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A brief history of Mirai’s figure skating career

(Reminded that Mirai is the oldest daughter of Viktor and Yuuri) 

  • After feeling a little like they may have pressured Misha into skating, Viktor and Yuuri decide that they won’t make Mirai take any lessons unless she asks for them 
  • They do take her to ballet when she’s pretty young, however 
  • After seeing Yurio skate in one of his final competitions, Mirai can’t stop talking about learning to skate 
  • She takes to the ice pretty naturally, more so than her older brother did 
  • Eventually she’s allowed to compete in novice competitions 
  • If anything, Yuuri and Viktor are more nervous for her than Mirai is herself, if anything she feels a thrill from being the centre of attention 

“Papa! Onosan! Did you see them?” Mirai pulled an arabesque, gold medal clinking against her neck. “They clapped for hours and hours!” 

  • When she reaches the age of thirteen, and is allowed to compete in the junior division, it’s actually Mirai herself who asks (uncharacteristically shyly) if Viktor will coach her officially 
  • Around this time, Mirai starts to become pretty accustomed to media attention 
  • At fourteen, she manages to place first at Junior Worlds by the skin of her teeth, largely because she has the most technical skill compared to others in her division 
  • After begging until blue in the face, she manages to convince Viktor to let her debut in the senior division the following season, largely because it happens to be the Winter Olympics year, and because Yurio, her favourite person, also debuted at that age 
  • She manages to get a bronze in the Grand Prix Final that year, which is a definite accomplishment, but she’s unsatisfied 
  • Though she wouldn’t admit it to many people, she works herself to skin and bone after that, eventually leading to her Winter Olympics gold 
  • By age 18, Mirai is largely considered to be on top of the world
  • She becomes a little restless, feeling like she’s ‘done’ everything any figure skater would ever want to 
  • Around this time, someone makes a comment about female figure skaters being flouncy things more than legitimate athletes 

‘I can do anything a man can do’ Mirai thinks to herself. 

  • After that, Mirai starts chronically over-rotating her triple toe loops, definitely feeling like it’s a possibility 
  • When Viktor’s not looking she tries it and lands with a hand on the ice. She calls it a victory
  • Where her father liked to surprise his audience, Mirai decides that she’d prefer to shock them 
  • At the next major competition, she shows up in black skates 
  • Figure skating context: this is not allowed. It’s a very sexist sport. Women actually have to wear skirts as far as I’m aware. 
  • Even the commentators are speechless, as is Viktor, who knew nothing about this 
  • Mirai goes through the routine as planned, but then, as she approaches the final jump, she decides to go for it, and lands a somewhat shaky, but still legitimate quad toe loop
  • Her technical score is the highest by far, but she’s knocked down for artistry quite a lot. It’s not enough to push her to silver medal position, because the bias of that would be a little bit too explicit, but it’s enough to keep her from a world record 
  • Mirai doesn’t even mind this, satisfied with what she’s just achieved

“I’ll land a quad flip next,” she says to the group of reporters, winking. 

Yo Yo- Just to clarify about the recent comic: No Dodging Allow.
Mae said “bae”, which is another form of “babe”
So yeah…instead of “Bea” also Bea’s full name is Beatrice. Yup…Cya-

Every time someone uses ‘the faunus’ in place of a character name in RWBY fic, I die a little inside.

We know they’re a faunus. Epithets are dumb and useless. Also, it’s a racial trait. Would you say ‘the black man’ or ‘the Korean woman’ over and over and over again? Honestly, guys. Just say they’re damn names or their pronouns.

It sounds better like 10000% of the time. I promise. Epithets stick out like sore thumbs. They take you out of the story.

People make drinking games about of them. And with faunus, especially, it comes off as really god damn fetishy or othering in a very racial way.

orson krennic's characterization
  • before rogue one: greetings my fellow Imperial leaders, let us make haste to complete the Death Star project ahh yes tarkin of course we'll accept your help thank you
  • after rogue one: *rolls up to Imperial meeting 15 minutes late with Space Starbucks* sorry everyone couldn't find my fucking cape *sees tarkin* what bitch?

in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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Lance: *telling a joke* :0 

Keith, with trouble understanding jokes: :/??? 

Lance: *explaining the joke so it’s easier to understand instead of laughing at Keith’s confusion* :0!!! :)!! 

Keith: XD!!!!