers For Men

Season 2 Episode 7: Grindecologist Coffee Shop

Season 2 Episode 8: Valley of the Dollies 

Season 2 Episode 9: Yes, Wire Hangers!

Season 3 Episode 1: Annie Get Your Gum

Season 3 Episode 2: Year-Round Halloween Store

Season 3 Episode 3: I’d Hit That Boxing Gym 

Season 3 Episode 4: Simply the Abestos 

Season 3 Episode 5: Colonial Baloney 

Season 3 Episode 6: Butt Stuff Underwear Outlet 

Season 3 Episode 7: Wigs Wigs Wigs! (And Socks) 

Season 3 Episode 8: Talk to the Hand Glove Store 

Season 3 Episode 9: Cane You Dig It? Candy Cane Outlet 

Season 3 Episode 10: Does Your Face Hurt? Beauty Supplies 

Season 3 Episode 11: Scroto-Rooter Vasectomy Clinic 

Season 3 Episode 12: That’s A-Door-A-Bell Doorbells

Season 3 Episode 13: Kookah for Hookah

Season 3 Episode 14: Let’s Scissor! Collage Studio

Season 3 Episode 15: Earth, Wind & Tires

Season 3 Episode 16: Elliot’s Smelly Bits Potpourri Shop

Season 3 Episode 17: Fern, Baby, Fern Discount Fern Store

Season 3 Episode 18: Miles of Vials

Season 3 Episode 19: The Massagonyst: Massages for Men

Season 3 Episode 20: Nothin’ But Notaries

Season 3 Episode 21: Break-A-Bear Teddy Bear Disposal 

Season 3 Episode 22: Sit and Spin Pottery

Season 3 Episode 23: Our Carpets Match Our Drapes Home Furnishing 

Season 4 Episode 1: Tandemonium: All Your Tandem Bike Needs

Season 4 Episode 2: Johnny Razor’s Totally Normal Candy Store

Season 4 Episode 3: Don’t Go there: Cautionary Sign Store

Season 4 Episode 4: Wolf in Cheap Clothing Discount Pet Apparel 

Season 4 Episode 5: Dr. Rangelove Stove Store

Season 4 Episode 6: Betty’s Machettes

Season 4 Episode 7: Yadda Yadda Dad Jewish Surrealist Art Gallery

Season 4 Episode 8: Nog Nog Who’s There? Egg Nog

Season 4 Episode 9: Tankin’ It to the Streets Tank Top Shop

Season 4 Episode 10: Cats a Rising Star Pet Improv

Season 4 Episode 11: Fire Distinguishers: Put Your Fire Out With a Flair

Season 4 Episode 12: North by North Vest

Season 4 Episode 13: Quilty as Charged Quilt Shop 

Season 4 Episode 14: Carl’s Pre-Owned Indoor Outhouses 

Season 4 Episode 15: Brazilianaire Currency Exchange & Waxing Salon

Season 4 Episode 16: Napoleon’s Complexion: Skin Care for Little People

Season 4 Episode 17: Tire-Rhea

Season 4 Episode 18: Get a Loom You Two! Couples’ Weaving 

Season 4 Episode 19: A Unicycle Built for Two: Tandem Unicycles

Season 4 Episode 20: The Nightlight Zone

(Season 4 Episodes 21 and 21, as well as Season 5 episodes 1, 2 and 4 do not feature the usual opening sequence. Therefore there are not store signs to go with these episodes.)

Season 5 Episode 3: Gift Rappers Freestyle Gift Wrapping

Season 5 Episode 5: Flip Your Wig Reversible Hairpieces 

Season 5 Episode 6: Miracle on 34th Sheets: Sheets and Bedding in 34 Colors

Season 5 Episode 7: Rude A-Bake-Enin: Cakes for People you Hate! 

Season 5 Episode 8: Cat-Like Refluxes Feline Gastroenterologist

Season 5 Episode 9: I’ve Got Crabs Hermit Crab Emporium

Season 5 Episode 10: Takes All Rinds Composting Center 

Season 5 Episode 11:  I’ve Got Crabs Hermit Crab Emporium (Again)

Season 5 Episode 12: You Can’t Handle the Ruth: Baseball Cards

Season 5 Episode 13: A Ton in the Oven: Big and Tall Baby Clothes

Season 5 Episode 14: Baby Got Back Problems Physical Therapist 

Season 5 Episode 15: Lady and the Clamp Hardware for Her

Season 5 Episode 16: Shelfies: Pictures of Shelves

Season 5 Episode 17: Cupid’s Stupid Divorce Attorney’s 

Season 5 Episode 18: A Site for Sore Thighs Massage Parlor 


Season 5 Episode 19: Meet the Patents Patent Attorney 

anonymous asked:

(Parents moving overseas anon here!) Thank you for the amazingly helpful tips. It's good to know that things will get easier over time. I have another question for you, if you don't mind! My cat, who is really close to my mom, has been sulking and meowing for her in her room and at the windows and front door. What can I do to ease her loneliness? She has a hard time getting along with other cats, so bringing in another one is out of the question. (For now, anyway.)

I’m glad to hear that some of my advice was helpful! 🙌🏻

As far as your cat goes, cats do grieve when they miss humans and other animals that they’re close to.

Here are some suggestions:

- Feeliway. Spray it low to the ground on door archways and chair legs, things she typically rubs up against. Feeliway is a hormonal spray that comforts cats who are worried about their territory, but I’m hoping that if you spray this around your mother’s room the cat will smell it and be calmer.
- Catnip and treats. Cats love to be pampered, nothing wrong with some old fashioned bribing. Cats do have clear preferences in terms of humans, but they can and will change their mind if you are patient. Make your cat associate you with positivity, give her a treat when she sees you. Do this enough that she comes to expect a treat when she sees you, and then slowly phase the treat out and replace it with affection.
- Speaking of bribing, buy some cat furniture for the room and put cat toys on the ground inside of it to make it more “cat friendly”. Moving furniture in the room around and other slight changes may help your cat see this room differently. Make this room a fun room for the cat.

Your cat will eventually move on, much like you will. I think your cat is a good metaphor for your situation right now, haha. Both of you just need a little bit of time to get used to your new way of life. Remember to keep me updated on your adventures! ✨


I bought a yellow sweater and it’s my fucking fave , also I cut my jeans into shorts so I have shorts now ^

anonymous asked:

hiya, so a bit ago i sent an ask saying i was going to come out to my mum as trans. whilst that hasnt actually happened yet, what has happened is that my therapist is making a plan with me to do so and hopefully i'll be out soon! thank u for the prayers, and thanks for your blog because it's really awesome :) (you don't have to post this if you don't want to!)

Hey, by now you’ve probably done it and I wanna tell you that I’m so proud of you. Even if you didn’t end up telling her or it went poorly, I’m so proud of your growth and how strong you are. I’ll continue to pray for you, and praise God for the help of your therapist! Thank God for putting them in your life :) keep me updated sweetheart, we’re all rooting for you!