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Hello. First of all I have to give you the standard enormous thank you for doing what you guys do. It helps keep a lot of nerdy fans out there smiling. I also need a little help in finding a fic that I have been searching for ages to find. Its super fluffy and I know at one point Tony walks in on Steve and Bucky watching Cars and Steve is awake but Bucky is asleep and lying literally on top of him. I read it a long time ago and I just cant seem to find it.

@bereftandbreathless said it’s A Precarious, Fragile Thing by Taste_is_Sweet

Blue has missed me.  He is digging into my leg to show me how much.  Have somehow committed to throwing a party in November.  With Nerf guns.  Five pairs of people got engaged (we were not among them and I am okay with this), I managed to get blitzed on half a cup of something called Blood Bag from the Mad Max themed party (the day before I was much happier with their Sweet Crude, which was honey rum and apple juice instead of peach schnapps and grenadine and the like), and we all had a very good cry and memory session over a fellow who had passed and who had touched very many lives very deeply.  Minimum of drunken shenanigans at the wake, even, just distribution of books and comics and cosplay props.  Plus watching videos of improv and sketch comedy he’d directed.


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space questions - Phoenix, Cygnus, Pulsar~

Pheonix: Favorite thing to wear?

Since it’s winter, I’ll keep it winter based! Graphic T, sweater, flannel, my beanie, jeans (comfortably fit, not too loose or tight), and sneakers! 

In the hotter days it’s still a graphic t lol, but add in like shorts, keep the sneakers, and some nerdy pokemon hat to keep the sun outta my face

as for home, whatever I can lounge around in

Cygnus: Favorte weather?

No clear sky, but not completely clouded. I want some clouds, but not super large ones that have the perfectly painted pinks and blues or oranges and reds. Just the day time sky with gray/white clouds. A breeze, not too warm, or cold. But enough that I still need some thin sweater and a t-shirt. That I can comfortably sit/stand in with my friends. I hate when the weather is perfect. Makes me sad

Pulsar: What do you hope to do in the next 10 years?

Survive college, get more art and fanfictions done. Keep in touch with my friends. Don’t die, be successful, you know :)

The signs when they were high school freshmen:
  • Aries: kid who gets in with wrong crowd immediately, cries when they're caught smoking behind the school
  • Taurus: pretentious kid who refers to classmates as "sheeple" and can't wait to graduate
  • Gemini: the kid who's always involved in other people's business, doesn't take no for an answer
  • Cancer: kid who always seems to be involved in drama, never actually incites it though
  • Leo: awkward kid who is obviously going to blossom one day, keeps nerdy interests secret in hopes of being popular
  • Virgo: super sheltered child who doesn't know about santa, don't tell them unless you want them to cry
  • Libra: group mom, universally adored
  • Scorpio: kid who develops crushes too easily, gets jealous when said crush talks to other people
  • Sagittarius: weird kid, do not engage
  • Capricorn: kid who's already got a 10 year plan and a first draft for their Valedictorian speech
  • Aquarius: kid whose parents make them join clubs and harder classes, has no interest in any of it
  • Pisces: kid who takes one intro level art class and spams everyone's feed with artsy b&w pics they took of flowers

Happy Birth(day), Rebs! :D (I honestly thought it’d be funny)

I had to wait until you came back from school to post this, but still.

I’d like to thank you for being so amazing and making me smile whenever you post something funny. You are truly a wonderful person and I could go on and on about that, but then that’d be boring after a while, heh.

Anyway, I know it’s crap, but it’s crap I made for you and that’s all that matters. (And I tried making you look more like space, but I can only go so far with colored pencils)

Keep being amazing, you nerdy space nugget!