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Dream Skam ending where everyone is gay: Noora/Sana, Vilde/Eva, Isak/Even, Chris/Linn, Jonas/Magnus, Mahdi/Eskild, Sonja/Emma. Not sure what to do with Yousef which makes me sad because I like him

for me i would do sanoora, evilde, chris/ingrid, evak, jonas/mahdi, eskild/some new guy, emma/her blonde friend, jamilla/laila, iben/mari

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Hey sorry if this seems rude but we're mutuals and have talked before but like do you hate me? Cause you really never message first and I don't wanna annoy you....(staying on annoy just in case you don't hate me)

Oh hun I don’t hate you! (I mean I don’t know who you are but I definitely don’t hate you!) I’m simply terrible at communication. 

See when I was younger (like 12) I would always message people first but usually get ignored by them. I started getting anxiety when I messaged people and sometimes when I asked them (in person) why they never responded they would just say cause I was annoying. Sooooo this lead to me to stop messaging first and I lost a lot of “friends” because of it. 

I unfortunately have this habit of not messaging first to this day because I’m not used to having people to talk to. I’m really trying to work on it! But I don’t hate you hun!!!!!!!! 

i need to find a cute little apartment where i can dedicate a special night once a month to having a bunch of witches come over. and we sit in a circle with candles lit and our hands intertwined and talk about anything on our minds. we can read eachother’s cards and palms and create little good luck jars and write down what we learned about one another at the end of the night. and we could call it “the witching hour,” ugh it would be so cute