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Sanctuary (1/?)

Pairing: Scotty x Fem!reader

Word Count: 821

Warnings: mentions of blood and injuries, some yelling and swearing, I’m not awesome at written accents, so you’ll have to use your imagination on some of this.

A/N: because I needed some Scotty in my life. New parts of the story will post on Wednesdays and Mondays until we get a whole story out of it! Send me an ask for a tag!

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Y/N blinked, blushed, and looked away quickly as she assisted Dr. McCoy in patching up Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott. No one knew just how he had managed it, but Scotty had been working in one of the Jeffries tubes and somehow ripped his shirt straight across his chest and had a nasty wound cut diagonally across his chest. Scotty hissed as Dr. McCoy quickly cleaned the wound and removed what was left of his shirt. Y/N wasn’t squeamish at all, but the sight of the engineer’s bare chest was incredibly distracting.

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❝ Are you ready, Omega? ❞ Part 4

Plot: Heechul ABO universe (Alpha, Beta, Omega)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,1k+

Genre: Drama, Angst, Comedy, Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

For zhao-jie-shanghai, I hope you like it and now for an anon ^^


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Heechul now stood with his back pressed flush again the cool tiled wall of the shower and panting. His head beating with indecency as he pressed his head back, mouth open and breathing heavily. By now he had released his member from his hand and was now just looking up at the ceiling as the sensual pleasure ran rampant through his system. Closing his mouth, he gulped hard before realizing what he had just done. He knew that this ‘heat’ was a hectic problem, but now this was just ridiculous to him.

‘Oh fuck…’ He cursed, switching the water off.

He stepped out the shower and looked at himself in the mirror. His hair was flattened against his forehead before running a hand through it and styling it horribly. In a fit of rage he grabbed the hairbrush that was on the sink and threw it at the mirror. It shattered into thousands of pieces and he did nothing but go and change into some boxers and head to sleep. He didn’t want to think about what happened but his dreams plagued him and played tricks. Tricks that were things he deeply wanted and others that were just torture to him.

‘Zhoumi!’ Heechul barked

‘Yes Chul?’ The Chinaman poked his head into the office, ‘What can I do for you?’

‘Do you know a good guy to fix mirrors?’

‘I know of a builder called Kangin, apparently he is the best. Why?’

‘I have a broken mirror in my apartment and I need it fixed.’ The boss explained.

Zhoumi walked into the office and quickly examined his boss’s hands, ‘Are you okay? Do we need to take you to the hospital?!’

‘Get off me!’ Heechul pushed him away, dusting himself off, ‘There was just a little accident in the bathroom. Get this Kangin person to fix my mirror and leave!’

‘Yes Heechul.’ Zhoumi bowed as Leeteuk walked into the office.

‘Barking at people, no shocker there.’ The elder made himself comfortable.

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You’re Mine

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Jiyong x Reader

Word Count: 2681

Genre: Fluff into smutty smutty smut smut

You loved your new family.

They weren’t your actual family, but they were the closest thing you had at the moment. You had lost your parents a few years ago in a car accident that changed your life forever. Having been the only child, and having the rest of your family live across the ocean, you were more or less alone now. You worked a lot, trying to keep busy, before going home to your apartment.

But that all changed when you met Jiyong. He was so sweet, and caring, and hilarious. His bright, bubbly self had broken his way into your life, and you couldn’t imagine it without him now. The two of you had met while he was on vacation. He had stopped in at your café, and the two of you started talking and became instant friends. You exchanged phone numbers, and agreed to meet up with him a few more times before he headed back to Seoul.

You fell in love with him almost instantly. Hearing him talk about himself, and his dreams, and his goals. He told you about his friends, and how they were a huge part of his life. Listening to him go on and on about things, always stopping to ask for your input, or apologize for talking so much. You thought he was adorable. You always just smiled and reassured him you were listening to him, and he wasn’t talking too much. You told him about yourself, about how your parents moved to South Korea when you were a baby, and how you had grown up there your entire life. About how the rest of your family all lived in the United States, and how you visited them twice a year. He was impressed that you could speak both languages so fluently, and asked you to help him with his English.

You didn’t tell him about your parents right away, not wanting to scare him off right away, but as your friendship grew, going on for months, you had no choice. On the day of the anniversary of your parents’ death, Jiyong surprised you with a visit. You had taken the day off work, not being able to hold yourself together enough to go in. It may have happened a few years ago, but the pain was still as fresh as ever.

He let himself into your apartment, having had a key made last month for when he was in town so he could let himself in while you were working. He came in, thinking you weren’t home since all the lights were off. He switched on the living room light and saw you huddled on the couch, crying quietly, holding a picture of your parents and you. You were so wrapped up in memories and your sadness, that you hadn’t even heard him enter. He walked over to you slowly, reaching down to touch your shoulder.

When his hand touched you, you screamed in surprise, looking up at him wide-eyed. He simply looked at you quietly, and you just broke down. You started sobbing as he pulled you into his arms, rocking you gently. As the sobs started to quiet down, he asked you what happened, and you told him about the accident. He sat quietly with you the entire time as you told him all about it, simply rubbing your back and kissing your hair as he held you. At the end of your story you sat limp in his arms, exhausted from the emotions rushing through you. He picked you up bridal style and carried you to your bed. He helped you change, and laid you down, tucking you in.

“Give me a call if you need anything okay? I’m gonna be right down the hall on the couch,” he said, standing up to walk out. But you reached out and grabbed his hand before he could walk away.

“Please,” you whispered softly.

“Please what (Y/N),” he asked, looking down at you worriedly.

“Please don’t leave me alone tonight,” you begged him. You knew it was a bad idea. You knew that you needed him to be more than just your best friend tonight, and you knew that he would only ever think of you as his best friend. But it didn’t matter. You were so emotionally drained that you decided one more heartbreak wouldn’t do much damage.

He hesitated a moment before nodding, laying down in the bed next to you. You turned to face him, tears rolling down your cheeks. He reached up and brushed them away, shushing you before you could say anything and pulling you close to him.

“I’m here (Y/N),” he whispered softly, his chin resting on your head. “Go to sleep. I’m right here.”

You closed your eyes, your body and mind exhausted, and you quickly started to drift off to sleep. As you faded into your dreams, you could have sworn you heard him say “I love you”.

You woke up the next morning, stretching out to find an empty bed. You sat up, looking around for Jiyong, but you didn’t see him. You got up and walked out into the hall, listening to see if you could hear him, but your apartment was quiet.

“I knew it was too good to be true,” you said to yourself quietly. You went back in your room and climbed back into bed, not ready to face the world yet. You started to doze off again when you heard keys in your door. You shot out of bed and walked out of your room, looking down the hall as Jiyong let himself in, carrying a tray with coffee and a bag from a bakery in one hand. He looked up to see you and you melted at the smile that formed on his face. You smiled back and went over to him, taking the tray out of his hand and walking to the kitchen, with him trailing behind.

“I figured you’d need some serious caffeine this morning,” he said chuckling as he pulled some plates out of your cabinet and set them down on the table. You sat at the table and reached for the bag, but he slapped your hand away, making you laugh. He handed you the coffee and waited for you to take a sip. It was your favorite. Your smile grew as you felt the hot liquid warming up your body immediately. He grabbed the butter from the fridge and set it on the table, pulling out your favorite fresh croissants from the bag. He buttered one and handed it to you. You smiled up at him sweetly.

“You don’t have to take care of me you know. I’m okay. Really,” you said, playing with the pastry. He sat down next to you and took a bite of his own pastry, smiling over at you.

“Yes I do,” he said. “It’s a man’s job to take care of the woman that he loves.”

Your eyes flicked up to his in surprise, staring at him for a moment. His face turned bright red as he stared back at you, waiting for you to say something.

“You…you love me?” you stuttered. He nodded, smiling shyly at you. You jumped out of your chair and jumped on his lap as you hugged his neck. “I love you too,” you said, your voice muffled as you hugged his neck. He laughed and hugged you tight. That was the beginning to your perfect relationship.

It wasn’t a fairy tale romance by any means. The two of you fought like any normal couple would. But at the end of the day, your love was strong enough to make the fights meaningless.  After a few weeks Jiyong asked you to move in with him. His days were getting busier and busier and he was finding it hard to make it out of town. You quickly agreed, not being able to stand the thought of being away from him for too long. After another month or two you finally met the guys, and you all immediately became best of friends. But you and Seungri were closer than anyone else. He was like the older brother you never had. You talked to him about everything, and the two of you were always together, when you weren’t with Jiyong.

One day you were at the studio with everyone, watching their dance practice. You had stopped in during the afternoon to bring Jiyong some lunch, and you brought everyone coffee from your favorite café. You sat down against the back wall, watching Jiyong dance, your eyes raking over his body like a cat in heat. You loved watching him dance, seeing the sweat glistening on his skin, watching his muscles move as he did. You licked your suddenly very dry lips, not noticing Seungri walking up to you.

“Geez, close your mouth will ya? You’re gonna make them slip with all the drool your letting out,” he said chuckling, pulling a coffee out of the tray next to you. You laughed and smiled up at him.

“Nice to see you too brat,” you told him, getting up to give him a hug. As your arms wrapped around him, he picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder. You screamed in laughter as he ran around the studio with you on his shoulder, your legs kicking as you yelled at him to put you down, before he finally did. You yelled at him while you were laughing, punching him in the arm. He rubbed it in fake pain, whining playfully, complaining that you were going to injure him before the show. The two of you kept going on and on, joking around and touching one another, not noticing Jiyong’s mood growing darker and darker as he watched the two of you.

He yelled for Seungri to get back to work. Seungri gave you a hug before running back to formation and going over the dance again. You went back to your spot and watched them finish up practice. As they finished and everyone was standing around talking and laughing, Jiyong came over and grabbed him stuff immediately.

“Let’s go,” he said gruffly. You frowned in confusion.

“Aren’t we going to hang out with the guys?” you asked as he sighed, reaching over to grab your hand.

“No. We aren’t. Now let’s go,” he said, pulling you behind him, not saying anything to the guys. You knew better than to argue with him when he was like this. You had to let him calm down first. You yelled goodbye to the guys as he dragged you out the door, following him, asking him what was wrong, but he wouldn’t talk to you. The two of you got to the car and he opened the door for you, waiting for you to get in before slamming the door and walking around to the driver’s seat. He got in and the two of you drove home in silence, his hands tight around the steering wheel in anger.

When you arrived at your apartment, he got out and immediately headed inside, not even waiting for you.  You huffed and got out, slamming your own door as you went in behind him, slamming the apartment door shut.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” You scream at him, sick of getting the silent treatment. He froze in his tracks before turning to look at you.

“What’s my problem? Really?” He asked, his voice growing as his anger did. “My fucking PROBLEM is you and Seungri! Where do you get off letting him touch you like that?! Huh? You’re mine (Y/N)! You belong to me! Not that fucking brat!” He yelled back.

You softened as you heard him speak. You understood now. He was jealous. He was scared. And it was adorable. You walked over to him as he was yelling at you, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down to kiss him mid-rant. You smiled up at him as he started to calm down.

“You have nothing to be jealous over,” you told him. “I’m all yours.”

He smiled down at you. “Damn straight I am,” he says, his hands trailing down to your ass, pulling you tight against him. “And I’m going to show you just how much your mine.”

He lifted your legs, wrapping them around his waist as he walked the two of you to your bedroom, throwing you on the bed. He pulled off your clothes, before pulling off his own, your breath catching in your throat as you stared at him. You loved it when he was dominant in bed, and you knew you were in for a good time tonight.

He climbed on top of you, kissing you hungrily, your arms immediately wrapping around him as you kissed him back. He kissed down your jaw, to your neck, nipping and sucking as he went, leaving his mark on your skin in his wake. He kissed all the way down your body, to your sweet spot. He spread your legs, biting and sucking on your thighs, leaving dark bruises all over them before finally licking your spot. You cried out in pleasure, your back arching on the bed as your hands tightened on the sheets.

He buried his tongue inside of you, spearing you like you were being fucked, your hips rocking against his mouth in pleasure. He switched between licking inside of you to sucking on your clit, until you were at your limit. Your mind blanked as you started to tighten around his fingers, but he pulled away just before you were able to explode. You whimpered down at him as you begged him to let you release. He climbed back up your body, licking along the way up, making you squirm with need.

“Could that BRAT make you feel the way I could?” he asked, biting your earlobe as you moaned in pleasure. “Could he make you scream the way I do? Orgasm the way I do?” He kept asking, as his hands touched you, just enough to bring you pleasure, but not to let you release.

“No…no!” You screamed. “Only you, only you.” You begged.

“That’s right. Because you are MINE,” he said, pushing into you as he said the word mine. Your mind flooded with pleasure at the feel of him finally inside of you, that one movement finally pushing you over the edge. You screamed in pleasure as you clung to him. He grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head as you came around him, his own moans echoing in the room as yours turned to whimpers. He started to move inside of you, in slow calculated thrusts. He pulled out slowly, before slamming back into you, over and over again, driving you wild.

You squirmed underneath him, wanting him to move faster, begging him to move faster, but he kept you pinned down beneath him.

“Who do you belong to,” he whispered in your ear. “Tell me who you belong to.”

“You,” you cried out. “I belong to you.”

With that he started moving faster, letting go of your arms. You wrapped your arms and legs around him, clutching to him tightly, as he thrusted inside of you frantically seeking his own release. After a few more thrusts you felt him lose his pace, getting closer to his own end, your second orgasm quickly growing as well. You pulled him down to kiss him hungrily as the two of you came together, clutching to one another as your breaths started to calm down.

He rolled off you and held you close as you tried to control your frantic heart. You smiled up at him and kissed him tenderly.

“I love you Jiyong,” you told him as you tucked your head into his shoulder. He squeezed you tight as you started to drift off, exhausted from your love making.

“I love you too (Y/N),” he said, kissing the top of your head, pulling a blanket over the both of you as you both fell asleep.

~Librarian Joon

Sorry for the delay everyone. Y’all know how crazy life can be. But here’s our first new request! I hope the anon who requested it likes it! The beginning is kinda long I know, but it kinda just wrote itself :3 Let me know what you guys think! And don’t forget to send in more requests <3

1.12.16 // How is it possible that it is the first day of the last month of this year??! (That was a mouthful.) I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how it’s possible 335 days have passed. 😮 Now that I’ve finished the semester, things have settled down, but only by a bit. I received my assessment marks back and I’m very happy with my performance (I got HDs in 2 of my 3 courses!), but I’m nervously awaiting the release of Exam results which come out on the 15th. 😬

I’m still babysitting on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I’m also doing some volunteer work before Christmas so I’m keeping busy! It feels kinda nice, but I’m also pretty worn out. 😴 In other news, I really need to find some time to fit in some more reading. I’ve only read 44 books this year, which is nothing compared to my 70 last year, and I’m really hoping I can kick this slump soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to reach my (already reduced) goal of 60 books! 📚💕

Lima Beans

An AU based on this post by arkhams (et al). Cross-posted to ao3.

Summary: Dean and Castiel first met in the health-food aisle of the local grocery store. The sparks (and soup cans) flew instantly.

Rating: T

Warnings: Hella cute

Four months; four goddamn months, Castiel cursed to himself. More specifically, it had been four months, eleven days and a handful of hours since he’d first seen Dean Winchester scowling at vacuum-packed lima beans in the health-food aisle of the local grocery store. Obviously, he hadn’t known the man’s name, or anything about him at all then, and until Castiel had knocked over the stacked display of soup, behind which he’d been hiding, and drawn attention to himself, all he’d known of the stranger was that he had dull blond hair, unrealistically green eyes, annoyingly pink lips set in a frown, and was perfect.

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you know what I’m here for?

partially transformed ladybug and chat noir. pre-reveal. 

or Ladybug!Marinette and ChatNoir!Adrien for lack of a better term. Yes I KNOW they’re the same person but youknowwhatimean! :p  No suits, but the same attitude.

I didn’t realize it until JUST now. I was inspired by that fanart of Adrien in his usual clothes but with a chat mask on and a baton and his trademark smirk. 

Oh, I’m so down. What a concept. This is something I lowkey would LOVE to see.

I want Adrien not to have time to transform at all and just pick up a broom from the janitor’s closet at school and go IN. 

I want Marinette in her cute pink outfit kicking akuma’s in the face and backflipping all over the place. 

I want Marinette and Adrien to work together to keep the akuma busy before “the real heroes arrive” and to remain completely oblivious the entire time. They both started off trying to protect the other, but it slowly just became a team effort.  

And the dynamic is all mixed up, with them going in and out of their usual banter because it’s SUPER weird being sarcastic and witty to Adrien but it’s also weird hearing him make puns and being snarky and she’s just reacting without thinking and what does this mean why are we both working so well together????

Sometimes they respond on reflex, but others they realize exactly who they’re talking to and start blushing and stuttering. Because Adrien and Marinette aren’t close enough to be talking like that to each other. 

Talking | Nat

Jeff was having a good week, hanging out around his farm. Before trips and work was going to keep him busy. So once he was done working around the farm he found his way into his room and laid back on his bed. “Naty come here” he said knowing she was close by.  @darling-dormer


Peeta Smiling in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, Part 1 - Smiling at Katniss.

(Requested by anonymous)

Preference #7 ➸ you catch him checking you out

Luke: “So what’d you do?” Luke questions, drinking his last sip of orange juice. It’s a extremely hot day in LA and your boyfriend’s schedule is full of lots of interviews, rehearsals and other band stuff, which means he won’t be able to be with you until the night. So you both are actually slowing your tooth and jaws movement to take longer having breakfast and spend more time together. Unfortunately, the piece of toast you are chewing is the last one and whilst you’re taking your time to eat it and answer to Luke’s question, he’s covertly (at least he thinks the is) letting his eyes travel down your back, to the place where your crop top finishes and the glowing skin of your waist is showing. And he’s returning his gaze to his food before repeating the previous action, checking out every single part of you, foolishly smiling. “I’ll go shopping” It’s your answer once you had finish your toast, taking another sip of your English Breakfast Tea afore stand up and peck Luke’s lips. “I’ll miss you,” he pouts. “I’ll miss you too,” you tell him, leaning down once more to kiss him and wish him good luck. And you fit your shades on your nose as you turn on your heels and let go of his hand, ready to go to The Grove or some place that could keep your mind busy while Luke’s working, but not before saying: “By the way, I catch you checking me out!”, leaving a flushed and speechless Luke frozen in his chair.

Ashton: Sunday. Ann invited you and Ashton to a grill, within his siblings and grandparents. So as it was a quite relaxing day (and a damn hot one) you opt to wear a simple pair of high waisted shorts, a white shirt and Converse, finishing the look with a messy bun. That’s all. No make up, no high heels; just kipping it simple. And Ashton can’t keep his eyes off you, he loved the way your hair was placed and how that shorts fit on you and the absolutely amazing legs you’re showing and shit, why are we here instead in our flat? Where he could tell you how good you look and kiss all over your face, and slide his fingertips along your legs and just Ah! He’s frustrated, beyond frustrated. I mean, he loved watching you bake some cookies with his grandma and have flour fights with his sister but the fact that he can’t take his eyes off you is driving him crazy, since his grandfather is there so is his mother and it’d be just weird if they find out the way he’s looking at you. And it’s when you walk pass the TV room, where he and Harry are watching a soccer game or something, that he doesn’t even notices how intense is his look and sadly, it’s his little brother who points it out:  “Ash? Why are you staring at Y/N’s butt?” “Me?” Ashton questions, pretending to be stunned, catching a last glance at your embarrassed and giggly self.

Calum: A deep brown gaze has been on you the entire night. No, I’m not even kidding and no, he didn’t even try to dissimulate it. He has been staring at you shamelessly, leaving it clear for you that his eyes are attentive to every single part of your body, to every single curve. He’s not even interested in the party or in the drinks, he just want to take you to your shared flat to strip you out and make you know how good you look in that fucking black dress. And you’re sharing gazes with him, not in the way he’d want to, but in a manner to tell him that he need /need/ to stop checking you out because now the boys have noticed it and Michael’s teasing the hell out of you and you’ll tinged his pale face, in a red as brighter as his hair, with a slap if he doesn’t shut up. But, of course, Calum gives a shit about it; he won’t forbid himself to look at his girlfriend looking absolutely stunning. So to shut Michael up, he’s walking in his direction to exchange a few words and childish threats such as I’ll kidnap Daniel again if you don’t shut your mouth or sort, until the red haired guy agrees and Calum’s able to walk towards you and clasp his arms around your waistline, leaving a soft peck at the back of your ear. “I love that dress,” he whispers “But it’ll look much better on the floor”

Michael: You make your way to the kitchen in seek for some cereal or maybe ice cream, whatever is in your fridge that could get your self entertained while Michael’s playing this awful game he’s got obsessed with. The thing is, you were merely wearing one of Michael’s bands shirts as your sleepwear, so his gaze is easily attract to yourself and off the television. His green eyes go all the way down your body, admiring every single inch of skin as if you were some kind of masterpiece or guitar, and he’s quickly shaking his head to get his mind clear and be able to kill those damn zombies he’s having trouble with. But you pass by again, this time wanting some water or tea, and once again his eyes fly to your figure. The only difference is that this time you notice it and you take advantage of the situation by walking by again and again, /and again/ until he can’t take it any longer and his hands are throwing away the controls before grabbing your waist firmly, pulling your body close to his and on his legs. And his face is finding a place in the crook of your neck; placing soft butterfly kisses on your skin, making you giggle. “Do I have to do this every time you get obsessed with a videogame, Clifford?” “Maybe”


Dear THAC fandom,

I know that yesterday’s announcement was hard to hear.

I’ve kind of migrated to the outskirts of this fandom over the last year or so, so my word might not mean anything to most of you, but it was hard for me to hear, too.

But I’m seeing a lot of reactions in the wake of Joseph and Tim’s decisions to leave THAC that leave me a little uneasy.

People are talking like this is goodbye for the fandom, as though the fandom will shrivel up because these guys aren’t working together anymore, or like it’s a question of who gets the fans in the divorce.

And guys, that’s not what this is. Mommy and Daddy aren’t splitting up. We are individuals with our own agency, and before we start ripping down our John Lennon posters and trashing all our Beatles records, let’s acknowledge this rationally.

Four creative people are going to have four different ideas of what works in their content creation, and whether it’s creative direction or business decisions, sometimes what’s worked before isn’t going to keep working, or two (or more) very strong ideas aren’t going to play nicely together.

This is their decision. Whether the basis for this decision lies in their personal lives or in a business decision, that isn’t our business. We don’t need to know until and unless they decide to make that information public.

Please be kind, and have respect. When making public posts, don’t pry into the details of what already seems like a difficult decision. Don’t pass the blame around. And don’t make it about you–because it’s not.

I’ve said it before: these guys have made an incredible part of their private lives accessible to us as the fans. They did not have to do that. They still don’t have to do that. There’s a lot going on here that we, as fans, are not privy to, and, frankly, we shouldn’t be.

Please, remind yourself: These guys don’t owe you anything because you’re a fan.

You can feel upset. It’s hard when they’ve also extended to us their friendship. This announcement was sudden and unexpected, and it’s sad to think about. You are always entitled to yourself and your feelings, but this is about the THAC guys and their feelings about their involvement in the company. This isn’t about you.

This isn’t about us.

This is about THAC. And I have every confidence that this decision was made in the interest of the company and the personal well-being of those involved in it. These things never come out of nowhere, no matter how it seems to the public. Friendships change, and disagreements happen, and unfortunately that’s a part of life.

THAC wouldn’t exist without Joseph and Tim, and no one’s trying to say otherwise. Whatever their reasons for leaving, they’re perfectly valid. Don’t get me wrong, this is End of an Era type stuff going on here, and I’m glad I was around to see THAC’s emergence.

I plan on sticking around for the next chapter. Good things are still coming.

~~ Talexfanfiction Writing Contest: Entry #3 ~~

Title: She Wears Short Skirts (I Wear T-Shirts)

Author: @onebigroughdraft

Rating: K

Summary: Tobin is a soccer shorts, t-shirt, sandals kind of girl. Alex is not.

A/N: Takes place in the Lucky (I’m in love with my best friend) universe, though it can definitely be read as a one-shot. But if you feel so inclined to check the Lucky universe out, this is part of an on-going Talex series on my ao3 account.

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