keepin in 100

Honestly, keepin’ it 100, thinking every black person lighter than a paper-bag is in the wrong for calling out another black person is so early-2014 and for the newly-woke. There are just some folks who are the lesser of two evils, no matter who it is. lol

 That shit may have worked on me and others two years back, but you’re going to take accountability for your own anti-blackness. When you’re being misogynoiristic, homophobic, transphobic, colorist towards darker skinned women, prescribing toxic masculinity and hyper-femininity in black spaces, ableist, ethnocentric, and just outright not a good person, I’m not going to back you up just because you happen to be marginalized in another way, e.g. skin color or gender. I’m not afraid to drag any black person who wants to do the jiggaboo dance and bash other black people just to be a bully or anti-black bigot.

ellevanmusic:🙏🏼🤘🏼😆Is there a better way to get pumped about #acting again than this last weekend??😆🤘🏼💪🏼 @baumanelise always keepin it 100 w/ the poses #sag #actors @outfest #losangeles #toronto #fun #creatives #talent #peace #craft

I dont want to be in my 30s looking for stability, that’s what my 20s are for. I’m tryin to be 30. Lookin 20. Thinkin 50. Keepin it 100