BD going over the bus rules
  • <p><b>BD:</b> And remember, no offensive conversation<p/><b>BD:</b> Just keep it light, there's no reason to talk about-<p/><b>Tenor Sax:</b> *from the back of the room* Harambe.<p/></p>
Its 2 am,
All thoughts about you.
Fire engulfs my heart
When I see you smile like that.
It’s 3 am,
And I can’t stop listening to you talk.
I finally fall asleep
Into the depth of your eyes.
And when the sun goes down
And the stars light up,
I will keep thinking about you.
—  // dedicated to Dan Howell.
It’s 2 am,
All thoughts about you.
Fire engulfs my heart
When I see you smile like that.
It’s 3 am,
And I can’t stop listening to you talk.
I finally fall asleep
Into the depth of your eyes.
And when the sun goes down
And the stars light up,
I will keep thinking about you.

The light filled the hospital wing and it interrupted his sleep, causing him to stir slightly. Poppy rushed over at the glimpse of him waking up. Once his eyes were open she let him know what’d had happened. Velda had found him in the corridor, passed out with no one around him. The injury on the back of his head wasn’t anything to worry about, just a minor concussion, but she assured him with enough rest, he’d be 100% okay for the match next weekend. He laid back down, Poppy insisting on him staying for a couple more hours to make sure everything seemed okay. His eyes were closed, feeling as if his body was completely drained. “I’m fine. I promise. My head just hurts like a bitch” He muttered, hearing someone approach his bedside.

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You know, I would have accepted anyone's death (except maybe Jellal's) over Juvia's, and right now, I'm like, "Dude, now's the time for one of your sudden revivals. Like, if you bring her back, I won't complain about other "deaths" anymore." I cri.

Yeah. The only way he could even make this work is if Juvia’s influence was enough to give Gray his happy ending – to allow him to realise that he’s not cursed, that life can be cruel but people died because they love him and want him to move on. Maybe her influence was enough to keep him on the path of light. But, even with that, it would reduce Juvia to the “sacrifice”. All her hard work would be erased just so that Gray can learn to move forward with his life. I don’t know about you but I hate characters that are only there to die.

I don’t think she’ll stay dead. Gray deserves to have someone in his life who will move forward beside him. And I also think Juvia is going to be the one to keep him out of the darkness when he finds out Natsu is END. But, again, we’ll see. If she is dead, I’ll probably rewrite the entire manga just to give her a better ending lmfao. 

Juvia is more than her role in Gray’s life. Imagine the impact her death would have on Gajeel? On Lucy and Cana and all the other people she loves. I personally think this is a tactic to force Gray into confessing early because we all know Na.Lu will probably get the end-of-war confession. 

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I fell asleep around nine bc I was so tired I got up at 11 nobody was up up so I went back to sleep. Woke up around 2:40ish bc I had a nightmare couldn't move for a good ten minutes. When I could I flipped on the lights and have to slept since. It's 6 am now. I don't normally have. Nightmares but when I do, I'm notorious for having graphic gory dreams that are completely terrifying and normally scare the shit outta me. I hate it when this happens. Do you have any advice on how to calm down?

I’d say talk to someone, but I know a lot of people hate to wake others up to do that. So.

  • Make a warm drink
  • Put some music on, happy music that always makes you relax
  • Keep your lights on for however long you need
  • Wrap yourself up in Blankets
  • Something sweet to eat i.e. icecream, cake, etc. Sugar is very good at combating bad stuff
  • Maybe read for a while?
  • Or watch a comedy show that you like to make you laugh

I’m sorry you had a nightmare and I hope some of these suggestions help! xx

Virgo General Horoscopes

Virgo Daily-Today’s General Horoscope

A great deal of wind fills your sails today, Virgo, so set your course for a long-distance trip to an exotic place. Things are coming to a dramatic climax right now. You could find that some serious pieces of your life are taking a dramatic turn. Change is necessary for growth. If tension exists in certain areas of your life, don’t fight it. Think about taking a different path.

Virgo Today : General = 91% | Success = 78% | Business = 74%

Virgo Daily-Yesterday’s General Horoscope

Make sure that the battle you fight today is yours, Virgo. There’s a great deal of tension in the air that might erupt when you least expect it. It may behoove you to stay detached from the war that’s apt to ensue. Keep things light and try not to take things too seriously. Your philosophical viewpoint and strong spirit are the very combination needed to resolve the situation.

Virgo Daily-Tomorrow’s General Horoscope

You’re likely aware of your writing abilities, Virgo, but you may not realize the extent of your talent. It would be worthwhile to devote more time to your craft. You can’t improve much if writing time is interrupted by other obligations. Take some time to produce something of value. Why not give it a try, even if just for a week or so, to see what you can do?

Virgo Weekly General Horoscope

Monday is an upbeat day for you, not only because the Sun moves into your sign to enhance your vitality but also because another positive connection could bring good fortune your way. Over the coming four weeks you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get moving on goals that have personal meaning for you. However, matters at home could delay your plans, especially starting midweek. If so, don’t fight it. Go with the flow and any issues will soon melt away.

Virgo Monthly General Horoscope

Money looks good with the August 2 New Moon. A generous idea could turn out to be more profitable and clever than first expected. Trust your own judgment, but don’t overanalyze. At the August 18 Full Moon, you can complete any number of small projects that have been dangling in limbo. Most of them will be fun little tasks that make you smile and feel satisfied. On August 30, Mercury begins its retrograde in Virgo. Relax and don’t stress over anything. You already know how to stay organized. If there’s something you just finished but would like to improve, now’s the time.

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Leo General Horoscopes

Leo Daily-Today’s General Horoscope

It may be necessary to hire a translator in order to get through to people today, Leo. You may find that the more adamant you become, the more people shut you out. Keep things light and energetic. Too serious a tone could lead to disaster. Try not to make things more complicated than they need to be. You’re holding the right cards, and now it’s time to play them strategically.

Leo Today : General = 65% | Health = 75% | Fortune = 94%

Leo Daily-Yesterday’s General Horoscope

Things may be tough and aggressive today, Leo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress. There’s a nervous energy in the air spurring people to action. Keep in mind that you’re likely to get caught up in the frenzy and be called to take a stand. Be careful that your viewpoint doesn’t become fixed and stubborn. You can learn some valuable lessons by listening to others.

Leo Daily-Tomorrow’s General Horoscope

Your ship could come in today, Leo. It will happen unexpectedly, and it may take you some time to adjust to this sudden financial windfall. This is a day of big changes, because you may also decide to use this money to completely alter your way of life. It could be that you make a move to another part of the country or decide to change professions. Trust your instincts, Leo.

Leo Weekly General Horoscope

The coming week could be busy. With a focus on Virgo, this could be an opportunity to consider whether you’re making the best use of your time. There are probably activities you can cut back or out so you can focus on more important and lucrative tasks. Starting midweek, you could experience something of a creative block that delays a project. If this is the case, don’t worry. Use this opportunity to relax and recharge and you’ll soon be back on top.

Leo Monthly General Horoscope

You own this glorious New Moon on August 2. Your everyday charm could be dazzling enough to blind a special someone and surprise you both. You control the shooting off of any romantic sparks now. Go easy. Love is elegant and gracious with the Full Moon on August 18. Good manners and refined behavior have never been sweeter or better. Feel like the royalty you are, and let people see your warm, generous heart. On August 30, the Moon is in Leo when Mercury turns retrograde. Be brave as well as organized and attend to details right away. You’ve got this.

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@plushchimera answered your question “Can someone send me some motivational pep talk? Please?”

Whatever you’re doing, try not to think too much about the result, instead try to focus on the process and on what you like in it. And don’t be hard on yourself, remember to take breaks. I really hope you feel better soon and everything will be ok!

@little-elf-wanders answered your question “Can someone send me some motivational pep talk? Please?”

One step at a time! Whatever you need to do, don’t focus on the end, focus on the easiest task and build from there. You can do this! Thedas wasn’t saved in a day.

@aliveria answered your question “Can someone send me some motivational pep talk? Please?”

KEEP GOING. sometimes life is like a dark tunnel, but you just gotta keep pushing through until you see the light innit. anyway you seem like a lovely person and i hope you feel better soon :)

@sweetpollyoliver said: I believe in you! :)

Thanks everyone :)

I think that I’m feeling a bit of pressure (mostly brought on by myself) to do some kind of triumphant return and generating all the stuffs. Which obviously I can’t because creativity doesn’t work that way.

I thought that by sorting out a lot of parts of my daily life that it would rub off on the drawing/writing but I guess the feeling of obligation to measuring up to that is what’s blocking me.

I’ll try to keep in mind the not being so hard on myself, though as a neurotic perfectionist that’s always been difficult.

Thanks again for your support, I really appreciate it <3