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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol

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I just saw the post about the accidental Ewa-chan and all I can think about is Ewok- chan. Which is great because oikawa is a space nerd and I feel like that applies to all sci-fi he can get his hands on.

Bless you anon for turning my embarrassing mistake into comic fodder lol.  I can get down with the idea Oikawa keeps and/or actively collect nerdy ass sci-fi apparel…. +bonus:

Rescuer || Spider-Man / Peter Parker

I’m so happy, I didn’t think you all would like [Oversized Sweater] so much (/ω\) I’m gonna keep posting my nerdy, self indulgent stories for Peter then ♡

warnings: attempt at rape, if this triggers you, then please do not read!

please don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


“Peter, I’m so nervous about this Algebra 2 exam! I really don’t want to fail this, but my whole grade depends on it! Like I’m literally teetering on the edge of a D!”

Your best friend begins laughing at your panicked outburst, “It’s gonna be fine. Besides, we studied a bit last night. I even helped you! You got quite a few of them right, so there’s nothing to worry about!”

You give Peter a deadpanned expression, “Peter, I got 5 right out of the 20 questions given.”

“T-Then at least you know that you’ll get at least a 25% on it?” Peter laughs nervously, making you roll your eyes in response as you playfully pushed him away.

“Wow Peter, you sure know how to make a girl feel great about her exam!”

“You guys should just quit playing around and date already.” Ned tells you guys while taking bites of his tater tots. “It’s so obvious that you’re both into each other.”

“We are NOT into each other!” You and Peter both state at the same time, practically shouting it as your respective voices echoed throughout the cafeteria. Realizing what you just did, you and Peter look around the area to see several teens giving you awkward glances while whispering.

You blush and pick up your empty lunch tray, “I think I’m gonna go and head to my next class.”

“Y-Yeah same, I’ll text you later, Ned.” Peter follows your lead as you both throw the empty cartons of milk away before placing the trays on the cart.

“Dude, stop following me!”

“Uhm, I kind of can’t help it since we have AP English together.”


Ned felt a wide grin paint his features as he laughed at how –clueless– his friends were.

"It’s so obvious that those two are -endgame-.”


After spending the whole school day nervously picking at your nails at the thought of your Algebra 2 exam taking place next Monday, you groan and decided to treat yourself to some of your favorite snacks.

"If I’m gonna spend the whole night studying, I might as well lessen my suffering with some cookies and chocolate.”

Finally reaching your favorite corner store, you make a quick mental note of how much money you had on hand before picking out your favorite sweets off the shelf. Once you gathered all of your preferred snacks together, you greet the kind cashier and waited for him to ring up your items.

"9.18 is your total.”

Handing him a fresh 10 dollar bill, he hands you your change, and you thank him before exiting the store.

Holding on to the bag of goodies, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your backpack and quickly text Peter:

[Hey I’ve got some of our favorite snacks. Do you think you can come over and help me study again? I still feel super nervous about this exam…]

You hit send, almost expecting him to answer back within seconds, only to feel a tad bit disappointed at not seeing the three grey dots that signified that he was in the midst of replying.

"That’s weird, Pete never leaves me hanging like this.”

You walk with a deliberate slowness back home, still looking at your phone’s screen as you practically –willed– Peter to text you back.

"Ugh, he’s probably too busy ogling Liz to pay attention to his phone right now.”

When you place your phone back into your backpack, you were suddenly pulled into an alleyway, the action being so sudden that you lost your bearings for a few seconds.

You were a little dizzy when the back of your head was met with the hard wall of the building, and you let out a soft moan of pain when you felt someone press a sharp knife against your neck, “Shit you don’t look half bad for a minor. Your clothes leave little to be desired but you got a pretty face.”

You gulp, finally realizing the danger you were in when you saw the man with greasy hair in front of you. He had you pinned against the wall with his dirty hand over your mouth. You struggle against him, only to have him laugh darkly at your weak attempts to fight him.

"Yeah baby, keep grinding like that and call me ‘daddy’ while you’re at it.” He breathes in your scent by placing his nose against the side of your neck. “I’m gonna have fun with you-”

"Don’t you dare dirty her any further!”

The creep was /miraculously/ pulled off of you with a hard yank, and when he had let go of you, you fell against the wall with a gasp. Keeping your back against the building, you watch with your mouth hung wide open as Spider-Man himself beat your would-be attacker.

And boy, the mask vigilante did not hold back his punches at all. You weren’t sure if Spider-Man had a huge grudge against molesters, because the man was practically sobbing when he kept beating him, not stopping until he was left with a bloody mess on the ground.

When he was satisfied, Spider-Man made sure that the rapist wouldn’t attack you again by using his web shooters to web him to the ground, preventing him from further escape when the authorities would -eventually- come to deal with him.

Once he was finished, the masked hero faces you and begins running toward you, “Hey, are you okay? Did he- did he go any farther with you?”

You shake your head no and let out a panicked laugh, “N-No, I’m okay. But ugh, he was disgusting. He wanted me to call him Daddy and ugh-” you tried to stand up, but your legs seemed to give out at the last minute when you landed back down on the ground. “O-Ouch, that hurts. I can’t seem to move my legs, I guess I’m still in shock and m-maybe even a little scared, haha…”

You were beginning to ramble now when Spider-Man leaned down to pick you up whilst you carried your backpack and all. You were blushing now, clinging on to him when your arms automatically wrap themselves around his neck, “Uhm, S-Spidey? Aren’t I heavy? You know, with all of this stuff on?”

He chuckles lightly from beneath his mask, “Not at all. You’re fine, Miss. Now let’s take you home; where do you live?”

You tell him your address, and he nods, carrying you when he shot his web against a building before pulling you up with him. He lands on top of the roof and begins walking across it, about to shoot his web on the next building when your soft murmur stops him.

"Hmm? What’s wrong, love?”

You blush at the pet name and shake your head, “I wanted to thank you for saving me back there. For my first time- that wasn’t how I wanted it to go.”

Spider-Man holds you tighter in response, “I’ll always protect you.” His voice seemed to take on a more passionate tone as he stared at you through the mask. Paying attention to his voice, you realize that it sounded familiar to you. Despite how deep it was, you couldn’t help but feel as though you had heard it before.

You shake your head and ignore the familiarity of his voice before asking, “Have you ever been afraid before? You know, when you’re out protecting the city?”

He laughs at your question and continues walking across the roof with you in his arms, “Sometimes. But I can’t really complain. It comes with a job of being a rescuer, you know?”

You giggle at how forward and down-to-earth he was, “Oh Spidey, you remind me of my best friend, Peter so much!” He seemed to stiffen at your words, but you didn’t notice. You were much too excited at the thought of swinging around the city with THE SPIDER-MAN himself.

It takes him a few minutes to arrive at your apartment when he landed on the fire escape that lead to your open bedroom window. He lets go of you, making sure that you were steady when you stood on the metal platform.

Facing him, you nervously grip at the straps of your backpack, “Uhm, so I-I was wondering… uhm…”

"What’s wrong?”

You shake your head. Instead of using words, you decide to tell him using your actions alone.

Leaning toward him, you place a hand beneath his mask, automatically making him lift a hand up to stop you. You gulp and whisper, “Don’t you trust me?”

After a few seconds, he drops his arms, allowing you to slowly peel off his mask so that only his lips were shown. Standing on the tip of your toes, you place a soft kiss against him. He kisses you back with a surprising fervor when he slanted his lips against yours before deepening it. You felt his gloved fingers delve into your hair, preventing you from pulling away too soon as he kissed you.

After a few seconds, you stop the kiss, only managing a short “Wow” in response to the kiss.

Spider-Man gently runs his hand down your face while muttering, “You should go back in, love. You must have some things you need to get done.”

Hearing his words, you groan and remember that stupid Algebra 2 exam, “Fuck, you’re right. I have an exam to study for.”

Spider-Man messes up your hair in affection, “Then you should start on that right away.”

You nod and enter through your bedroom window. When you were safely in your room, Spider-Man left the fire escape and swung his way across the city.

You watch him with a dreamy expression on your face and sigh while murmuring, “Wow. Today was awesome.”


Peter was still thinking about your kiss when he came to your house at 8 pm. In fact, he was so distracted thanks to you that he ran into buildings several time while he traveled home.

He had received your text and apologized for replying so late before promising you that he would help you, which was what brought him to the door of your apartment. Running a hand through his hair, he tells himself to calm down and to NOT mention the kiss to you, since you had no idea that he was Spider-Man.

Finally ready to face you, Peter knocks on your door. After a few seconds, the door swings open, revealing your father as he greeted you, “My man Peter, hey! [Name] is upstairs, but are you hungry? We still have some food left over for you.”

"Thanks Mr. [Surname], but I’m good. I ate with Aunt May about an hour ago.” With a nod to your father, he heads up to your room and opens the door, “Hey, I’m here.”

When Peter sees you, he notices two odd things:

1. You were already studying at your desk.

2. There was a picture frame with a photograph of Spider-Man settled right next to you.

"Whoa, what’s gotten into you? I usually have to force you to study.” You stiffen and stutter out his name, “P-Peter! When did you get here?!”

"Just now.” He steps closer to your desk and picks up the photo of Spider-Man before showing it to you. “Why do you have a picture of Spider-Man?”

Peter notices how you blushed in response, and he had a feeling that he already knew the answer to his question…

He just wanted to hear it from you because man, was he in -fucking love- with you. Ned was right about his feelings for you, since he would do just about anything for you. When you were nearly attacked, Peter thought that he was going to lose his mind.

-No one– messed with his girl and got away with it, even if you didn’t know that you were his girl (at least, not YET.)

"Uhm, well… today, Spider-Man helped me with… something.” You were keeping it vague so that he wouldn’t worry, Peter knew that and gave you a nod in response while feigning surprise that you had seen Spider-Man. “Long story short, we had a little talk, and I asked him if he was ever afraid whenever he was protecting the city.”

"And he told me that sometimes, he felt afraid, but that he was okay with it, since he saw himself as this city’s rescuer.” You take the picture frame away from him and look at Spider-Man’s picture with adoration, “And his words got me thinking, hey, if this hero right here can fearlessly save people like me on a whim, then I gotta man up and tackle my own fears, even if it takes the form of a little test.”

Peter was blushing now when you hugged the picture of //him// close to your chest, “I started thinking that I wanted to make Spider-Man proud of me, so… I’m gonna do my best and study my ass off for this test! I believe in myself, so will you help me, Peter?”

He smiles widely and hugs you, practically choking you in his hold as you giggled and tried to pry him off of you. “Oh my god, Peter stop!! You’re choking me, haha!”

"Of course he’d be proud of you. God [Name] I love you so much. I keep falling harder for you each day.”

He felt you stiffen in his arms, and Peter realized he had basically confessed to you. Immediately, he lets go of you, seeing your face was dyed in a deep reddish hue.

Touching at your lips, you tremble slightly when you ask, “P-Pete, did you mean it?”

Refusing to look at you, Peter nods, “Yeah, I m-meant it. I love you.”

You didn’t answer for several seconds. Instead, you stood up and crept closer to him, wrapping your arms around his back as you hugged him, “Looks like Ned was right about us after all.”

Peter stares back down at you upon hearing your words, “Wait, does that mean-”

"That means I love you too, you dork.”

You stand on your toes and pull at the collar of his sweater, forcing him down for a kiss. While you kissed him, you felt a strange sense of familiarity as your mind briefly pictured Spider-Man.

Nah, there’s no way he’s Spidey. You ignore the thought and decide to simply immerse yourself with Peter when he deepens the kiss, making sure that you would think of no one else but him.


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I think Kakashi will resort to drastic measures to keep his team in line. Team 7 say hello to your squirt bottle wielding sensei. Next one to misbehave gets squirted in the face with water. Don't try to make him run out of water, he has dozens of more bottles sealed on him.

xD Except they keep coming up with more and more creative ways to dodge the spray bottle. Fuinjutus shields. Continuous low-level jutsus so that water can’t touch them (also incredibly useful in the rain). Deflecting barriers. Expanding their sensing ranges to pinpoint when he’s coming.

Eventually Kakashi doesn’t know whether he’s proud of them for their ingenuity or pissed that they keep dodging him.


Book of Mormon/Dear Evan Hansen CROSSOVER YEAH SURE THANKS. I know people are saying it makes sense if Arnold is in Evan’s place because of the lying, but HEAR ME OUT. 

Conner=Connor Mckinley so naturally I gotta put Kevin in Evan’s place THAT IS JUST HOW IT HAS TO GO SORRY I DON’T MAKE THE RULES. 

Plus Kevin’s awkwardly dorky behavior and anxiety to live up to expectation yeah okay it just works for me. Plus Arnold being in the writing seat makes me laugh because how he’d keep slipping in nerdy references that Kevin would need to erase. (YOU’RE MAKING STUFF UP AGAIN ARNOLD/BUT I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT KEVIN)

Want to know my biggest pet peeve with Supernatural?

Sam WInchester is SMOKIN’ HOT and it’s never expressed on the show! 

Dean is hot, i wont argue that, but that’s spoken a lot on the show. People often refer to the duo like, the cute one and the smart one, or the hot one and the big one, and sometimes give them both credit for their looks together, like Crowley saying “You’re (Sam and Dean) lucky you have your looks” but never give Sam credit for how attractive he is on his own. The closest we have to Sam’s looks being appreciated is from Becky.the stalker, and even she doesn’t say he’s hot, or gorgeous, or beautiful or anything like that, just that he’s “so firm” and its obvious that shes obssessed with him. And the woman Gary!Sam picked up at the bar, did say he was stunning, but only Gary heard that, not Sam.

On the other hand, Cas is not hot. Granted that’s my opinion, some of you think he is, and thats cool, but the show stresses that he’s hot. He’s reffered to as “Pretty boy angel” in S5, “Hot and sexy” in S7 “Feathered Castiel is hot” in S9 and most recently Dean refers to him as “My shy but devistatingly handsome friend” in S12. And STILL no one has told Sam he’s gorgeous??

Honestly, in the early seasons, I didn’t find him hot either. I thought he was adorable, but he looked like a cute, really tall, teenager. By S4 he had grown into sexy, but that was only part time through S4 and 5. Most of the time he was nerdy/cute, but sometimes he made me think “Damn, this kid can really be sexy when they let him be” The key being “when they let him be”. It always seemed to me (and still does) that the show must decide how hot Sam will be that episode, while they always keep Dean and Cas the same, pretty much. 

Come S6 and 7. Sam was just HOT, no getting around it then. They didn’t nerd him up so much, and even when they did, he was gorgeous. Then came Season 8 when he became excruciatingly beautiful!! Like, there was no way to overlook how amazing he looked, and yet, nearing the end of the season, they made him look sick for The Trials. Sorry Sam, you’re not allowed to look THAT amazing all the time. 

S9, his looks were dialed back a little. Still hot, but the nerdy look came back. Then for some reason they thought that haircut in s10 was a good thing?? GAH!! That was a terrible look for him, but thankfully he was back to beautiful in S11. Now, in S12, theyre doing it again… like choosing between whether he’s gorgeous and sexy in an episode or cute and nerdy, and occasionally, he just looks… I dunno, weird, like in the beginning of the Hitler episode. Meanwhile, Dean and Cas still look the same and promoted as hot. This pisses me off!!!!I understand that the show wants to keep Sam nerdy, and I can appreciate that, but Jared himself is painfully attractive and should always be allowed to be. The show should be proud that they have not 1 but 2 gorgeous/sexy leading men and promote the hell out of it! Dont go crazy with a flat iron, or cover him up in 10 layers of flannel, flaunt Sam WInchester’s beauty!!!!

“No. Fucking. Way.”

Warren took another sip of his coffee, feeling a blush creeping over his face. “I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.”

“No, no, that’s not it, it’s just…” It was obvious that Nathan was trying really hard not to burst out laughing, but that guy just did not have any self-control. “I just can’t imagine Warren fucking Graham having a ‘bad boy-phase’.”

“As I said, it was like forever ago”, Warren said, regretting bringing this up at all. He was hoping that Joyce would come over to ask if they needed anything else, just to change the topic, but of course, waiters never came to your table when you wanted them to. Then again, maybe she ignored him on purpose because she was still mad at him for graffitiing the table, even though he had done it on accident. Warren just seemed to have a gift for embarrassing himself. Despite all, he was incredibly thankful that Joyce allowed Nathan in the Diner, after everything that had happened.

Nathan sneered. “Yeah, because you’re a fucking adult now, Graham.”

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Egg hunt

Disclaimer: Lance won a bet and got to pick everybody’s names.


(Voltron: A group chat between Sharpshooter, Chef Hunk, Mullet, Nerdy Birdy, Space Dad, Princess Salt, and Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man)

Sharpshooter: guys

Sharpshooter: guys

Sharpshooter: guys

Nerdy Birdy: what Lance?

Sharpshooter: I’ve prepared a challenge for you guys ;)

Nerdy Birdy: Oh god.

Chef Hunk: Oh god.

Mullet: Oh god.

Space Dad: Oh god.

Princess Salt: Oh god.

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: Oh god.

Sharpshooter: OMFG i hate you all.

Sharpshooter: but in all seriousness, I’ve prepared an… *Drum roll for dramatic effect*… EASTER EGG HUNT!

Space Dad: It’s Easter already? Lance how the hell are you keeping track of Earth time?

Nerdy Birdy: I managed to remember what day it was when we left Earth and made a mini calendar. It’s probably incorrect but let Lance have his moment.

Princess Salt: Wait. Wtf is Easter??

Chef Hunk: It’s a holiday that’s supposed to celebrate the day a religious figure came back to life but was replaced by a rabbit who hides chocolate eggs for kids to find. But it’s really the parents hiding the chocolate.

Mullet: We aren’t actually doing this? How did you find eggs Lance?

Sharpshooter: Well…. I didn’t exactly hide ‘eggs’.

Sharpshooter: Hunk baked some egg shaped cookies for this event.

Nerdy Birdy: Hunk, you helped him?

Chef Hunk: Yeah! Easter’s one of my favorite holidays I don’t wanna miss it!

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: What’re the rules?

Sharpshooter: Glad you asked! It’s simple, really. Just find as many of the cookies as you can! once you find them their yours. You can eat 'em, share 'em, whatever.

Mullet: But that means you and Hunk don’t get to participate, since you know where all the eggs are.

Sharpshooter: No need to worry Keith! Me and Hunk didn’t want to miss out so we we got Slav to hide them since he didn’t want to join us in the hunt.

Princess Salt: Sounds fun! When do we start?

Sharpshooter: On your marks.

Space Dad: Alright, guess we’re doing this.

Sharpshooter: Get set!

Nerdy Birdy: -Imma beat all of your asses-

Sharpshooter: Go!


After Lance made sure the message had sent properly, he tossed his phone onto the bed and ran out from his bedrooom. Everyone else had also gotten out from the rooms. Allura looked around happily before picking out a direction to start with. Keith looked apathetic as usual, but he still jogged out from his room to find the cookies. Hunk’s mouth seemed to be watering at the thought of eating the cookies he had cooked himself. Pidge had a determined look in her eye as she ran down the hall. Coran ran from his room, dramatically sliding into the wall across the hall, before marching off in his own direction. Shiro looked out from his room with a slight smile on his face, walking down the hall after double checking that everyone was actually going along with this.

Lance smiled proudly, ecstatic that his plan had played out. Now all that was left was to collect the most eggs. Lance ran past Keith with a shit-eating smirk on his face. Keith scowled under his breath before picking up speed and running past Lance. The kept up like this until they eventually got to their first place to start searching, they had picked the training deck. “Good luck, sharpshooter.” Keith mocked, making fun of the name Lance picked for himself for the group chat. “I’m gonna kick your ass, Mullet.” Lance teased back. Keith rolled his eyes and started checking the corners of the room. The room was pretty empty so there were little to no hiding places, but it didn’t hurt to look.

Keith eyed the corners of the room until something caught his eye. A pastel blue shape was on the ground in the corner of the room decorated with a pastel pink polka dot pattern. Keith picked up the egg and his first thought was to rub it in Lance’s face.

“Got one!”

Keith and Lance looked at eachother, shocked that they had just said the same thing simultaneously. Lance’s egg was the same design as Keith’s just reversed colors. “The fuck…” Crap not again! “Stop that!” Oh god let this end. “Okay! Now you’re doing this on purpose!” They shouted at eachother from across the room. “No I’m not!” They screamed again. Holy shit this was embarassing. “Just shut up!” They yelled one last time before sighing, frustrated. They both figured that they had found the only eggs in this room and left, not saying anything else.

Meanwhile, Allura searched the control deck of the castle ethusiastically. The mice already knew where all the eggs in this room were, but they didn’t want to help her cheat. She was looking under a chair when someone’s voice startled her. “Morning, princess.” Shiro greeted from the doorway. Allura jumped from the sudden noise, banging her head on the bottom of the chair. “Ow!” She exclaimed silently. Shiro chuckled softly. “You alright princess?” He asked, helping Allura up. “Yeah, yeah I’m alright.” She responded softly, rubbing her head. What’re you doing here?“ She asked, looking up at Shiro. "To find the eggs of course.” Shiro said, lettting go of Allura after making sure she was standing up properly.

“Joke’s on you, I’m finding all the eggs in this room.” Allura joked, putting her hands on her hips for dramatic effect. Shiro chuckled softly again. “Alright, princess, challenge accepted.” Shiro smirked and had his eyelids fall halfway. Allura blushed slightly before rushing to the next chair, getting on all fours and looking under it. Shiro Went to look under the control panel. “Found on- ow!” Allura exclaimed, saying 'ow’ because she had just her head on the bottom of the chair, again. Shiro laughed while he watched Allura stand up, holding an egg shaped cookie in one hand and her head in the other. The egg was a hot pink with thin, spread-out black stripes.

After about half an hour later they all regrouped and counted their eggs. Pidge got the most saying “Told ya!” Keith and Lance tied second place and Pidge wouldn’t stop teasing that they probably worked together, flustering and or disgusting the two boys. Allura got third, excited she got top three. Shiro was fourth tied with hunk while coran got last place, poor, poor gorgeous man. After counting they agreed to pool together the cookies and split them equally.


Princess Salt: Well, that was quite fun! Are we to be expecting any more up coming Earth holidays?

Sharpshooter: You bet your quiznak we got something ready!

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: Do we get to know?

Chef Hunk: Nope.

Nerdy Birdy: I want in on the surprise. Like behind the scenes action

Sharpshooter: Too bad. Me and Hunk got this in the bag.

Space Dad: Can’t wait for it.

Mullet: Me neither.

Chef Hunk: seRSGYUHHYvyugbtdvfg

Sharpshooter: Hunk, buddy, you alright?

Chef Hunk: Chef Hunk’s out of comission, it’s Nerdy Birdy. I’ll be texting Lance in his private chat with Hunk and we will be discussing the next event. Don’t worry, Hunk can still help.

Sharpshooter: Okay geez, didn’t have to be so

Sharpshooter: WAIT PIDGE STOP!

Chef Hunk has left the chat

Sharpshooter: Shit!

Sharpshooter has left the chat

Princess Salt: Wow. Pidge is a savage.

Mullet: I have a feeling we’ll enjoy the next event.


(The Legs: A private chat between Chef Hunk and Sharpshooter)

Today: 1:15

Chef Hunk: Well, well, well. Lance it looks like you and Hunk have been discussing more than just mother’s day.

Lance: Busted…


Wow, rich text is a pain in the ass.

a letter of advice from my twelve-year old self

I found this while reading one of my old journals. My younger self is actually quite good at giving advice and we should all aspire to be as inspiring as her. I just found this interesting and am sharing it because others may find it interesting as well. It’s a pretty good pick-me-up. Especially good for people in middle school/high school.

Note to self: read this whenever you feel down. And don’t forget your past self.

Dear future self,

You probably don’t think a twelve year old can give very good advice, but I can. Because I am the person who knows you the best. Right now, I don’t have great hopes for the future social-wise. Because I am a nerd. And I am proud. Remember always to be proud of who you are and what you will do. Lauren, if you are bullied, don’t be sad. Know that you will always get through it one way or another. Show the bullies who’s boss! And always remember, one day they will be working for you. And you might remember how mean they were to you, and you just might not hire them. If you are popular, what the heck Lauren?

Always remember never to let social problems come between you and your life. And never be mean to “nerds”. Because you were one, and you still are one deep in your heart. Go find some real friends.

And if everyone shuns you because you’re not “popular” anymore, screw them! none of them are worthy of you anyway. Then go write some music, become a pop star, and don’t give any of them autographs. Or move to Oregon and start over. Let them all feel guilty. Social issues should be the least of your worries. Imagine people’s problems in other countries. You’ll probably think I’m really stupid and know nothing. You probably think “she has no idea the problems she’ll face later” and I probably don’t. But the same advice applies. don’t let it get to you. That’s what they want. Just keep on living. And don’t get addicted to anything. And keep being your awesome, nerdy, imaginative, smart self. 

Don’t forget me, older self. 

Pretty please?

-Lauren, age 12

Librarian AU

Viktor is not a writer nor an author. He’s not even an editor or works at any publishing companies.

He just really loves books. A Lot.

He has enough books in his apartment for a mini library. Some of them are still in moving boxes he has yet to open. His bookshelves are a smooth black wood style. None of the shelves are organized by genre or even alphabetized. All the books are just crammed in together in random places whenever Viktor is finished reading one book or another. His favorite books are marked with a red bookmark. 

Viktor can quote anything from Shakespeare to corny pick up lines in sappy Romance novels to sci-fi fantasy theories.

Strangely enough, he chose not to work or volunteer at a library. He prefers keeping his nerdy obsession with books separate from his career. Instead Viktor teaches skating lessons part time at a rink close by to the public library which he frequently visits after his lessons.

Another strange fact is Viktor has yet to sign up for a library card.

He doesn’t really need to honestly with all the books he already has at home. Whatever books he finds interesting he reads it there until closing time in one of the lounge chairs that are so comfy you could fall asleep in. When he comes back and finds the same books again he knows exactly where he’s left off. 

He can remember the most famous lines from novels, the most interesting characters, the surprising plot twists, and pages where he last read without a bookmark.

He just keeps forgetting to get a library card.

Until one day he discovers a reason to not forget this time.

[To be continued]

Words: 1214

Trigger warnings: Child abuse

“You did what you knucklehead?!” Filbrick grabbed the collar of Stan’s shirt in one hand, lifting Stan up to meet his seething glare.

“W-wait no I can explain! It was a mistake!” Stan protested, fear clearly evident on his face. He threw his hands up in defence, an automatic response after years of abuse.

Ford clenched his fists, listening to his brother’s pathetic excuses. His hands trembled with suppressed anger. He couldn’t believe Stan would do something like this! His whole life, Stan had been nothing supportive. Now, his twin had just ruined his chance of getting into the best college in the whole country. Ford felt betrayed, furious and hurt. He would never have dreamed of doing anything like that to Stanley.

Filbrick dragged Stanley over towards the door and Ford felt the anger leave him in an instant. Realisation shot through his mind like a bullet. Stan was getting kicked out!

As his father threw the door open and went to shove Stan outside, Ford ran forwards, his hand outstretched. “NO!”

Filbrick whirled around, fixing the older of the twins with a glare. “You stay out of this Stanford! This imbecile cost this family millions. He’s lived in your shadow for too long!”

“He doesn’t deserve to be kicked out!” Inside, Ford was petrified. It was no secret how his father acted when he was angry and right now Ford was standing directly in the line of fire. Ford caught Stan’s equally terrified gaze on him and shot him a quick glance. Filbrick still had the collar of Stan’s polo shirt in one hand.

“You want to join him?!” Filbrick snapped.

Ford swallowed, his bravado crumbling. His heart pounded in his chest. “N-n-”

“That’s what I thought.” Filbrick pushed Stanley outside. The teen stumbled over and collapsed onto the pavement. Their father turned and marched back into the living room, grabbing a loaded duffel bag.

Ford took the opportunity to stand in the doorway, keeping the door open with his hands. His father returned and his eyes narrowed at the sight of the older twin in the doorway.

“Move.” Filbrick growled.

“N-no!” Ford snapped, though his voice shook. “I won’t let you kick him out!”

Ford didn’t think it was possible for his father to get any angrier - he was wrong. Surging forward, Filbrick grabbed Ford’s arm in a firm, crushing grip and yanked him away from the door. Ford cried out, fighting against his father’s pull as best he could. He curled his free hand into a fist and pounded Filbrick’s arm. “No! Leave him alone!”

Stan watched in a mixture of shock and pride as Ford fought against their father. Not once had he ever seen anyone stick up to Filbrick like that. Even Stan himself, hothead though he was, never dared fight back against him. Yet here Ford was, fighting for all his might to keep Stan safe. His nerdy bro was protecting him, even after Stan ruined his future.

Filbrick grabbed Ford’s free arm in his other hand, gripping both the boy’s arms firmly and hauling him away from the door. Ford dug his heels into the floor, resisting his father’s strength, until Filbrick pressed a foot to the back of Ford’s knee, causing him to fall forwards onto the carpet. Before he could get back to his feet, he felt a harsh slap land across his left cheek, knocking his glasses askew.

“No!” Stanley cried out. It made him sick to his stomach seeing Ford be hurt. He could take his father’s rage if it was directed at himself, but at Ford? No way. He scrambled to his feet. “Stop it!”

He looked up to see his father’s seething face in the doorway. “You ignoramus! Your brother was gonna be the ticket outta this dump! All you ever do is lie, cheat and ride off your brother’s coattails.”

Ford groaned and got back to his feet, a large red handprint now adorning the left side of his face. He straightened his glasses, trembling as his father shouted at Stanley. Before he was able to interrupt, his father continued.

“This time you cost our family potential millions! Until you make us a fortune, you’re not welcome in this household!” Filbrick threw the duffel bag at him.

Stan was knocked back by the force of the duffel bag hitting him in the stomach. He landed on his backside on the pavement again. He barely got to his feet in time to see his father slam the door shut in his face. A sharp click indicated that the door had been locked.

Ford took a step back, preparing himself to run, as Filbrick turned around. He jabbed a finger at Ford. “And you!” Filbrick roared. “Don’t you dare think about going after him!”

“B-but Pa! It was an accident! Stan doesn’t deserve to be kicked out!” Ford protested.

Stan stood by the window, his heart soaring again as he watched his brother stick up for him. His eyes widened in horror as his father threw a punch at him, landing it square in Ford’s solar plexus. Ford doubled over, his arms wrapped tightly around his stomach. No sooner had he bent forward than he received a punch in the jaw, knocking him onto the carpet. He landed on his hands and knees, spitting blood.

Stan hammered his fists on the locked door, the duffel bag lying in the street. “STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!”

Filbrick ignored the cries of the younger twin, focusing on the one on the floor at his feet. He drew his leg up, putting it on Ford’s side and kicking him roughly onto the floor. He bent down low into Ford’s face, snarling. “Don’t you dare speak to me like that again, otherwise you’re outta here! You’d better keep your mouth shut if you ever want to make any money.”

Ford swallowed, his terrified brown eyes locking with his father’s furious black ones. He nodded quickly.

Filbrick grunted. “Good. Now, get outta here.”

Ford stumbled to his feet, one arm wrapped around his aching stomach, and ran upstairs. He slammed the bedroom door shut and collapsed on the bed, tears running down his face. He could still hear Stanley hammering on the door downstairs. Ford sat up and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. He quickly scrawled down a note and crept quietly across to the window above the front door. He made sure his father couldn’t hear him before sliding the window open. He folded the paper up and dropped it down to his brother, before shutting the window and retreating to his bedroom.

Stan blinked as he heard one of the upstairs windows open. Ford poked his head out before quickly dropping something down to him. Ford slid the window shut and retreated. The piece of paper fluttered down and landed at his feet. He stepped away from the door and picked it up. Unfolding it, he immediately recognised Ford’s writing. He grinned as he read the note, before tucking it back into his pocket. He picked up the duffel bag, cast one last look up at the window and began walking towards the beach.

Stan O War. Midnight. I’ll bring food, clothes and supplies. Wherever we go, we go together.



This was a really nice prompt - with only minimal injuries! 

Matt Mercer but like the Sanders Sides
  • Logic!Matt: Very numbers focused. He's the one who keeps track of stats and shit in battle and helps the Main to properly characterise the really smart villains. Probably still wears glasses despite not needing them to keep the nerdy smart guy aesthetic.
  • Morality!Matt: The sweet cinnamon bun we know from Talks Machina and the Critmas periscopes. He's soft and loving and absolutely adores Marisha with all his big ol heart. He's easily excitable and gets hurt easily. Also wears glasses for the aesthetic.
  • Creativity!Matt: Full theatre nerd Matt. This Side is the very embodiment of Extra™ and is the one who birthed Exandria in the first place. In terms of mannerisms he's really quite Gilmore. He knows he, and therefore Matt as a whole, is awesome and he doesn't let Matt forget it.
  • Anxiety!Matt: Very quiet. Very closed off. He's why Matt gets really antsy before streams and he's why Matt over prepares for any and every possibility. Anxiety!Matt would spend most of his time hidden in a hoodie and trying to avoid everyone. Though like Virgil Sanders, Matt's anxiety finds comfort from the cast and the routine of Thursday nights.