The true challenges are in the gym, not in the kitchen.

Eating right is NOT the hard part. Trying to eat as little as possible, restricting your choices of foods, cutting out anything you enjoy but isn’t “clean” or “paleo” enough… that’s hard, but unnecessary. 

The problem is you’re still “exercising to burn calories”, and not “training to utilise calories”. There is a massive difference between these two concepts. When you train strategically to build the best physical representation of your genetic potential; #1 your energy requirements go UP. That means not just “you can eat more” but “you had BETTER eat more”. When that total calorie requirement goes up, there is more room for flexibility in your food choices. More room for enjoyment and indulgence, and you know that your body will put every gram to good use.

Like I say in the video… ask any one of the girls I coach, who happen to be the same girls I see you all reblogging talking about how amazing they look and how they have your goal body. Go ahead and ask them how hard or how easy it was to stick to the nutrition guidelines I gave them that directly resulted in the awesome figures you’re so envious of.

Train hard, eat easy.

That’s what I think. It’s what I know.

Expanded on this a little bit on wordpress: file under “how to eat right for weight loss

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Exhibit two: Dicy’s one year with DHPT post.
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Exhibit four: Miranda’s amazing progress. Again, only the last 12 weeks or so was with me and she’d done a tremendous job on her own up until then.

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Attn: people doing my programs and stuff

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For example:

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Who’s in?