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I love you all, and I hope you get what you want and enjoy.

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this is a short video from when I was at metro radio arena with Ellen and Kerrie

you can hear me using such classics as …“me bums shaking”… “i dont want Kelsey, i want Tom”….“HE’S BEAUTIFUL” and mindless screaming and horrible singing

and then Kerrie screaming Kelsey at the end with “aw shes so cute”

Had a fab time at the Newcastle meet up today

i had the worst bus drive into town and I swear to god the driver was on drugs or some shit like that

anyway I got there and met Ellen before going to the gate, where Kerrie nearly took me out with a running hug. Then we stood and laughed at edited pictures of the boys for a little while.

So then we decided to go to Nandos and omg. the man looked like Mike Tyson and he was petrifying. Me and Ashaz ordered a plain chicken burger but we got medium ones instead and i swear to god i have ruptured organs now omg. Also we twaped Kerrie and continued to use the words, ‘yolo’, 'poop’ and 'i’m horny,horny, horny, horrnny’ for the rest of the day

The after we almost we got kicked out of Nandos for being silly we made our way into town where i swear to god people feared us. We walked into Hollister just for a little look around and see the hot boys and then we went and took pictures on the iPads before setting them as wallpapers. 

We came across a dress that was made from a tent so Kerrie took a picture and sent it to Nathan:

We then went to HMV and messed about in there for a bit and then omfg we went outside and stood in the camp shop to keep dry from the rain and this women offered to take our picture with the tent so we could send it also to Nathan

so after that we went and played in fenwicks toy department and it was hilarious.omg.

Outside we also shouted 'It’s WantedWednesday’ and scared everyone. but dont fret there was a strange man singing and walking around and the police were chasing him so we didnt look that insane.

overall, I’ve had a fab day and omg we need to do it again

lovely meeting you ALL