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“He might have been your friend, but Masae certainly wasn’t. She made you feel like a third wheel. This was evident on several occasions. That and with the disease, you saw a perfect time to strike. Frame the pretty blonde girl and it would be her word against yours. You thought that we’d believe you and that we’d all get axed while you run away free. Which is why you thought that writing her name in his blood and covering his index finger in blood would make us believe against Masae. You tried, but you were sloppy and left several pieces of obvious evidence.”

“You’re just making stuff up. I didn’t do it. This whole thing is so stupid. So, so stupid.”

“The least you could do is man up to it. Admit it, you killed him, didn’t you?” Octavia pressed further, keeping her composure, unlike him.

my biggest pet peeve is when people write lupin as the wet blanket mom friend prefect type, like…did you read prisoner of azkaban tho??

  • literally shoots chewing gum up peeves’ nose 20 seconds into his first lesson ever
  • passive-aggressively puts snape’s boggart in drag after snape insults neville in front of his class 
  • and THEN, gives zero fucks about snape’s increasing rage as word gets around that HE DID THAT
  • speaking of gives zero fucks: gives zero fucks about trelawney’s attempts to crystal gaze for him
  • somehow miraculously bullshits his and harry’s way out of repercussions after snape catches harry with the map and has every right to put harry in detention for the rest of his life (AND he keeps composure while his teenage self is savagely badmouthing snape right in front of him, no less)
  • is prepared to straight up murder his former best friend in cold blood in front of 3 of his students and totally would have done it if not for harry’s intervention
  • gives harry the map back because, fuck it, he’s not a teacher anymore, give em hell, kid

like i get the whole tea/sweaters/laid-back-professor aesthetic, but remus lupin is a magnificently flawed and sometimes straight up terrifying character…he’s so much more than fandom’s portrayal of him as this mild-mannered, careful person, and i think that part of the reason he’s so interesting to me is that he seems just like that at first, but you have all this dark shit lurking just beneath the surface. one of my favorite moments in the entire series is when he goes into that extremely scary place and he’s about to murder peter, because you know that each DADA professor so far has had some dark secret, and even beyond the werewolf reveal, remus’ payoff is SO good. he’s such a good character honestly

  • Gum
  • Moose Blood
  • I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time

I didn’t get much sleep last night but that’s alright
It was worth it just to see you move that hair from your eyes
and smile like you do.

Okay but just imagine an AU where Celaena didn’t go to Wendlyn and instead met Aedion in HoF while in Adarlan. Like she’d just be walking in the halls with Dorian or someone and she hears someone call Aedion’s name and she starts like inwardly freaking out and sweating and stuff so she just looks around and bumps into him. She whispers his name with tears in her eyes and he’s confused as to who she is but he stares at her and into her eyes when he realises. Dorian’s like “Aedion, you know Celaena? She’s my father’s champion” and then he stutters a bunch and says she’s an old friend while trying to keep his composure.

I just realise how much I need this in my life oml

Swim Down
  • Swim Down
  • Moose Blood
  • I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time

Let me hold your hand
We can talk about our favorite bands

I don’t know what hurts more, losing people or losing myself,

I hear things ya know? and talk to myself, I try not to be crazy, keep my composure and be strong, I am strong, but weak at the same time, if that even makes sense, the mystery behind me isn’t anything cool, or exciting it’s depressing, it’s sad, I’ll always be alone in my mind, with my actions, lies, motives,

I’ll always lose people because I’m at never ending war with myself, I lean on people to save me from myself, when in reality the only way to save me is to kill me,

my depressions comforted me for so long, I’ve to some degree become fond or even used to it, I can’t blame my mom , or the girls who loved me for leaving, in the end all there is, is me, it’s not rewarding or suprising , this character I’ve become , is it even me? is this what I wanted? I’m not sure,

the nightmares, sleepless nights, crazy thoughts, they all play a role, I had someone who could ease it ya know? and I made it my goal to ruin it, literally, she was so good to me, she was my heroin, or “heroine” I broke her, completely, but not only to ruin her, to build her, and she hung on , for so long, for so fucking long,

now I’ve reached a point where I can no longer progress, I’m in a pond with a canoe rather than in the ocean around me in a sailboat,

nothing excites me, nothing will give me joy for to long, only pain and sorrow is what has made me feel or comforted me,

being suicidal dosent exactly help these habits either, I had a drug stage where I would pop pills on pills, just to not feel anything at all, I’d get lost, and than create a motive,

the problem now is that my motives are always surrounded with these evil intentions, I’ve come to think I’m literally a villain at heart,

the thing is , villains are necessary for a story to go about, but, they never find love, or comfort in reasonable motive, just the craziest the things, when im good im sad, when im bad I feel alive, but than I hate myself after,

my insanity has been feeding on me since I could walk, I’d only prayed I’d found someone who figured it out and had the patience to keep me, to disregard the pain and only feed me love, it’s selfish of me, I know, but where are you, angel, my wing ridden angel,

save me – xxx

—  xxxtentacion

The only problem with having an air moon in a family full of water moons is being demonized and ostracized when I don’t visibly show my feelings or display tears on the spot. I’ve been called “heartless,” a “cold hearted b” and critically/uncomfortably questioned whether or not I “even have feelings” by these people. I highly value privacy of my feelings and keeping composure above all. They don’t understand that I am hurting inside, but my mind has already rationalized everything in order to stabilize my emotions (Libra moon).


Gif source:  Gibbs  |  Hotch (merged)

Imagine being a member of Gibbs’ team while NCIS and the BAU are working together on a terrorism case involving a marine, so you get loaned out to the BAU and Hotch calling Gibbs when a bomb goes off with you inside the building, and they’re both really worried because they’re both in love with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“She didn’t get out in time, Gibbs,” Hotch’s voice through the phone is raised to be heard over the chaos, and quick due to the fact that he had to make it quick before he could get back to the crisis at hand. “Her radio’s silent. We don’t know if she’s hurt or not yet, but with the way that building collapsed, the area she’s in was the only part still standing, so we’re hoping for the best.”

Gibbs keeps his composure much better than he feels at hearing the news of your status, wishing immediately he hadn’t let the Director talk him into loaning you out to BAU for this case, “My team will keep working on our end, but I’m coming down there.”

Hotch doesn’t argue, “Alright. I’m sending Penelope to see what she can do to help McGee on tracking that terrorist.”

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Can I get some headcanons for Cassian if the reader died? Super angsty but I love angsty Cassian feels.

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  • At first, Cassian keeps his composure - strong, like it didn’t affected him to know that he’s not gonna see you ever again
  • People who knows him best, as K-2SO and Jyn, knows it did
  • After your funeral, he locks himself on his quarters for a while
  • He doesn’t talk to anyone, not even K-2
  • You were everything to him - his sanity, his rock, the reason why he was always trying to be strong for the galaxy, his lover
  • So the fact that you were not beside him anymore, and that he would never be able to look at you again broke his heart
  • Cassian doesn’t sleep for a very long time
  • Whenever he does, he dreams about you (good dreams, where you’re alive and happy with him, but he calls them “nightmares”)
  • He really tries not to, but he starts to lose his fucking mind
  • He sees you everywhere on his quarters, he listens to your voice, and he knows that none of that is real
  • So he gets a ship and keeps flying around the galaxy for a couple of months
  • No K-2, no Jyn, no Rebellion, just him and his memories of you
  • Not gonna lie, he drinks a lot of alcohol during his time away from everything
  • It doesn’t help, but at least he manages to sleep a little bit when he’s drunk, without having “nightmares” about you
  • Cassian tries to cry, he tries so hard, but he just can’t (which makes everything worse)
  • It’s like there is no reason for him to cry, because you will come back someday
  • He just goes back to his normal life when he finally accepts that he will have to deal with that whole situation
  • And when he does, he finally talks to Jyn about your death (after months), and he finally cries
  • Cassian keeps living for you then, and for what you believed in
  • Secretly, there is always a picture of you on his pocket
  • It makes him feel like you’re there with him, somehow

Can we just take a moment and appreciate the rock that is Kim Namjoon?

In all the moments of great joy and even many other complex emotions where everyone else is overwhelmed and consumed by the waves, Namjoon is responsible for keeping his composure, feeling the entire magnitude and weight on his shoulders but never getting drowned by it. Even in such moments when has he not thanked everyone that should be thanked for Bangtan’s many successes, not only in Korean but even in English to fully express his gratitude? Where is there a stronger leader than Kim Namjoon?