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Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot


I fell in love with @kiraiki ’s Guardian’s of the Moon and Sun AU and had to do my own version of it. I’m weak for my otp in space. Naruto: The Prince of the Sun and Sasuke: The Prince(ss) of the Moon

Johnlock Fic Recs

I’ve had so many people across all my social medias ask me what my favorite fanfics are, so i decided to make a list of a few of them! This is not by a long way every fic i’ve ever enjoyed, but if i did that we’d be here weeks so i’ll try to keep it short. Be warned, most of these are rated Explicit or Mature so check the tags! 

This is my only fic rec list at the moment, but i’ll tag any more i do with this one under the tag ‘i read stuff’ so you can search within my blog for that tag :)

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Kindred’s Mask (Wolf)

So I will keep this short, as I had another similar tutorial last week. I really enjoy Kindred’s Character design, and one of its most iconic traits, is the character’s twin mask set. So without further ado here is part 2 of Kindred’s Mask, wolf’s mask.

So because the wolf in my costume will be an automaton supported by an under costume backpack (courtesy of robotics friends), I need the mask to be light, and a bit smaller, than Lamb’s mask which weighs ~1.5lbs. 

After printing out a reference picture and comparing it to my other mask, I cut it into 4 components; face, forehead, ears, and horns. I do this so that I can shape each piece easier, and thus have a more accurate mask shape. I cut this pattern into my 2mm craft foam and my low-density eva foam yoga mat.  

The wooden details were cut into the 2mm craft foam using a craft knife, and this was glued on top of the yoga mat. (Wait for the glue to ‘tackify’ before applying.)

Each piece was then sandwiched in worbla, and the excess trimmed off to save for the next part. 

The pieces were assembled and the scraps from earlier were used to fill in the crevices between the two pieces. 

The junctions were sanded down using a dremel, and the wood detailing was redefined as well. 

Four layers of wood glue were added, to prime the mask, and 2 layers of white acrylic paint gave the mask it’s base color. While the base was still wet, I did a wet on wet acrylic paint style, where the paint was mixed directly on the mask, so it had a smoother and well blended look. This mask was finished with a clear coat of paint to protect the vibrant colors. 

So Tada! Here I have Kindred’s Masks, which I am very happy about. Total time it took to make the two masks was about 13 hours, and total cost of supplies, excluding tools, ended up being about 30 dollars. Hope you guys enjoyed.

3. Blog –  You pronounce Jinja like ginger

This second week of interning is hard to keep short in writing, I will try though. This week we have had the pleasure to work closely together with UNCDA. They have involved us greatly in their child obesity project and we have been going through, refined and finished the survey questionnaire for the project. We also sat in on a meeting they held for the volunteers to present the project and strategy and to go over the questionnaire, so they are well informed and better prepared for going to the secondary schools and conduct the survey. It is still unclear whether we are going as well, but I guess we will find out during this week. Though, we were happy to help out with some formalities concerning the project and it has given us a great deal of inside in how UNCDA approaches different types of obstacles that appears when planning a comprehensive project and furthermore, how they communicate and collaborates with the volunteers.

Besides this, we were so lucky that one of the women working at UNCDA invited us to join her at the Urban Refugee Program event UNCDA was invited to by Inter Aid. The organization should be represented at this outreach camp together with other organizations and federations. Together they created a small camp that was set up in a special part of town to reach out to the refugees and the community they are based in. The Urban Refugee Program works to support refugees’ access to improved means of livelihood in order to enhance their protection while in Kampala.  Our job that day was to do anthropometric measurements, calculate BMI, take blood pressure and the Diabetes Association had joined us to test for raised blood glucose levels. What we then could do, was to provide information about NCDs and advise those we found to be in high risk of developing NCDs. We experienced a flood of people coming in for a check and they seemed very grateful to have the opportunity. This is now I mention that all this was free of charge and everybody was welcome; refugees as well as locals. What I take for granted at home, such as a free doctor consultation, is not taken for granted in an area like we visited that day and I was reminded once again to appreciate those things in life. Besides getting a health check in our camp they could be informed about cancer by the Uganda Cancer Society, be consulted by eye and ear professionals, get information about family planning and be tested and informed about HIV/Aids by Inter Aid. It was indeed an amazing experience. To be able to interact with these people stepping onto the weight scale and communicating in different ways sometimes even without common language. You learn that what is perfectly normal for you can be totally new for others, like having to explain someone that stepping on a weight scale with a baby carried on the back is not the right way to measure one’s weight – luckily for me I got to hold them cute babies whenever a situation like that appeared. It was one of those days where you in the end is exhausted all the way into your bones but wear a permanent smile, so totally worth it and it made me reflect a lot upon my own life and my future carrier within public health.

Do not worry – we have not forgotten about our Promotion of Indigenous Food project. The office hours we have had besides the time we have spend on the UNCDA projects, was used on research and writing on a rapport we are doing as a background and stepping stone for the overall project on promoting nutritious indigenous foods for the prevention of NCDs. The rapport contains some background information on East Africa and the fast development of food culture the countries are facing due to rapid urbanization and in this context experiencing a nutrition transition relating to increased prevalence of NCDs. After some research, but also by living here for a while and observing available food commodities, we developed a list of indigenous foods and profiled the nutritional value of them. We are then going to use this list to make general diet recommendations, recommendations related to the different NCDs and furthermore, explore the possibility of modernize the traditional African cousin. This project is very ambitious and long-term, so we will only be here for the ground work and planning, but the prospects of its success became much more real when we got in contact with an African chef, who is already working on developing the traditional dishes. He is going to be an important part of this project and our hopes is to bring in some Danish chef’s as well (due to the cooperation between EANCDA and NCDA, Denmark). Yes, I know that was not short at all, sorry!

After a long week as you may have noticed, we went on a weekend trip to the city Jinja located by the Lake Victoria and the source or out spring of the Nile. This was a much different atmosphere and speed than Kampala, which we all had been longing for. We had a few hours to explore the major city market and left with our hands full of new clothes and fresh fruits. Here I must add that the second hand clothes available here and in Kampala is extremely cheap and you are easily tempted to spend some money. In the afternoon we went on a boat ride that took us up the river Nile and to the source by Lake Victoria. We were alone on this trip and we enjoyed some peace and a beer on the river during sunset – this was extremely beautiful and idyllic and we felt lucky to be there at that moment. When we got back, we stayed by the river where there was located a small bar and the rest of the evening was spend playing pool and socializing with the locals. Later on our new friends took us to a festival event happening in town this Saturday and we suddenly found ourselves among loads of locals dancing closely in a big tent with live artists, this was where our African dance moves were put to a test and that was definitely to feel in legs and but cheeks the day after!

We had a great night and weekend in Jinja. This Monday morning it was back to work and charmingly chaotic Kampala.


Day 2: AU / Friends

idk, i just wanted to make the genderswap!au, they are both so cute, i can’t. And if you think Ladybug looks too small compared with Chat, that´s because he is.

She loves to hug him, he is getting used to it.


i’v been in Spain the last week or so and haven’t been able to draw much, but somehow I descended way down deep into lolix hell so I decided to make some individual headcanons for the pair to try alleviate that somewhat. Results are pending

saracha33 and I talk our favourite queer teddy bear mascots. That’s pretty much it. For nearly two hours. Look, I’ll be honest with you, it was hard work to keep it that short.

Apologies for the rougher quality this week. Apple insisted on updating my garageband, which was taking hours, so I got impatient and did it the quick way, and haven’t touched up or evened out the audio. Also apologies for my coughing.

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Abbie Mills Appreciation Week  Day 1 

Why We Love Abbie

I am going to try my best to convey into words why I love Abbie Mills. Besides being played by the lovely Nicole Beharie, Abbie represents everything that I love in a hero. She is tough, smart, strong, and caring. Abbie’s vulnerable, and open to those that she deems worthy of her love. She’s been known to use her size to her advantage. She allows her enemies to underestimate her, before crushing them. A skill she’s most likely had to learn as she moved up the ranks in the police department. Above all of these things, for me the most important and biggest reason that I love her, is that she’s a hero and she looks like me. Black women are not often able to tell their own stories, let alone be allowed to have a central role in the show’s narrative. Especially in a fantasy genre show.

Abbie’s the hero of Sleepy Hollow. The American Dream. We get to watch her carve out a path for her own hero’s journey. Abbie’s such a relatable character too. She’s not only special to me, she’s special to many others.  She’s also unique and I hope one day she becomes part of the norm tapestry in network television. With any luck it won’t take another 20 plus years before we see another Abbie Mills type character on tv kicking ass and taking names. Being the hero and deserving of love at the same time.

Ultimately Abbie Mills is the hero that Sleepy Hollow needs. Abbie is also the hero we fans deserve.


so i really don’t wanna do this but who does lmao so here goes: i won’t give u a laundry list of all my ailments or the many ways the system be fuckin me over because regardless of that we could all use a little help! I’ll try to keep this short: my check was short this week and due to the astronomical overdraft fees applied to my bank account due to inconveniently timed withdrawals from red box (lmao) it’s even shorter, about half of what i should be gettin, which very no good since I’m the only one in my household working as of right now. on top of this my car was impounded last week which I’ve lost all hope in getting out for the second time this year, but that does require me to scrape up enough bus fare to get to work and back, the store, etc. so! if y'all would be so kind I need a bit of help, nothing outrageous, just a little extra to get me and Ajax through till I get my much more attractive check in two weeks. anything you might have would help and I would like to express my gratitude for anyone who is even considering helping or boosting this for me. i don’t have many talents I can exchange but I’d be happy to write you a personalized poem or send you a batch of cookies once I get straight again. my paypal is once again, thank you so much for reading!!

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3x07 - Who went down first?

Ya’ll have been trying to get me to publicly sin and speak filth for weeks now. 

Let’s keep it short and sweet: Clarke. Duh. Lexa was in no condition to take charge so Clarke being the absolute and irrefutable top that she is took the reigns of that situation. At least the first (and possibly second…and third) time. :)

End of the Weekend Blues Fic Recs Volume 7

It’s that time again, Ladies and Gents! I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week because it’s late and I want to make sure it’s out on time! As always: don’t forget to reblog the stories themselves that you enjoy and let the authors know how you feel whether it be in a caption or in the tags!!

1.) No Choice Part 2 by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Okay I know I already recommended part one but you really just need to read this whole series and to make sure that you don’t miss any of it: I’m going to recommend all of them every time a new part is released!

2.) Most of the Time… by @rizlowwritessortof (aka @rizlow1) This is an amazing little drabble that I fell in love with. It’s awesome and definitely worth a read! It’s just as wonderful as the amazing lady who wrote it! 

3.) Night Off by @twowaywardorphansjournal (aka @beakaleak32) This is just amazing and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I want to personally thank the person who requested for Beaks to write this because she exceeded any and all expectations they could have possibly had. I love it!

4.) Red by @theychosefamily67 (aka @sammit-janet) My resident Sam!girl has done it again with this adorable fic! It’s absolutely wonderful and amazing and you should all definitely go read it! I know all of my Sam!girls will love every second of it! It’s amazing, Sammit!

5.) The Library by @winchestersandwordprocessors Okay guys, seriously. While we’re on the subject of Sam: holy fucking Hell at this Sam smut that Chris has produced. I don’t think it could get any better than this! It’s hot and sexy and absolutely amazing! I don’t know how you do it but you keep blowing me out of the water with your amazing stuff, Chris!

6.) A Hunter’s Night In by @mrs-squirrel-chester (aka @mamapeterson) Who DOESN’T want to take care of the boys when they’re sick? Especially Dean? I don’t know about any of you but I definitely would love to be able to sit that boy down and make him take care of himself! This is an amazing fic that covers just that. I loved every second of it!

7.) Jam Session by @coltsandquills (aka @skidaddle-o3o) This is absolutely amazing. It’s exactly how I picture things would go if I were in this situation. I think it’s amazing and I love that it takes place in Baby. There wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world that this could be better suited to take place in. I loved it, Krissa! It’s probably my favorite! The ending made me laugh so hard!

8.) Namaste in Bed by @dontcallmebabe-ok I must be going through a Sam phase. This is the third one on this week’s list! It’s a great little fic and it has a part two that will definitely be on next week’s rec list! I enjoyed it a lot and I hope that you guys will too! :)

9.) Don’t Cry by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Mimi has done it again with this one. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for Guns n Roses. Personally I think it’s a mixture of both. This couldn’t be any cheesier if she tried but it was amazing and I don’t think anyone else could have possibly pulled off this much cheese and fluff and smut all wrapped into one! Go give it some love!

10.) The Lady of Khaneya Chapter 1 Part II by @inkandheart (aka @femmedplume) I will promote every single piece of this story that she puts out. For those of you who missed last week’s post: this isn’t a fanfic. However, you should still read it. It’s absolutely amazing. Stitch has created this amazing and beautiful world that I can see so clearly when I’m reading that I feel transported there. I cannot stress enough that this is absolutely professional quality writing that you’re all missing out on if you’re not reading it! 

That’s all for this week, Lovelies! Happy reading!!! As always another reminder to reblog the stories themselves and let the authors know how you feel!


Dearest Galavant Fans: We are Day 5 into the #MoreGalavant campaign. It is a test of endurance so to speak until announcements are made but we are making our voices heard one step at a time! This week is the most CRUCIAL!

If you have not sent physical letters to Ben Sherwood and Channing Dungey at ABC, please send them in this week to:

Keep the letter short, sweet and to the point and be positive in your message! :) Keep emails, tweets, letters, etc. short and concise. These are busy people who won’t read a novel per fan. They need to see the love and enthusiasm, but they can do without all of the extra fluff or soliloquies. ALWAYS KEEP ALL MESSAGES POSITIVE. Threatening to boycott the network, disparaging executives, picking on competitive shows or networks, etc. does NO good.

Letters to be sent to: 

Ben Sherwood and Channing Dungey 

Walt Disney Co 500 S Buena Vista St 

Burbank, CA 91521 

(800) 230-0229


Advertisers wield power. You have to hit the network in the pocket. Money matters. 

Hope these addresses and emails are the most current. 

All these sites want you to email them on their website pages, so fans can do that. But most have 1-800 numbers if people want to call as well, as write a letter and send an email. Bombard them with #MoreGalavant 

Fans may find more advertisers on their DVRs/Hulu/iTunes. Easy enough to Google “[Product] Corporate Headquarters address” to get info. Hopefully you guys can share that, so all the fans can hit all the advertisers! Power in numbers! Fans, please write #MoreGalavant in their letters and emails, so that it can tie back into the overall campaign. Feel free to send in your #MoreGalavant signs and state which city you’re from, or send in Tad Cooper photos, or mini jewels of Valencia which fans found at the Michael’s store. 30 green mini Jewel of Valencias for $1.50! 

It’s really vital that fans put in their email or letter that they discovered the product while watching Galavant and decided to try it. They loved it so much, they’ve now told all of their friends and family about the product. And all because it aired during Galavant. You’ll be amazed how many companies will offer samples or coupons to people who write in. 

Your letters to the chosen advertisers you are emailing or calling to should mention at least one of the following: 

  • You LOVE their product which you bought, after watching their commercial in between Galavant on ABC #MoreGalavant 
  • You plan on buying their product after watching their commercial in between Galavant on ABC #MoreGalavant 
  • You will recommend their product to your friends and family after watching their commercial in between Galavant on ABC #MoreGalavant You can add that Galavant is a loved show amongst all the fans from across the globe and deserves a series renewal. 

That’s all you need to say! Short and sweet! POWER TO THE FANS! Let’s do this! 

Thank you from all of us! xoxox’

I miss you so bad

All the time
But especially at night
When I wish I could be holding you tight
But maybe at another sunrise

Soon we will be together
And I know that things will be better
I just have to keep reminding myself
In just a couple short weeks
We will be holding eachother so deep

It will be a taste of perfection
Which is only be a taste of what we are capable of

I just can’t fucking wait
38 days needs to be tomorrow

But I guess I’ll settle for the wait.