REQUEST: Hi! Can you do one where Harry is upset about his family or anxiety or something and you ask him to let you in? Something fluffy? Thanks!

You’d never seen Harry get angry before.

You’d been dating for about three months now and you’d never heard him raise his voice. Even though he was just about to start promo season for his new single and was about to announce his upcoming album and tour, the man never doubted himself. You could tell that he absolutely loved his work, because he never showed even a flicker of resentment towards any aspect of it—he had the patience of a saint, where you would have lost it by now if you were in his shoes.

But there was a first time for everything.

You were driving over to his flat for an quiet evening together. You’d barely seen one another that entire week prior because of his hectic schedule, and you were looking forward to finally getting him alone. You couldn’t lie, you’d been feeling a tad bit neglected and it had been starting to get to you. You knew that when you agreed to date a rock star boyfriend it wouldn’t come without it’s downsides, but you were starting to feel like you weren’t a priority anymore. Which is why when he called and suggested an evening together, you felt over the moon.

You walked into the apartment without knocking—you’d stopped doing that during the second month—and shrugged off your sweater while you slipped off your shoes.

“Harry!” You called out into his home, walking into the kitchen to set down the bottle of wine that you’d picked up. The two of you had planned to make sangria that night along with dinner—you set your purse down on the counter and exhaled a soft huff at his absence before deciding to go find him.

The first room you checked in was his office, where he spent most of his time lately while he was home. Surely enough, there he was—he was leaning forward onto the desk with his elbows, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You could see the rise and fall of his shoulders as he breathed, and you were almost afraid to interrupt his silence. Your first instinct was to get annoyed that he was doing work when you were supposed to meet up, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Klaus x Reader

Requested by @justdreamstars

Part One

“You’ll never guess who I’ve found.” Klaus declared as he walked in.

“Knowing you Niklaus it could be anyone.” Elijah sighed as Klaus burst into the room.

“(Y/N), she’s in New Orleans.” Klaus smiled as he poured himself a drink and Elijah watched him carefully.

“You mean to tell me the girl that vanished has suddenly reappeared in the city, and just happens to do so around the time we arrive?” Elijah sighed dubiously.

“Well she was here and I drank with her so unless there are multiple versions of her, which I doubt there are seeing as her bloodline ended many years ago, it is the very same (Y/N) I turned a thousand years ago.” He smiled to himself and decided he’d track you down again.

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“The Language of Love”  Negan x Reader

Word Count: 2,225

Negan x Reader

Request: Can I request a Negan one? Where the reader grew up in France but moved to the US when she was young, but kept her French accent/French as her first language. And she gets taken as prisoner by Negan, but he treats her really well because he’s attracted to her. But one day he just pisses the reader off and she starts to cuss him out in French, and it turns Negan on a lot. And it leads to smut?

Warnings: Smut (oral receiving and giving, no actual penetration), swearing, language kink, I think Negan in general should just be a warning, dom! Negan

a/n: this was a request from someone who messaged me, and I told them I would do it, but I just wanted to point out that I do not speak French. This is all from google translate so I sincerely apologize if anything is not correct!

Originally posted by wildling-heart

Growing up in a country that you were not born in was not the easiest of tasks you have ever had to do. You were originally born in France in a small town just outside Paris, and you lived there until you were thirteen. You loved it there, and once your parents told you that you were moving to the United States (Georgia, in particular), you were not pleased.

You grew to enjoy living here, and everyone was nice to you. The only real problem was the language barrier. You knew minimal English at first, and your French accent was thick. Of course, the other students loved it, but it made it hard for them to understand you, especially when you only knew a few basic words.

As you got older, English became second nature to you, and you barely spoke French anymore. Especially now that it was the apocalypse, none of your French-speaking family was alive anymore, and no one in your group could speak it. You tended to keep that side of you separate from your life now. Life now was different, and you treated it that way. You wanted to put your old self behind and become someone who would survive out here, and dwelling on the past wouldn’t help that.

The only time that you ever spoke French was when you were mad. Oh, man, when you were mad, it came out without you being able to control.

Baisez-vous, je ne vous dis rien!” You spit at the man in front of you. He calls himself Negan, although you’re sure that can’t be his real name. You figure it’s probably a fake name, like what the Governor used. He’s attractive, you’ll admit. The way he carries himself, his beard, just in face in general… Damn. But he was not a good guy. You’ll never let his attractiveness get to you. “Éloigne-toi de moi!”

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Mallory (Lin/Reader)

so this is a sort of Version One to the College!Lin fic promised to @burninglaurens , who also came up with the name of Mallory in my moment of desperation.

Length: 2,169 words

Warnings: None

Summary: It takes one girl to bring and your best friend together.

Note: reviews give me life <3 Version Two is a possibility 

Her name was Mallory. That was one the two things you knew about her.

The other thing was that Lin — your best friend — liked her.

Although like was a bit of an understatement. He was more or less infatuated, pining after her from the moment she entered the room. You couldn’t blame him. Mallory was beautiful, and no one could deny that she and Lin would make an attractive couple.

Not even you, it seemed, as you encouraged Lin to go talk to her.

He shook his head. “Don’t be ridiculous, Y/N. She’s drunk and we’re at a party. I’m not going to go and talk to her.”  

You rolled your eyes at him. “If not now, when?” You questioned, and Lin raised his eyebrow at you. To avoid a wisecrack comment courtesy of Lin, you continued on. “Just go and get her a drink. Ask her to dance. Have a laugh. Who knows, she might enjoy it and by then, I’m sure flirting is acceptable.”

“Like you’d know anything about flirting,” teased Lin, making you send a deft punch to his arm. Lin swayed on his feet, grinning at you. You were about to grin back before seeing Mallory move in your peripheral vision. Her dancing had stopped, and she approached the drinks table with as determined a look as a drunk girl could master.

“Go,” you said suddenly, pushing Lin forward. “Go now.”

Lin looked confused, stumbling as you gave him another firm shove. “And leave you? Y/N, it’s getting late, and I’m your lift home, remember?”

“I’ll find someone else,” you assured him, giving him an encouraging nod. Your eyes swept the room confidently, though you doubted anyone would bother giving you a lift home. “If not, I can walk.”

Lin gave a happy, albeit nervous, thumbs up as he turned and approached Mallory and the drinks table. You sipped your own drink, fingers tapping nervously on the plastic cup as you watch Lin awkwardly stoop to talk to Mallory, you watched the two laugh, and winced as she dug her brightly painted nails into his dark shirt as she led him to the dance floor.

There was a third thing you learned about her: Mallory was a surprisingly good dancer. She was beautiful, her dark and generously moisturised skin almost glowing under the harsh florescent lights of the party, her dark, glossy hair swishing this way and that as she wrapped her arms loosely around Lin’s neck, drawing him closer—

You looked away, a mild disgust overcoming you. Disgusted in the same way you might be if Lin was your brother, you decided, which he practically was anyway. The two of you had been met in the first weeks of college and, after hitting it off right away, you’d stayed friends until this very day.

You doubted much would change was you left college, but you still after a strange sense of protectiveness at the thought of you going your separate ways.

Sneaking a glance back at Mallory and Lin, you saw her pull him ever nearer, whispering something with her mouth pressed to his ear. You looked away, grimacing as you downed the pitiful remainders of your plastic cup.

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Student Council Prez [7]

Episode 6 - Episode 7 - Episode 7.5 OR Episode 8
Words: 7.7k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“Asshole demon…” You mumble under your breath as you’re hauling the trash bins out to the curb. You’re sweating with dirt stains on your cheeks, arms aching from scrubbing the counters and feet painfully sore.

Just as you’re taking a long breath, dusting off your hands, a loud screech rings in your ears. “LOOK OUT!”

One moment you’re on your feet and the next you’re on the ground with your head spinning, the trash bins fallen over onto you with banana peels and leftovers in your hair. “What the fuck?!”

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anonymous asked:

AU, Vader sues Bail for custody (either the Empire is intact and he has standing or its gone and he absolutely doesn't, whichever is funnier)

Wilhuff Tarkin had not expected that he would end up back in front of a court in a matter concerning one of Anakin Skywalker’s children ever again – let alone less than five years to the day that he argued for the execution of Skywalker’s erstwhile Padawan for crimes against the body he now scoffingly referred to as ‘The Republic’.

Nonetheless, fate was an odd chap and Skywalker, sans Jedi pretensions, stood before him, enrobed in black, entombed in the respirator and death’s head mask that made their enemies quail so delightfully. Across from him, on the neighboring floating dais, was Senator Bail Organa. The Emperor had cited imperial prerogative and so, although he adjudicated the previous Skywalker case, he was off relaxing on Mustafar or some such hell planet.

Tarkin steepled his fingers before him, reclining in his chair and envying the Emperor. He would not have to deal with the fallout with Skywalker. Or rather, Vader, whose tantrums were somewhat more deadly than the boy’s had been.

“If you have entertained enough ceremony,” Vader boomed irritably into the silence of the judicial chamber. The child hitched over his shoulder giggled and he bounced her, provoking happy shrieks. “Shall we not commence and get this farce over with?”

Tarkin twitched a finger and Vader took that as license to burst in motion, pacing and pointing angrily at the opposing dais.

“The case before you is simple, Grand Moff Tarkin. This criminal posing as a Senator stole my child!”

The girl did seem to actually like Vader. That was a point in his favor regarding her lineage as it was difficult to imagine any other child, of any age or species, not screaming in bloody terror the entire time it was in his presence. Instead, having been done up with a fancy smock of Naboo silk and brown hair woven into little fan shaped buns atop her head – contra the round buns Alderaan favored – she seemed well cared for, happy, and entirely oblivious to the hulking abomination that currently clutched her to a panel of buttons on his chest.

“Sir.” Senator Organa sighed. He looked deeply aggrieved, but also simply frustrated that he was in the position of making his case in a court he took to be biased. Tarkin was offended at the thought. Organa was obviously rebel scum, but Tarkin would make sure justice was served. “If it pleases the court, I motion that this case be dismissed.”

Tarkin perked up.

“On what grounds?”

Organa gestured smoothly to encompass the entire proceeding.

“On the grounds that this is a civil case and yet his allegations are criminal in nature.”

“Hmm. Just so.” Tarkin thought it over and directed a piercing look Vader’s way. The black eye pieces met his gaze blandly. “Vader, keep a leash on your temper and refrain from any undue charges of criminality. This is a custody case, not a kidnapping case. It is within your purview only to prove that you are the rightful father of this child and that you are due custody or visitation rights. Is that clear?”

Vader growled something incomprehensible. The girl wiggled and said, loud enough for Tarkin to hear, “Down!”

Vader bent double to set her carefully on her feet and she toddled to the edge of the platform. Organa’s eyes went wide and he rushed to the side of his own platform, as if to reach her. Vader turned his head and made a small flicking motion, forcing Organa to stumble back.

“A simple blood test will confirm paternity,” Vader said. His mask was turned, attention on the child.

“You understand there are complications in using such evidence,” Tarkin replied.

He was not aware of the rationale behind concealing Vader’s true identity. It seemed to be a long form practical joke on the Emperor’s part – which meant Tarkin was truly disinclined to ending it without permission. However, much as he esteemed Darth Vader, he was willing to let such consequences fall on him.

“I am,” Vader snapped.

Tarkin nodded and turned to Organa to see what kind of rebuttal the man had. Organa had thrown his shoulders back, standing straight and nearly as tall as Vader, with his hands held behind him.

“Paternity is no mere matter of blood. I think you will find, written into the statutes of the Republic and carried over into the Empire, that legal standing of persons with a certain –” here he waffled, trying to find a delicate phrase, “– a certain spiritual connection did not allow for direct custody of biological children.”

Jedi don’t have custody of their own children, Tarkin translated. As he recalled, it was true. Jedi were born to the Order, not to their parents.

“Intriguing,” he said aloud.

“As without the pre-existing custodial chain for such children, they are then legally adoptable. I have such paperwork as establishes my legal adoption and custody of Leia Organa,” the Senator concluded, pulling a small datapad from his sleeve with a flourish.

Vader made a slapping motion, batting the datapad to the dais floor. Organa glared and rearranged his longcoat as he knelt to retrieve it.

“And I think you can see, this man is no fit guardian to any children! Let alone his own,” Organa added.

A chill fell over the court.

“Children?” Vader asked.

Organa swore softly to himself and looked very much like he wanted to snatch Leia up and run.

Crush (Hanbin Scenario)


Can I request hanbin ikon scenario when he has crush on you and all member always teasing him when they are around you (like hold your hand or everything). The reader is idol. Thank you 😉


Haha, yeaa, sorry about the wait. I hope you enjoy it, like it’s kinda angsty,,,,but yea. Also Hanbins POV, like is wierd,, but oh well. Also sorry for the lack of posts on the blog. Both admins are really busy with school.

Genre: Fluff | Somewhat Angsty endish part

Word Count: 2000+

-Hanbins POV -

“Hey, Hanbin can you guess who’s coming over to practice today?” Yunhyeong said teasing the leader. Hanbin’s face turned a light crimson as he began to feel slightly embarrassed. Bobby placed his hand on the leaders shoulder and began to laugh. Junhoe began to add onto Yunhyeong’s comment.

“Yeah, Hanbin,” He made sure to put more emphasis onto his name. 

“It’s a girl, she’s an idol, and her name is-“

“Junhoe sh-shut up.” Hanbin spoke feeling quite flustered. Other members knew he had a crush on you, it was pretty obvious. He had an extremely bad habit of staring at you. However the leader couldn’t help it, he loved watching your facial expressions light up as you talked. He loved to hear your smooth voice. He loved hearing you sing, he also enjoyed watching you dance. His standard of perfection was you. He loved watching you play with your hair, or play games with the others. He normally just stood to the side and watched, he didn’t want to interfere, or do something that would upset you. When you tried to get him to join, he would reject the offer. He felt that he had to somehow reserve himself so you wouldn’t become disappointed with him.

He had a terrible tendency to be a perfectionist, and he always was so pessimistic when it came to everything he did. Whenever he did something and made a slight mistake, he would become extremely upset with himself. As the leader, everyone held him to a somewhat higher stander. Everyone always expected him to be perfect, they expected more than what he could give out.  However when he was around you, all the stress disappeared. When he saw you and how calm you were, it made him feel relieved.

“A-anyways, when is she gonna get here?” He mumbled, he would never admit this, but he was quite excited to see you today. Jinhwan began to giggle.

“Ooooh” He cooed. “Is little Hanbin excited to see (y/n)?” Jinhwan had found Hanbin’s crush on you extremely adorable. He would always get giddy when Hanbin and you sang together. To say the least, Hanbin hated it. It always made him even more embarrassed to be around you. Seeing Jinhwan’s wide smiles and encouraging text messages that normally said something along the lines of ‘You’re doing so well, now just ask her out’ Words could not describe how much Hanbin hated it.

“Jinhwan are you reall-“

“You address your Hyung like that?” Hanbin rolled his eyes, Jinhwan found these moments hilarious. Seeing how Hanbin was so flustered while talking about you.

“Sorry, Jinhwan Hyung” Hanbin spoke with annoyance in his voice. “I was going to ask, are you really going to tease me about this?” The leader was slightly annoyed, and it was clear that he was. The other boys just laughed.

“Mm, Hanbin, she’s on her way.” Donghyuk spoke.  

“Okay…” Hanbin paused. “Wait, did she text you that.”

“Yeah, Hanbin, she loves me. Of course she would text me.” Donghyuk spoke slightly cockily. Chanwoo snorted.

“You got something to say Chanwoo?” Donghyuk glared at the younger, and the two of them began to burst out laughing. Hanbin chuckled slightly.

“I’m going to get a drink, anybody want anything?”

“He just wants to see (y/n).” Yunhyeong spoke slyly.

“I-I n-no.” Hanbin stuttered.

“I was right.” Hanbin felt his cheeks becoming the crimson again; he quickly closed the practice room door and went to get the drink, to cool down. As he walked away he could hear the boys all laughing in the distance.

As Hanbin walked to the vending machine he calmed down. He felt his cheeks return back to the normal temperature. He pulled out his phone and began typing a quick message to you saying,

Going to get soda you want one??’ 

He breathed deeply, and then hit the send button, not but two seconds later he saw the three dots, which indicated that you were typing. He felt a slight smile growing onto his lips. A few seconds later you responded with a 

‘Hell yea, get me a coke (not diet, regular!!!!)’ 

He chuckled quietly.

‘Noted, diet not regular.’ 

When you two did talk it normally consisted of you two teasing each other.

‘Noooo!!!! Regular! diet is horrible!’ 

He chuckled quietly again.

‘Alright, noted, regular not diet.’

‘There you go, also see you soon; I’m like ten minutes from the building.’

‘Awesome’ Moments after sending the last text he put his phone back into his pocket. He could feel a sly smile on his lips. He would try to cover it up but he was too happy.  He inserted the dollar into the machine and made sure to get you a regular (not diet) coke. He laughed at how passionate you were about your soda. You said you’d never drink diet again after seeing YG drink it. Hanbin laughed thinking about the party where you said it was your last time with diet soda. It was a random memory, but a funny one.

He walked back to the practice room happily; thinking of the kind of practice today would consist of. It made him happier that he was finally seeing you after your big promotion; it had been a long two months. Your promotions were nowhere near the end, but you finally got a break. The smile on his face began to grow as he thought of you and him finally hanging out.

“Look at that, the crushy boy is back.” Bobby laughed.

“I’m glad you managed to make it back, I thought you would get lost while you thought about (y/n).” Junhoe teased. This time around Hanbin wasn’t bothered by it, he didn’t ignore it, he just didn’t care much.

-Your POV -

As you walked towards the practice room, that the boys spent about 90% of their time in, you smiled. The two months was long, but you were happy you’d finally be able to see Hanbin. He was probably your favorite to be around, out of all the boys. However you’d always get confused, he seemed to have a good time when he was around you. He’d always be laughing or smiling, maybe even commenting something snarky. However he tended to reject your offers to hang out. You never thought much of it, but you couldn’t say it didn’t upset you when he was distant. However he had recently gotten better about it, he was more open and just happier in general. You thought it was the stress of the promotions he was currently doing. It was pretty understandable, especially with him being the leader and having to look after the group…constantly. When you turned to the corner you heard Bobby say something.

“Look at that, the crushy boy is back.” You paused before opening the door, what could they be talking about? You shrugged it off and entered the practice area.

“Hey guys!” You smiled and waved at all seven of them. Your eyes drifted to the figure standing next to you.

“Here’s your diet coke.” You frowned was Hanbin being serious?

“I told you regular.” You whined. He began to laugh.

“Gosh, your whining is so cute. I made sure to get you regular.” He was smiling.

“Thanks for the REGULAR coke.” He chuckled. You heard some ‘ooh’-ing come from the boys, it did make you smile. However when you looked up to Hanbin his head was turned slightly to the left, but you could see a slight red tint on his cheeks.

“Hanbin are you feeling okay?” He seemed surprised when you asked him. You reached your hand up and touched his forehead.

“You do feel a little warm. Are you sure you aren’t sick?” Hanbin lightly grabbed your wrist, his cheeks still crimson.

“I-I’m fine (y/n).” You could hear quiet laughing among the six other boys. To say the least, you felt confused. You felt like you were being left out of an inside joke or something.

“Hanbin, if you don’t feel well you should rest. You work too hard sometimes.” You sighed and looked at him. His cheeks became brighter.

“I-I think we should practice.” He quickly looked away from you and went over to the computer.

“But (y/n) just got back from promoting, why would she want to practice?” Jinhwan whined.

“Well, I guess I could teach you guys my dance.” Donghyuk and Junehoe snorted.

“I don’t know if learning a dance is fun…” Donghyuk started to speak.

“But it’s a girl group dance Donghyuk, they’re always fun.” Yunhyeong said.

“I’d only do it of you guys wanted me too.” You mumbled. Bobby smiled.

“Gosh (y/n) how are you still single.” You saw Hanbin’s entire body tense up as Bobby spoke. ‘What’s going on with him?’ You thought. The boys, including Hanbin, were being particularly odd. Like they normally teased each other, but not to this much. This was too much; they were hiding something from you.

“(y/n) are you okay?” You mumbled a startled ‘hm’ when Chanwoo spoke to you. How long had you been thinking? It couldn’t have been that long, right?

“You’ve been staring at the wall for like two minutes.”

“I-I yea.” You gently placed his hand on your shoulder and smiled.

“Will you teach us the dance now?”

“Of course Chanwoo!” You grabbed your phone out of your back pocket and handed it over to Hanbin, who was staring intently at the computer.

“Hey Hanbin, can you hook this up?” He made no eye contact with you as he took your phone. What the hell? What was that?

“Hanbin, are you positive you’re okay? Because you’re sure as hell not acting like it.” You could hear a few other members laughing quietly in the background. You didn’t bother to look; you knew it was a mixture of all six boys.

“I” he paused, for a little too long. “I- yea I’m fine (y/n), well actually I am feeling a bit odd.” His fake laugh didn’t fool you at all. You knew something was up, but you weren’t able to tell what it was. Sighing, you finally snapped.

“What is it with all of you today?!” You almost screamed, but you were trying to keep your temper.

“All day you guys have been laughing, do I have something on me? Did I do something stupid? Just tell me what it is, please!” Looking over to Hanbin, he was frozen in place. You could see his chest moving slightly up and down as he breathed. Looking across the room the other boy were all looking guilty.

“God, can you guys not tell me what it is?!” You took your phone from Hanbin, he willingly let go of it, not throwing a fit. You know what? It would have been better if he said something, maybe then you would know what’s going on. Since no one was still telling you anything, you decided on leaving.

“Well fine, if none of you guys are gonna tell me, I’m just gonna go. Call me if you have something to say.” You walked over to the door, and still, no one moved. Hanbin stiffer than ever.

“I- (y/n)-“

“What is it Hanbin? You’ve been acting the weirdest” His body loosened as he stood from the chair. Looking at the boys faces, they were all grinning.

“Why are you guys smiling, is this funny or something? I just do-“

“(y/n) just breath for a second.“ Hanbin spoke quietly cutting you off.

“What gives?” He ran his fingers through his hair, and sighed quietly.

“Well the others are teasing me because they-“

“He has a crush on you (y/n)! How oblivious are you!” Jinhwan cut him off.

“Jinhwan!” Bobby, Donghyuk, and Yunhyeong yelled in unison. Peering over Hanbin’s shoulder you could see Junehoe silently laughing, nearly falling out of his chair.

“What.” You said bluntly. Hanbin laughed nervously.

“Yeah, Jinhwan said it.”

 -Admin A

Waiting (Part 2)

@stories-from-stark-tower @allofthesearetakendafuq  @mewsiex@flightofthefantasies @emilyevanston @cassiopeiassky @buckyywiththegoodhair @beccaanne814-blog @avengerofyourheart @thewife101cevans  @lilasiannerd @brittanymcsharry @misshyen @hunters-from-stark-tower  @callmebucky-doll @learisa @hellomissmabel @avenger-nerd-mom @soymikael @always-an-evans-addict @justreadingfics 

Waiting (2/2)

Word Count: 718

Characters: Bucky/Reader

Summary: You and Bucky are dating and you’re waiting for him to return from a long mission. You have to deal with something changes to your relationship.

Warnings: Swearing (cuz it’s me)

Author’s Note: I’ve had this idea for a very long time now, though I’m not sure I’ve done it justice. It’s kind of fluffy, with a little bit of angst (maybe?)
Also, oh my, I cannot believe the response I’ve received on this. It’s been mind blowing! My heart is so full! Thank you to everyone who read it, enjoyed it, and commented on it!

The next morning, you felt physically awful - your eyes were puffy and bloodshot, they felt like sandpaper, your face was blotchy and red, and you ached all over. As much as you had wanted to stay in bed all day and pretend that yesterday didn’t happen, you had too much to do. You hadn’t done anything to prepare for this baby, waiting until Bucky returned home. Now it was moot and you had resolved yourself to do this alone.

The first thing you decided to do was to find an apartment of your own. There was no way you could live under the same roof as Bucky while having his baby. You didn’t want anyone to know what you were planning but Wanda, bless her heart, knew everything about everyone at all times.

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jathis  asked:

Techie and Matt role reversal!

Okay so I went for Techie the Radar Technician and Kylo’s little brother Matt. I hope that works for you ^_^

Matt shifted on his feet, unused to the starched tightness of his new uniform. He breathed deep, ignoring the flutter of nerves in his stomach, determined to make a good first impression. A gloved hand clapped him on his shoulder and Matt turned to see the blank mask of his brother, his voice still soothing despite the harsh vocoder overlay.

“You’ll be fine, you’re a great technician. Just… try to keep your temper.” Matt rolled his eyes, Kylo was the last person who should be telling him that.

“Sure. I will.”

“Good, and I’ll crush the tracheas of anyone who gives you trouble, okay?”

“Please don’t.”

The doors to the engineering deck slid open with a hiss and Matt felt a small shove, urging him forwards. He strode into the room, acutely aware of all the eyes on him. He cleared his throat, “Um, hi. I’m Matt, I’m the new computer technician.”

“Hi Matt, welcome,” the shift supervisor smiled nervously, eyes flickering over to the monolith that was Kylo, still standing silent in the door, “we’ve got a workstation set up for you here so just get yourself comfortable and we’ll go through some of the security procedures.”

Nodding, Matt pulled up his chair and settled down at his console. In the corner of his eye he could see a flash of copper and turned to find a man with long ginger hair tied back in a ponytail leaning over his desk. “Uh, hello?”

The man’s eyes whirred and clicked as he looked Matt over, optical implants, bright blue and intense. “That was Kylo Ren,” he said.

“Y-yeah? He’s my brother. I just transferred here from the Eradicator. I’m Matt by the way.” Matt wasn’t sure he liked the way the man was staring at him, it made his skin prickle, heat starting to simmer under the surface and Matt couldn’t tell if it was anger or embarassment. Either way, he didn’t like it.

“I heard he built his own lightsaber.”

“Oh yeah! I mean the kyber crystal has a crack so the blade can be a bit unstable, I actually helped with the design for the vents.” Matt smiled, “I can borrow it and show you some time if you like?”

The man blinked, eyes flicking across Matt’s face as if searching for some deception. He suddenly seemed softer, less intense and Matt couldn’t help but watch as his tongue slipped out to wet pink lips. “That would be… really great actually.” He smiled and Matt felt his breath catch, it was as if the sun had emerged from behind a cloud, lighting the man from the inside out.

“What’s your name?” Matt could feel a desperation inside him, needing to know more, to do anything to draw out that smile again.

“Ah, I don’t really have one,” the man pushed a stray lock of hair from his forehead to expose a jagged tattoo across his brow, “ex-slave. People tend to call me Techie around here though. I work in radar.”

“Okay Techie, maybe give me your comm number and I can borrow the saber sometime?” Matt pulled out his datapad and smiled as Techie did the same, fumbling his slightly, cheeks flushing.

“Ahem. If you boys are done flirting, Matt here has some security briefings to go through.” The shift supervisor tapped at her chrono and gave a wry smile. “Break time is in three hours, you can get back to it then.”

Techie ran his fingers through the loose strands of his hair, smoothing it back over his tattoo, “Guess I’ll talk to you later then Matt.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Matt’s eyes followed Techie as he walked away, unconsciously focusing on the slight curve of his ass. He remembered Kylo telling him that the technicians department had communal showers and licked his lips at the thought.

He was definitely going to like it here.

Why Do You Hate Me So Much? | {Theo Raeken Imagine}

Why Do You Hate Me So Much? | Theo Raeken x Reader

Warnings: Kissing Smut (is that a thing?), Fluff.

Song Suggestion:

Secrets by Tiesto & KSHMR ft. VASSY

A/N: Part 2?? Send me a message if you want a part 2.


Theo Raeken, You had plenty of things to say about this guy.

On one hand you were absolutely crushing over him,

Even though he’s ‘The Bad Guy’ and all that crap people including the pack say about him you saw something else in him,

Something behind that famous smirk on his lips and the overrated ego he had.

But you didn’t choose these feelings,

And not only didn’t you choose to have them but you didn’t want them,

You didn’t want to feel this way towards Theo; I mean, There’s no way that something will ever happen between you two.

So theres one way you covered for these feelings, You hated him.

Lets just say that sending sarcastic insults towards each others was practically a part of your daily routine.

There hasn’t been one day that you and Theo haven’t been going at it with each other,

Tormenting, Teasing, Insulting, Even some flirting was exchanged between you two but overall, for all he knows, You hate him.


P.E, One of the few classes you shared with your oh-so-hated crush, Mr. Raeken.

Considering working out wasn’t your cup of tea, Seeing Theo in skin tight gym clothes was definitely something to your liking.

After running laps your teacher decided to have an off day and let you girls have a soccer match, shirts vs. skins.

“Y/N.” Malia said choosing you.

You walked over to her side as you fist-bumped her before she and another girl continued choosing teams.

“You’re okay with being skins Y/N right?” Malia asked as she took off her muscle tee.

“As much as I hate going to the gym, It does do me justice.” You smirked before taking off your shirt leaving you in your nike sports bra.

You looked to your side to find Theo smirking your way,

He sent you a wink which you returned with an eye roll and walked back to the match.

“Alright girls remember, No dirty moves and play fair.” Your coach shouted before whistling to start the match.

The score was 4:3 in your benefit and you all were excused to a drink break before continuing the game.

“If I knew thats what you wear every practice I should seriously think about joining the soccer team.”

You nearly spit your water from hearing Theo creep behind you.

“If I knew you were joining the soccer team I should seriously think about quitting.” You gave a fake smile before getting back to the soccer field.

Continuing the match You were running across the field trying to get Kiras attention to pass you the ball.

“Kira!” You yell at her as she kicks you the ball but before it reaches you a girl from the other team steals the ball and runs the opposite way,

You run after her and push her slightly aside stealing the ball from her and running towards the other goal.

“Y/N! Fowl Move!” Your coach yells at you after you score the goal.

“What?! I barely touched her!”

“You know the rules, sit out this round!”

You groan in response and kick the ground before walking to the locker rooms,

While focusing on keeping your temper cool you don’t notice Theos attention turning to you after your quite public display of frustration.

While walking the halls Theo follows you from the field and catches up to you.

You suddenly feel someone push you against the wall,

You look up to find Theo.

Your heart rate picked up and your heart felt as if it were about to burst through your chest,

You felt your chest and cheeks burning up as you suddenly realised the situation.

“Give me a heart attack won’t you.” You said in a slightly angry tone.

“Y/N would you just be quiet for once.”

“What if I don’t want to.”

“God, Can I say something?” He said clearly getting frustrated from your act.

You closed your mouth and glared at him waiting for what was about to be said,

Maybe he hated you,

Maybe you annoyed him so much he has had it with you.

Why do you hate me so much?

The question shocked you, You didn’t know what to say.

Your eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips to the lockers on the wall in front of you and down that route again.

You slightly opened your mouth as if you were to say something but no words came out,

You closed your mouth and looked back at Theo,

Into his crystal blue eyes and tested his every move.

His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips and before you knew it his smooth lips were pressing against yours,

At this point you felt as if your heart was exploding in your chest.

His hand moves from your stomach to your cheek as your kiss gained more and more heat.

Your lips moving in sync with each other you feel his tongue over your lower lip begging for entrance,

You accept the offer as both your tongues fight for dominance but like always, Theo wins.

You feel your blood boiling as you pull his body closer to you deepening the kiss,

You wanted him,

You wanted his slightly sweaty skin pressed against yours,

The heat of his body to radiate onto you.

Your lungs were burning and begging for air as you two pull apart panting for air.

“I don’t think you answered my question princess.”

“Actually I’m pretty sure I did.” You smirked at him before turning your way back to the field leaving a much unpleased Theo behind you.

As you kept walking you couldn’t get one thought out of your head;

Will this ever happen again?

Tywin x Reader...

Imagine your wedding day and night with Tywin Lannister…

((I made the reader a Stark, sorry if you’re sick of reading about them haha, for some reason I just realy like the idea of Robb’s twin…or just an older female Stark between Robb/Sansa marrying Tywin. I’m definitely thinking about making this into a series))

Prequel -

Next Part -

Word Count: 2,238

Warnings: Um, sex related things but not until the end

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Note: This is my submission for @faith-in-dean‘s May Writing Challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve written because of…reasons, but I hope to get back into the flow of things soon. Hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 2077+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None. Just fluff.

“Well, I’m gonna pass out if I don’t get to sleep soon.” You sighed, walking through the halls of the bunker with Sam and Dean on your heels. You all had just returned from a hunt that was 17 hours away; in other words, you were exhausted.

“You know you can go to sleep right now if you wanted to.” Dean said from behind you.

“Yeah,” You sighed, walking into the kitchen. “But I need food, so I’m gonna have to tough it out.”

You opened the fridge to find a couple bottles of beer and and moldy pizza. “Ugh, really guys? When was the last time you did some grocery shopping?” You groaned, shutting the door to the refrigerator and leaning against the counter. “You know we need food to survive, right?”

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Why a Hamilton? - Part 3

Character: Jefferson X Reader
Prompt: The reader, now having a better control of their current situation, goes to confront her brother about her life, and is not willing to take no for an answer.
Word Count: 2,009
W/T: Yelling, some violence, fighting, tiny bit of blood
A/N: Aye, look who finally decided to update this :) Fun Fact: Jefferson was actually in love with writing letters. I think (you can check it) he wrote 19,000+ letters in his lifetime. Let that sink in. Also, a partial scene in this was inspired by the doodle of Alexander punching Jefferson, so whoever drew that, you’re amazing and talented and I thank you for gifting us all with that. Hope y'all enjoy!


The rain pouncing against the roof of the building eases the tight ball of nerves that’s wound itself up inside of your chest a bit. You glance over to the window, twiddling the quill in your fingers around the edge of your paper, which you were writing poetry on. Everyone was still finishing the Cabinet Meeting in the next room over, so you were left to your own devices for the time being.

Nervous was an understatement to what you were feeling right now. Sure, Washington helped you sort things out a little while ago, but how on Earth were you going to get this to work? These feelings for Thomas were never going to diminish. In fact, they would only do the opposite, and continue to grow the longer you were away from him, But even so, Alexander was not about to put up with that. If he were to so much as even hear of your crazy proposition, he would surely laugh and then leave promptly after. How are you to make these two men, both passionate and headstrong in their own ways for their own causes, be on better terms with each other?

You heave a sigh out in frustration, turning back to your numerous pages of writing, a trait that seems to be common among the Hamilton blood. You shuffle through them, frustration with your current situation overcoming you. Why couldn’t everything just be simpler? Why did you have to become attached to Thomas? If it were anyone else, this entire problem never would’ve happened. Why did you have to be Alexander’s little sister? If you had been born into any other family, this could’ve been avoided entirely. But no, you just happen to be placed in both of these situations, unable to dismiss this. Heat begins to rise inside you, anger from everything boiling, burning in your chest, tightening the nerves even further.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice calls from behind you, startling you back to reality. Spinning around in your chair, quill still in hand, you’re eyes drop upon the magenta coat and poofy hair looming in the doorway, leaning on his golden cane. His mischievous smirk seems to gleam from across the room, growing brighter as he strolls towards you, pulling a nearby chair up next to you. “You scared me, Thomas.” You admit, letting out a breath of relief. “Oh did I now? Wouldn’t want to scare such a lovely woman, now would I? Especially if she’s has such beautiful eyes.” “God, you’re so…” You trail, grasping for the right word.

“Alluring? Attractive? Seductive?”


“I’m wounded, Y/N, I really am.” Thomas feigns, placing a hand over his heart in pain, earning a giggle from you. “Oh stop, it’s not like I can wound you anymore than I have your ego.” You fire back, waggling an eyebrow at him. “Oh, went for the fatality, did you?” He banters, chuckling. “Hm? What’s this? Love letters?” He points out, snatching up your multiple pieces of parchment. “Hey! Give those back!” You demand, jumping out of your chair to attempt to retrieve the poems. “Ah ah ah.” Jefferson smirks, standing up and holding the papers above your head playfully. “Thomaaaassssss.” You whine, trying to reach around him.

Thomas sees his opportunity and wraps his free arm around you, pinning you against him. He gently sets his cane against the chair as he does so, smiling down at you when your eyes meet. “Now let’s just see what Miss Y/N Hamilton has written in her free time.” He suggests, his whimsically washed eyes drifting over to your writings, beginning to scan over them. The silence coming from him as he reads your works is a nice surprise, to say the least, but you quickly grow bored, not wanting to interrupt him. You unintentionally begin to take him in, how close you were to him. His even breathing makes his chest rise and fall methodically against your hand, sending a spark through your veins. His trademark magenta coat rose and fell as well, allowing you to catch a glimpse of an unmarked letter, stealthily tucked away in its interior pocket. The envelope remains open, tempting you, teasing you.

Taking another quick look up at Jefferson’s face, making sure he’s still lost in your thousands of pages, you snake your hand inside of his coat, sliding the envelope from its hold and out into both of your hands. He doesn’t seem to have noticed anything, so you slowly slide the page of writing out of its carrier, a bit giddy to read whatever was on it. Thomas’ swirling penmanship unfurls with the letter, and as you begin to read over its contents, everything else begins to disappear, your mind tuned only to the letter.

I wish to tell you of everything I love about you, once again, my dear. Words cannot begin to describe the elegance and grace that you gleam when you walk into the room, and yet, I still attempt to, futilely of course. Your H/C is one of a kind, for it is the only color I seem to see whenever you come to the cabinet meetings. Do you understand what kind of hazard you are to me in there? I put on a facade for the others of course, but I know you can see right through it. Some days, I’m even afraid you’ll begin to write me off about something I’ve said or done, with that talented and quick witted tongue of yours. Some days, I’ve been so distracted by your beautiful E/C eyes, that I’ve almost made a fool of myself in front of everyone. I would say that you’re a hinder to my life, but then I remember how I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my distraction. You’re top notch brain competes, no, bests your brother’s, for it know when to hold itself back.

You’re eyes trail to the end of the page, your thumb running against it. This was very much directed towards you, and you know it. Jefferson gave you one similar to this almost daily, each continuing on from the last one. You felt like shrinking in on yourself, his words were so potent with emotion, so passionate, that you couldn’t help but melt a bit. You find yourself leaning closer to him, resting your head against his chest now, gazing up at him once more. His eyes had not shifted an inch, still glazing over your scrawlings. “These are… Otherworldly, Y/N.” Thomas breathes, his eyes finally breaking away and meeting yours. “Oh hush. It’s not that great.” You roll your eyes, still clutching the letter in your hands. “No, Y/N, this is poetic. This is beautiful. Your words make me fall in love even more than I already am!” He exclaims, setting them on the table and wrapping his hands around your waist, lifting you into the air. A laugh escapes you as Thomas spins you around above him, setting you gently on your feet. “How do you have such a way with your words?” He asks, his voice both alive and astounded.

“Y/N!” Another voice shouts from behind you, startling both you and Thomas. Slightly panicked, you tuck the letter into your dress, careful that Alex doesn’t see it. You turn to face him, trying to keep your face straight and temper controlled. “Yes, Al?” You answer simply, stepping in front of Thomas. “Don’t ‘yes, Al’ me! What the hell are you doing in here with him?! I told you that you weren’t allowed to be near him!” Alexander growls, grabbing you by the elbow and yanking you towards him, away from Thomas. “Excuse me?” Thomas scoffs, stepping forward to Alex, a sudden anger flaring up in him. “I think that Y/N is perfectly capable of deciding on who she is seen around, Hamilton.” “You are not her brother. You don’t get to decide what’s best for her.” Alex spits, stepping in front of you. “You don’t get to decide what’s best for me either, Alex.” You counter, pushing him to the side a bit.

“Y/N M/N Hamilton, you will not-” “Alexander, I am a strong independent woman. I do not need your input on what I can and cannot do. I am perfectly fine when it comes to making my own decisions.” You fire back, already done with your brother. “I don’t know where this attitude has come from, young lady, but-” “See? There you go again! You’re acting like an overprotective father, Alexander!I don’t need that, you know. I’ve been perfectly well off without one. We don’t have a father! Our father left us!” Alexander’s face is contorting between rage and confusion. You’ve gone too far, but you can’t turn back now. “Alexander, I love you, but you are my brother. You’re supposed to be caring and supportive of me and my choices, not strict and controlling.”Alexander was beyond upset with your outburst, you can tell by the way he seems to be seething over, wanting to blow up on something.

And he does.

“You. You put her up to this, didn’t you? God I should’ve never brought her to any of these meetings, or let her meet you, or even hear of you.” He growls, storming up to Jefferson. Although Alexander is much shorter than Jefferson, he still catches him off guard, backing him up a couple of feet. “Hold your horses, Hamilton. I’m not the one who is trying to take over Y/N’s life. It’s sad how you won’t accept that, with that tiny little brain of yours.” He answers hotly, narrowing his eyes at Alexander and shoving him away. “Thomas stop.” You demand, trying to get Alexander to calm down. “Oh? I’m the one to blame for this? I disagree with that notion quite blatantly, you shit. If you hadn’t gone and played your mind games on my little sister here, then she wouldn’t be falling head over heels for your sorry ass! My sister deserves so, so much better than you, you Francophile.” Alexander clenches his fists, his eyes set on murder. “At least I know the difference between being protective and being an ass.” Jefferson hisses between clenched teeth, a small smirk etched on his lips.

Alexander lashes out at Jefferson, making contact against his cheek with his fist. Jefferson stumbles back, glaring at Alexander before standing back up to charge at him. You cry out, rushing over to break up the emerging fight between the two. Wrapping your hands around Alexander’s sleeve, you try to pull him back with as much strength as you can. Alex angrily shoves you off of him, sending you flying into the chair behind you, the edge of the wooden seat catching you right underneath of your left eye as you tumble to to ground. You yelp in pain, feeling the blood rush to the freshly opened wound. Both men in front of you freeze in their tracks, instantly regretting their actions. Both attempt to aid you, but you sharply raise your hand up to stop them. Their eyes gluing themselves to you, you slowly stand up, pressing your left hand against the scratch, leaving a thin line of blood along your fingers.

You leave your hand off of your cheek, staring at Alex and Thomas, letting them see what damage they’ve done. The absence of sound in the room besides your breathing makes the atmosphere all the more serious and deadly. You meet each of their eyes, both wide with remorse and regret. Shaking, you move your eyes to the wall, not aiming your words directly to one or the other.

“I hope you’ve figured out what you’ve done.”

And with a swift spin, you race out of building, straight into the pouring rain. Your dress becoming heavy with water, you sprint as fast as you can towards your home, wishing that you could be anywhere but where you were, the scrape onto your cheek stinging profusely under the rainwater pounding upon it.

Why did you have to be a Hamilton?

The Silent One - Part Nine

You can find the other parts of this story HERE

Synopsis: You and Negan talk about what happened and you attempt to convince Negan about something

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,275
Warnings: Curses

Italics are dreams


After Negan ecorted you to your shared room he had silently tucked you into bed. He didn’t say anything except for he was going out to take care of some ‘business’.  You had laid in bed for about two hours, and by that time it was dawn, before you finally drifted into a restless sleep.

You were in a large, dark room, the only light was a small naked bulb that bobbed and flickered above you. You were sat on a cold iron chair. You stood up and looked around, you felt strangely dizzy. Your head was pounding as you pressed a palm to your temple.

You were considering the darkness when you heard a gurgling sound from behind you. You spun around quickly and what you saw made your stomach roll and bile rise to your throat.

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Originally posted by marktuon

Genre: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die

Pairing: Reader x Mark

Length: 2.5k

Summary: Stuck in the memories of the past, you had always held a grudge against Mark for his never-ending teasing throughout high school. Now a few years older, a few years wiser, you find Mark locked outside of his college dorm in a snowstorm and lend him a helping hand by inviting him into your own dorm. Despite knowing just how much you secretly gushed over your high school rival, you were clueless as to how suave Mark Tuan could be. 

A/N: This is dedicated to my amazing friend, Sarah! Happy Birthday and thanks for always being there for me babe. <3 :’) @smolssi

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“I will put you back together” Chapter 1

Here we are! The very first installment of the new series y’all voted on! I have a lot of great ideas for this and I am absolutely excited to be sharing this journey with you! I am always open to requests and suggestions, so if you have a great idea you’re just dying to request, I want to know! I’m not sure how long this series will be but, but I will try to post every Sunday, if not twice a week. I will try to follow some canon movie events, as well as going off on my own tangents. Forgive me if I’m a little overexcited :D

Without further ado, I present the first chapter of “I will put you back together”

healer!reader in 1926 NYC

Chapter 1: “I don’t work in the field”

Originally posted by duarteartiq

“I don’t quite understand…you’re sending me off on a mission? B-but…I don’t even work in the field!” Your eyes met the icy stare of Percival Graves. He looked back at you, and raised an eyebrow.

You worked as a residential healer at MACUSA, usually tending to wizards injured in battle. You always had a passion for the medical field and healing, so when Auror, Percival Graves, brought you into work, you couldn’t be more thrilled. However at this moment, you weren’t so much.

“No, you didn’t, until today. We have a foreign wizard coming into the states to work on some secret research for our friends at the Ministry. You’re going to be assigned to him to assist him during his stay here. You have been relieved from all your domestic duties”

“You mean my job?!” you shook your head in disbelief.

“And why would we do that? We never do that. He’s an adult, he doesn’t need a babysitter” Graves sends you a look, warning you to keep your temper.

“The Ministry is our closest ally, they never keep anything from us. This man is being sent into our country with god knows what in his possession, and you’re going to find out what the hell it is.”

You shifted in your seat, face twisting in discomfort.

“I’m not sure how I feel about being a spy” Graves sighed and stood from his chair, irritation etched into his expression.

“Try not to think of it as a spy mission. You are a professional healer, think of it like you are offering your services to him.”

“Well that hardly makes sense” Graves sneered, obviously growing more annoyed as time went on.

“Listen, I don’t care if it ‘hardly makes sense’ to you. This is your job, I am your superior, and I am ordering you to take this mission. If you so much as show any signs of disloyalty, you can turn in your badge and pack your things. Are we clear?” Sometimes, you wanted to punch this guy in the throat for how he treated you and your coworkers.

But he did have a point. You didn’t want to offend President Seraphina by disobeying orders, and you very much didn’t want to lose your job. For the first time in your life, you were doing something you truly cared about, why lose that all over a silly disobedience?

So with a hung head, you meekly nodded.

“Y-yes Mr. Graves. Crystal.” He settled back in his chair and groaned.

“Then that’ll be all. He arrives tomorrow at the Port of New York around 2 o’clock. I expect a written report from you at the end of every week and until then, you are relieved of your duties.”

“How long will this arrangement be lasting?” you ask, weary of asking any more questions.

“Until our friend is back on his side of the ocean.” he arranged a stack of paperwork in a manila envelope, and slid it across the desk to you.

“Any more of your questions can be answered in here.” Then he averted his eyes from you, and motioned with his hand, signaling you to leave.

“Oh…alright. Thank you Mr. Graves” you gather the papers in your arms, and stumble out of the room.

Once you were out the office, a force swung the door shut behind you.

You rested your back against the cold metal, wondering what the hell he just got you into.

A spy mission? For someone working at the ministry? It hardly seemed right.

However, rules were rules. What were you suppose to do? Refuse? That would be just as bad as casting a jinx in his face and running out of the room.

You sighed, and stared down at the envelope in your arms. You should probably start packing your things.

You had a long journey ahead of yourself.


You sat on your bed, flipping through the folder Graves gave you, with everything pretty much mapped out for you and the English boy’s expedition around the country. Hotels to stay at, local magic centers, anything you can think of.

You looked up to your wall clock, noticing that it was almost time to go pick up “Newt Scamander” from the docks, full name “Newton Artemis Fido Scamander.” From the brief description you’d read of him, you learned he had been expelled from the magic school in England, yet somehow got a job working with the ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magic Creatures. How interesting, you thought.

Also attached, was his picture. Newt had a very…childish looking face, covered top to bottom with freckles. His hair also hung in front of his face in a mess of reddish curls. You had to admit, he was a bit easy on the eyes.

His family records were also attached to his file, but one particular name stood out to you most. He had an older brother by the name of Theseus Scamander, who had been known to be a massively popular hero in the Great War.

And that was pretty much all. There wasn’t a lot to report on about Newt.

You closed up your folder, and stuffed it underneath the pillow of your bed.

He was only suppose to be passing through for a few hours, so everything you had was pretty much packed up in a backpack with an extension charm, granted to you by MACUSA.

You lifted your bag and swung it over your shoulder in a fluid motion.

You reached for the door handle, but paused to look at your old apartment one last time.

The ceiling was cracked, and the walls were an ugly shade of brown. In complete honesty, you were glad to be moving out of such a crumby home, but you couldn’t deny the fact that you were actually going to miss this place.

So with a sad smile, you flicked the lights off, and exited the room.


You crossed your arms and waited patiently, bouncing your leg up and down as you sat on a dry portion of the otherwise soaked wooden bench.

You checked your wristwatch, now reading half past 2, aka, the boat was late. And it was cold.

You nuzzled closer into your green, Pukwudgie scarf, and hugged your arms around your waist.

You thought about your career, and how it was being completely flushed down the drain for a silly personal mission. They were finding someone to replace you. And why? It’s not like you wouldn’t be back soon!

You were shaken from your thoughts, as the sound of a fog horn filled the misty air.

You suddenly shot up onto your feet, desperately trying to find the face of a Newt Scamander, whose picture you had only glanced at once while reading his file.

A few minutes later, people began to flood the gates, reuniting with loved ones, and greeting friends and family. You scanned the crowd of people, and your eyes were immediately drawn to him. He wore a brown vest under a long, blue coat that flapped behind as he walked, one hand shoved into his pocket, the other tightly holding onto a brown suitcase. He looked like an absolute character.

You waited for him to notice you, when you suddenly realized he probably had no clue who you were. You were just given the notice yesterday, hell, he was on the boat yesterday!

You suddenly jerked yourself forward, and into Newt’s line of passage.

He glanced up at you with a pair of brilliant blue eyes, but they flickered away as he tried to pass you.

“Mr. Scamander” you spoke up, and he seemed to freeze as you said his name.

He looked up at you, shocked as to how you seemed to know who he was.

“P-pardon me, do I know you?” he muttered, staring through you rather than at you. You pulled out a folded envelope from your pocket with the MACUSA seal on it, and handed it to him.

“My name is (Y/N) (L/N), and I work for MACUSA, is there somewhere private we can talk?” you proposed, not wanting to discuss out in the open around the no-maj’s.

Your tone must have been more business than friendly, because his face immediately fell from innocent confusion to utter ‘oh shit what did I do this time’ in a second. You immediately started to backpedal.

“Oh, no! Nonononono…you’re not in any trouble, I was just here about your project in the USA!” You gave a reassuring smile, but he did not reciprocate.

“Let me start over…I’m a professional healer with MACUSA, and I was sent by my superior, Percival Graves, to assist you on your work around the country.” This was a terrible idea, you thought. A strange woman approaches you after you’ve been in the country for less than 5 minutes, and forces herself on your mission. It was absolutely idiotic. Newt would have to be a fool to trust you.

As suspected, he knit his eyebrows, but shot an appreciative smile your way.

“That’s very kind of them, but I can get along fine by myself” your face fell, and he attempted to walk past you.

“I’m not quite sure you understand. You can’t refuse my services” you pleaded with your eyes, hoping to god he would just comply and free you from this painfully awkward encounter.

“In that envelope should be all the information regarding this situation.”

He looked down to the letter in his hands, but immediately looked back up at you.

“Please, just look at it” you practically begged.

He sighed and tore open the seal,  scanning the introductory letter of the packet.

You bounced on your heels, anxiously waiting for Newt to finish and agree to your terms.

“I still don’t quite understand. I really prefer to work alone.” you rolled your eyes and whipped out your wand, a highly illegal action, and apparated you two behind a pillar. Another, completely illegal action.

“Listen, Mr. Scamander, I have no idea how long you will be staying for. It could be a month, a year, a day, I don’t care. What I do care about is keeping my job which I love more than anything, don’t you have something you feel that way about? Please…let me help you” the desperation in your eyes was evident, which managed to provoke some sympathy out of the wizard.

His focus then flickered down to his case, and gave it a small smile.

After what felt like an hour of silence, he finally nodded.

“Ok…maybe it would be pleasant to have some extra company. However, I am only passing through this city on my way to Arizona, so you’ll have to pack your things.”

“It’s already done” you stated, and he nodded wordlessly.

“Well…good then. I suppose we better be going?” you purse your lips together and nodded

“I suppose we should.”

You prayed to any possible higher power out there to let this journey be less awkward than that five minutes had just been.

Newt removed himself from the secluded hiding spot, and brushed the dust off his waistcoat.

You stood there, before he looked back at you, smiling softly.

“We do have a few hours before the train to Arizona, is there anywhere you need to be before we take off?”

You blink at him, momentarily lost in your thoughts, but bring yourself back into reality to respond.

“N-no. I-I don’t have anywhere particular I need to be. But we do have a couple hours to kill, don’t you want to see the city?” He fidgeted with his suitcase handle, and bit his lip, as if trying to convince himself to agree.

“Sure” he replied simply, and you had a feeling this journey would be a lot stranger than you thought.

xxdreamwalker  asked:

"Please stay..." Percy and Annabeth :o

(this is a part of the ongoing highschool reunion verse, in which Percy and Annabeth have been separated for about eight or so years only to meet again at their…well, high school reunion)


Percy’s a Fire Captain. Which, yes, Annabeth knew from Facebook, but it’s one thing to read an impersonal line on a profile, and another to watch his face light up when he tells her about it, the way he rubs the back of his neck and ducks his head when he admits that it’s a recent promotion, that it’s only a small station, that he’s kind of nervous about the responsibility anyway.

“You’ll do great,” she reassures him. They’re sitting at his kitchen table, Mrs O'Leary panting at her feet. She’s wearing one of his shirts and a pair of boxers while her dress goes through the wash, and the remnants of blue pancakes linger on the plate in front of her. What happens

“You think?” he asks after a moment, like her opinion matters to him still. And the thing is, she can tell that it does, and it pricks her with guilt. Does she have any right to be important to this man still, after so long apart? It’s not like she knows any more about his life than what social network stalking has been able to tell her over the years.

“I think…” Annabeth looks down at her hands, struggling with a way to continue that reassurance in a meaningful way when nearly an entire decade of his life is a mystery to her now. “I think that you’ve always been the kind of person that people look up to, that people want to follow. And I know it’s been a long time, but I don’t think you’re the kind of person who would have lost that with adulthood. So long as you keep your temper in check, you should be fine.”

He blinks at her. “What temper?”

The frisson of panic lances through her before she sees the lazy way the corner of his mouth is quirking up. She smacks him in the shoulder, smirking back at him as he cries out.

“Hey, ouch! What kind of architect needs to hit that hard, huh?”

“The kind who does kickboxing to stay fit. What kind of firefighter can’t take a punch?”

“Uh, I don’t know what fires are like in your city, but they usually aren’t punching me.”

No, but panicked people did. Whole buildings fell on top of people sometimes. She’d had those vague worries back when they were dating, when Percy was just a kid with a dream who hadn’t quite managed to get his act together to follow it.

What would it be like, dating a firefighter? Hastily, Annabeth shoved the question back into the depths of her mind. They’d had ‘I haven’t seen you in years’ sex. And it had been amazing. Better, honestly, than any of the 'I love you more than anything’ sex they’d had as kids, because while that had had the intimacy, they definitely weren’t kids any more.

And…if Annabeth is going for honest right now, the intimacy hadn’t been missing either. But that thought gets shoved back next to the dating question, because she still lives in a completely different city to Percy Jackson, has a completely different life.


“Hmm? Oh - sorry.” She smiles, sheepishly. “I drifted off for a couple of seconds there.”

“S'ok.” Somewhere in the background, her dress beeps. “I’ll put that in the dryer for you. But, uh, when it’s done - would you wanna go out somewhere? For a walk, or lunch, or something. You don’t have to, obviously, but I’d like to. Keep talking, you know. Catching up.”

Annabeth swallows, glancing down. “Well. It looks like Mrs O'Leary could use a walk.” Mrs O'Leary huffed her agreement at the word 'walk’. “And our flight doesn’t leave till tonight. Just let me call Piper.”

It’s Jason, blessedly, who answers the phone - Piper’s in the shower, which means Annabeth doesn’t have to hear her smugness ooze through the phone. Annabeth wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that this whole situation was somehow one big set up from her friend, but even Piper doesn’t have that kind of power.

At least, she didn’t think so.

It means she gets through the conversation with a quick explanation, hanging up just as she hears Piper’s voice calling in the background. She turns her phone onto silent so she has a feasible excuse to ignore it, and then turns a smile on Percy. “We’re good to go.”

There’s a vague worry in the back of her head that they’re going to run out of things to talk about, that it’ll become awkward, but it never does. She’s bumped into people on the street that were less important to her than Percy Jackson, and not had such easy conversation. Maybe it’s the passage of time helping things along, or maybe…maybe it’s just that when they broke up, they were both heartbroken over it. That it hadn’t been any personal failings that caused it, but things that were totally out of their hands.

There’s no lingering blame, and plenty of lingering feeling. They tell each other about work, family, friends, hobbies. They walk and have lunch, and when they’re done Annabeth cautiously asks Percy if he wouldn’t mind her going back to his apartment instead of dropping her off at the hotel.

His smile is like the sun coming up. She grins back at him, and they hold hands all the way back to the car.

“What time did you say your flight was?” he asks later, peering distractedly into his pantry. He hasn’t brought it up yet, but she knows he’s thinking dinner.

“I didn’t,” she admits, checking her watch. “I’d probably have to go soon, if I wanted to catch it.”

It’s only after the words are out of her mouth that she registers the probably, the if. That she admits to herself that she doesn’t really want to get on that plane just yet.

Percy is still for once, just staring into the cupboard. And then he shuts it, slowly, turning wide, sea-green eyes on her.

“Please stay,” he blurts, and something unlocks in her chest, feels lighter. “One more night. I’ll take the couch or something, if you don’t want - I’d just like it a lot. If you would stay for a bit longer.”

She doesn’t even bother pretending to think about it, thumbing through her contacts to find Piper. She smirks at him as she lifts the phone to her ear.

“Why would you need to take the couch?”

Another Day

Characters- Professor!Sam,Gym Teacher!Dean, Professor!Lucifer, Professor!Cas, Professor!Crowley, Professor!Michael, Professor!Balthazar, Professor!Gabriel, Reader, Professor!Metatron(eww ik, but there is a reason for it), Chuck. Charlie, Jo, Ruby, Meg, and Bela.

Words- 3052

Summary- You’re the new kid and you’re starting a new school. Hoping to change your ways. You weren’t the best kid and you hope things would be better. You figured with your list of teachers you would be on your best behavior. Until you meet Professor Metatron, a group of girls that you never had to deal with before, and your situation at home gets worse.

Warnings- Language, Minor bullying, not a lot of details. Metatron being a dick, bruising? Abuse(in flashbacks too).

A/n- Here’s part two to the Silence series, this got such a positive review that even I was shocked about it. I honestly thought it wasn’t all that great but I am so happy y’all liked it, here’s part two!

Previous Parts- Part One

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Something has bothered Dean ever since he ran into you at the gym. People don’t usually have bruises on the back of there neck. Yours covered the back of your neck. The only thing that could come to Dean’s mind was that you was grabbed by someone. But he couldn’t figure out who would, unless…That’s impossible. You probably fell.

“Dean,” Sam called out to his brother pulling him front his thoughts.


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Plaid Shirt

Group/Member: EXO/ Sehun

Genre: Drabble, Angst/Fluff? 

Word Count: 373

Summary: 45. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Requested: yes! Anonymous said: Can I please get an angst/fluff number 45 with Sehun? Thank you! ❤️

Author’s Note: This was so fun to write!!! I hope you enjoy!!!

- Admin Kendra

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