keeping an eye out for zelener

[[ @denny-rps ]]

Marla huffed at the paper fan’s contact. Why did he always carry such an obnoxious thing, anyway? She fumbled with the paper and read it’s contents as he explained. She shook her head violently at the mention of a designated guard, her eyes sparkling to the promise of leaving the castle for a few hours.

Aha! Well, of course. This is why my brother always keeps you around!” she grinned, getting out of the tangled covers with one movement. “You get to live for now. Ah, yes. I’m feeling very merciful.” She said matter-of-factly, waving the receipt at Fendrel’s direction. 

She visibly shuddered at the mention of House Bombetta, but was otherwise relieved by the other two Noble houses. Although she had heard some rumor about House Kingstone being in the possession of some stone that kills? She wasn’t too sure and may have to look into it while in town.

Fear not, I will gladly take charge of the other preparations for my brother’s birthday!” She proclaimed, taking note to use an overly dramatic etiquete.  “I shall go by myself, as I am the Princess of Rune who does as she wants!” She waved the receipt at him, mimicking Fendrel’s paper fan, “Unless you want to come with me and get more of those delicious treats?” she teased with good humor, “If not, you must leave! A Princess shouldn’t be seen in such… garments, unless you want the court to make you my betrothed!” She shooed him.

It was easy to infer that the Princess had just woken up by the uproar that was caused in Tera’s Palace West Tower. Zelene pressed herself against a wall as soon as the swarm of servants passed, mumbling something about “Tactician Fendrel having a deathwish”. She remained in her position, spending some minutes in appearing invisible before continuing into the Tower.

She left out a long sigh to her insides, hoping the damned guy hadn’t set her up for another babysitting job. It couldn’t be helped, she needed money and royalty had a knack for providing said money. It was only a matter of time until she had to…

Ah, he’s alive!” chipped in one of the guards, interrupting her train of thought. Zelene slipped past them and awaited by the corridors. Her sharp eyes caught Frendel leaving the royal chambers, and proceeded to stalk him quietly until he decided he was done playing games,.or rather found another place to provide her with a job. Anything but babysitting. Please.