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I personally do not buy clown milk but if you do! Pleaseeee make sure you are buying an ethical brand. Many common chocolate clown milk brands like TruGoof and Shamhonk Farms source their milk from caged clowns. Clowns - EVEN DAIRY CLOWNS - need at least 30 feet to roam as most dairy clown breeds are somewhat territorial. 

Clowns kept in cages rarely live past ten years, compared to the 40+ you can expect from most large breeds of clown. 

This clown is clearly unhappy and aggressive due to the close proximity of other clowns. From the fading in his mane, he is most likely also pellet-fed rather than given the fresh candy floss and corn dog meat that should make up the core of his diet.

Free-range clowns produce better milk with less need for antibiotics, and it’s more humane and much better for the lifespan of the clown!

This is what a proper clown corral should look like, lots of space, widespread feed stations, structures where clowns can keep themselves entertained! Some good chocolate milk brands that use habitats like this are FairLaugh and Prarie Farms. Please keep this in mind next time you’re shopping for clown milk. 

Also: remember that clowns only naturally produce chocolate and strawberry milk, with a few breeds of mime capable of producing blueberry. Any other flavors are most likely from genetically modified clowns or clowns that were put on unhealthy flavor hormones, and should be avoided!

pagan holiday guide 2017

hello friends!!! some of you may know me as a pagan (originally wiccan but decided that wasn’t the path for me so now just a pantheistic pagan). there’s lots of pagan holidays so any excuse for a party right?? here are the ones this year and what they’re all about and how to celebrate them!

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Speaking Threads: New Evidence about the Mysterious Incan Quipus

Quipus were tied strings used widely in the Incan Empire. We know they were used for record keeping – counting people and livestock and potatoes – but it has long been speculated that the quipus might have been used for storing more complicated information. Could knotted strings have been their writing system? New evidence suggests it was, at minimum, possible. Two quipus have been protected by one remote Andean village since around the time of the Spanish conquest. San Juan de Collata’s village elders recently invited a researcher to study the two quipus the community had carefully preserved for generations.

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One of the Coolest (and Often Unknown) Aspects of Vet Med Is:

The sheer amount of variety in this profession. For instance, being a veterinarian, you can be: 

-> A general practitioner. 

-> A veterinarian working for the CDC to combat bio-terrorism. 

-> A researcher that works in a human hospital to make advances in human and animal health. 

-> An oncologist. 

-> A zoo and/or wildlife veterinarian.

-> A veterinary dentist. 

-> An anatomical pathologist that performs necropsies (autopsies) and analyzes and interprets tissue samples.  

-> An orthopedic surgeon.  

-> A state veterinarian who monitors foreign animal diseases and promotes public health.  

-> A veterinarian inspecting and keeping our meat and livestock products safe for human use and consumption 

-> A poultry veterinarian. 

-> A radiologist that interprets CT scans, MRIs, and radiographs (x-rays).

-> An equine surgeon.

-> An emergency and critical care specialist. 

-> A cardiologist. 

And the list goes on and on and on. The variety of this career continues to astound me, and I know wherever I end up, there will always be other doorway of opportunities available to me to advance my passion for vet med, and my career.

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Hey there, I've been really enjoying reading your blog and have been learning a lot. I'd like to ask about some claims I see being made online about that everyone needs to stop eating meat/animal products imminently to lessen climate change. Is that the full picture? Most articles I see online promote a "plant based" (read: vegan) diet, but is it feasible for everyone to even do that? Would it even help? Thanks :)

This is a very complex question, and a lot has been written on it from different perspectives, but I have to say that it definitely is not the full picture.  To be honest, the question you asked could become an entire paper and/or thesis, but here are some reasons why everyone stopping eating animals immediately is neither feasible nor sustainable for people or the climate. 

The fact of the matter is, we have to feed -everyone- with the land and resources we have.  Climate change aside, that is the problem ag seeks to solve. So a solution is not truly sustainable unless it is capable of feeding everyone and is better for the climate than alternatives. Ok? Here we go!

So, does going animal-free work to feed everyone?

  • Many people (myself included) cannot safely exist on a diet devoid of animal products. Whether it be due to celiac, soy allergies, corn allergies, other gut disorders, many people need at least some animal products to survive. I have celiac. I also cannot eat soy more than occasionally without getting very sick and risking permanent health consequences. The majority of the items on the list of foods I cannot eat without getting sick and/or putting my health at risk are plant-derived. I am far from the only one like this. 
  • Allergies to plant-derived foods are far more common than to animal-derived ones.  Of the top 8 allergens estimated to cause >90% of allergic reactions by the Mayo Clinic, half of them are plant sources, and of the plant sources listed (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat) those are common sources of protein for vegetarian/vegan diets. If we cut out animal-based protein, where are people with these allergies going to get protein?
  • Saying “everyone can eat vegan” is ableist, and denies the reality of many people, myself and many of my family members included.

Going totally vegan may actually be bad for some ecosystems

  • Grasslands and rangelands need grazing to survive. These lands evolved under pressure from native herbivores, which in turn were kept in check by predators. Humans have largely eliminated those predators from a good chunk of the world, or severely reduced them (see the issue with deer overpopulation in the US due to human elimination of predators). 
  • Even if all the land currently grazed by herbivores was returned to wild populations, we risk herbivore overpopulation issues and long-term environmental degradation. If we just remove all grazing herbivores, we wind up with habitat degradation and in many places, increased fuel for forest fires, which causes its own problems. Removing herbivores also changes ecosystem balance for many other species that rely on herbivores to clear out excess brush, provide manure, or alter habitats.
  • A totally vegan diet for humanity wastes land.  ( Most grazing land is unsuitable for row crops without massive inputs of fertilizer and tilling/irrigation, which themselves can have a fairly high carbon footprint, and repeated tilling can be very bad for certain kinds of soil. (
  • Have you ever seen the rangelands of California or Montana? It would be extremely difficult to grow row crops there, but we are really good at growing cattle and sheep there!  Since grassland is 26% of the world’s land area, and 70% of the world’s agricultural area, any diet that doesn’t use pasture-produced animal products will be wasting a lot of land that could be feeding people. (
  • As the world population increases, pressure on existing land usage is going to increase, and so agriculture needs to rise to meet this challenge.

So I think we can make the case that a), a vegan diet will not feed everyone, and b) wastes land that could be used to feed people. So by default it’s not sustainable.

But what about livestock and climate change?

  • Livestock production of all types sum up to 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (,and 24% of global greenhouse gases come from agriculture, forestry, and other land use, according to the FAO. That includes plant and animal agriculture. (source:
  •  Of this, livestock are a major contributor, but so is soil management, which is needed for growing both human food and feed for livestock.
  • By contrast, electricity/heat, industry, and transport account for 25, 21, and 14% of greenhouse gases, respectively. 
  • In the US, livestock account for just 4.2% of total greenhouse gas emissions. To contrast, transportation and energy production account for 27% and 31% of total US greenhouse gas emissions, respectively. 
  • The contribution of livestock to greenhouse gases is higher in developing countries, partially due to a lot of livestock eating poorer quality feed or needing longer to reach market, and the fact that grass-fed livestock do produce more methane than livestock fed on lower-fiber feeds. 
  • But as discussed above, those grass-eating livestock are necessary for producing food where other crops can’t grow, and keeping ecosystems healthy.
  • So for the US and other developed countries, focusing on livestock seems a bit shortsighted compared to developing cleaner energy and transport, right? (source: Disclaimer: the author of this piece is one of my advisors) 
  • The US EPA here lists a lot of good ways we can improve agriculture to reduce climate change but the fact of the matter is, while ag and livestock ag in particular contribute a good amount to climate change, it’s got a big job to do - feeding everyone!
  • Herbivores like cows and sheep and goats are needed to preserve native forage-based ecosystems and provide food, but at the cost of producing methane that contributes to climate change. However, if we got rid of every cow and sheep and replaced their contribution to human diets with chicken and pigs, we’d have to grow extra food for them, which means more greenhouse gases to grow those foods, and we’re back at square one
  • To me, the real benefit of livestock, especially on range situations, is that they turn human-inedible plant protein into human-edible protein. That’s a significant reason why they’re so important to the human food supply.
  • Livestock also eat a lot of byproducts (brewer’s mash, hulls, tomato pulp, etc) that would otherwise go to waste.  This reduces the impact of their feed production and of waste disposal in other industries. We’d have a lot of reject feed/byproducts sitting around if we got rid of livestock, and those would have greenhouse gas production from their waste disposal.

For me, it amounts to priorities - we know a vegan diet won’t feed everyone and it wastes land. We don’t have enough arable land to feed everyone on a vegan diet, even if everyone could go vegan. 

We have researchers like myself and my colleagues working to help farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions no matter what they farm (greenhouse gas emissions are a waste, remember, and cost farmers money). Livestock, especially in range situations and developing countries, eat a lot of stuff that would otherwise go to waste, and help keep ecosystems healthy. 

So it’s not just the analytical life cycle of the animal and it’s impacts, it’s what would the effect on climate change be by a) removing livestock and b) dealing with the human food needs met by doing so? 

To me, livestock earn their keep, and while it is our job to keep improving livestock systems to be more efficient and help  prevent worse climate change, we also need to remember that livestock are an important part of the sustainability of existing systems. 

So hope that answered your question, anon! For more info, check out this video presentation that you might find neat, as well:

I hate when farmers say that they “love their animals”. The only reason farmers keep livestock in the first place is because they want to profit off of what the animals produce; milk, eggs, etc. They wouldn’t raise livestock if this wasn’t the case; livestock require a lot of land, feed, and money to care for. As soon as that animal is depleted, off they go to slaughter.

Only caring for your animals when they benefit you is not love, it’s control. True love is always unconditional, and sending an animal to die after they’re done being your tools is an act of betrayal and selfishness.

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About the drabble challenge: could you do 64 with Moxiety?

64. “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.”

It’s autumn—the air is cool and crisp, the leaves crunch-crunch-crunch under their footsteps, and pumpkins in a thousand shapes and sizes and colors are scattered around them. Those are what Patton is supposed to be looking at—they’re buying pumpkins for their pumpkin-carving night tonight—but something else seems to have caught his attention. There’s a small pen off to the side of a barn, and inside of it are several bounding and bleating creatures—

“Goats,” Patton breathes, eyes wide and sparkling and (yes, Virgil will admit it) beautiful. He darts towards the pen, nearly skipping, and Virgil follows more hesitantly after him. “Oh, Verge, look at them! Aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen in the whole entire world?”

Virgil side-eyes one particular goat (it’s glaring at him—he can tell) and harrumphs. “Your definition of ‘cute’ doesn’t seem to match mine.” He tilts his head for a moment, contemplating, then adds, “Although I suppose I already knew that. You are dating me, after all.”

Patton brings one hand up to curl around the back of Virgil’s neck, drawing him into a determined kiss. “My definition of cute is perfectly sound, thank you.”

“Okay,” Virgil says, although there’s a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Whatever you say, Patty.”

“And you’re even cuter than these goats, which is something that’s terribly difficult to be. In fact, I take back what I said earlier. You are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in the whole entire—”

Virgil shakes his head, laughing. “Come on, quit it. Go back to admiring the goats.”

“I enjoy admiring you more.”

Groaning (and blushing, goddamnit) Virgil buries his face against Patton’s shoulder. “You’re so cheesy.”

“Well,” Patton says, ruffling Virgil’s hair, “you aren’t kidding.”

It takes Virgil a moment to understand the pun, and then he bursts into laughter—although he keeps the sound muffled in Patton’s cardigan. “You’re ridiculous and I love you.”

“I love you too, honeybunches. Now.” Patton’s voice drops into a conspiratorial whisper. “Do you think Logan would let us buy a goat?”

“Noooo, Patton. Goats are bad.”

“Nuh-uh. They’re adorable. Just look at them. We can buy a few pumpkins and then—”

“Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.”

“Come on, we goatta give it a shot—”

“Absolutely not.”

“You’re not even willing to negoatiate?”

Virgil huffs, trying to force his smile away. “No. It’s my prerogoative to keep our house livestock-free.”

Patton pauses for a moment, then squeezes Virgil into a tight hug. “Oh my goodness, you made a dad joke, I’m in love with you!”

“Good to know,” Virgil says, grinning. “Now, come on. Let’s go get some pumpkins.”

“Meat is not necessary and you’re terrible for eating it!”

Buddy, people with natural health issues (like not being able to absorb certain vitamins easily, allergies, etc.) exist.

Like, all ur meat replacements, like soy and rice and shit, people are actually allergic to. That or people need the nutrients found naturally in meats. Or, maybe, you should shut the fuck up and stop trying to control an aspect of someone’s life that literally does not concern u.

Yes, commercial farming is horrendous- corporates do not care about the animals they are using, and are complete assholes.

However, theres a MILLION valid reasons why people are not vegan/vegetarian. And you’re an ignorant asshole if ur SO far up ur ass that u think the only reason is just because ‘ur killing them for ur PLEASURE’.

How abt u go fuck urself, buddy.

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Could you do headcanons about Blinky and Draal being confused by human stuff? Because like my favoritest thing is them being all "what is this 'kissing' and 'baby sitting'? You humans have strange customs. Wait, you mean to tell me humans have a profusion of gaggle-tacks? They use them for their beasts of burden to tread upon? Why, humans, why..." XD sorry I love those two.

I, too, love these confused children. Hope you enjoy!

Blinkous Galadrigal

  • Has a (slightly) better understanding of some things because of his time spent as a faux human, but by no means understands everything. Don’t let him fool you, he would have been a goner if Google and his son were unable to help him. 
  • Why? do humans wear clothes, over clothes, over clothes??? If you’re still cold with two layers on shouldn’t you be buying thicker clothes? Silly human, that’s so wasteful. Comfortable, true, but so wasteful.
  • Certain foods have a specific time of day they’re meant to be eaten? Balderdash. He’ll have pancakes whenever the hell he likes. 
  • What is the function of a rubber duck? 
  • Humans believe everything truly is art. Humans believe nothing, truly, is art. He’s so confused can you make up your mind please-
  •  Humans have no universal language, written or spoken. How did you learn to understand each other?
  • Fiction novels. They’re either wild and epic tales of woe and wonder, or trashy prose about wolf-men without shirts on. art?

Draal The Deadly

  • Thinks that he knows more about human culture than Blinky because he’s watched every DVD he could find in the boxes in the basement. 
  • (He doesn’t.)
  • Microwaves? Isn’t radiation deadly to humans?? It seems so counterproductive to shoot food full of deadly poison before you eat it. 
  • He also maybe gets a bit spooked (just a bit, a tiny bit) by the Lakes’ toaster. Jim has replaced it twice already.
  • Humans are so touchy-feely?? Like no, stop squishing each other and hit somebody already. He’ll come around eventually, but trolls aren’t inherently squishy and he doesn’t quite get it.
  • Cats? Are?? Not Pets??????
  • Okay, cats can be pets, but only in the way that people keep chickens and other livestock as ‘pets.’ 
  • Human TV is so annoying. The people on-screen spend too much time smushing faces when they should be fighting the zombies, aliens, and/or Human #5′s crazy ex-husband. 
  • That’s not to say it wasn’t satisfying. He waited seven seasons for them to start courting each other.
  • He just thinks it felt rushed and unrealistic

Huldufólk are elves in Icelandic and Faroese culture. The elves are known to live in the many rocks and caves on the island. Supposedly the elves have similar social structures to humans, with fishing and keeping livestock. The origin of huldufolk is unclear, one story states that they were created by God, when Eve hid her dirty underwear from God. Others say that they are fallen angels. However the elves have roots in pre Christian culture and religion of Icelandic and other Germanic peoples. The belief is strong in Iceland, and construction projects are stopped or altered, to prevent destruction of their homes. Huldufolk are known to cause trouble and kidnap children. In Faroese culture, they are known to have black hair, and hate churches and electronics. It is important to respect them and their environment, or else curses and other unfortunate circumstances will occur.

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How would they react to their s/o asking if she could get a job?

Ruki :

“I keep telling you Livestock, but being mine is the only thing you should care about.” 

Kou : 

“Hmm…A job? Well you could work with me as an idol, but M Neko-chan is so ugly compared to me, there’s no way that would work. All you should care is remaining by my side either way~”

Yuuma : 

“Tch- Sow, you can’t even garden, how are you supposed to get a job, huh? I’m not stupid, I won’t let you get a job knowing the many guys that’ll stick around…”

Azusa :

“…Eve…Wants a job?…I don’t know…I should understand…but I don’t…no…! Eve…is mine…why should she be away…from me…a job is unnecessary…”

some info on DA griffons, for those of you writing griffon-related content

(all taken from the Last Flight tie-in novel) (non-plot spoilers, obvs)

  • majority are gray (hence the Wardens name) but can also come in pure or combinations of brown, white, black, and gold/fawn in spots, stripes, and brindled patterns
  • average 12 feet (about 3 and a half meters) long, weigh in the ballpark of 1,000 pounds (453 and a half kilos) with males often a lil larger than the females
  • are AGGRESSIVE AS FUCK like i cannot emphasize this enough these are APEX PREDATORS and they will MAUL THINGS when they are bothered/threatened
  • flirt with each other by presenting their prospective mate with food items
  • lay eggs rather than give live births, despite their back halves being traditionally lion-ish
  • only number given for a clutch is 13, so no idea if that’s average or an outlier but there you go
  • eggs are described as “pearly bluish white, whorled with irregular swirls of black and gently tapered on one end. Each was large enough to fill both [sic] hands together”
  • are carnivorous and require entire freshly-slaughtered goats and other livestock to keep them fed
  • require brushing and cleaning inspections by their handlers to ensure no important feathers have been damaged & to get all the layers of dander and any unpleasantness from the last battle out of their coats before it can cause infections
  • like to pee on things to scent-mark their territory. since they can also fly, you can probably guess where this is going
  • there’s a reason the Wardens have specifically-assigned people to mind the aviaries and clean out all the blood/bones/poops/urine on the regular
  • though griffons can told up to two heavily-armored passengers, preference in selecting riders is given to lightweight archers & mages due to the necessity of being able to cause damage from a distance
  • (this is not to say dwarves don’t get to ride them, they absolutely do, the Warden-Commander of Antiva during the Exalted Age rode one)
  • after training to get used to the presence of wings by using horses with wooden planks attached to their saddles, prospective riders get a little test-run in the form of a tandem ride with an experienced griffon-wrangler in order to ensure the recruit doesn’t have anything like motion sickness or vertigo that would make further training entirely pointless
  • partnerships are formed by taking some unpaired griffons and some recruits who passed their Puke Assessment and essentially setting them free to wander amongst each other in the hopes of something magical happening
  • griffons whose riders have perished will be reassigned to a new one. this is common enough that all but one of the leading cast’s griffons in LF have had previous partners
  • fuck up a darkspawn’s day by tearing them apart with their forelegs and talons, though special care has to be taken not to bite anything since they will get the Blight and die painfully from self-imposed injuries trying to rip the taint out of their own bodies
  • ^ to this extent, Wardens will even sometimes put beak muzzles on them to keep them from ingesting any spawny bits
  • past generations of Wardens have attempted to put griffons through the Joining. for the aforementioned reasons, this did Not Go Well and had a 100% “horrible agonizing death” rate
  • outside of their flying mounts, the Wardens don’t really have any way of engaging the Archdemon while it’s flapping around being a nuisance
  • can be used for wartime tactics such as bombing runs, supply drops, airlifting civilians out of danger, & expedited message-carrying
  • good for morale because they just look really fucking cool you guys
  • just, so cool
  • so cool

Leopard - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is home to over 350 species of mammal, including the Leopard. Leopards are solitary, nocturnal big cats, who prefer to live in the dense bush land, where they can easily camouflage. This can make them notoriously difficult to spot when out on safari. 

Leopards in Zimbabwe are under threat due to a number of different factors. There is an unfortunate high demand from game hunters to shoot and kill leopards in Zimbabwe, and farmers lay continue to lay snares, or poison water sources in an attempt to keep them away from livestock. Zimbabwe has also suffered from drought, making food and water sources even harder to find. 

heofspeckledplumage  asked:

I agree with you about exotic pets. I don't get the example about horses being used, either (no offense to the person who wrote it). Horses have been domesticated for a long time, to the point that they have a competition running with mustangs (I forget what it involves, but my point is that the mustangs will easily acclimate to being pets). I'm a life-long equestrian, and even owning horses can be a hobby (if you board at the right barn and pay $$), not a job like owning an exotic would be.

That and… most people who keep livestock will at least admit they’re dangerous animals. Like the girzzly farmers and large animal vets out here won’t call their horses, cows or pigs “pets” in any sense even though those animals are completely domestic.

You also don’t see people in suburbs trying to ride horses at the dog park very often, but there are people who bring “wolf dogs” and even pet foxes out and about to parks where other dogs are present.

Honestly I feel like if people kept large exotics the same way they kept horses (what with identification marks and brands, special arenas for their exercise, zoning laws and special trails that designate clearly where they can and can’t be) maybe there’d be fewer problems with people trying to keep panthers in the suburbs. You can’t have a horse here? Probably shouldn’t have a tiger either.

Livestock aren’t housepets after all.

gastredner  asked:

Given that sphinxes are usually depicted as atleast omnivores, if not straight-out carnivores: What's their diet like in your new AU and does Twilight differ for having pony ancestry? Does it cause problems for her stay in Equestria?

Twilight doesn’t differ, no, because in my headcanon and in every AU I do, equine and other sapient hooved beings are omnivorous. As such, they do indeed keep livestock of non-sapient animals and they do hunt and harvest meat for food. Basically they have diets similar to humans, how an individual supplements that diet is up to them (balanced, vegetarian, vegan, whatever they fancy).

As such no one would bat an eye to Twilight’s appetite veering more toward the meat spectrum; omnivorous aside, Sphinxes tend have more of a focus on meat for meals in comparison to other cultures. What they’d probably be more curious about is whether or not she’s a black hole; she eats like she’s never eaten before. >.>

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Halloween was the best night of the year because they the count could go out without having to change his usual attire to appease the crowds. Exchanging the three pieces suits with tie and handkerchief for a more victorian appearance, the vampire put on his long black coat over a dark red blouse with intricate details on the sleeves. He wrapped a nice white silk scarf around his neck, neatly arranged his hair (as much as he could without putting three tons of paste) and made his way to town. Trick or treating wasn’t his thing, but Halloween nights had an air about them, he had to admit. Modern vampires aren’t exactly fearful of humans because most of humans understand them based on misconceptions.

He loved garlic bread and wore a silver pendant with a cross, could walk under day light easily and was not sleeping through the day like some kind of animal. The count Dracule Mihawk was a mysterious man to most but a celebrity in this portion of England. He held charity parties here and there and often helped and donated to the many organisms of his region. On Halloween though, he allowed himself to slip into his real self without worries. Hunting while human was easy but there was a definite thrill of doing it without having to hide. 

Taking a walk around the neighborhood, he watched as the last teenagers tried to snag the remaining few candies from door to door knocking. For a moment, he thought about maybe capturing himself some fresh blood– and then remembered that teenagers were full of hormones and their blood was actually disgusting. The best age for a drink was with young men in their twenties so maybe he should be heading to a bar instead and find one that isn’t too intoxicated. The designated driver of the lot, or something. Problem was that he was a bit too old for clubs and rare were the 20 something hanging in back alley pubs. If he had only one night to allow himself the fantasy of capturing his livestock for the year, he had to make his victim the perfect one.

The last one, he hadn’t been cautious and they didn’t even last a month. He had to go back and find someone else to capture before christmas and the risks were always greater on any other nights of the year, which is why he preferred Halloween. At some point in his life, maybe 200 or 300 years ago, he had managed to keep a livestock for almost 12 years before they died. If only he could find another guy just as great….And that’s when he realized his step had led him right where he should have been looking from the start.

The establishment was new in its kind and of course, it would be jam packed. Using his reputation, he moved in front of the line and entered the bar with a smile on his lips. It was an LGBT bar where people of all age went to meet similarly inclined people. Sure, there were a few heteros but this place was mostly for young gay and lesbian. The perfect hunting grounds. He just needed to separate a sheep from the heard, lay down some compliments and pay a few drinks (not too much because it would taint their blood and he’d have to have the patience to wait for the next day before tasting them, which he didn’t have) and maybe invite them back to his mansion. 

As one hell of a suave vampire, he was more than convinced he wouldn’t come back home empty handed. His golden eyes eventually settled on a young blond and he approached him silently, only to find himself disgruntled before reaching him, another boy slipping its arm around his waist. Oh well….there were plenty of other young men to look at, in this place. A menu would have been handy, though.

How he missed the 1600′s..

The North’s Economic Development Plan

(for previous parts in the series, see here)

Of all of the regions of Westeros we’ve planned for, the North is perhaps the most difficult case we’ve deal with, next to Dorne (which had a much better export profile). 

As the Lord of Winterfell, my main difficulties are that the North is severely underpopulated, and has extreme weather conditions that exacerbate the northerly climate’s limits on agricultural productivity. 

So how do we overcome these problems…ideally, before winter comes?

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