keeping a special eye out for the children


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“Your knuckles are bloody.”

“No shit.” There’s icy venom dripping from Levi’s voice, and Erwin shivers in the wake of it, doing his best to hide a smile.

“You were fighting?” It doesn’t really matter, Erwin supposes. Levi is a fighter by nature; He always has been. When he closes the office door, Erwin glances up to snag silvery eyes with blue ones. “With whom?”

Plopping down on the edge of Erwin’s desk, at the Commander’s side, Levi shrugs, one hand resting in his lap, the other snatching his cravat and using it to dab away the already drying blood along the opposite hand’s knuckles. “Some idiot or other.”

“One of the recruits?” It’s odd, to say the least. Levi isn’t the sort to lose his temper at all, let alone with children.

“MP, actually.”

“Ah.” Yes, that seems far more likely. “What did–”

“They were talking shit about you.” Carefully, Levi reaches out his bloodied hand to slide calloused fingers through Erwin’s hair, turning gold to copper. His dirtied cravat flutters to the desk, forgotten. “Three of ‘em, actually. Stupid assholes didn’t know anything.”

Leaning back a bit so that Levi is effectively cradling his skull in one small hand, bright eyes slipping closed, Erwin murmurs, “The Military Police are known for being rather naive.”

“If they’re stupid,” Levi agrees, “they oughta keep their mouths shut, 'specially when it’s about you.” Hand sliding down to Erwin’s nape, Levi added, “They dunno shit about you.”

And you do?”

It’s become a joke at this point, and Levi’s silvery eyes roll despite the tiny, hesitant smile hiding in the corners of his mouth. “Don’t be stupid.” The affection in his voice is unmistakable. “'Course I do. And I know you don’t deserve the bullshit those assholes were slinging.”

“You were fighting for my honor, then?” It’s a deeply touching notion, and Erwin snatches Levi’s hand, pressing his lips to bloodied knuckles and ignoring the smearing of red over his lips. “How noble.”

Just saw a picture of Toshinori in his full-body swimsuit and an idea hit me:

Headcanon that Toshinori goes to the beach with his students at one point. It’s not his idea, obviously – even after he’s true form is revealed, he has that habit to keep to himself (children and colleagues excluded) and doesn’t go out very often. But the children don’t want to hear any of it - it’s summer, and hot, and hot summers call for a beach day.

So the students plead and beg and use those big round puppy-eyes (Mina’s speciality, really) until Toshinori relents and agrees to accompany them.

The children are beside themselves with joy, and run off immediately to prepare swimsuits and a picknick and everything else they will need.

It’s only when they arrive at the beach and change into their suits that Toshinori realizes that he’s the only guy who doesn’t wear swimming trunks but a full-body suit. He hesitates, looking down at himself. He’s probably pretty old-fashioned in this. Perhaps the kids will even think that he looks silly. But even if he had swimming trunks that he could wear – he wouldn’t do it. Not with the large, ugly scar in his side.

So he swallows thickly and decides to just grit his teeth and get to it.

He’s still a bit hunched over and insecure when he steps outside and goes to join the others.

But the reactions are far better than he anticipated – and really, it shouldn’t surprise him so much. He has some wonderful students.

Izuku doesn’t even bat an eye at the sight of the swimsuit, already used to it from their training together, probably. But he does notice that Toshinori looks a bit tense, and is instantly at his side to ask quietly, “Toshinori-san, is everything alright?”

“Don’t worry, my boy,” Toshinori smiles weakly and ruffles the boy’s hair. “Just me being weird again.”

“You’re not weird..”

“Sensei!” Yaoyorozu interrupts, waving over from where she is helping the others to set up a sunshade and a towel to sit on. “Over here! We prepared a shaded place for you, since it’s quite hot already.”

“Ah, thank you…”

“Oooh,” suddenly, Tooru is there at his side, tugging at the loose material of the swimsuit over his rips and making Toshinori jump in shock. “Sensei, that swimsuit looks really cute on you!”

“Uh,” Toshinori blinks down at her, unsure if he should be flattered. “Cute” is not often used to describe All Might… or him, for that matter. “Okay?”

“A sunhat would match!” Uraraka observes. Without much hesitation, she pulls her own hat off and puts it onto Toshinori’s head.

After a short scrutiny, the group of children exchanges a few looks – making Toshinori a bit nervous as to what they think – and Kirishima declares, “Now you’re prepared for a beach day, Sensei!”

Toshinori can’t help it – he grins at the enthusiastic children who beam expectantly at him. “Thank you, everyone.”

“Anytime, Sensei!”

“Oh, hey, can we go swimming now?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“Sensei, are you coming, too?”

“I will just observe, for the moment.”


The children push and pull him under the sunshade and onto the towel (“Make yourself comfortable, Sensei!”) and make sure that he has everything he needs – from sunscreen to drinks and food. Even some books, should he get bored.

As if he could get bored when his students are right there with him.

Later, Toshinori couldn’t care less if he looks old-fashioned or silly or anything. He is as content as one can get, lazing around, sipping some water, and watching his kids play in the water. From time to time, he waves, grinning, over at someone who had just called for him.

It’s their first beach day, but somehow, they silently agree to repeat this as soon as possible.

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How would the Espada be in a zombie apocalypse?? like what would their weapons be, what would their role be ( keeping watch / gathering food, water ect...)


Coyote Starrk: Starrk is the man in charge,but he mostly lets Baraggan lead, but his the strongest in the group. He does everything, he protects the walls, and he goes out and looks for supplies mostly with Grimmjow. He can use just about any weapon you can give him.

Baraggan Louisenbairn: His the second in charge, but he mostly in charge all the time, his mostly stays inside the walls, making sure every one is safe and calm and protective, but he isn’t afraid to go outside the walls either. His weapon is a hand gun.

Tier Harribel: She mostly stays in the wall and help take care of children, but she goes out the walls when they need her. When she is not teaching she is mostly keep watching as well. She likes to use a sword for her weapon

Ulquiorra Cifer: His a watchful eye, he is the main one people want to watch over the camp. He is good with any weapon you give him. When his not watching over the camp he also goes on run, or guarding with Yammy.

Nnoitra Gilga: Nnoitra doesn’t do anything special within the walls, he is kinda like a civilian, but what the group doesn’t know is that Nnoitra likes to sink out at night and raid other groups. He usually goes by himself since he never get caught. Since he doesn’t do anything special he does have the right to own any weapons, but he steals them anyway.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: Grimmjow is the one who goes out looking for food, clothing, or anything, he likes going out by himself, which is very dangerous since he is one of the most valuable person in group, so if he does pair up with someone it is usually Starrk. Grimmjow has a gun with a silencer, but he only use it if they are tons of zombies around, other then that he uses a metal bat.

Zommari Rureaux: Zommari is in charge of taking care of supplies, telling other members what supplies they need to be looking for when going out on a run, and he also make sure nobodies tries to steal anything out of the shop. He also keeps guard a long side Yammy.

Szayelaporro Granz: Since Szayel has a good eye, they want him to keep watch most of the time, but when his not doing that he is a doctor, making sure nobody gets sick and infects everyone else. His weapon is a knife and when his on watch duty, a sniper.

Aaroniero Arruruerie: They put him in charge of all the weapons, but he rather got out and look for supplies and survivors. He does terrible job at looking after supplies,that is why he hasn’t told them someone has been taking them out at night…

Yammy Llargo: Since Yammy is so strong, he usually is outside the walls making sure nobody tries to sneak in, or no zombies tries to get it in either. He also goes out and look for supplies, he mostly goes by himself, since he doesn’t like others getting in his way, or possible killed. His strong that he can punch the zombies in the head, but people told him to use a knife instead.

Sometimes I think about how much of a natural born leader Anna is.

Like the way she effortlessly took control after Elsa ran away at the Coronation Ball. “Bring me my horse! Please,” she demands firmly but evenly, “I leave Prince Hans in charge.” Without even knowing it, she’s confident and slides into her role.

She’s brave and courageous and most importantly in a crisis, she keeps an even head. When the wolves attack she just instinctively reacts to the situation, thinks on her feet, and saves them.

When it matters the most, Anna just knows what to do, its instinctual.

It’s only when she has time to think that she gets nervous and second-guesses herself and I just love her to pieces. She can be every bit as regal and poised as Elsa if need be, but she’s also got the raw temperament and instinct for how to deal with people and the environment around her in times of emergency.

headcanon that teddy lupin changes colors involuntarily, in the funniest of circumstances- like this time, and that time, and every time molly weasley can think to recall on long and rainy nights, children gathered around her knees and hanging on ever word. 

when he is almost six, grandma molly catches him stealing a chocolate frog from the top of the cabinet, and his hands turn bright red. it doesn’t go away for weeks, and james, just a baby, cackles himself into passing out until none of them can keep a straight reprimanding face any longer.

when he is almost ten, two-year-old rose tricks him into eating a ‘special cauldron cake’ (mud) with her cute little button nose and mischevious eyes. he’s sick for hours, his face a neon green that sticks ‘till christmas. 

when he is just eleven, the sorting hat announces proudly that he, edward remus lupin, is a hufflepuff. he grins harder than he ever thought he could, and his hair turns a bright mixture of pink and yellow, lighting up the hall. he doesn’t mind the chorus of laughter- he stands out in the best way, the kindest way, for once. 

when he is almost sixteen, he kisses victoire weasley, just fifteen, behind a platform sign on the magical side of king’s cross. “what?” he says, elated from kissing the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and she giggles. “you’re pink”. teddy’s glowing, smiling, beautiful and rosy, the way molly weasley can remember most vividly, if she thinks back hard enough.

of course, teddy’s always there to remind her when she forgets a detail, his hair a simple brown now, his child bouncing on his knee, her bright little eyes focused on her great grandmother, listening to the stories she will one day repeat, with just as much laugher in the first telling as the thousandth. 

I have this image in my head of a tiny Draco Malfoy curled up between his parents while one or the other of them reads from a book of stories. Proper wizarding children’s stories, of course, where the pictures on the page move and the characters use magic to save the day.

An older Draco, gone to school and reading late into the night when he isn’t out harassing Potter. 

Draco standing in a shop, eyes closed as he takes in the smell of the old books there. He can find peace here, after the war. 

Draco painstakingly hunting down first editions of his favorites and keeping them on a special shelf in his library.

Draco gifting his children with books nearly at birth and spending long hours reading with them. Only now, he’s broaden his perspective and some muggle books where the pictures are still but equally beautiful have joined the collection.


Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re a Special Child with the ability to heal, unknown to Sam and Dean. 

Warnings: Major angst in this one. Very, very slight gore and violence. SPOILERS for 2x22.

Requested by me~ It’s just a short idea.

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He didn’t know.

He didn’t know at the age of 22, you developed powers, just like Sam. You hid your immense headaches with a smile and an “I’m fine”.

You didn’t know about your powers until you had gained a deep cut on your arm. As you held onto it with your other hand to stop the bleeding, it had healed completely, not even leaving a scar.

You said nothing to the brothers though, they had enough to deal with. But, when one gained an especially bad injury, you’d heal it when they were asleep and feigned innocence when they asked about the miraculously healed wounds. 

But it drained you. The worse the injury, the more it took out of you. But, a good nights sleep and a little bit of rest perked you back to health. Dean and Sam never questioned when you did sleep in, gratefully.

In fact, they never questioned you. Not until now.

You had been stolen along with Sam by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Even when Sam located you, you kept your powers a secret, for you didn’t know what kind of test this was.

You and Sam had stayed together as more and more Special Children fell. You had tried to revive Andy and Lily, but they were long gone before you could help them.

Once Ava fell, you, Jake, and Sam and planned to leave, before Jake attacked you two. You were a skilled fighter, but you were much smaller. Jake grabbed you by your neck and threw you to the ground. Your vision was blurred, lungs almost collapsing. Pain prickled every nerve, and honestly, you wanted to die. 

You faintly heard Dean calling out for you and Sam, but you could hardly keep your eyes open. 

Suddenly, you hear Dean scream Sam’s name, and you barely register watching Sam collapse to his knees, knife in his back. 

Dean’s crying and begging Sam to open his eyes. You can’t watch Dean suffer like this, you can’t watch Sam die.

Crawling over to Sam, every inch you pass, a new pain erupts in your body. You force yourself to go faster, because you can’t help Sam if he’s dead. 

Dean sees you, and sighs in relief that you’re not dead. 

You gingerly move Dean’s hand away, and place your hand on Sam’s wound. You give all your energy left to heal the wound so there will be no permanent damage. Sam opens his eyes, gasping for air. 

Dean tries to help him up, but he doesn’t notice you collapse to the ground, blood dripping from your mouth, eyes glazing over. You look at the stars, the beautiful stars. You remember your mother telling you that when someone dies, they become a new star. You smile, maybe, you would be a new star soon.

You barely register Bobby holding your head, cradling you to his body. You faintly hear Bobby yelling for Dean’s help. You see Dean hover over you, fear and guilt in his gorgeous green eyes. You can see galaxies in his eyes, and you wonder if you’re going to be a star there.

That’s your last thought as your eyes slow and stop, focusing on his eyes.

Dean holds in a sob, not being able to look away from your still open eyes, tears leaking from them.

‘What could haves’ and ‘what should haves’ fill Dean’s mind, but deep down, he knows. You died for Sam, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The Winchesters were your family, and you’d die for them again any time.

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A Valentine's Day Wedding

A/n hi! I’m back, this time with a valentines mmfd fic. This idea popped into my head and I wrote it in a day and it probably shows idk lol. Hope you like it, sorry for any grammar mistakes or spelling and if its totally crap I tried.

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It was Valentine’s Day, Chloe’s wedding day but Rae couldn’t even think the words “typical Chloe” because it was a special day for her and Eric, her groom to be. They had met on Valentines Day, on a blind date set up by Izzy, Eric had been in Izzys photography class and she thought they’d be good for each other.  They hit it off on their date and a year later on the day they met he proposed. Another year later here they were getting married, on what Rae thought was a bit of a cheesy holiday but no less painful. Rae was happy for her best mate and so proud of her, she had come a long way since those dark days with Ian. Today was just a hard one for Rae to get through, it was five years ago, this day, that she and Finn broke up. They didn’t mean to break up that day it just happened, both of them were heading in different directions in life, they weren’t sure they could make a long distance relationship work, so they mutually let each other go the only problem was nobody told their hearts that.

Rae stood looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a lovely lavender strapless bridesmaids dress, that clung to her waist and flared out; the hem of her dress just hitting above the knee. Her hair has been left loose and curled lightly with a light dusting of makeup, she felt beautiful in it. Rae came a long way in the confidence department in the last five years since she left Stamford and Finn. She had double majored in Communications and English and was soon to move to Sydney Australia to be a radio DJ at a big radio station there. Izzy was dressed in the same bridesmaid dress as Rae with her hair in a loose bun, a few loose curls framing her face, Rae thought when chop saw her he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of her. Izzy had studied to become a photographer and now had her own photography studio in Stamford. Chloe, Rae had thought was stunning in her empire waisted, knee length strapless white gown with beautiful crystal detailing on the bust of her dress. Her hair was half up with flowers pinned to the back of her hair and the rest of her hair left flowing down her neck with beautiful curls in it. Chloe lived in London with Eric, working for a non for profit organization while Eric is a freelance photo journalist.

“Chloe you look beautiful, I can’t believe you’re getting married out of the three of us already, I’m so happy for ya.” Rae happily said to Chloe as she smiled warmly at her.

“I know I can’t believe it either but Izzy isn’t too far behind.” Chloe said with a smile, pointing at Izzy’s engagement ring.

“I still can’t believe chop proposed on New Years Eve. He wanted to start the new year with us being engaged it was perfect. I knew if our relationship could survive a year of me studying abroad it can survive anything, so I said yes.” Izzy beamed happily. Rae often wondered more times than not if her and Finn could have made a long distance relationship work, she shook her head telling herself not go there.

“So Rae, you nervous about seeing Finn?” Chloe asked a bit hesitantly, Izzy look at Rae nervously.

“Why would I be nervous Chloe? It’s been five years. We’ve moved on we’re friends now and anyways it will be good to see him.” Rae said with a smile but you could hear the underlining tone of sadness in her voice. Both Chloe and Izzy looked at each other knowing Rae was putting up a front again.

“Right! As matron of honor I need to move this thing along it wouldn’t do for the bride to be…to be late for her own wedding.” Rae giggled as she gave both of her friends a hug before rushing them out into the hallway and to the altar.

Izzy went first as the music started playing and just as Rae thought, Chop saw Izzy and couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, still feeling like the luckiest man in the world that she chose him to be with. Rae followed after and felt him looking at her before they locked their eyes on each other. Time had been good to Finn he seemed to be broader in the shoulders, his hair was shorter his fringe gone, he looked really good in his suit and took her breath away. Finn didn’t think Rae could be any more beautiful but here she was looking stunning, she looks more toned but still had her amazing curves and her hair had layers in it, she still had that same warm smile he loved about her, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her as she walked down the aisle to stand beside Izzy. The ceremony had been so beautiful at one point both Chloe and Eric had a special slideshow made for the ceremony of pictures showing their lives as children, then as single adults, then finally together as a couple, it had brought tears to some of the guests in the church. Soon the ceremony was over and Chloe and Eric were kissing as husband and wife to cheers of their wedding guests. The wedding party made their way out the front doors to greet the guests as they made their way out of the church. Rae had been nervous about this part, about seen one guest in particular.

“Thank you for coming to our special day, I’ll see you at the reception later.” Chloe smiled at a guest as she hugged them. Rae felt a very familiar hand hold hers and felt the electric spark of their skin making contact for the first time in years as she looked up into the warm mahogany eyes that she would know in a heartbeat.

“How’s it going girl?” Finn smile at Rae, missing the warm of her hand in his. He was almost sure Rae could hear his heart beat loudly in his chest.

“Oh you know ups and downs, it’s really good to see you.” Rae meant it too, truth was it was good to see him after the last time she saw him three years ago, they never really saw each other much after they broke up. They and the gang got busy with there lives and only meeting in odd groups when they could never all together it seemed. This day was the first time all the gang would all be together at the same time.

“You too, Rae!” Finn said with a longing in his voice.

“Well I guess I’ll see you at the reception then… we can catch up maybe?” Rae heard the longing in Finn’s voice she was sure he could hear the longing in hers as well.

“Yeah I’d like that girl…to be continued!” Finn smiled at her and walked away, Rae trembled at the familiar words he said to her so long ago.

After pictures with the wedding party and just the happy couple were taken, everyone made their way to the reception hall in the hotel the wedding party and many wedding guests were staying at. Chloe had chosen a beautiful simple color scheme of lavender and white, the reception hall tables had tablecloths of white with a Square lavender tablecloth on top, with beautiful lavender and baby breath centerpieces and bowls of water with heart shaped white candles floating in them. There were strands of beautiful white fairy lights hanging from the ceiling in a scalloped pattern with lavender and white hearts hanging from the ceiling as well, it was so beautiful and sophisticated just like Chloe wanted. The reception had gone by in a blur of dinner, speeches, cutting the cake, the happy couple’s first dance, but finally Rae and the gang had a chance to sit and talk, with Chloe sometimes having to get up to say goodbye to a guest as they left.

“So Archie did you get that teaching job in Leeds?” Rae asked smiling at him and his boyfriend Henry of a year. They had met in a bookstore in Leeds, they had both reached for the same book and after some awkwardness at telling the other to get the book, they decided to get some tea and been dating ever since.

“Yes I did, also Henry and I are moving in together in a flat in Leeds that we found.” Archie proudly told everyone the happy news as the gang gave their congratulations to them.

“So, Rae when ya moving to Australia?” Archie asked happy for Rae on this once in a lifetime opportunity but sad to see another one of his best mates move so far away.

“Yeah Rae I bet your excited! Of course you’re coming back for mine and Chops wedding right?” Izzy asked excitedly.

“In two weeks Archie and yes to both Izzy I wouldn’t miss your wedding. I will miss being closer to you guys and my family but I’ll come back for holidays to visit you all.” Rae smiled at her friends.

“Yeah Raemundo we’ll miss ya! although with you being our daddy who’s going to keep us in line now when your gone? “Chop asked with a cheeky grin.

"Well Chop every child has to grow up sometime, guess that means you better start.” Rae giggled as the rest of the gang chuckled, Rae loved being together like this with her friends, she really had missed it.

“Hey chop I’ll be more than happy to fill in I’m uncle Archie after all.” Archie said with a chuckle the gang just groaned and just shook their heads at him.

“Really Archie I’ve told you not to call yourself that it’s just weird.” Rae gave him one of her famous eye roles but smiled warmly at him.

“Uncle Archie, did I miss something?” Henry asked confused but was a bit amused by it all.

“It was just a nickname Archibald here tried to get the gang to call him back in the day but it never took for obvious reasons.” Chop said chuckling

“I’m with Rae on this one, it was a bit weird Archie but to make you feel better I’ll make you an honorary uncle of any future children I have here with Eric.” Chloe said with a warm smile.

“Well Chloe I think we can make them all honorary aunts and uncles, if you’d like that, that is?” Eric stated, the gang all were happy to accept the offer. Izzy and Chop made the same offer with around of yeses in reply. Izzy and Chloe started a conversation about wedding and honeymoon ideas while Archie, Henry, Chop and Eric started talking about football leaving Finn and Rae to themselves to talk, both of them smiling nervously at each other.

“So how are ya girl?” Finn looked at Rea with that smile that always made her heart beat a little faster, that smile she’s been missing for the last five years.

“I’m, I’m doing well as you heard I’m moving to Australia, how about you?”

“ I’m good, um…actually strangely enough I’m moving to Australia too! ” Finn lets out a light chuckle.

“Really what a small world, I thought you had a radio DJ job at the radio station in Stamford, why the change?” Rae asked with a shocked tone in her voice while furrowing her eyebrows and a slight smile on her face.

“To be honest Rae, its been hard living in Stamford. Too many ghosts that are hard to get over. I figured I’d leave Stamford again and see if maybe I could move on this time so I took this job in Sydney” Finn took a sip of his drink. Rae felt her heart beat race thinking surely he couldn’t be talking about her, he moved on right?

“I think I know how you feel some ghosts of your past are to get over. Wait did you say Sydney?”  Rae said as a tear falls down her face, Finn gently goes to wipe it away. He tells her about the radio station that he’ll be working for to find that its the same one that Rae will be working for as well.

“ I can’t believe we’re going to work for the same station!” Finn marveled at it all.

“Yeah I know, again small world I guess” Rae laughs nervously she wasn’t sure what this news meant for them. Rae than felt that familiar electricity run through her body as Finns finger touches her thigh, a feeling she’s long missed as he wrote can we talk privately?.

“Yeah, I think talking is a good idea, I’ve got a room we can talk in” Rae smiles at Finn as she stood up reaching for his hand, he intertwined his fingers with hers. They say goodbye to Chloe and Eric and the gang then make their way up to Rae’s room. The gang all looked at each other, all of them hoping Rae and Finn would work their situation out.

Rae and Finn made their way up to her room, Rea nervously fished for her key in her handbag. She finally finds it and lets them both in, she closed her door and turned around, Finn was standing in front of her, both of them could feel the energy in the room shift.

“Rae I just broke up with a girl a few months back, there was nothing wrong with her except she just wasn’t you.” Finn lets out a loud sigh hoping with what she said about ghosts getting hard to get over pertained to him.

“Funny that’s how it is with me ever guy that I‘ve dated is were great too but they weren’t you. Why didn’t you say anything sooner?” Rae asked practically breathless, trembling a little at being so close to Finn.

“Well I figured you had moved on, the gang told me you were dating and I figured I needed to move on to… but I couldn’t because I‘m still in love with you” Finn said nervously swallowing a lump in his throat. His heart beats faster at being so close to Rae after all this time.

“Well I didn’t move on either… how could I when I’m still in love with you!” Rae said breathlessly as another tear falls down her cheek.

Before Rae knew it Finn crashed his lips onto hers, she starts to kiss him back, their hands roam all over each others bodies finding all the familiar places that drove each other wild. Finn pushed Rae up against the  door as he continues to kiss her, he licks his tongue on her lower lip begging for entrance that she gladly gives as she opens her mouth. He slips his tongue into her mouth, snaking his way around hers, they both let out groans as both of them opened their mouths wider, trying to kiss each other deeper, making up for five long years without their lips on the others. They break apart their foreheads touching, trying to catch their breath, they look into each others eyes, silently telling the other to continue, with a nod of a head and a small smile.

“I’ve missed you Rae.” Finn says barely above a whisper.

“I’ve missed you to Finn.” Rae says breathlessly. Their lips meet again, this time they slowly take their time to explore savoring the feel of their lips and taste of each other. Their tongues dance around each other sending waves of passion coursing through their veins, like ocean waves crashing on the shore. Finn’s hand intertwined into Rae’s silky soft raven hair, the feel of which he missed all these long years apart. His other hand finds Raes zipper on her dress and slowly pulls it down. Rae moves off the door just enough to help Finn pull her zipper down the rest of the way, the dress falling to the floor. Rae’s hands start taking off Finns jacket and starts to unbutton his shirt then in a heated rush she pulls apart his shirt popping buttons flying everywhere, she takes off Finn’s ruined shirt then runs her hands all over his hard muscled torso that was more ripped then she remembered it, she then runs her nails down his back gently causing Finn to moan into their kiss, trembling with pleasure, he starts to get hard, Rae feels his erection pressing against her stomach. Finn’s hands snake around her to undo her strapless bra while Rea starts to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and unzip them, both bra and pants fall to the floor. They break apart their kiss, panting, soon Finns boxers and Rae knickers are taken off, they stand there naked looking at each other, soaking each others bodies in.

Rae crashes her lips on to Finns then he pushes her against the door roughly again, kissing her back as his hands slowly explore her body, finding all the familiar hills and valleys that he love to touch so much. Rae ran her hands down his back until she cupped Finns arse pulling him closer to her, she could feel his hard cock against her thigh. Finn finally finds his way to her voluptuous breasts, he grazes his thumbs gently over her nipples causing Rae to gasp into their kiss, a tingling sensation rushes throughout her body down to her clit. Finn starts to kiss slowly down her neck to her chest and finally finding his mouth on her breast, licking, suckling, nibbling on her nipple causing Rae to let out a loud moan. Finn leaves a fiery path of kisses to her other breast causing Rae to let out short bursts of breath, a passionate fire courses through her veins as Finn continues to caress her body. Finn makes his way, with open mouthed kisses dragging his lips, up her chest than slowly up her neck working his way to her mouth, to once again kiss her passionately. Finn runs his hands down Raes sides to cup her arse than with a surprise show of strength that shocks Rae, Finn picks her up causing Rae to wrap her legs around his waist, feeling his cock against her lower stomach, wrapping her arms around his neck, still kissing each other as Finn carries her to the bed than gently lays her down on it.

Finn lays down next to Rae finding her mouth as his hand slowly makes its way down to one of her round breasts ,to gently caress it, savoring the weight of it in his hands, loving the feel of its fullness. Raes breathing becomes more shallow as Finn continues to explore her body, reacquainting himself with her again. Finn starts to slowly make his way down her body, that he could never get enough of, still can’t, missing being able to kiss her like this. He leaves a hot trail of wet kisses down her chest, giving special attention to her breasts before continuing down, kissing every inch of her, every stretch mark, every hill and valley , pouring all his love into his kisses as he worships every perfect inch of her. Rae is shaking now her breathing ragged with the sensation of Finn’s kisses on her body, thinking she would never feel this again five years ago but enjoying his kisses once again on her body.

Finn continues to kiss his way down to her thighs kissing every inch of them, every scar as if trying to erase all the pain that caused them. Rae instinctively opens her thighs giving Finn better access to her while combing her fingers through his shorter hair, missing running her fingers through it after all this time. Finn kisses her outer folds of her labia than gently pulls them apart with his thumbs, he looks at rae as he lowers his tongue onto her clitoris and slowly licks up it with the tip of his tongue causing Rae to buck her hips up and a low groan escaping her mouth. Finn holds her hips down and takes a moment to savor her smell and the taste of her sweet nectar before using his tongue to lick around her clit as he sucks on it. Rae starts to tremble, she could almost swear Finn was trying to spell out all of war and peace on her clit, she missed this, she missed the passionate flames of fire ignited in her by Finns touch. Soon Rae moans loudly as her orgasm builds, Finn inserts two fingers into her very wet vagina as it tightens around his fingers, he than starts to push in and out of her as he continues to kiss her clit, she starts to yell “OH MY GOD… FINNNNNN.. YES.. YESSSSS.” and screams her orgasm out loud. He than laps up her juices savoring it as if it were the sweetest dessert long denied him.

Finn makes his way up her body and holds her as she comes down from the orgasmic bliss, her sex wizard put her in. He finds her mouth, her juices still on his lips as he kisses her, she loves the taste of her on his lips, they kiss each other as if they both are breathing life into the other. Rae than pushes Finn on his back as she shakily gets on her knees, she kisses his neck, licking him, savoring his salty skin causing Finn to groan, his cock twitches at the anticipation of her lips kissing down his body. She leaves the same open mouthed kisses down his body, like he did hers, finding all the places that drove him wild, a warm, tingling feeling spreads throughout his body, this is what he has been missing all these years, her touches, her kisses, her. Rae’s hand closes around his length, Finn gasps at her touch as she starts to gently rub him up and down, she kisses and licks his ripped torso. Her lips find their way to the tip of his cock, giving it a kiss, she looks at him with a cheeky grin as she slowly slips him into her mouth. She slowly sucks and licks her tongue around his cock as she gently cups his balls massaging them, Finn groans loudly at Rae’s expert hands and mouth. She starts to pick up her pace increasing her suction on him causing him to buck his hips this time and let out another loud groan. His orgasm starts to build his breath ragged now “OH GOD RAE..FUCK.. stop, stop I’m gonna cum.” Rae stopped, a lusty grin on her face. Finn sits up, gently pulling Rae to him as she straddles him, their mouths finding each other once again, getting lost in there kiss pouring their love into it.

With another show of strength Finn holds Rae to him, lifting her up as he adjusts himself into a kneeling position on the bed than sits back on his calves, Rae continuing to straddle him as he moved, both never breaking their kiss. They hold each other tightly as he lifts her up, she reaches between them and guides him to her entrance. Finn slowly sinks Rae on to him, burying himself deeply into her wet warmth. Both of them gasping at the feel of them becoming one once again after so long, missing this connection like a dormant spring flower missing the warm rays of the Sun. They both take a moment to enjoy being joined, looking into each others eyes with a love that never died, breathing each other in, they kiss again as they find that old rhythm, mastered so long ago, they start to grind into each other slowly neither of them wanting to rush this. Raes clit rubs up deliciously on finns pelvic bone as he pushes himself into her, soon they increase their speed as a warmth starts at their cores and spreads throughout their bodies as their orgasms build like a small fire turning into a raging inferno. They start to shake, sweat forming on their bodies, their breathing becoming shallower, both moaning loudly as they grind into each other faster. Rae screams Finns name ” OH FUCK..FINNNN.. FUUUUCK!” her breathing ragged as Finn groans out raes name  “OH RAE.. FUUUCK!” They both continue to groan out as they orgasm together, Finn releases himself deep into Rae as her vaginal walls contract around him. Rae and Finn look into each others eyes as their breathing starts to return to normal, they both smile at each other finally feeling like their were home.

They collapse on their sides onto the bed, Rae cuddles into Finns arms as he holds her tightly to him. “So we’re doing this, giving us another go then?” Finn asked hesitantly, he didn’t want to pressure Rae but he didn’t want this to be just a one time thing either, though he would accept it if that is what Rae would want.

Rae lift her head to look at him with an expression on her face as if to say “really Finn” then she smiles at him. “I thought it were kinda obvious but just to be clear, yes this is us giving us another go! I love ya Finn and happy valentine’s day”

“I love ya too Rae! and happy valentine’s day too…this one was much better” Finn smiles at her, both of them happy to be in each others arms, they kiss each other but soon sleep over takes them both.


Rae and Finn were getting ready for work both rushing around in there nice 2 bedroom flat in Sydney. They ended up co hosting a morning radio show that soon became popular with the great music they played and witty banter, they called their show the No Crap FM Hour.  Rae took a moment to savor her tea and maybe also to admire her engagement ring. Finn proposed to her one day in their flat while they were listening to Oasis “Wonderwall” it had been simple, so them, and perfect. It had also been the day their show, they found out later, had become the number one morning radio show in Sydney. Rae put her cup down in the sink, then gently put her hand on her swelling belly remembering the night Finn and her made love on Valentines day, chuckling to herself  thinking that hadn’t been the only thing they made that night. She still shakes her head at them both for forgetting to use something that night but still they were happy about the news. Finn then came into the kitchen to grab his coat when he saw Rae rubbing her belly than put his arms around her leaning his chin on her shoulder.

“ I love you, my future Mrs. Nelson!” Finn smiled at her while rubbing her belly.

“ I love you too.. dickhead! "Rae giggles as Finn shakes his head at her but has a smile on his face.

“I’m not the dickhead you are! let’s go we’re going to be late”

“Well I’m ready when you and you’re still the dickhead with the second best music knowledge” Rea smirked as Finn laughs not going to argue with his beautiful and pregnant fiancée. He puts his coat on than helped Rae with hers and they both head out the door to do their show. Rae turns around and locks the door than grabs Finns outstretched hand looking at him, she couldn’t help but think…she was home.

So that was it I hope you liked it and happy Valentines Day to all the emus out there! :)

a/n hi if you’ve read this before when I first posted it, yes, I made a few tweaks, changes, I added some more lines and changed some things around. I wasn’t really happy with it , I felt as I reread it, it was confusing in parts so now I feel like it makes more sense. So wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t feel to confused by the changes. I probably still have grammar mistakes so if you spot one feel free to tell me so I can fix it thanks. :)

Ch 109 Review: Children

Another Kuroshitsuji arc, another way poor children are being harmed…

What’s that you say? They’re not being harmed? They’re being fed and taught for free?

Well I’ll be darned! That’s very different for this series! I’m used to children getting a bad deal in Kuroshitsuji:

  • The Noah’s Arc Circus kidnapped and caged children for Baron Kelvin’s use.
  • Weston College trapped children in its messed up morality system.
  • The German army tricked and exploited Sieglinde Sullivan. 

Sensei keeps presenting us with messed up outcomes for children, so I’ve always interpreted those children as foils for Ciel. Ciel could have easily ended up in any of those situations himself, but when presented with kids in these sorts of situations, he tends to think it could never end the same way for him. 

  • Ciel was kidnapped and caged, but having Sebastian made him special. He thought himself superior to Baron Kelvin’s victims because they were not able to summon demons.
  • Though he operated inside the Weston system, he called the other children “brainwashed,” and again felt superior.
  • He used Sullivan as a pawn for Queen and Country and felt superior to her for it, despite acting as a pawn for the Queen himself.

In this arc, in a system that helps children instead of exploiting them … I have absolutely no idea how that’s going to play out as a foil for Ciel. I’m going to keep my eye on that…

Chapter 109 can be purchased in English for about $2. Go buy it! Support Toboso-sensei and show Yen Press there is an English-speaking market willing to spend money on Kuroshitsuji.

Horoscope for April 18th, 2016
  • Aries: All financial undertakings have good aspects today. It could be that you have been thinking of starting a new business venture. If so, you're likely to meet the ideal business partner. Keep your eyes and ears tuned as you go about your daily routine. You never know when you might be introduced to that one special person you need in your life. Socialize in the evening with good friends.
  • Taurus: This is bound to be a wonderful day. You're looking and feeling great and it shows! This is a day of kindness and cooperation. You could find that your family pitches in to help at home without being asked. Your romantic partner might volunteer to clean out the garage and your children start to clean their rooms. This definitely isn't your typical day! Enjoy the harmony that reigns today.
  • Gemini: This is a good day for you to analyze information. You have an especially acute business sense, which you should use to your advantage. Whether you're thinking of translating a creative project into a business proposal or working on that business plan, all indications say that your efforts will yield rich rewards. Make the most of whatever this day has to offer.
  • Cancer: You're a conscientious, hard worker, but today your thoughts are more on home than work. You feel especially close to your family and friends. They mean the most to you. Jobs and even careers come and go, but friends and family are forever. Enjoy being with them today. Gather everyone together and order too much Chinese take-out. It's just fine if you restart your diet tomorrow.
  • Leo: Today is likely to be another busy one for you. You might have a volunteer activity in the morning and then get roped into running errands in the afternoon. It will be busy bordering on hectic, but the hustle and bustle of being out and about is energizing for you. Invite some friends to join you for dinner in the evening to cap off this high-energy day.
  • Virgo: You have a strong spirit of cooperation today. It inspires you to pitch in and help others without being asked. Your romantic partner could be surprised to see you show up and help with a chore. Never mind that you don't know what you're doing - you'll figure it out. Others will be impressed to see you going above and beyond what you've been asked to do. Your efforts on all fronts won't go unnoticed.
  • Libra: Keep your eyes and ears open to all new possibilities. Even if it isn't your habit to read the "Help Wanted" section of the newspaper, do so today. You might be surprised at what you find there. Your skills apply to all sorts of jobs. You don't need to limit your search to one profession. You have a good mind that's working in overdrive now. Use it to figure out the next steps for your advancement.
  • Scorpio: Today your strong sense of nostalgia likely has you leaning toward all things old. If you do some furniture shopping, you'll be drawn to antique shops rather than contemporary stores. There is something about the patina that only comes with age. This applies to people as well as objects, which may explain why you tend to prefer to be with people who are older than you.
  • Sagittarius: This is bound to be a wonderful day, as everybody seems to be in a warm and congenial mood. You and your romantic partner, in particular, are feeling especially close and connected today. If marriage is the process of falling in and out of love, then you're both definitely in the "in" phase. Enjoy it while it lasts! Spend a quiet day together and cap it off with dinner at an elegant bistro.
  • Capricorn: You have much to be grateful for. Why not go out tonight and celebrate with friends? Forget about work and family troubles and kick up your heels. Have a high old time. You deserve the break. If you don't seize these moments when you have the opportunity, you risk becoming a single-minded individual who thinks only of work at the expense of life's other great pleasures.
  • Aquarius: You're eager and optimistic today, which works well with your strong, capable nature. You're likely to find that things begin to click into place at work. Something that has been troubling you for some time suddenly becomes clear. What was once a stumbling block is now a mere bump in the road and easily overcome. All indications are that you'll be successful at whatever you do now, so dare to dream big.
  • Pisces: Today should be devoted to paperwork and getting your financial affairs and budgets in order. Once this is done, you can relax in the evening with friends and loved ones. You're especially intuitive right now, so you'll be able to pick up on all the unspoken thoughts and feelings of those around you.


According to this #MiniatureMonday title OUTRAGEOUS CAT TALES by Frank J. Anderson, any cat owners out there with children should keep an eye on their little ones. Who knows what your precious Oreo-Woreo-Poo may be plotting behind those disinterested cat eyes? It is that spooky time of year…

Or maybe not?


Uncatalogued Miniatures.

Anderson, Frank J. Outrageous Cat Tales. Spartanburg; Kitemaug Press. 1988.

TITLE: It Doesn’t Matter


AUTHOR: victoriathewalker

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki raising his family in Asgard, and despite everything, one of is sons turns out very similar to Thor.  He had learned his lesson from Odin, and treats all his children as equals regardless of the path they chose.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I believe that if someone didn’t like the way their parents treated them, that they would make a special effort to never make their kids feel the way their parents made them feel.

You’re relaxing under a glorious oak tree with your two sons, reading. They both have books in their hands but you notice one can not stop fidgeting. Simek’s eyes keep wandering from the pages to the large grass field and you can see the restlessness in them. He rolls over and tries to focus but his efforts are hopeless. It doesn’t appear that it is in his nature to sit quietly and his agitated movements disturb his younger brother, Tig.

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Can we all take a moment to Appreciate how much of a HOME Hogwarts, the castle itself, tried to be?
1: It provided a loney werewolf boy a safe place where he could transform without fear of hurting anyone. (Cuz, like Mooney could get past that whomping willow! and even though it was moody about it, the tree still let his best friends in to keep him safe too!)
2: It magics the stairs to the girls dormitories so that they can feel safe at night.
2.5: Not to mention that the other staircases in the school go out of the way to make sure that you go the way you NEED to go (rather like the Tardis leads and Protects the Doctor)
3: The Portraits on the wall will talk to troubled students, and even give messages to professors about which students they should keep an eye on to insure they are ok!
4: There is an Entire ROOM dedicated to becoming whatever the student needs at the time, and can even be opened to an entirely new room if someone else needs it at the same time!
5: The ‘Support Staff’ A.K.A. House elves were known for doing special things to help cheer up students and teachers, such as putting their favorite food next to them at feast times, and paying special attention to at risk students, even sending out the owls to their masters if they thought they needed cheering up!
6: For the Children who dropped out, were murdered, or even committed suicide, they were still able to call Hogwarts home, The bathrooms made room for Myrtle, allowing her to haunt her u-bend, and gave Hagrid a home he could call his own, because you know he didn’t build that House himself.

You can’t tell me that Hogwarts wasn’t there for every single student that walked into those halls, rooting for them all to succeed! And there to comfort them when they couldn’t.