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hey just wanted to let you know i love my gay yiga boy. the chocolate banana comic cleared my skin and fed me and my nineteen starving children

i decided his name is aita but you are 100% allowed to keep calling him your gay yiga boy too

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Yesterday this waitress flirted with me and it gave me hope cause girls don't like me but I also keep having really happy gay dreams and I wake up and I'm gay all by myself :c

I bet girls like ya!! I believe in u

If someone asks you if your “a Gay/Lesbian/etc” in That Tone™, its okay to say no, especially if saying yes is potentially endangering to you and puts you at risk for ridicule and humiliation.

You’re not denying yourself or misrepresenting the community, you’re protecting yourself and that’s your number one priority.

Don’t feel guilty for keeping yourself safe.

That kh scarf from Loot for Her is great n all but ur gonna need to huddle p close if ur gonna fit two people in that thing. (lol)

I started the sketch for this while I was on death’s door with the stomach flu and it kept me alive

Lance about sexuality
  • Lance: Look, a lot of people on this ship keep asking me if I'm gay- so I'm gonna clarify. Everyone is bisexual until proven otherwise. For example, if I'm in the company of another man who I happen to enjoy very much, I will definitely fuck that man."
  • Keith: *violently choking in the corner on nothing*
  • Pidge: goddammit Lance you killed Keith