What is kpop?
  • Friend:What is kpop?
  • Me:It is everything but a human being.
  • Friend:What?
  • Me:Exo are wolves. With an undercover unicorn
  • Me:Shinee are Lucifers
  • Me:B.A.P. are angels.
  • Me:Bigbang are monsters.
  • Me:Vixx are vampires/fallen angels/voodoo dolls.
  • Me:Block B are gorillas/frogs.
  • Me:Beast are shadows. With Junhyung as a butterfly.
  • Friend:...
Who should listen/love KPOP today:

* If you’re not racist.
* If you’re a manga/anime nerd (trust me - perfectly proportional and breathtaking boys do exist).
* If you like manly boys who are cute at times.
* If you like cute boys who have muscular bodies.
* If you just like cute boys.
* If you like boys who look like undertakers @.@.
* If you want to feel special.
* If you want to meet great, true, and awesome friends.
* If you want to have a goal in your life (kpop will give you at least 3 goals: marry a Korean, live in Korea, and/or working harder to get a lot of money to buy KPOP albums).
* If you are/ wanna be a fashionista.
* If you want to listen to an AMAZINGLY AWESOME kind of music.
* If you think Gangnam Style was awesome, you haven’t heard anything yet.
* And the first thing you will learn when you have entered the KPOP world is that Gangnam Style pronounce as Kangnam Style (with a soft K and not a harsh G).