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little things to love about jihoon
  • he’s the number one producer 
  • makes great music 
  • can play the guitar and piano
  • he can rap yall check out one of svt’s mixtapes thx
  • just overall talented 
  • yall one of his nicknames is documentary iM CHOKING LMAOSAJDKLS
  • bc sometimes he gets ‘too serious’
  • aside from being serious, his laughing outburts are HILARIOUS 
  • when he laughs it’s so fun to watch, it makes me laugh too
  • sometimes when he laughs he just slowly approaches the ground and lays there lol same
  • also he cares for his members a lot
  • even though he doesn’t show it often
  • like that one time he payed for seventeen’s meal without letting the members know
  • such a sweetheart
  • poor boy doesn’t like aeygo but his members make him do it anyway 
  • cutest eye smiles
  • “if you recover from your wisdom teeth, you’ll die” thanks man great advice
  • “adore u is a funky pop song with fun and fresh lyrics that matches seventeen’s age on top of an addictive melody”
  • leader of intros to songs
  • when he becomes all sentimental, he starts cringing and honestly same 
  • this frickin video of adorableness
  • aka grandpa
  • bc sometimes he can’t keep up with 12 energentic members
  • the ‘oW’s you hear in svt’s songs? yeah that’s him
  • spends countless nights in the studio just to perfect seventeen’s music
  • if that’s not dedication, i don’t know what is
  • have you all notice? he has pretty handsss~
  • jihoon with long hair and a smol lil ponytail is a blessing
  • when he had his pink hair during adore u
  • he looks so good in oversized sweaters
  • ppl call him a fairy sometimes and hes like “what? no”
  • the way he starts and ends his twitter menpas lol
  • “start”
  • “end”
  • the iconic moment of jihoon about to smack mingyu with a guitar. amazing
  • probably one of the most hard working inviduals ive ever seen
  • here’s to many more, for jihoon and seventeen
RFA: Artistic MC

I adore your writing?? It’s fantastic and I’m absolutely in love. I checked the masterpost and saw nothing like this so could I request hcs for RFA (including V) with a MC who is super artistic (sewing, drawing and stuff like that) and LOVES showing them their work and asking for their opinions and generally loves to give them something they made

Heyo! I looooved this request 👌🏻 I had so much fun writing it! I also added in a few other art forms that you hadn’t specified just to keep things funky fresh throughout the whole thing hehe… I’m a pretty artistic person, cause I write and draw, and I do theatre and dance. So, I was super excited to write this when I saw it!! I hope you enjoy it hon 😁 -Pancake

⁃ If it involves paper, you do it
⁃ Sketching, painting, charcoal, you name it
⁃ When Yoosung first sees one of your drawings he FLIPS
⁃ You had told him in the chat but he kinda took it as a hobby thing, like you draw occasionally and it’s fun
⁃ He didn’t realize you were this talented
⁃ You had asked him what he thought about this acrylic piece you were working on, about halfway through
⁃ This kiddo’s jaw dropped not kidding what a sweet bean
⁃ “M–MC!! That’s amazing!”
⁃ From then on he’s constantly asking what you’re working on
⁃ You draw LOLOL characters for him all the time
⁃ Also lots of random objects drawn to look like him??
⁃ He hates it but they’re so good he can’t help but love them T^T

⁃ Always
⁃ Dancing
⁃ 😤😤😤
⁃ Zen never wants you to stop which I guess is good and bad?
⁃ Like you know he’s always ready to admire and suggest and just BEAM at you when you’re finished because he loves your dancing so much?? That was fantastic???
⁃ But he’s also constantly asking you when you’re gonna dance for him again
⁃ Even if you literally just finished a choreo
⁃ Zen l e a v e m e a l o n e
⁃ But once he asked you to teach him some moves and he was Really Good
⁃ Probably from all the dancing he does on stage
⁃ You teach him ballroom and even a few basic hip hop moves and can I just say that just the THOUGHT of Zen trying to whip makes my whOLE LIFE BETTER

⁃ It had been a looooong day at work and you were beat
⁃ Jaehee told you to go home early, she would close up the cafe and meet you there for dinner
⁃ You tried to tell her it was fine
⁃ Keyword being “tried”
⁃ But y'all know Jaehee’s not about to lose that argument so before you know it you’re home taking a nice relaxing shower
⁃ And you’ve had this song stuck in your head all day
⁃ So the melody kind of slipped out you know?
⁃ First you were humming, then a few words began to mix in, and suddenly you were belting it like an American Idol audition
⁃ You finished the song just as you finished washing up so you got dried and dressed and walked out to see Jaehee sitting on the couch with a book in her hand
⁃ All nonchalant
⁃ Your cheeks were somewhere between cherry and tomato red you were blushing so hard
⁃ Jaehee just grinned and remarked calmly, “You have an outstanding voice, MC” what a snake omg
⁃ You spluttered out an apology, a few incoherent words, and then finally a resigned “thanks”
⁃ She shook her head and just said
⁃ “Will you sing for me some more?”
⁃ One last thing I know this is getting long but you definitely sing her to sleep when she can’t fall asleep on her own yes thank you

⁃ 🚨Valentine’s ending spoilers!🚨
⁃ So you got this idea during the Saeyoung Tour right
⁃ He got you a little plushie of himself
⁃ And you realized that even though you’d spent a lot of money on amusement park tickets and a giant chocolate bunny for him, and he loved both of them, they weren’t really personal gifts
⁃ So you broke out some good ol’ fashioned crochet needles and yarn and Got To Work
⁃ When ya man’s birthday came around in June you presented him with your masterpiece
⁃ *masterpieces
⁃ You’d made him a pillow in the shape of a bag of Honey Buddha Chips and a crocheted 606 plushie to match your 707 one!
⁃ This boy had a single tear slide out of his eye but he fr sucked in back in y'all
⁃ Like the cop from Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs
⁃ He cuddles with the pillow more than you, tbh
⁃ You’ve got no one to blame but yourself

⁃ The first time Jumin heard you play, he was astonished to say the least
⁃ Like not only are you the Queen of his Heart™
⁃ You’re also the Queen of the Harp™
⁃ Cause we all knew this kid threw a ring on you like Saturn, so you moved in pretty quick
⁃ And when you two were unpacking your stuff he ripped open a box with your harp inside
⁃ “MC, do you play the harp?” wow Jumin didn’t know you were a master sleuth
⁃ He asked you to play for him and as soon as your fingers began to glide across the strings he got Real Shook Real Fast
⁃ Asks you to play for him all the time
⁃ Your music is so soothing to him
⁃ Every time you ask him if you sound okay he gives you this look that says everything

[V under the cut]

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Top 10 Albums:

  1. Walk the Moon “Talking Is Hard” - I have been waiting forever for more music from this lil’ Ohio band, and this album is so fantastic it blows my mind. There are 80’s pop influences, power ballads and big hair dance numbers that make it impossible to not feel groovy when this record’s playing. Walk the Moon is also one of my absolute favorite bands to see live because they have so much energy and sound better than their records, so if you get the chance to see ‘em live (they come to Seattle in March!), do it.
  2. Dan Croll “Sweet Disarray” - My goodness do I love this album and its reverberating harmonies. Dan does a fantastic job of meshing British folk and unusual tribal beats layered over lyrics that make you want to see someone with a minimalist tattoo of it on their wrist followed by an infinity sign. He is a brilliant sweetheart in a button up and hipster glasses, but his music perpetuates a deeper understanding of music and the human condition with every listen.
  3. Joywave “How Do You Feel?” EP - A fine/funky/fresh/fabulous EP, I stumbled upon ‘Tongues’ about a week after it was released and could not get the song out of my head. Super catchy tunes but with a gritty, strange side makes Joywave’s tunes a compelling listen and fun to dance to. I’d keep my eye out for these kiddos, since they’ve went from we-released-a-mixtape to the radio with Big Data on ‘Dangerous’ in the last year. Plus they’re from my hometown, and Rochester gotta represent.
  4. Broods “Evergreen” - This New Zealand duo has haunting, breathy vocals, but when coupled with hard-hitting drums and soothing piano tracks it helps edge out their new album. A lot of people might know Broods because they opened for Sam Smith’s last tour, but in my opinion they stole the show. The harmonies and high notes Georgia nails on ‘Four Walls’ during a live performance will give you chills, so be sure to bring a blanket.
  5. Vance Joy “Dream Your Life Away” - I bought a ticket to see James perform as an opener for Young the Giant last April, yet everyone around me was whispering “who is this guy?” as he strummed his ukulele and did a little dance onstage to ‘Riptide’. Now people are starting to appreciate his simple, warbly tunes that make you think of coffee shops and campfires, and he is joining Miss T-Swift on her 1989 tour so hopefully show-goers won’t keep asking who he is for much longer.
  6. Banks “Goddess” - I wish I could say this album is self-titled, but everyone knows it practically is. Banks is a Natalie Portman look-a-like who can spin a record with a soulful, grunge-y essence that makes you want to go out wearing dark lipstick and crush hearts. Each song commands your attention in a brooding, dark manner, but the ever-popular Snakehips remix of ‘Warm Water’ shows Banks’ vocals work just as well to amp people up as they do to mellow them out.
  7. Magic Man “Before the Waves” - I’ve been listening to Magic Man and their ridiculously up-and-at-em pop synth vibes for a few years now, and their debut album is nothing to scoff at. It is delicate harmonies and snappy serenading and, above all, makes you want to dance your pants off. The band is lovely and charismatic as all hell in person, so it’s pretty much a good night when you buy a ticket to see these kiddos or even just listen to them at home.
  8. Glass Animals “Zaba” - “Zaba” is a bit reminiscent of Disclosure’s rolling bass but slowed down and mellowed out a notch or five. Perfect for studying or lazy Sunday mornings, this album will help anyone who wants to seriously relax get into that gooey state of mind (pun intended - their most popular track is titled ‘Gooey’). The jewel-toned jungle album artwork sets the tone of the record, and it has also received a couple nominations for best album cover, which is pretty rad.
  9. Sam Lachow “Huckleberry” - If you want local rap without going the Macklemore route, this album covers nearly all bases. Each song features another Seattle artist (or three), from Nacho Picasso to Gifted Gab, Ariana Deboo and Raz Simone. It’s a fantastic conglomeration of individual voices on an album of beats you can shoulder drop and PNW fist pump to. Seattle hip hop shows are also some of the craziest, most involved concerts out there, so if you can scream all the words to the album you’ll fit right in.
  10. Odezsa “In Return” - Okay so this is some Seattle pride for all you electronic junkies out there, these boys always sell out two nights here and for good reason. Usually featuring female or higher-pitched vocals and surreal drum beats, this album is chalk-full of dreamy tracks that are perfect for smoking and star-gazing or for late night drives. They also recently posted on social media about writing music at Hayden James’ apartment, and that collab just makes me want to drool.

This was written up a while back for Rainy Dawg Radio’s Best of 2014 zine, which you can grab a copy of in studio or hit us up for one. I kind of forgot what music came out in 2014 as opposed to 2013 so these are the first tunes I remembered - sorry bbz if I forgot something!

xx DJ TaterTot

things we should remember: 

  • mounteen
  • fried chicken is healing and good for our hearts
  • you have two choices: you can either eat it or throw it away
  • the lost ones: dongjin, doyoon, mingming, samuel
  • no f.u.n. 
  • seventeen’s first win
  • the cute plushies in woozi’s producing office
  • minghao’s cute and stumbly korean
  • everything jicheol has gone through together
  • what the rings mean to them
  • jun + the logo
  • jun + the christmas tree
  • seungkwan hates aegyo
  • adore u is a funky pop song with fun and fresh lyrics that match seventeen’s age on top of an addictive melody
  • woozi + the guitar
  • michael chankson
  • the predebut video of woozi
  • doogi PD
  • every predebut moment of meanie
  • seungkwan’s hardships with his throat
  • naega hosh
  • kimbap eh kidding??
  • best quality 
  • younghee
  • pull up on your wacks with a mac fully loaded aGh

feel free to add on

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listen don’t get me wrong i love epic fantasy and sci-fi but it is very very important to me that we get fantasy & sci-fi on a smaller scale as well. i’m tired of reading about the Special Person Who Will Save The World. that’s not relateable. i want to hear more stories about bit players on the world stage! a traveling theatre troupe of goblins struggling to write a new play, two rival families of smugglers living on the same space station transport hub, a rom-com about a young hedge witch, a coming-of-age story about a dryad

give me more weird clever small stories

what the fuck even is death note. i know there’s a guy named light and one named l (who named these children) and one of them looks like a spindly frog with emo hair, and of course there’s a notebook that gives people heart attacks, but then sometimes i see art of it and there’s this terrifying clown monster just sort of floating around in the background?? why is this juggalo here what does he want from the frog.

something i think about a Lot is how i want more fantasy that’s just. fun. that’s lighthearted and exciting and atmospheric and above all filled with joy. like ghibli movies, like stardust (my Personal Headcanon version of stardust that marries the best parts of the book with the movie), like parts of avatar the last airbender

where good wins over evil not through terrible sacrifice and tremendous battles and hardship, but through kindness and gentleness and good-ness. or where there is no “evil” and the journey is about discovering and uncovering and exploring yourself, becoming the best you you can be under the circumstances you are given

where it isn’t the Entire World at stake, where every adventure isn’t full of mortal peril and enemies around the corner, where the world feels like it’s beckoning you

come on! the road is waiting for you! see what’s out there! go, go see!