Out of the Park

Part Twelve
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1610
Warnings: Drinking/drunkenness. 


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anonymous asked:

i'm so OFFNded y would u set ur profile pic as ADAMANT SANDAL only I can bE ADVIL SANDOLLAR how DARE uyou { please don't take this seriously omfg --- on another note though your art is fucking great keep up the Good Work }

advil sandollar…….. fuckign christ i cant believe a fraud like u roams these parts

naw but thanks i smiled at this


Uh oh.

Today I went in to work where I used to have a cube and desk before I started working full time at home. Had to meet some people.

I brought my bike with me on the bus so I could ride home. When I bring my bike I wear sandals then change into casual shoes that I keep in my desk. A desk I no longer have.

Here I am wearing sandals - with dark socks - in a downtown office building. Maybe I’ll cheer up people with some good dad jokes after the meeting or remind them to check their furnace filters and get oil changes.

One nice thing earlier. The bus driver still remembers me. Yeah, the guy with the bike, dark socks, and sandals. Go figure.

Anyway the driver knows which building is mine. It was pouring rain when the bus got downtown. The driver made a point to stop underneath an overhead skyway. That let me remove my bike from the rack without getting too wet. From there it was a short dash to my building. That was really nice of him.