Family Times

Imagine finding a picture of the boys when they were little with John and Mary.

“I told you I was an adorable kid.” Dean said over your shoulder as you sat on his bed carefully looking through the few pictures he had.

The boys were about to go on a hunt and you were going to help Dean out by helping him pack up his things (the vast majority of which were flannel shirts.) The pictures were strewn on his bed, the one with Mary and John smiling stood out to you.

Dean had a habit of inching out of that subject whenever it popped up. Family, you decided, besides Sam was a touchy subject.

Now , seeing them you had this itching to figure out what his home life was like.

“I never doubted you.” you replied, trying to keep the tone moderately light and he sat down next to you. “I know what you’re thinking, (Y/N).” You glanced over at him, raising an eyebrow. “Oh really?” “You’re wondering about mom and dad, I figured I’d have to tell you about it eventually.”

Well…that was easier than expected. You thought, the last time you tried to get him to talk about his parents you had tried everything. Bribery with pie, beer, anything and everything you could think of. He was a brick wall though, didn’t falter an inch, that mask of his which had become a constant thing for him. Hiding his feelings…

“If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be a hunter. Who knows, I could’ve ended up in a stuffy office wearing a suit and tie.” he told you with a light laugh, and you nodded. “I mean you already have to wear a suit in tie a lot.” “Kill me now.” he retorted with an eye roll.

“Anyhow, when I was little was when it happened. Sammy was just a baby, I was asleep in bed when I heard a screaming. Demon got her, she died in a fire and dad barely got him and I out of the house. After that he became almost obsessed with hunting, we traveled around a lot, never staying in one town for a long time. I had to be the father rather than dad, since he was always out. Even so I could have done a better job of looking out for him…”

It did make sense, how they always look out for each other and if there’s the choice between taking the bullet for his brother or letting it hit him Dean always takes it.

“Dean, you were growing up, part of that is making mistakes. Besides you’re both here now.” “Some of those times it was close, he nearly was killed because I was a dumb kid.” he said bitterly and you put your hand on his shoulder.

He continued none-the-less. “One day he was tracking down the demon that killed mom and didn’t come back. That’s when I dragged Sammy right back into this wildfire.”


You wrapped you arms around him, and he held you back. “See why I didn’t want to tell you?” “Dean, I couldn’t grow up knowing that monsters were real, behind every corner and in every shadow. That’s…that’s courage.” “Courage…” he repeated, nearly a whisper. “It takes being a hero to have courage.” “You are, if not for you I wouldn’t be here. If not for you Sam wouldn’t be here, the world wouldn’t be here.”

He looked at you for a second before giving a small nod. “I guess so.” “I know so, Dean. Give yourself some credit.” “I’ll get back to you on that credit part. Thanks though, (Y/N).” he told you. “Support is one of the few good things I’m good at.” you replied, laughing and he shook his head laughing.

He muttered something under his breath and you raised your eyebrow at him. “What was that, Winchester?” you asked him poking his arm and he stood up laughing. “I’ll tell you later. Wish us luck on the hunt.” “You don’t need it if you have Sam.”

Purgatory 1.2

Part 2

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 2100

Summary: Introductions in Purgatory

Pairing: Dean x reader

“God do you ever stop running?” Dean huffed. The man was in shape but apparently running was not his thing. You pulled up and turned around. Dean bent over with his hands on his knees. Honestly you were surprised he had lasted this long. It had been a little over an hour and the sun if you could call it that, was about to come up. It was more like a diffused light that progressively got a brighter with no apparent light source. “Running keeps you alive here Dean.” Your body is barely affected; an hour is barely a warm up. He gives a look that clearly says he thinks you are crazy. You start off again at a fast walk and he follows. You come up on a thick stand of vines and push through. You had found this place by shear chance after a run in with a changeling. Damn thing had ripped the flesh right off your neck and you had barely escaped. Even though they target mothers, there are no mothers in purgatory so anyone is fair game. The cave is dark and Dean pauses at the front, still suspicious. Muscle memory guides you to the wall and you squat down and feel for your bow and drill always in the same spot. It takes a few tries but a spark flies and lightly blowing on it, encourages flames to blaze up. The cave was illuminated, the fire reflecting off obsidian walls, water flowing down the back wall into a little pool, and your makeshift bed sitting off against the left corner opposite the fire, both deep within the cave to prevent light showing through the thick vines. Not that you even needed a bed. Sleep wasn’t really necessary here it was more for nostalgia. Dean looks around still standing at the mouth. “Close the vines space cowboy. You’re gonna attract every monster in Purgatory.” It felt odd to have someone to talk to. It had to have been years now since… Dean cut off your thought. “Are you going to tell me how you got here? I thought this place was only for monsters?” You sit and begin to take off your foot wraps. Shoes were too noisy and weighed you down. He stood looming over the fire, appearing ready to fight, looking fierce in the firelight with his swollen and bloody face. You look at him and smirk. “Don’t be so threatening. It’s not a good way to make friends. Didn’t your daddy teach you how to talk to women?” That seemed to strike some kind of nerve but it was hard to tell. He walked over and sat across the fire from you. You took the supplies you had and began to nurse your arm, now on fire since the pain was no longer kept at bay by adrenaline. You begin talking; trying to distract yourself, but also assure Dean you weren’t the enemy. “I was sent here by a reaper with a grudge. I am eternally damned to never be quite dead.“ You snort."No peace, no happiness, just existing to fight another day.” Wincing at the makeshift needle in your flesh, you finish and put the supplies back in their place. “Why would a reaper send you down here?” Dean asked. He seemed more at ease but on alert. “Reapers sometimes will make their own deals and take souls to the wrong or different places and I wanted someone’s soul to be moved. But he wouldn’t deal with me, so I tried to trap him and it backfired, and he sent me here as punishment.” “How long have you been here?” Dean asked, his voice softer now. “Honestly I don’t know. I stopped counting a long time ago. There are no seasons here, no weather. There are rivers and lakes but no water source. There is day, but there is no real source of light. Everything is just still. There is day and night, that’s all. You don’t even have thirst or hunger. So it is easy to lose track and I just got tired of marking a stick.” You watch Dean closely as he mulls it over and then he says, “So no pies then I guess.” And chuckles. Pies? You barely remember what a pie looks like let alone tastes like. He reaches up and touches the corner of his mouth, split open again from the joke he tried to make. You walk to the back and grab a cloth and a bowl of water from the pool and walk back over to Dean. You sit in front of him and gingerly reach towards him with the wet cloth. You dab slightly at his bottom lip and he looks at you almost softly, but he stops you. “I can do it, thanks.” He takes the cloth and begins to clean off dried blood. “Who was the man with you before the Leviathan closed in?” You ask. He pauses, “His name is Castiel. We uh, somehow got blasted here after killing the Leviathan.” “Yeah well thanks for sending them back here. It was almost boring with them gone.” Dean looks at you trying to see what you meant by the comment. It was true, it had been close to boringly calm without the Leviathan, but that didn’t mean you had wanted them back. “Speaking of Castiel,” Dean stands. “I need to go out there and find him. Who knows where he could be.” He moves towards the vines. “Wait!” You say. He pauses right before the thick curtain. “What?” “You can’t leave.” “Look, I appreciate you helping me out but my friend is somewhere out there. I can’t leave him out there alone.” “Where are you going to look? Who will you ask? What will you fight with?” You look at him and see the determination in his eyes. You wouldn’t stop him; you knew that look and that feeling like it was only yesterday. “I will figure something out. I can’t sit here while Cas is out there somewhere.” His voice was gruff and his mind was made up. “Look, Dean. I understand you need to find Castiel, I do. But be smart. You have no weapon, one working eye, and no idea of where to start. Let alone the vastness of this place is inconceivable. He could be months or years worth of a journey away and you wouldn’t know. Just sit down. I can help you with a plan and then you can be on your merry way.” You didn’t know why you offered to help Dean. Why should you care about his friend? About him? You were better off on your own. You chalked it up to him being the first human you had seen in years and left it at that. Dean came and sat back down. “So how do I get a weapon?” He was tenacious, but you would be too. “Well we could make one, but it is easier to take one. Many monsters have a blade, but just choose to use their teeth or claws. More entertaining I guess.” “Then lets go take one, right now.” He said. Might as well, you thought. Better than just sitting here doing nothing. You grab your foot wraps and wrap them around your feet all the way up to the knee. All the while Dean stares impatiently. “Well, let’s go then.” You said as you banked the fire then you both walk out into the day. It wasn’t hot or cold. Just, air. It wasn’t entirely true that there was no weather in Purgatory. Occasionally one could feel a breeze if they had the time to stop and be calm, but you wouldn’t be pausing to feel the breeze now. You were on a mission, with Dean. You had a partner again, but you stopped the thought. “We won’t have to go far before we find a monster, they will find us. There may not be hunger here, but monsters still have the desire to kill, and the fact we are human drives them mad with that desire. They can zero in on us pretty easy. Always aiming to get a piece of this sweet ass.” You grin mischievously and lope off easily away from the cave. No need to attract the monsters to the one place of peace there is. Dean follows easily behind. Within minutes you hear crashing through the brush. “This was fast, even for monsters. Must be all the racket you were making.” “It was part of my plan,” he says sheepishly. There was a long sturdy stick on the ground and he picked it up. Better than nothing. You both wait for whatever it is to come to you. You stand back-to-back weapons at the ready. A lone monster comes through the trees, running towards you. It is the weird gorilla wolf hybrid that occurs frequently in Purgatory. Good. Nothing fancy. You stand ready and just as it grabs for you, you side step and bring down your blade, but Dean blocks the blow. You turn to Dean, shocked, but he closes in on the monster. It grabs at him and he blocks it momentarily but then loses grip on his stick. You are about to come to his aid when another one comes out of nowhere and tackles you to the ground, but luckily you kept hold of your blade. You bring it up to hack into the creature but it deflects your blow and chokes you, while trying to force its mouth to your throat. You hold its head back but you’re struggling against its strength and try kicking but its no use. Catching Dean out of the corner of your eye, you can see him grappling with the monster. “Dean, on its belt! On its belt!” you scream. There is an obsidian blade attached to the monster and you see Dean reach for it. You can’t see what happens because you are starting to black out from the lack of air. The monster is winning; you don’t have much strength left. You let go with one hand, struggling harder now, and try to reach for the small blade on your thigh. Your fingers scrape for it, but it doesn’t matter because you’re arm gives out and the monster goes for your throat but suddenly Dean tackles it from the side. Why won’t he just kill the damn things?! You gasp for air, your vision still swimming. “Where is the angel?” You hear Dean yell. You turn over and see Dean with the creature pinned down. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” it hisses in a nasty voice. “You have to know, you son of a bitch. You can sense him cant you?” Dean’s blade presses harder into the creature’s neck. “All I know is that one came here. I do not know where it is.” It spat. Dean pauses, then cuts off the head. He walks over to you to help you up, but you slap his hand away and stand up shakily. “What the hell was that?” You say angrily, your voice rough and hurting. “I needed information. They might have known where Cas was.” He says coolly. “You couldn’t have said something before the thing got to me? Warned me? I was just choked out by Chewbacca’s cousin because of you!” Your voice hurt and you rubbed your neck. Not to mention your stitches ripped in your arm. “I told you, I needed to get information.” Dean said. Looking not the least bit guilty. You should have let him leave alone earlier. This was too much. “You should have said what you were going to do. This was supposed to be a weapon run, not a ‘kill Y/N’ mission! Plus they wouldn’t know jack squat you idiot! They are pee-on monsters. They have no clue about anything!” “Look I am sorry alright? But I saw an opportunity and I took it. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know we would survive, but I am going to do whatever it takes to find Cas.” You both glare at each other, his one good green eye piercing yours. “Look, you may be a hotshot upstairs, but this is MY territory you got it? I have seniority here, I know the terrain, I know the monsters, and I know the ranks of the damn things and who will know the difference between Jack and Diane. So next time, we do it MY way.” You are so close at this point you can see the gold flecks in his eye, his other still swollen shut. “So grab your weapon, and lets go find a monster who may actually know something.” You growl. Then you backed up and walked into the woods feeling him watching as you walked away.

Hello yes. I'm coining a term. Ableism scale

You know those ableist micro aggressions you face every day? Okay you know the ableism that is not a micro aggression and is in your face? Or the ableism that is in the middle because you could fight it but not everyone would be on your side and it would be so hard to fight?

Yah okay. What if we had an ableism scale? Micro aggression to level five ableism? (I am going to talk about ableism from strangers like the school and such and not murder and abuse. To keep it light and more of an inter-community joke about our mistreatment sort of way. I don’t know if I am correctly explaining what I mean here)

Level five ableism is like someone calling your meltdowns a tantrum. Or someone using the r word. Or other ableist slurs.

Level three ableism is like being talked down to and infantilized but not obvious enough to call out. Or sneers that you are unsure if it were a sneer. Or someone seemingly pitying you.

And level ones are those micro aggressions like “I’m not ableist” or using incorrect terminology that you are expected to treat kindly by neurotypicals who don’t know what it’s like to live with this every day of our lives.

I honestly don’t know if I’m joking or not.

You can probably change this.

This was only a thought

I am unsure if I am joking or not.

Since its not a serious thing it can be over exaggerated and figuring out the scale is not important. You can call everything level 5 all you want. This is pretty much a joke.

(Side note. I’m talking from an autistic view point but you can use the level of ableism joke on your own disability or neurodivergency type.)

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Remind me why they let you join the Autobots again, and not try you for various war crimes?

Because one medic isn’t enough to keep the medbay lights turned on, let alone keep everyone alive.

At the time, Ratchet and I were all they had.

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"Another thing is that we don’t know what ALIE’s limit is. When does this virtual reality start mixing with the “real” reality? Murphy can see her in her house but not outside. Why? Does she need to be there or does she just need more power?" My opinion: ALIE uses hologram projectors in the house. Outside she uses the wi-fi? "chips" to visualize herself in minds of the "chosen ones" Limitation is a hug question, as how could she distribute her systems and keep still running withoit maintenance?

True, that would make a lot of sense. I just keep thinking whether the people who are in the City of Light would give her more power somehow? I mean, if she lost Jaha, would she need another messenger and the new “chosen ones” like you’ve put it? We’ll see how that goes when Jaha finally goes back to Arkadia.

-Admin L


JVC tapes in your box
With our hands down, shaking all the doors and locks
I was looking for memories in places
like corners. Inside my nose kisses
yours, after our coke a day at 4 o'clock.
Your dope, your blessing and lucky rice
Baby in the plastic eyes
clutching it out for the next pair. Lp afternoons waiting and waiting there
I’m just holding myself
Tying the scarf over me just how my love is bare,
becoming like your things, and I know they can become like me

The old dive bar on the left,
I stand waving from the top of the train overpass
looking leveled with the dolls, they are hanging
Keeping watch,
singing to the milky, glowing moss
Lights, flickering lights deep in the wood
Rum and incense are the only way to make it out of there
I lost it all, dead to the grass and the bark.

We sing into every and each morning after
the night takes us alive.
This kind of thing is just as low as ever
Even though we know a good time, even then we need it


if anyone ever tells you jade plants grow slowly, they’re keeping them incorrectly

jade plants need a decent amount of light to thrive. they’ll survive in lower light, but they’ll be stunted and have fewer leaves and an overall droopy, less healthy appearance.

it’s also hard to get a jade to bloom when they don’t get a good dose of light in the spring/summer

so yeah… give your jade plant light. 

This was my jade plant in July 2014: 

(not sure if that’s the exact plant but we had a couple of crassula ovata in the greenhouse that were that size and could have been my plant that i’d later take home in the late fall) 

This was my jade plant in July 2015:

After i brought it home in late November 2014, it lived in low lighting until that summer. THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY JADE.

This was my jade plant in August 2015, after a month of being outside on the deck:

Notice the difference as far as the overall perkiness of the plant goes… The red tips to the leaves and the overall lighter green color… some people would say this plant was getting too much sun and call the reddening of the leaftips sunburn, but I don’t think so. I’ve seen sunburned succulents and it doesn’t look like this, it looks a bit more like this (which the plant recovered from btw):

And finally, this is my most recent picture of my jade plant in December 2015:

And yesterday, February 2016 (with my face for scale…. though this honestly makes it look smaller than it actually is):

So yeah…. I haven’t even had this jade two years yet, and it’s grown a hell of a lot. And I’m probably going to prune it back a bit this spring and try to get it growing straighter and it’s still going to probably double in size by next fall…..


I miss you, but my heart is currently being protected by my pride… so it’s a shame that you will never know. 

My dearest friend, I keep day dreaming about our dirty pleasures of me melting before your hands staring into your light colored eyes as my body keeps inviting you for more.

Just know in a past life, we must have set fire to the world because how dangerously we keep crossing paths as we are trying to stray away.