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can we just thank marianas trench for being a GREAT band with amazing music that is loyal and dedicated. there are so many bands out there that use gimics and drama to attract fans that can’t work together, are only in it for the fame, or don’t take the music seriously enough. so thank you to marianas for, despite being underappreciated, being genuine, caring about the quality of their music and keeping music fun and drama free, and taking time to appreciate their dedicated fans

Well, the Bumbleby tag is full of drama again, so let’s post some positivity! I’m gonna talk about one of the reasons this ship means so much to me.

I started watching RWBY right around the time volume 2 ended. Several months prior to that, I had started coming to the realization that I was bisexual. I was plenty open to the idea of it and had no self shame about it. I was involved in a few different fandoms with canon girl/girl ships like Legend of Kora and Homestuck, but none of the ships really spoke to me on a personal level.

So I started watching the show and immediately identified with Yang, love that girl so much. The outward projection of confidence and humor masking all the inner stress and anxiety is me everyday. I knew Bumbleby was a thing from fan art floating around, and it looked super cute, but I wasn’t on board with the ship immediately. I was more into WhiteRose at first, I liked their dynamic right off the bat and still do. I kept Bumbleby in mind as I watched and appreciated all the subtleties of their dynamic, but I still wasn’t sold.

But then Burning the Candle happened.

It was the first time I had seen that kind of deeply emotional dynamic between two female characters. The first time I really and truly believed that there was something deeper than just friendship between these young women. The emotional connection there was so real to me, so tangible, and by the time Yang walked out and threw Blake that wink, I felt something really powerful.

I don’t know if I realized right away how important that scene was to me, but I know that I loved it immediately. From then on Bumbleby was my OTP. But as I continued to watch the show and get all my friends into it, as we worked on our team RWBY costumes for conventions, as I actively incorporated the show into my life, I realized the way it was impacting me personally. I realized that I was much more confident about my sexuality, much more optimistic about my future romantic prospects, much more open to the idea of flirting with cute girls as well as cute boys. And I don’t know that I would have had that surge of self esteem without what I had witnessed between these two girls.

I remember when the news came out about Monty’s passing. I was sitting at my desk, and I remember it was like a punch to the gut. I had never met this man in my life, hardly even knew what he looked like outside of a few special features videos, but I knew that his work had and would continue having a profound effect on my life. And I remember sobbing. I remember breaking down crying for the loss of a man I never knew because the characters he had created and the relationships they shared had made me feel so strongly.

Bumbleby is important to me because it’s something that makes me believe in me, something that makes me hopeful and happy. This show and it’s characters are something Monty left behind for us all in the hopes of making something good, something that makes people happy. It’s had a real impact on me. These girls matter to me. They mean something.

Savior Ink

Every artist has their signature and hers, it’s cover-ups. Sometimes it’s to mask a now unwanted tat but her favorite is to cover a scar, or as she likes to explain to her clients, honor it. She gets a rush at taking something unwanted and turning into something to cherish.“ 

(Modern AU / Rated T / 3200 words / AO3

The heels of her boots are loud against the poured concrete floor of the hallway, the last quiet spot before reaching the constant swarm beyond the double swinging doors. Ten years in and she still quickens her pace to enter the one place she’s ever felt it in her heart to call home. The buzzing hits her like a lover’s embrace, melting the tension from her shoulders brought on by a restless night’s sleep.

Ruby’s client’s tongue is trapped between her red tipped fingers, slightly swollen from the shiny new  barbell piercing she’s securing with a sultry wink. Emma can practically feel the pheromones pulsing around the pair as the beautiful asian owner of said tongue blushes furiously as Ruby’s thumb brushes against her bottom lip. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Ruby will be offering to show this new client how to really make use of that piercing, with hands and tongue on demonstration devoid of any clothes.

Emma catches Belle’s eye from behind the counter and they share a knowing smile, both of them used to Ruby’s sexual adventures thanks to her love for giving the entire shop a very detailed play by play.

“Hey Ems, there’s coffee on your station.”

Ah, salvation. Belle is seriously the best, keeping this pack of lady tattoo artists organized and as drama free as possible, considering they’ve all gotten on the same damn cycle.

“What would I do without you?”

Belle just waves her off and goes back to adding to the schedule of appointments on the computer. There’s already three people waiting on the sunken leather couch in the front corner and Emma starts the process of getting her station set up for the day. Other than the appointment with Anton later on tonight to finally finish the intricate beanstalk tattoo on his back, she’s free for the rest of the day for walk-ins.

“I call dibs on stubbled and broody in the armchair, darling. He’s just this side of smarmy and I need the eye candy to help me wake up.”


Emma doesn’t even look up from her prep as Crue slinks by on wispy limbs towards her prey. Here’s hoping the guy wants a dog tattoo, cause that’s just about the only thing that woman is good at.

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Ive had this draft open for a few weeks now, trying to find the right words for what I want to say, so bear with me here.

First off: In the past, I’ve been accused of using my fandom fame to “bully” lesser-known blogs or even sending my followers to attack certain people (despite the fact Ive made multiple posts telling my followers there is no situation where sending hate is justified) so I’d like to preface this by saying I am not calling out any specific blog, fandom group, or shipping community. The purpose of this post is not to cause drama, but rather to bring attention to an issue I think the ML fandom as a whole needs to be aware of.

*ahem* anyways…


Wanting to “keep the peace” is not a valid reason to shut down real criticisms of real problems in the fandom.

Silencing discourse about important issues because you “want to keep the fandom drama-free” does not make you a saint.

Dismissing or attacking people when they draw attention to glaring problems in the fandom does nothing to help us grow and overcome these problems.

I’ve heard people say that the ML fandom is the nicest they’ve ever been in because there is no conflict. Because we all ship the love square right? Because we all want to see Adrien and Marinette end up together, right? 

ML Fandom: We are all united :) love square for life :) how could there possibly be drama? :)

Wait, artists are white-washing canon poc characters?

Wait, re-posters are stealing art and publishing without credit?

Wait, there is nsfw posted in the main fandom tags where children can see it?

Wait, bloggers are romanticizing abusive ships/tropes and exposing them to impressionable minors/actual abuse survivors?

Wait, lgbtaq+ creators are getting hateful comments telling them to “stop interfering with the love square”?  

Fandom: “…C’mon guys :/ stop complaining :/ lets keep the fandom drama-free :/…”

Now I get it, online fandom is a form of escape. I fully support the idea that fandom should be a safe space for everyone. As long as you are participating in fandom in a way that DOESN’T PUT OTHER PEOPLE AT RISK, you should be free to blog in peace.

That being said, the problem isn’t that people want a drama-free blogging experience, the problem is that some people are willing to make fandom enjoyable for themselves at the expense of others. They would rather ignore valid criticisms of fandom just because the problem doesn’t effect them personally, then accuse people who continue to draw attention to the problem of “stirring up drama in our good ol wholesome fandom.” 

But guess what?

There is no perfect fandom.

If a person of color tells you a piece of content is racist, you listen.

If an artist tells you reposting is wrong, you listen.

If an underage individual (or anyone really) tells you to keep nsfw art out of main tags, you listen.

If an abuse survivor tells you certain content is triggering/ potentially harmful, you listen. (Yes, even if you yourself are an abuse survivor using a scenario to “cope”.)

If an lgbtaq+ individual points out the disproportionate criticism of non-lovesquare (and in most cases non-het) content, you listen.

Ignoring, and in some cases even arguing against these claims doesn’t keep the fandom “drama-free”. Shutting down valid discourse doesn’t make ML Tumblr a “nicer” or “happier” place to be. 

All it does is does is alienate marginalized fans who fear that voicing their completely valid concerns over negative fandom trends will get them branded a bully or instigator of drama. 

All it does is absolve problematic people of guilt and embolden them to keep engaging in questionable fandom activities because they know the fandom is too concerned with “staying drama free” to do anything about.

All it does is further divide us.

And it needs to stop.

TLDR: If you shut someone down when they are pointing out a valid, important problem in the fandom, you are not trying to make the fandom “nicer for everyone”, you are trying to make the fandom nicer for yourself. Just because a problem doesnt effect you personally doesnt mean its not a problem. There is no such thing as a drama-free fandom, and ignoring key issues for the sake of pretending there is such a thing is irresponsible and disrespectful to marginalized member of the fandom.

anonymous asked:

I also think a lot of people who are leaving know it's fake but are just exhausted and can't excuse Louis' participation anymore, it's been two years and he's starting his solo career and it still doesn't look to be ending anytime soon. Like for example I know she wasn't pregnant but I'm just not here to be jerked around for another promo season so I unfollowed everyone but 10 blogs who are drama free like you. People need to do what's best for them, but that doesn't mean they changed their mind

Yeah, this is very true. I doubt most of the people who are leaving have changed their minds, at least not on the basic facts. But it’s been a very very very long (and frankly disturbing) time and I am a firm supporter of putting yourself first if you’re in no condition, for whatever reason, to be detached enough to go through this unaffected. I mean, there are obviously exceptions, we see the rise of houies everyday, but in general, I want to believe that once you’ve had an open and bright brain to notice and learn a few things, it’d be very hard to erase them all, clinical/psychological mechanisms apart. 


     The cool draft coming in under the motel’s pathetic excuse for a door sent a shiver down your spine, forcing you to clamp down on your chattering teeth and pull the itchy, stained blanket up to your face. You risked a glance over your shoulder at the hunter beside you, the man practically radiating heat, and wished you could just get closer to share his warmth - but you didn’t dare. Dean was your best friend and for the sake of keeping your relationship drama-free you’d always kept your feelings for him secret, always forced yourself to keep your interactions strictly platonic. But now, when he was so, so close

     Another chill had you rubbing your hands up and down your arms, shifting the all-too-thin fabric as you did, until –

     “Y/N? Are you cold?” You froze.

     You felt a panic rise in your chest as you whispered, “What?” not even turning to face Dean for fear of him seeing the already rapidly spreading flush over your cheeks.

     “You’re shivering,” he rasped, his voice thick with sleep, “comere.”

      You didn’t even have time to protest before you felt a strong arm wrap around your middle and pull you against his warm chest, the much need heat already seeping into your bones. “Better?” he asked, his breath brushing your ear as he spoke. You closed your eyes and allowed yourself to enjoy the warmth and comfort he provided, savoring the feeling of his body pressed against your own.

     “Better,” you whispered.

     You could worry about your relationship tomorrow. Tonight all you cared about was the green-eyed hunter who had you wrapped his capable arms.

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*

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S/O to all the simblrs that keep their blogs drama free 💕

S/O to all the simblrs that use their blogs to spread positivity and love 💕

S/O to all the simblrs that actively work to make their blogs a safe, stress free environment for their followers 💕

S/O to all the simblrs that mind their own business 💕

 Y'all are the only ones keeping this “community” together tbh

during my short time being a part of a fandom I’ve started to view shipping in a similar way that I engage with and view the kink community.

other people’s ships are just other people’s kinks, and if I don’t like a particular ship, then I simply don’t engage with that part of the fandom about their ships.

of course there are ships that I don’t like and even disagree with, but I joined a fandom so I could muse over a mutual interest, not engage in perpetual discourse and drama with people.

HLSuggestion is back baby, and in a big way! As always, we’re looking to build a place for larries to be positive and escape from the most recent discourse, but we’re also changing things about how the blog is set up. We’re now moving to be more of a headcanon blog (think more like happysuggestion or lightheartedsuggestion, that’s where we’re going). To do so, we’ll need more mods, and while we’ll still accept your suggestions and asks, we’re also interested in people who can:

  • come up with cute short headcanons about harryandlouis (i.e., “harry and louis are currently curled up on the couch and louis is reading a cosmo article in a loud theatric voice to see harry giggle”)
  • help maintain a queue
  • read great fic for our recs
  • be positive and keep HLS drama free :) :) :)

If You Want To Have Some Fun (by the spice girls), submit your application here today! we’d love to have you on board. Thank you, and please help spread the word!

Anyone who spends more than five minutes talking to me has probably gathered that I find the Port Mafia fascinating so @tachihaara and I thought it would be a blast to have a server dedicated to Yokohama’s #1 Underworld Organization.

What we offer:

  • A discord server for Port Mafia fans to connect and make new friends!
  • Active and involved Admins who strive to keep the server fun and drama-free
  • A place to share your headcanons/art/fic/etc.


  • Reblog this post
  • Check out the Admin’s blogs here and here
  • Have your ask/messages open so you can receive the invite link

The first round of invitations will be sent out on Wednesday, July 5. Rolling invitations will be sent out the following weekend.

These days, I’ve made order in my thoughts and I wanted to apologise for my overreactions from the past few months. Since March, my soul and mind were a total mess, I had a mental breakdown last week. I came to my parents’ home this weekend and I’ll be staying a few more days and fortunately, I was able to calm down and sort things out. Regular touhou posts will be back maybe this weekend, if not, certainly on Monday then.

I am deeply sorry for acting like a total bitch here on this blog and exaggerating things when it wasn’t necessary. Please forgive me. I’ll try as much as possible to keep this blog drama free from now on. I love you ~ 

*sweats* I’m so late for everything ;__; I’m going to answer everything in my inbox soon, I promise!! But first I need to make some announcements.

Announcement 1: the readmores aren’t permanent

Yeeeeah, remember how I put that up to vote and readmores won but full posts weren’t far behind? Well, it turns out that some of the people who voted for the second option can’t access the hidden text. So for now I’m going to do the following: put long posts under a readmore, keep them that way for 1-2 days, and then, once they doesn’t threaten anyone’s dashes anymore, make the whole post visible. This is going to be the case until I get complaints and/or ideas for a better solution.

Announcement 2: this blog won’t always be shipping-free

Yep! Mun here ships rusame, fruk, gerita, and many others. Eventually I’m gonna start posting shipping related stuff, including headcanons, scenarios and fanart (especially for that 1st one, yep yep). Sorry if that’s not what you came for, but I initially created this as my sideblog for Hetalia in general; this ambassador thing I got involved in later. I’m gonna tag all shipping stuff as #shipping stuff (wow) + their respective pairing names, in case anyone wants to blacklist.

What I can promise you tho is that I plan to keep this blog drama-free! No ship hate, even for the ones I don’t care for.

Aaaand that’s about it, I think. Uh, here’s my combined belated tribute to everyone who celebrated something or won something since July started.