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Shopping and Buying, Difference?

Shopping, that time when you feel like you want to buy something. It can either result for window shopping which doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have the money to buy something but you just really don’t need it at that time. Or it can be compulsive shopping where you buy something because you like it without even thinking about it (turns ugly when reality kicks in afterwards). or it can be organized shopping, it is when you have a plan on how much you spend and what will you buy. Then buying, buying is the result of shopping most people would say, but is it really?

Well, if shopping has three types what about buying? i guess none? while shopping gives you the pleasure of seeing things that would really attract your eyes. buying should also give you that pleasure of owning that specific thing. However, Does it really?

For example, I love the Louis Vuitton keepall 45 and i would shamelessly enter the store just to see them and grace on how fabulous it is. however, i do not buy it (not that i have no money to buy it, but i am a student and my parents taught me how to be frugal in ways.) instead i window shop. Although i am a compulsive shopper i still take control on what to buy and what not to buy. There it is, Shopping is uncontrollable, we always shop around wether it is an item or not. However, we have complete control over our expenses.

Every time i get the chance to visit the Louis Vuitton store in downtown Toronto, I always make sure i look at that bag and cherish our time together, even the salesmen know me already (although, i think, secretly he hates me) for shopping but not really buying anything. As what Leandra Medine Would say it “felt pretty powerful”.

Therefore the huge differences between buying and shopping is plain simple. Buying allows you to own the item you want and use it. On ther other hand, Shopping also gives you that sense of ownership without actually buying it. Looking at that Keepall 45 in the Louis Vuitton store makes me feel that i own it and it is made for me. however, it also means that i wan’t it but don’t really need it. Shopping doesn’t really mean that we need to break the bank. it just mean that we need that adrenaline rush to refrain from buying

So instead of people telling you to STOP SHOPPING, tell them to rephrase the sentence and tell you to STOP BUYING.