30 Day Binge Free Challenge - Day 1

Why do you want to become binge free? What does being binge free mean to you?

I want to become binge free because binging is disgusting and makes me feel like a pig. It is also unhealthy and I want to be skinny/healthy.

Being binge free means doing my nails, drawing, exercising, doing homework, anything besides eating when I am bored. It means eating healthy and normal amounts at food at certain times during the day not anytime and all the time. 

30 Days Binge Free Challenge

So Brenna and Rachel are holding this great challenge.. I think it’s exactly what I need right now. Join! More info here 

March 2nd-Why do you want to become binge free? What does being binge free mean to you?

To prove myself that I am strong enough, that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

For me, being binge free means always sticking to the right food in the right portions, and not going over my daily calorie intake. Staying away from junk food and unnecessary snacks.

30 Days Binge Free Challenge

March 4th- How do you define a binge? What qualifies as ‘binging’ to you?

Losing control of what I eat. Sometimes I go overboard with snacks but it has gotten better over time. I used to eat everything I found in the kitchen for no reason, even when I was full. It left me feeling miserable and it led me to more unhealthy habits. Now I’m proud to say I can make healthier choices even if I struggle with portions sometimes. 
30 Days Binge Free Challenge

March 3rd- How do you think you will feel once you overcome binging?

Stronger and healthier. I will feel good overall because I will notice the change in my body, and that will bring me confidence. My workouts will be better and my stomach will feel great. No more tummy aches and regrets. I will feel amazing.