You know what I want in Keeper??

-An elf that isn’t perfect in the way they look, but everyone finds beautiful either way

-An elf with depression or ocd or an illness like Caprise that isn’t curable but is respected and cared for anyway

-I want an elf with dyed hair 

-orange, aqua, purple, neon green for all I care just so many blondes and brunettes and I get it natural beauties but please no

-An elf with acne

-I think that’s self explanatory

-An elf with eyes too close or nose too big or small or short height or a bit overweight but dang it can they fight and are talented

-An elf that’s Bi, gay, lesbian, trans, asexual, ect. just give me more diversity Shannon

-An elf without a limb, an elf that can’t speak, an elf that’s blind, an elf that’s both blind and deaf, and elf that can’t recognize faces, an elf that’s colorblind, 


All of the above, but all those elves, considered weak or strange or abnormal, are talented and wonderful and real and just gosh

I just realized that the dumb shitpost rp blog I made of Dex like three years ago has accidentally caused the most intense ripple effect in this fandom and I’m actually laughing so hard. The fact that almost everyone just accepts lgbtq+ Dex as headcanon and that that’s all my fault makes me pee my pants wow I love that so much.

also yeah, I’m the bitch responsible for the rp epidemic ur welcome ;-)

anonymous asked:

You think personas can love or have relationships with their users or would that be weird? Or can since shadows/personas are based on real humans sometimes does that mean it just a powerful shadow taking their shape or the persona can actually turn into a shadow if theres a strong enough cognition of them? Also is the Reaper even a shadow, a keeper of the shadow worlds?

This reminds me of the infamous yet timeless philosophical debate: ‘would you fuck a clone of yourself?’ 

(But from a potentially less weird perspective, I’d like to think that any love a Persona feels for their user would be akin to how much the user loves themselves- a form of self love, if you will) 


The Reunion (Part 3)

Night has fallen when the traveller gets on the other side of the island. Among the ancient monumental architecture a path seem to lead on a cliff side balcony. There, overlooking the lake and gazing at the starlit sky, stands a figure dressed in white drapes. Hearing the steps of another, the figure turns around and looks at the intruder. For a moment, they silently contemplate each other. Then as the red figure removes her hood, the figure dressed in white smiles gently and says. 

‘’ I am glad to meet you again’’.

I hope you enjoyed those illustrations, because I really enjoyed making them. I have a lot of unexplored ideas about this world so I will likely be creating more stories that take place in this universe in the future.