Florida-SouthEastern Gothic

Afternoon thunderstorms mute the world and turn roads to rivers; sometimes it’s impossible to tell if the rain is still falling from above, or howling horizontally across the fields to follow you. 

In the summer, thunder growls deep enough to rattle the bones of your home.

The air is thick, a product of the slow exhale of the swamps and rivers that lurk at the back of the neighborhood, and at dusk the gnats swarm close enough that you are afraid to breathe in. You plunge a paddle through black water, and pretend that you didn’t see the slide of scales brush the surface.

The sun draws color from anything that it can reach; tattered and bleached orange life vests, tangled in fishing line, mock you from the shores. 

Beach entries, crammed between soaring grey buildings, lead to dangerous, sloping tides; the words “locals only” are scratched into the boardwalk, and they glow red at you in the fading sun.

Something brushes against you in the water, but it was probably nothing. That’s what you tell yourself. A voice whispers as the waves slide against sand; you can never make it out, but as the current tugs at your feet, you understand.

When the sun sets, green lights blink in the black horizon and you almost wish you’d let the waves take you. 

Glowing eyes watch, from the reeds and glades, as you drive along highways that stretch forever into darkness. Figures disturb the mist at the edges of the crumbling asphalt and you drive on, hoping that they will not follow. 

The deer see but will not share their secrets.

Fog greedily pools over the Spanish fort across the bay, and when it shifts you’re sure that you can see men standing aside the gaping cannons. You wind the shutters closed, praying that tonight is not the night the bones in the soil rise to take arms again. 

The earth is waiting to swallow you, and the pulling mud is a reminder with every step that it will someday win.


Look what I opened today! I’d like to thank @maggie-stiefvater for such a beautiful piece of art…I can’t believe I get to own it!

I’d also like to thank the front-office staff for not judging me (much) for how excited I was when they handed it to me

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honestly? yeah hillary is trash but like?? primaries aren’t even CLOSE to starting says who she is gonna be the nominee. you can even get involved to try to get the democrats to nominate someone else 2. i am not backing out of this everyone has gotta VOTE this is so unbelievable to me that people would just not vote. yeah everything sucks. yeah i’m all for a revolution and if it starts call me i’ll buy a ticket to go help and everything but realistically? it isn’t gonna happen. realistically, change is gonna come slow and gradual and in frustratingly small amounts. and it’s not gonna happen if you don’t keep pushing for it, all the time, telling people you matter because you vote and they should listen to what you want. also LITERALLY WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? you radical cred? like a couple hours on a sunday? gimme a break just vote WTF