What each of the 100 keep in and on their bedside table

(Modern AU)

Bellamy: phone charger, his old paperback copy of the Iliad with all his pencilled in annotations, an old alarm clock, a picture of Octavia as a toddler (there’s jam smudged on her cheeks and she’s making grabby hands at him behind the camera.), a set of tangled up headphones which only half work, condoms, a sticky note that just says “You suck” in Miller’s handwriting, a purple hair clip he found sitting on the couch the first time Clarke came over (he will 100% deny this if ever asked about it), a flashlight. 

Octavia: lip gloss, hair ties, rock cd’s (she owns all of ‘the killers’ albums), a glass of water, a bunch of magazines with all the hair tutorial pages dog eared, the doll Bellamy made for her when she was a baby (she still gets it out some nights when she’s feeling sad), a pocketknife, a stack of drawings and letters from Lincoln tied together with string, eyeliner, A picture in a glittery frame of her, Clarke and Raven pulling a Charlie’s Angels pose back in 7th grade.

Raven: A haphazard stack of textbooks which frequently falls over, a half disassembled lamp, a picture of her and Finn as kids (hidden in the very back of her drawer), a half empty bottle of whiskey, A bunch of screws, bolts and wires she periodically finds in her pockets and puts there so she can “use them later”,  a birthday card Clarke made with a drawing of Raven as an astronaut on the front, birth control pills, the good luck charm Gena gave her when she had her first surgery, a calculator. 

Clarke: Sketchbook full of half finished drawings and sappy poems, a bunch of fresh flowers, a photo of her dad and one of her and Wells, some random novels she hasn’t gotten around to reading yet, expensive perfume, a note Bellamy wrote to her during science class (’Princess’ is scrawled messily on the front along with a drawing of a crown), a fancy china carousel her mother gave her for christmas when she was twelve, bandaids. 

Lincoln: Printouts of all the artsy pictures he took of Octavia for his photography portfolio, a bunch of dried leaves, pebbles and twigs, a sketchbook and pencils incase he wants to draw during the night, polaroid camera, his wallet, envelopes, water bottle, a book of poetry, Octavia’s face cream that she leaves there for when she stays over. 

Miller: a beanie, a picture of him and Bellamy in their football jerseys after a game (Clarke took the picture after throwing herself into Bellamy’s arms and congratulating them), loose change, a lava lamp Monty gave him, Xbox controller, an open box of barbecue shapes (they’ve been there since Thursday and have gone stale), a radio Raven pulled apart and put back together for him, his car keys (attached to the key ring Octavia gave him when he got his license as a “congrats! Also can you please drive me over to Clarkes at 6?”), half a bottle of Monty and Jaspers moonshine. 

Lexa: copious amounts of eye makeup, feminist literature, angsty cd’s, a photograph of her and Anya at the beach together, tissues, a ridiculously expensive alarm clock, every single letter Costia’s sent her (Lexa hates being in a long distance relationship but handwritten love letters from her girlfriend make it better) fashion magazines, a six hundred dollar pair of sunglasses, the friendship bracelet Clarke gave her. 

It’s interesting reading posts from Louis stans/larries in this shitty situation. Their sentiments of believing Louis is better than the media image echoes what Zstans/Ziams said when shit was going down with Zayn. It’s a shame some of these same people were the cause of such hate towards us and shat on us. It ain’t nice to be fighting people hating on your fave when you believe different huh.