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Amaram: “Old friend, it’s been too long.”
Dalinar: “Too long by far. I’m glad you finally made your way here, after years of promises. I heard you’ve even found yourself a Shardblade.”
Amaram: “Yes. Taken from an assassin who dared try to kill me on the field of battle.”

Because I need an Hogwarts AU. 

I hope you can read the text, Tumblr doesn’t deal well with wide pictures… I also should have drawn Henry, but I got tired (Henry, for the record, is a Hufflepuff). 


Okay, I’ve set up an AO3 for buckykingofmemes, which can be found here, at

Right now, all the Q&As from Bucky are under the title “Uphill Both Ways In The Snow,” but probably I’ll eventually split stories into their own fic and remove them from that one, but for now, it’s all bundled into one. 

The other fic is the Tony finding Bucky’s blog one. 

lightshesaid  asked:

omg so much microfic. How about some Shiro & Ulaz & a panic attack?

how about it? ;)

“Shiro. Shiro!”

Shiro comes back to himself with a panicked start, lungs burning as he struggles for air. His heart’s pounding, fit to burst right out of his chest. His eyes skitter frantically over a blurred nothing. Where - where - ?!

“Shiro,” the voice repeats, insistent but calm. Something squeezes his hand. “Shiro, you must breathe. Can you do that? Inhale.”

Shiro sucks in a ragged gasp of air, lungs heaving, trying.

“Good,” the voice says, fierce but hushed. “Let it out. Again.”

Shiro obeys. Inch by inch he breathes; inch by inch the voice talks him down. Inch by inch his heart stops pounding. Gradually his surroundings clarify into dull sense. He’s sitting on the dirt floor, back pressed hard against two walls. He’s curled up into the corner. He can’t move his hands -

No. His right arm rests palm-up by his side, heavy and limp. Only his left hand is being held. Long fingers grip his, and the slight tip of claws brush against his wrist.

Someone crouches in front of him, their face furrowed in deep concern.

“Ulaz,” Shiro gasps.

“That is correct,” Ulaz says, quietly. His yellow eyes betray no alarm, merely worry. “Are you with me?”

Shiro’s left hand is caught up in Ulaz’s own, the Galra’s grip firm but not restrictive. Shiro’s knees are tucked tightly into his chest; Ulaz is crouched before him, immobile and steady. Even squatting down, Ulaz is so much larger than Shiro is. His knees press right above Shiro’s own, and his larger form neatly blocks Shiro’s view of the cell door. The edges of the door’s active energy field shimmer brightly around Ulaz’s form, a purple halo Shiro will see in his dreams for a week -

“No.” A hand grips his chin. Shiro flinches, bucking, but Ulaz’s claws are gentle. “Look at me. Do not look at the door.”

“H-how are you here?” Shiro manages. His tongue’s dry, lips cracked.

“I came after you,” Ulaz says, as matter-of-fact as if he were merely discussing the weather.

Came after you. But the cell door is active, and locked. That means -

Shiro fights against Ulaz’s grip, weak and shaking. Ulaz releases Shiro’s chin, but remains crouched before him, still blocking Shiro’s view of the active door. Even so - “You s-shouldn’t be here! What have you done?!”

“Do not worry about me,” Ulaz says, sharp. There’s no sign of injury on his face or hands. Ulaz is unharmed except that he’s imprisoned here, too, trapped just like Shiro. “This was my choice. Shiro, listen to me. The rest of your team is coming, but your Paladins will not get here in time. Your captors are coming for you first, unless we can stop them.”

The brief hope winging through Shiro’s chest sputters, caught. He thinks about crying: not in front of Ulaz. He thinks about running: the door is locked. He thinks about fighting -

“My arm,” Shiro whispers. His right arm is a deadweight at his side, metal fingers limp and lifeless. He cannot move them. “They - they did something-”

“I know,” Ulaz says. His calm voice is a rock, steady despite the undercurrent of urgency running through his words. “I can fix it, but it will hurt. However, if I re-activate your arm, we can use it to get out of this cell and find somewhere to bide time until your team arrives. Your captors will not hurt you.”

It will hurt.

Your captors are coming for you first.

Not even a choice. Shiro laughs, the shakiest of exhales. “Do it.”

Pride flits into Ulaz’s eyes, chased by a clear measure of confusion. Maybe laughing about their impending demise and torture through one way or another isn’t the reaction Ulaz expected. Oh, well. Ulaz should’ve thought of that before he ended up in this cell with Shiro.

“Do you understand me?” Ulaz repeats. “It will hurt. The hard reset was not designed to be easy on the host.”

“I heard you,” Shiro confirms. It takes all his energy but he pulls his head away from the wall, staring back at Ulaz with determination. “Do it. Pidge and Hunk can fix it later.”

Ulaz’s gaze softens inexplicably.

“I will assist them,” he promises. His hand hovers over Shiro’s immobile arm - and then, for the first time since Shiro came to, Ulaz hesitates. “You are sure?”

It will hurt.

Your Paladins will not get here in time.

“No other way, right?” Shiro says, hoarse. “My hand can open the door. Do it.”

“Then take a deep breath,” Ulaz says, and gently - carefully - he takes the elbow of Shiro’s Galra arm into his hands.

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.

Art blog

Hiya guys! I decided to make a sub-blog for my art where I keep them archived. This should make it easier for you friends to keep updated with my art! The reason I didn’t do this earlier was because I lost motivation after my last art blog was locked.

However, that blog will now act as an archive, so all my art will be posted to my personal and archived to the art-blog!



nothin much to say just keepin my blog a classy place as always

I can see them as ex-Rockets assuming they joined for the recognition and then left once their differences with the upper management became too great (as they’re both very against abuse of Pokemon and all). Not completely sold on the idea or anything but it’s fun to draw

i remade!!

this blog is getting cluttered and i want a fresh start. i’ll still be posting a lot of trek, but i’ll also post other things such as video games and other movies/shows; my tagging will be similar but more organized for your convenience and for mine

thank you to everyone who has followed me, messaged me, reblogged, and or liked anything of mine, you’re amazing and you make this ridiculous website worthwhile

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I know there aren’t a lot of fanfics being updated or made anymore for Carmilla, but there’s still some gem out there.  And I love everyone who is still writing for hollstein, y’all are my mvps making this “hiatus” a little easier on me and you all deserve endless kudos and comments.

My friend who’s been updating their fanfics pretty regularly was really upset when someone said there weren’t any good fanfics out there left so please encourage fanfic writers instead discouraging those who are still making them.

Rosemary and Basil

Rating: G
Words: 862
Summary: An old prompt about Neb and Cullen baking together that I always wanted to write but never had time until now. 

There was barely enough room for them both to prepare food together in her tiny apartment kitchen, but Cullen liked the added layer of intimacy. How her hair smelled of vanilla shortbread. The pungent, earthy aroma that the round afternoon sun summoned from the tattered Rivaini rug in their living room. The flex of her calves when she stood on her toes to reach a mixing bowl from the cupboard. The way the record player emitting Maryden’s chansons filled the space with richness and enclosed him in a fantasia of security. The way they wove around each other from counter to counter, task to task. How they could be two bodies moving as one.  

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A design based on one of @dahmumu’s sketch:

Edit: Scanned version :3

It’s wasn’t on my list of drawing to finish but…he just showed me his sketch one day and I was like “Amygad ♥ I need to do something with this as soon as possible! ☆゚.(#;3;#) .゚☆ “

So I redraw the design and added details like pearls,embroideries and gave name to the decorations //thanks to a certain game I became addicted to small details like this //

I named this outfit “La Matadora” because the design is inspired by bullfighter or “Matadore” costume.

And it’s suit the fact that William is exactly the kind of person who like to show off and provoke his enemies.
(That leaves the time to Hei to pass from behind to finish them properly 8D)

This,and it’s also a part of his heritage since he’s half spanish
(but he take it like like a joke  most of the time leul )

I feel like I ended up with some kind of ultimate transformation,with the Epic-Final-Battle-Of-Doom in ~Space ~against the Final Boss….
you know, that trend who manage to stay epic no matter the number of time you see it in anime XD

Or this is just his Alola form idk

does the lil rat in archive 81 become a person or something???

im only a few eps in, and the rat just seems like a normal rat to me but occasionally ill see a post on my dash about the rat that sounds weird. plus now just found out the voice actor is the same one who does jeremy for deep vault. 

so either ppl are talking about a different character entirely or the podcast is gonna get reeeeally weird and lil ratty the rat is gonna turn into a real person :O or maybe jeremy just does the squeaks and thats all his voice acting :p

nerdy-mom  asked:

As a huge fan of horror/spooky movies and the mother of an almost 3 year old your story archive keeps me going, lol. I haven't watched a horror film in 3 years. This blog helps so much! As weird as that makes me sound, thank you. And you'll always have my support, don't listen to the naysayers. You're growing and learning and adapting and the callout crap on Tumblr is just toxic. Keep doing you. 😄


I will! Currently looking for more horror movies to watch :)

Ben Edlund: This was a tough one, right, remember, because, like, we wanted it to be fairies but we thought we had such a hoodwink with the UFOs both of those things were, like, completely available to the audience well before they saw the episode [chuckles]

Sera Gamble: Because we were talking about fairies at Comic Con six months ago

Ben Edlund: So, like, in a way we had, like, the monty and the card and it was, like, naked before it arrived in a sense, at least for people who watched the show and pay attention to what people behind the scenes say

Sera Gamble: I’m semi-resigned to the fact we can’t keep secrets

Ben Edlund: Which, yeah, no, we have to be…in fact any secret we’ve ever kept has been hurled at the audience by The CW [Gamble giggling] right before, like, the week before [laughing]

Excerpted from:
SPN 6x09 “Clap Your Hands if You Believe,” DVD Commentary (4:23-5:05)