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nothin much to say just keepin my blog a classy place as always

I can see them as ex-Rockets assuming they joined for the recognition and then left once their differences with the upper management became too great (as they’re both very against abuse of Pokemon and all). Not completely sold on the idea or anything but it’s fun to draw


“Me & my roommates called local tv news outlets & told them we would be running around campus naked”- @mishacollins

If you know where and when to look, Vanderbilt keeps a news archive of almost every story since the 60’s. Found this with some help. However because of the nature of it, I sat on it for a while and specifically asked him if it was ok first before posting and he was totally fine with it!

i remade!!

this blog is getting cluttered and i want a fresh start. i’ll still be posting a lot of trek, but i’ll also post other things such as video games and other movies/shows; my tagging will be similar but more organized for your convenience and for mine

thank you to everyone who has followed me, messaged me, reblogged, and or liked anything of mine, you’re amazing and you make this ridiculous website worthwhile

you can find my new blog @jimkiirk


A design based on one of @dahmumu’s sketch:

Edit: Scanned version :3

It’s wasn’t on my list of drawing to finish but…he just showed me his sketch one day and I was like “Amygad ♥ I need to do something with this as soon as possible! ☆゚.(#;3;#) .゚☆ “

So I redraw the design and added details like pearls,embroideries and gave name to the decorations //thanks to a certain game I became addicted to small details like this //

I named this outfit “La Matadora” because the design is inspired by bullfighter or “Matadore” costume.

And it’s suit the fact that William is exactly the kind of person who like to show off and provoke his enemies.
(That leaves the time to Hei to pass from behind to finish them properly 8D)

This,and it’s also a part of his heritage since he’s half spanish
(but he take it like like a joke  most of the time leul )

I feel like I ended up with some kind of ultimate transformation,with the Epic-Final-Battle-Of-Doom in ~Space ~against the Final Boss….
you know, that trend who manage to stay epic no matter the number of time you see it in anime XD

Or this is just his Alola form idk


Househunting what are these weird little windows in my house? It was built in 1922 and the layout is super weird. These little windows aren’t parallel, one is on the right side of the house and one is on the left sort of.

The living room has big interior glass windows facing the entryway (to the left of the front door in this picture), and a huge original wood door. The fireplace is original too. But there are big water pipes sticking out of the wall in the living room? There’s also a bedroom that connects to the kitchen that has a big original door? What is going on. Maybe I will make a walk through video that explains all of this better????

The city of Seattle used to keep blueprint archives but someone burned them all in the 60s so I don’t have access to the original layout! It kills me.

(I’m cleaning up my Palladium Protocol gdoc because it was getting unwieldy, and came across this early draft for the first chapter. I had to axe it because it didn’t make sense timeline-wise, but I actually really like it, but am too lazy to adapt it to a separate piece. Basically, it’s just Tony at Rhodey’s bedside, before Siberia.) 

Tony had always hated hospitals, with their too-bright lights, overbearing but uncaring staff, and the general feeling of death hanging in the air. It was inconvenient, to say the least, for a superhero with a much higher injury rate than a civilian and even his (superhuman, super trained) teammates, to feel that way, but then again very little about Tony Stark was convenient, and SHIELD medical has always been much creepier than normal hospitals. And then there was that big production of an operation to fix his heart a few years ago; he had to stay in the hospital for 8 weeks after, and he hated every single moment of it.

And yet never in his life had he hated hospitals more than in that moment, sitting at Rhodey’s bedside after arriving from dropping the spiderkid off in Manhattan and the doctor told him: sorry, Mr. Stark, but I’m afraid that Colonel Rhodes may never walk again.

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So I’m pretty tired and my dash is kind of agony right now, I’ll be taking a leave from tumblr. Not sure how long.

The SCQC is no longer being updated, but I will keep my blog’s archives up for people who have written meta using S&T reference links.

Take very good care, folks.


  1. -:: There is not a character sheet for her yet! She is designed, though.
  2. -:: Well we can’t spoil that, but it may or may not be related to the fact that she hoards things.
  3. -:: Well, both Mago and Mago berries are very sweet but tough-skinned. They’re also both not the least bit straight.
  4. -:: Generally speaking, the fashion does vary. Yellow District gems are very rigid, skin-tight suit oriented with work uniforms. Lots of symmetry and contrast between dark and light colors in suits. Blue District gems have more casual clothing, think asymmetrical designs, looser/poofier clothes, stuff that people would spar in on dusty training fields. But, then you have high-class Blue District gems that have often poofier clothes or simplistic dresses. Dark colors. White District gems are of high class visually, and their outfits are often the least practical, but the most flashy. They bear elegance, even in their simple work uniforms. You’ll find lighter colors and even pastels.
  5. -:: VT meant to reply to this with a picture but ran out of time. We liked this piece of music and we can see how it’d fit! Thank you!
Blog Change!

Wow it’s been an eternity since I’ve been on here… Well, better get to business.

This blog is going to turn into a completely different blog. Instead of an RP blog, I’m converting this into an actual Witch blog… witchblr? It’s gonna be all witchy stuff here pretty much.

If you want to unfollow, that’s understandable due to the radical change. Thank you so much for following this ancient blog in the first place, even though it was only active for about a couple weeks or so haha!


Thanks again, and have a blessed day!

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This is it, folks.

so i’ve decided to remake my blog!! within the next day or two i’ll be moving to @extraterristial !! 

my main will most likely be mostly anime/shitposts like how this blog is now, so i’ve also made a band side blog as well since a vast majority of my mutuals are still band blogs. that’ll be @ierio !! 

i’ll still post on here for a little bit and i’ll keep it on an archive, but essentially i’ll be moving completely to just these two blogs!! i want a blank canvas to start new on cause this blog has gotten so cluttered and it was bugging for a while. this blog has been with me through 4 years and a whole lotta shit but i think its time to let it have some rest.