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All we will have is 10 episodes and fan fiction


Starting tomorrow we will start brainstorming ideas for our upcoming monthly campaigns to #RenewPitch and #KeepHerInTheGame. We need ALL Pitches on deck to carry out the final plans which will include letter and email writing and whatever other brilliant ideas we come up with.

This only works if we WORK. FOX is not going to hand a renewal over to us.

I’m starting to feel like Mike Lawson giving his speeches in the locker room. Is anyone listening? Lol. Gosh I hope so. I LOVE this show and I love these characters. I know you guys do too so who is with me?

If we don’t put the work in every month leading till May FOX will kill the show off because we stopped making noise. Please be ready to bring your best ideas to the table.

Yes, we have to target sponsors. Yes, we have to target the commissioner of MLB. Yes, we are sending baseballs. All of that.

Ginny is stuck in an MRI machine! We can’t leave her there. Let’s rally together. If we don’t all we will have is 10 episodes and fan fiction…


The final product from @alwayskels and @ginnybaeker epic #KeepHerInTheGame campaign. It’s only been a few hours and several members of the cast and crew have seen it, as well as a bunch of other media outlets!

I am so incredibly proud to be a part of such a determined, dedicated, AWESOME group of people. You guys are amazing. <3

Also a major shoutout and big props to Kels and Sabrina for putting this whole project together. You guys are freaking boss.

Seriously, y’all need to get on this like yesterday

You’ve all seen the posts. The incredible @alwayskels and @Ginnybaeker put together the #KeepHerInTheGame video, and there’s already been a write-up done about it. If you want our show to see a second season, it’s time to show your support. We don’t know how much sway this will have, but we can guarantee it will have more THE MORE SUPPORT IT HAS. 

So do the right thing. Like, comment, tweet, retweet, reblog, @ TPTB. Do it for yourself and your fellow fangirls. Do it for her! Please and thank you! ❤❤❤

The video:

The write-up by Screener:

#KeepHerInTheGame Video Release


The #KHITG video is set to drop on Twitter on Friday January 6, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST!

The video will be coming from the Twitter account of one the #KHITG co-organizers Sabrina. She can be found @oliversshaw on Twitter. She is also on Tumblr as Ginnybaeker. You can catch me on Twitter too @originalkels.

Let’s see if we can get #KeepHerInTheGame trending on Friday when the video drops. Send a few tweets with reasons why @FOXTV needs to keep Ginny Baker in the game.  As always we can still use the faithful hashtag #RenewPitch too.

Here is the deal:

The video will be tweeted from @olivershaw and we will retweet it from there.

Help us tag the powers that be on this one! Let’s not be obnoxious as we don’t want to flood anyone’s mentions. If you tag anyone please only tag them once. We only want them to feel love, not annoyed.

Here is a hit list:

The Big Players



Pitch @PitchOnFox

Kevin Falls @KevinFalls

The Cast

Kylie Bunbury @kyliebunbury

Mark-Paul Gosselaar @MPG

Mo McCrae @ItsMoMcCrae

Meagan Holder @MeaganHolder_

Ali Larter @TheRealAliL

Tim Jo @hellotimjo

Mark Consuelos @MarkConsuelos

Christian Ochoa @COchoaOfficial

Michael Beach @MikeABeach

Tyler Hilton @TylerHilton

The Writers

Becky Hartman-Edwards @beckhartwards

Ester Lou Weithers @ester_lou

Tanner Bean @tan_bean

Katie Mathewson @katiemathewson

J. Holtham @jholtham

The Supporting Players

Black Violin @BlackViolin

To everyone who sent in a photo or video we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Pitch is a great show that exceeded our expectations from the writing to the representation. Let’s fight for it and show FOX we will not go down without making our voices heard. Here’s to hoping for good news next Wednesday when FOX presents at the TCA’s!

Would you guys be willing? #PitchBaseballPledge

Later this week, probably Tuesday there will be a brainstorming post where we will throw around ideas for campaigns for the next four months to keep Pitch on the minds of the Fox execs. We want to sway them into giving the green light on renewal for season 2 and the only way to do that is to keep our feet on the gas.

Our January campaign is already done! It was the #KeepHerInTheGame video. Check it out here It’s almost at 1,000 views.

There has been talk about sending FOX baseballs with #RenewPitch and or #KeepHerInTheGame on them. Great idea and I think we should do it. I would like it if we could send 1,000 baseballs, but I know that number may be a bit ambitious. Maybe we can start at 500 and if it climbs toward a bigger number GREAT!

So would you guys be willing to pledge to send whatever number of baseballs you can? Maybe you can only send one. Others may be able to send 3, 5, or 10. Im just putting this out there to get a feel for if we could get this campaign going as our final push before renewals are announced in May.

Sidebar: This is an unofficial battle for Kylie Bunbury’s heart and renewal. The Twisted fans managed to send ABC Family 1,000 red jump ropes. At one point they were barely pulling in 1 million viewers. Let’s not let them beat us. Hahaha. Seriously though.

As Amelia once said “We need to be creative and ambitious.”

Let me know in the comments!