I really don’t like when people get frustrated with others who are rude about issues (e.g. Feminism, homosexuality or transgender inclusiveness etc etc) because they are ignorant. I think the best thing to do is try to explain why those issues are important and spread your love and knowledge! Being mean and impatient will not improve their attitude u know I just feel we were all partially ignorant once and have educated ourselves and should pass it on! You know? Idk.

I really wish places would have more LGBT categories and less “Gay & Lesbian” categories.

Or keep the “Gay and Lesbian” category but add “Bisexual” and “Transgender” etc.

*looks at book stores*

*looks at Netflix*

*looks at local B&N who also lumps feminist lit with G&L instead of having its own section*

There are so many shitty people in cycling communities tbh. Like one time some magazine like VeloNews or Bicycling posted a Bob Roll quote about how cyclists are the least legally respected/represented demographic in the US. And a trans woman of color commented and was like ‘hold up, no, fuck that’ and she got attacked by some white guy who wanted to keep “gay rights” (that’s how they put it) out of cycling discussions and stuff. So the article or w/e completely erased any possibility that anybody is more oppressed than cyclists (really??), and when somebody called it out, they got attacked. It was awful.

Ok so there’s been some talk about Robert’s sexuality and I wanted to say my piece on this.

First of all, I have to say I hate all kinds of labeling. I just don’t get why we should put people in boxes because it’s not black and white. There are so many different kinds of sexualities in this world and no one should feel forced to fit in just one box. I guess it’s a bit of a cliché to say you fall for the person not the gender but I do agree with this one. I’m in a relationship with a girl and I don’t like the fact that people automatically assume I’m a lesbian (hate that word the most btw) cause if we are using labels I label myself as a bisexual.

So I guess it goes without saying I don’t like how ED keeps calling Robert gay. Like I said you can’t automatically assume. He finds both sexes attractive and at least this point that is all we know. Until he says himself he’s only really into men, to me he is bisexual.

There is this one scene where I especially found the dialogue really weird with this gay thing, (and please tell me if I’m reading this all wrong) but in the scene where Katie caught them, first thing she says is something like “oh this is a surprise, not only you’re a cheat but gay as well!” I take that as if she’d mean being gay was as bad as being a cheat? Or at least made it somehow worse? And then the part where she says “maybe you shouldn’t have started seeing a fella.” Like how about “seeing someone else”? As if it would’ve been more acceptable if it were a woman he cheated with? Then the “come on you’ve been in the same position” answer “I think I’d remember if I had a gay phase” again as if the gay thing made it somehow worse or was what Robert ment! It all just sounded really weird to me. (Have to say that the “now who’s the village bike” was hilarious tho!)

Then there’s Aaron who also has couple of times called him gay. I suppose he really does think Robert only wants to be with Chrissie cause he can’t accept who he really is since he’s so sure orher guys will come along. Yes, I do think it wouldn’t be easy for Robert to let other people know he also fancies men but I still think he loves Chrissie and she’s not just a cover. I also think his attraction to Aaron wasn’t all about Aaron being a man. I mean yeah he might’ve “missed” being with a man but mostly I think they just spent some time together and Robert realised he wanted him. So I guess it’s okay for Aaron to call him gay but I’d prefer Robert would still try to deny it or at least admit to the bisexuality.


screencap redraw of Life is Strange! 

I cant focus on doing homework, I need to get it out of my system <3 <3 <3 

Imagine if Chloe hugged Max while she’s trying to take a selfie. Like OMG shy Chloe is so cute ,,,,, i cant get enough of episode 3



Few things in life will reach this level of awesome.