keepers of the garden

I’m so glad that alien covenant ended with Walter helping Daniels build the cabin by the lake where they live together and take up gardening it was the perfect ending haha can you imagine if something else had happened because I can’t

Hetalia/Over the Garden Wall Au

Wirt/Greg: Romano and Italy. Italy would be Greg, obviously. Romano is an angsty little angst. 

Beatrice: Prussia. Sassy boi. 

The woodsman: America, and the soul in the lantern is supposedly Canada’s. 

The beast: Russia. Powerful and dark. 

Endicott and Grey: Austria and Hungary. Both very wealthy and a little lonely.

Fred: Denmark. 

The giant pumpkin/Enoch: China, old and wise and in charge.

The tavern keeper: Japan. Very committed to understanding people’s labels. 

Auntie Whispers and Lorna: Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Switzerland is the scary seeming caretaker of course and then you have the seemingly sweet one. 

School teacher and lover: England and France. Francis is the teacher, being all dramatic and wishy washy. Arthur is stuck in a gorilla costume. 

Sara: Germany! Of course. 

Jason Funderburger: Sealand, oh my gosh. 

Back when lighthouses had to be lit and tended by hand, the lighthouse-keepers and their families lived wherever a light was placed, however barren and inhospitable. Some of the lighthouses were built on islands so small that they were nothing but bare rock. But when the fishermen came by to deliver supplies or pass the time of day with the keeper, they would carry buckets of earth with them, and slowly, bucket by bucket, the lighthouse-keeper’s family would gather enough soil to plant a garden. It could never be a very lush place with the salt-spray so near, but they took bare stone and turned it into something green and growing. It was ephemeral, too–you could lose the whole thing to a storm and have to start again at the beginning. But they would. Day by day. Bucket by bucket.

That’s what hope is.


And because I’m on a trend- more Langst. Sorta shippy if you read into it that way, also I tried for an ambiguous ending but I don’t know if I really pulled that off. *shrugs* It’s up to you. Also I hope the format keeps cause I’m REALLY proud of that. Note: It did not keep the format- I had to go back and fix it, I’ve never hit the space bar so many times in my life. It’s under the cut.

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Royalty//Jung Jaehyun (Prince!AU)

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Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: Fluff, suspence? A lot of shit tbh

Summary: You had fallen for your best friend; too bad he was a prince, and you weren’t of royal decent.

Author’s Note: THIS SCENARIO IS VERY LONG. Around 13.6k words to be exact. If you find a pronoun that isn’t a gender neutral pronoun, please let me know! 

Information for the scenario:

(Y/F/N) - your first name

(Y/L/N) - your last name

(Y/P) - your prefix (like mister or miss.)

I hope you enjoy the read!

xoxo Sara

“Why are you climbing through my window?”

At that moment, you felt like a modern day Romeo and Juliet; climbing through the windows of the palace without anyone’s knowledge, to see the person who you had feelings for in secret. The only difference between the actual story, and what was happening right now, was the fact that he didn’t know how you felt, nor did he feel the same.

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Sheila, an elephant at the Belfast Zoo, in the garden of her keeper Denise Austin. 

During WWII some of the zoo’s more dangerous animals had been shot out of fear that they might escape during a bombing. Mrs. Austin didn’t want that to happen to Sheila. Her solution was to quietly walk Sheila to her own house every evening, hide her in the garage during the night and return her in the morning. The reason she got away with it initially is because her garden had high walls and she had a farm to supply her with hay. It seems like the scheme ended when Sheila got spooked and went on a bit of a rampage through the neighbours’ gardens. She then returned to the zoo where she died in 1966.

Emperor Junhui AU

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Anon said: Hi!! <3 can I request for a scenario where Junhui is an emperor, and his parents are forcing him to choose an empress candidate or whatever that is? Thank you <3

How did you know I have the biggest soft side for wen junhui smh 

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I just had a thought. A thought that’s likely a mistake, because when you put a real world religion and a video game together and look for parallels, you’re going to piss someone off. And I was not planning on looking at the contrasts between Dark Souls and the Bible, but here we are.

The thought was essentially that the story of Souls is an inversion of some biblical themes. Gwyn/God did not punish man for eating the apple, but took the apple from them and branded them for having what is rightfully theirs. He is the first sinner, but his sin is what burns the human, a curse that marks them and eventually the whole world. He dies not to absolve the sins of man, but to keep the consequences of his sin prevalent forever.

The Nameless King is Michael. The archangel who cast the dragon out of heaven, but who instead takes up with the dragons instead. He is cast out instead of Lucifer, the once favored son forever banished. Lucifer/Gwyndolin stays by the father’s side, and is the light bringer in Heaven/Anor Londo. When’s every other God/angel leaves, Gwyndolin stays, the solitary serpent in heaven.

And last, at the end of the story, Adam/The Ashen One, and Eve/Fire Keeper return to the Garden/Kiln of the First flame. There, the Ashen one protects the Fire Keeper, and gave her eyes to see/ unlike Adam who failed to protect Eve and warn her about the Apple. And Eve who ate the Apple, leading man to leave paradise/ while the FireKeeper rejects the First Flame, bringing the long delayed Age of Dark at last, humanity restored to whoever we were in the beginning.

It’s just a thought. But a thought I liked.

Newt as a child

Because little newt would have been adorable


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A little ball of mischief

His mum would quite often find him snoozing with the young hippogriffs, tucked under their mothers wing

Treasure hunts

He would chase the gnomes about the garden, trying to catch them so that he could take care of them

Helping his mum with the hippogriffs whenever he could

His first crush was on the young lady who worked in the magical menagerie

He knew how to use those big green eyes to get what he wanted

He played explorers in the adjoining forest to his childhood home

He and Thesesus would play quiditch in the back garden, Theseus as keeper and Newt as chaser

A proud hufflepuff


Have a great day and be safe


Free (Witches) Of Colour

Historically,free coloured women of New Orleans led extradinary lives, mingling among the other powerful as respected forces to be reckoned with. The three women shown are not mere examples of such women, but exemplify the title in more ways than one. Together, they ran a supernatural safe house for runaway slaves and poor, unforunate souls.. Their legacy and establishment continue to this day, proudlymanaged by their spiritual descendants.

Bathilé B.,  Mixed Magiciks
The perky front of house caretaker and medical personal. She was born to a high-class daughter to loving Creole interracial couple, one parent a fairy and the other a warlock. She often struggled balancing the dual wieghts of her heritage(s) until she found a pleasant purpose serving/utilizing both. She upkept the screening ward around the many acres of the grounds that allowed friendly beings to cross and crystallized those unwanted.

Little Esther, The Catcher
The ghastly bloodhound keeper and slave-hunter hunter. Only a young girl when she joined, Esther remained vague about her past, and keep to herself in the estate’s kennels. The most that’s known of her life is she was born into tumultous poverty until Ms. Duplessis found her small frame craddling two dogs one rainy evening. Esther apparently only agreed to join her family under two conditions, one, that her loyal hounds never leave her side and two,…that no one lay eyes or hands on her again.

Ms. Grizzelda Duplessis, Free Witch of Snake Craft
The esteemed estate owner, gardener, & book keeper. No one quite knows how she acquired her wealth as she kept her affairs tightly managed and spotless. Once an educated slave, records show her masters seemingly adored her to the point of obliging her request for freedom upon their deaths. After their untimely passing, Ms. Duplessis fought several legal disputes over her ownership rights, winning with the application of her gall, and of course, a few learned charms along the way.

My heart is a rose garden.
The thorns are the heartbreaks I’ve grown from.
They make everyone who pass tread lightly.
The roses will call out your name but
the thorns will push you away.
I stopped creating sunshine they can
grow from long ago.
But you are a cloud clearer.
A spark that has brought back the sun.
The roses are reviving.
The color to their petals has returned.
You are my garden keeper
And my thorns have welcomed you in.
You can plant your seeds
and take root however you please.
We shall make a garden together where
both our hearts will reside.
And soon enough our roots will
be so deep that no amount of
digging could uproot them.
And each thorn will fall away
because all the heartbreaks have been forgotten
with you in the garden.
—  s.b

It has often been stated in print, that when Mrs. Madison escaped from the White House, she cut out from the frame the large portrait of Washington (now in one of the parlors there), and carried it off. This is totally false. She had no time for doing it. It would have required a ladder to get it down. All she carried off was the silver in her reticule, as the British were thought to be but a few squares off, and were expected every moment. John Suse (a Frenchman, then door-keeper, and still living) and Magraw, the President’s gardener, took it down and sent it off on a wagon, with some large silver urns and such other valuables as could be hastily got hold of.

When the British did arrive, they ate up the very dinner, and drank the wines, &c, that I had prepared for the President’s party.


A coloured man’s reminiscences of James Madison by Paul Jennings

Yes, Dolley Madison deserves credit for ordering the Washington painting to be saved, however remember it was the servants and slaves who actually did the task.