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tagged by @fringillas ♡ (we have a couple of the same favs. i put that down to good taste lol)

the rules are to list 10 of your favourite female characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people.

1. yennefer of vengerberg (the witcher)

2. lady maria (bloodborne)

3. serana (skyrim)

4. lara croft (tomb raider)

5. annie leonhardt (shingeki no kyojin)

6. fire keeper/sister friede (dark souls 3)

7. miranda lawson (mass effect)

8. daenerys targaryen (got/asoiaf)

9. nadine ross (uncharted)

10. morrigan (dragon age)

tagging: @glassrunner, @huntressmaria, @liaratsoniii, @sasseffect, @tixiij, @vaethryn, @viserione, @vahloks, @noonvraith, @houndpitspub ;u; of course there’s no pressure if you don’t want to do the thing!

Y’all can relax about that whole Rey and Kylo “I need someone to show me my place in all this” and holding-out-hand thing from the trailer because they’re two completely different scenes (not that it matters if it were one scene, because Rey could pull a Luke-and-Vader-on-Bespin sort of thing)

When Rey says, “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” she is still in the outfit she went to find Luke in. You can tell by her high collar and the thickness of the material:

The light source is static as well, constant, even, likely a lamp of some sort, and the set of her shoulders and neck seems to indicate she’s sitting down. She’s most likely saying this line in Luke’s hut, explaining why she went to find him.

In contrast, that shot of Kylo holding out his hand has a mobile, flickering light source somewhere off to his left, and while that seems to match up to Rey’s right, the light is nowhere near steady, and all the bits of flaming debris falling down behind him would have caused the lighting to change around Rey, if she was really there.

And you can see Kylo meeting eyes with someone standing opposite him, while Rey’s sitting down.

So I’m all for that idea that Kylo’s holding out his hand to Leia. Even if it were Rey, it wouldn’t be immediately after she said that line. Sneaky, Lucasfilm.

this paragraph from a deleted scene in an early draft of the raven king still haunts me and tbh?? we were robbed


Someone: when are you gonna stop drawing gay stuff omg

Me, drawing more gay stuff: wow suddenly I can’t read