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Kissing Meme

Ten characters I would kiss:

1. Nyx Ulric
2. Gladiolus Amicitia
3. Cor Leonis
4. Lord Hien of Doma
5. Cullen Rutherford
6. Kaidan Alenko
7. Alistair Theirin
8. James Vega
9. Regis Lucis Caelum
10. Starfire

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Afternoon Gifts (2)

Yay babyfic! I promise that next chapter baby things will actually begin, but there’s some plot points (why I even am bothering with plot at this point, who knows) to take care of first.

Gladiolus crosses his arms and glares at them without a word and Noctis thinks that maybe they’re about to make bloody, unfortunate history. After all a shield has never killed a King before…figures he’d push it there.

Prompto’s fidgeting beside him and it would be annoying if he didn’t also feel like crawling out of his skin under the burning glare they’re getting.

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The movie probably wouldn’t work as a world, but I wish you could fight the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus as a bonus boss. Picture it: go to Halloween Town, find an old house containing a candle and a cauldron. Choosing to light the Black Flame Candle triggers a boss fight against all three witches.

 Each one would have her own HP bar and fight individually until Winnie screams “SISTERS!” and they all attack at once, kind of like Prison Keeper.


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Your words have never left me
They’re the prayer that I say every day

When I first saw him it wasn’t this lifetime movie moment. It wasn’t love at first sight, but when I first saw him I knew he was special. Who would’ve known he was the keeper of my heart all this time?
—  k.c. ( im drowning in him )
as a cancer, I will attempt to represent the entirety of our people and what we see in the other signs

you are competitive at silly things. otherwise outgoing and ready to move on to something else. Aries seem to range from huge dicks to the sweetest and most aggressively compatible people out there.

I aspire to be lazy and simultaneously productive as you guys are wow untouchable. sweet and loyal mofos, but are on the lazy side however. imo should put more effort into relationships.


your inclusive nature is so nice to be around, the constant little things like talking and listening directly to us that are good for a cancers assurance in our friendship.

you are our brethren, and we understand the constant stream of emotions. we get it. we feel it too. the mood changes, however, aren’t as nice on the flip side of the coin.

you are like the actual sun, and one of the best matches for a cancer. the aura you put off attracts us because you can be outwardly enthusiastic enough for the both of us.

you all are super kind. quirky. dumb, yet smarter than everyone else. capable of handling practically any situation. good at diffusing bad situations.

peace keepers. super sweet. good communicators. all together good, kind hearted people that give up a lot for others. how are you so nice? and I thought cancers were too sweet for handling.

super tense, yo. as a fellow water sign, we understand the emotions are real and pure in you all. letting us see underneath your shell is one of the greatest things you could give to us. friendships stick around.

i understand that you want to say some things, but you should become more accustomed to thinking through what you want to say before you say it.    (that’s really all for you guys, sorry. I may be biased because sagittarius is my lunar sign)

you all are kinda tough and scary. let yourself out of your bubble and interact a little more. once we get to know each other I’m sure we can be good friends.

your imagination simultaneously cultivates and inspires us. your easy going attitude is something for us to learn. dork central, I love it.

you all are too sweet. can get super scary when angered though. if the relations between us are good then we are bound to have a nice time together. fun and loving. difficult to argue with (for all you cancers, I wouldn’t try that)

Halloween Costumes (Cashton)


Calum was a simple guy. It didn’t take much to make him happy, in fact there were three fool proof ways to his heart; his family, dogs, and disney movies (plus sex but that was obvious given the fact the you birthed three children).  And considering you were his wife, you liked to think you were the expert of all things Calum but even being the keeper of Calum’s heart didn’t prepare you for what came next.

“Babe!” he shouted, letting the front door slam behind him. “I finally figured out our Halloween costumes for this year!”

You couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as your husband dragged three big bags from the local Halloween store into your kitchen. The two of you had been together for ten years and you’d never seen him this excited over Halloween which only raised your suspicions.

“I didn’t know our Halloween costumes were causing you so much stress,” you teased.

“I just want Joy to have the best first Halloween ever.”

“She’s not going to remember Cal.”

“But I will,” he huffed. “Anyways, where are the kids? I want to show them their costumes.”

“Wait, you bought their costumes too? I promised them I would be taking them to the store to pick them out tomorrow,” you sighed.

“We’re doing a family costume this year. They’ll love it I promise.”  

Rolling your eyes, you called your two eldest children downstairs before leaving your place on the couch to scoop up your youngest, Joy, from where she was playing on the floor. With everyone situated back in the living room, Calum dragged the bags into the room, a smile plastered on his face.

“Instead of spending hours in the Halloween like we did last year,” he said, shooting your son a knowing look. (It had taken him two hours to pick out the perfect pirate costume last year.) “I’ve decided that this year, we’re all going to dress up as a theme!”

As you expected, Calum’s announcement was met with the groans from your two eldest while baby Joy giggled at her father’s enthusiasm. You shot both your children a look, urging them to humor their father and you’d handle the rest.

“So what’s this great themed costume?” you asked.

“Get ready, ‘cause this year the Hoods are being transformed into the 101 Dalmatians!” he proclaimed, pulling out the three dalmatian costumes and tossing them to his children before handing you your Cruella de Vil.

“But dad,” you daughter whined. “There’s only three of us.”

“Well, mom and I will just have to get busy on that then,” he whispered into your ear, leaving your daughters complaint ignored. 

And sure enough of Halloween Calum’s heart swelled, having been gifted everything that made him happy. Family? Check. Dogs? Check. Disney Movies? Check. Sex? Well, that would have to wait until after trick-or-treating.


Having a family that loved Halloween was fun as you were growing up, but once you reached adulthood their annual Halloween costume parties became less fun and more of a hassle, leaving you scrambling to find a costume worthy enough for your Halloween obsessed parents.

Of course, this Halloween was completely different. See, this year would be the first year you weren’t attending the party single leaving you time to enjoy the festivities instead of hiding out in your old bedroom away from all your parent’s friend’s single children. And with Ashton by your side their would be no way you’d have endure another painful conversation with Jared, your parent’s boss’s twenty something year old kid who always had a thing for you.

“I don’t understand our costumes,” Ashton huffed, staring at himself in the mirror for the twentieth time since he got dresses fifteen minutes ago.

Instead of opting for the cliche sexy couple costumes that you were sure the sixty year old party guests would be wearing, you picked a silly couple costume. One, you had wished you could have worn when you were younger but your brother was never fond of the idea.

“I don’t get what’s so hard to understand,” you grumbled. “You’re peanut butter and I’m jelly, together we’re a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

“Well I know that,” Ashton sassed. “I just meant, I don’t get why this is a popular costume. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are gross.”

“You’re the one who’s gross,” you teased, scrunching your nose in disgust at your boyfriend.

Ashton ignored your comment, turning his attention back to the mirror. He continued tugging on his costume until he saw your reflection appear in the mirror behind him. You glared at him, making his hands halt, the material stretching back to his body.

“Why couldn’t we have been vegemite and toast?”

“Because Ashton, we aren’t celebrating Halloween in Australia we are in California. And here in California, everyone eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“Poor Americans. They don’t know what they’re missing,” he said, earning a playful shove from you.

“Next year we can celebrate in Australia and be vegemite and toast, okay?”

“I agree with celebrating in Australia but I think we could think of a better Halloween costume than that,” he said smirking.

That was the exact reason why you had been in charge of picking the costumes for tonight’s party. Had it been up to him you would have been attending in lingerie, something your sixty year old father would not have appreciated.

“You’re so annoying,” you groaned. “Can we please just go to my parent’s party now?”

“Fine, but only if you don’t get jelly when your mom’s friends tries to flirt with me again.” 

“Did you seriously just make a jealous pun with the word jelly?” you asked, only causing Ashton to smirk in success. “I should have just gone to this thing alone.”