Louis Vuitton Keepall Voyager Bag

Louis Vuitton Keepall Voyager Bag has a sporty and classy look and is crafted out of Monogram Eclipse canvas and Taiga cowhide leather. This go-to duffel bag is ready for compact packing and inside you can easily fit a few days worth of clothes or gear.

Snapchat | 10 August, 2016

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This is a cute laid back look! *PLEASE CREDIT IF YOU USE*

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abramgarcia  asked:

Hey Dean, So I travel every two months or so and I was thinking about getting a carry on bag that would be stylish yet practical. I was thinking about getting the Keepall 50 by Louis Vuitton, any thoughts about it or recommendations?

I think the LV keepall is a great, long-term investment piece for those who are regular travelers.  That being said, I strongly suggest upping to the 60.  It’s large (very large, actually), but I use to have two 45s and they were pretty small - even for a 24/48 trip.

In the end, it all comes down to what you NEED.  If you’re a light packer and just looking for a larger carry on to throw extra/random things in, then you probably don’t need the 60.

PS:  For those who are looking for a similar piece but wanting to stay within a tight budget, take a look at this leather duffle.  Fantastic piece in my opinion.