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Of the people who went back to the Ark, who are you excited for Raven to have developed a relationship with?

Echo!  Echo and Emori. You know, I really got to know Luisa this year and she’s so cool. And Tasya, me and Tasya lived together for a month in LA. That was so fun. She’s one of my best friends now. And I just think their characters are so cool, because they’re- Raven doesn’t have a lot of interaction with the Grounders. She never did. She was always doing, you know, space stuff. So I think her getting to experience them and them getting to experience her, it’s like they’re from different worlds. It’s gonna be really cool. – Lindsey Morgan

this follow forever has been a long time coming, i cant believe i hit the 500 mark already! you are all amazing and i am continuously in shock that you lovely people stick around even when im a potato about replies. thank you so much for being amazing writers and people, for making my tumblr experience phenomenal. i have followers from my old blog that have come over here and stayed true, i also have fantastic new followers who i wouldnt know what do to without. this is a shout out to all of you plus everyone should be following them!

granted i might be repeating some blogs with the same muns or tagging blogs that arent as active anymore. i will do both because every amazing blog deserves credit because still remember their amazing talent and skills, either writing with them or given a lasting impression over time being a faithful follower myself. i list all of these amazing blogs with great pride and gratitude for inspiring me through my own writing.

listed: i love you and admire you, A+ writing, want things please
bolded: special mention, gods
italized: youre amazing & we need to do stuff yesterday

Here goes!

      KEEPIN IT 100

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                                            THANK YOU

Thanks everyone for keepin’ it 100 with me *dies*

I will lose all 100 followers with that pun but idc because 100 followers!!! I am much more enthusiastic about this milestone than last time. Evidence so you know I’m not lying:

^^^100 idiots who apparently like this idiot. Just kidding there’s only one idiot here and its le me. Anyway I have a bunch of people to thank so imma just do that real quick.

1. My THIRSTAE HOES squad. My babes, my grandchildren, my loves. You are the best and make me smile so much on a daily basis. You all are fucking gorgeous and make me so happy. I love you all so so soooooo much (probably more than Jimin, so yeah, THAT much) <3

2. My other fantastic mutuals who I will only name a few of: @chergio14, @bookishserendipity03, @evelongson, @bangtanseonyeontrash, @multikpopworld, etc. You guys are rad and Idk why you talk to me but I’m glad you do. Thanks for putting up w my awkward ass <3

3. Last but not least, my wifey @chockenscritch. I love you boo! I’ve gushed about you on this hellsite too many times to count, but imma do it again bc I can and I want to. You are my best friend and I love you a fuck ton. I don’t even like using “I love you” because it’s so tired and cliche and is used by everyone, but since I’m not creative or a good enough linguist, all I can say is I love you. Thank you for putting up with my insanity for 3, going on 4 years. With all of the shit going down this year, I know you’re gonna do fucking amazing, and I can’t wait to see you go on to bigger and brighter things! Again, I love you more than words could ever express, and I’m so blessed to have you as my best friend.

Okay, that’s my sentimental thing. I’m actually really happy about this because I’ve been feeling like shit for sometime and yet people are supportive and amazing. Also, thanks again to my squad and everyone who spread #cutechrissy. It really made my especially horrible day this week so much better. I was ready to go home and do some not good things, but as soon as I saw all the likes and kind asks and stuff on my dash my mood immediately brightened. So thanks everyone for keeping me from doing something I’d regret. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it <3

Thanks again to you all, I hope you continue enjoying my reblogs and occasional original posts. I think at this point people say to do things to celebrate? Idk tumblr etiquette still, so let me know what the hell I’m supposed to do. Thanks again and have a lovely day/evening!


ellevanmusic:🙏🏼🤘🏼😆Is there a better way to get pumped about #acting again than this last weekend??😆🤘🏼💪🏼 @baumanelise always keepin it 100 w/ the poses #sag #actors @outfest #losangeles #toronto #fun #creatives #talent #peace #craft


Daily download:
1&2) ootd and face of the day
3) my favorite snack of the day. Almond butter, rice cakes, strawberries and walden farms chocolate syrup (also seen on my IG: @kate.windsor). I went a little off plan for this one (sorry Sab) but I moved some stuff around to account for the changes. I just had a cravingggg. 😍
4&5) post back and bis. I felt kinda gross today, but looking back at the pictures I can tell that most of it is just in my head (and maybe a little water retention). I made it through my workout and even threw in some cardio! I did get cat called leaving the gym. 😑 but I was comforted by another woman on the street who just shook her head and said “idiot” and I said “gross, huh?” It’s nice to have those moments with random women haha
6) keepin it 100 in my Flag Nor Fail undies and a face mask. This is me in my natural state. So not glamorous but hayooo c'est la vie!

Oh! And hello new followers! 💞 There have been a smattering of additions to my strange little corner of the Internet! Welcome! I hope I don’t scare you off! (I have a feeling that I have thefitally and themarzipanvolta to thank!)

Now I’m watching some tv and getting ready for bed. One of my bosses left the country for two weeks today and the other one heads to Florida with his family on Thursday. I’m gonna be so bored at work, I think. 😭


To all my change agents out there fighting for a just world, remember that the system has only ever responded to one threat: economics. I want us to keep marching for an end to police brutality, for climate change, for equal rights in the lgbtq community, but if we don’t start forming local economic blocs, boycotting big business, and disrupting industry, we’ll never get more than crumbs of justice. #staywoke