Admin Note: In my opinion, Mary will  for sure be a badass. In the promo pictures for S12 we already see her in the “hunter uniform” with the angel blade (as shown above). But even if there were not promo pictures, she grew up in the hunter life and was trained by her father. So with that experience, I have no doubt she would throw down. We even got a glimpse of her fighting skills back in s5 ( “The Song Remains the Same”) when she was fighting Anna. I think the biggest shock will be that the boys will not be able to get her to relax and let them take care of things. She’s going to want to be in the thick of it, helping and kicking butt. In conclusion….

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i lov how jikook compilations have gotten so passive aggressive lately…… it’s like “jk hates jimin so muhc” [insert gif of jk backhugging jimin]…… “ur so right” [gif of jk feeding jimin]…… “wow look at the hatred in his eyes” [gif of jk shooting hearts at jimin w his eyes]….. “theyre so dysfunctional” [gif of jikook making out]………..


‘cause it’s simple darling, i gave you warning
now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces
so watch them fall with you, in slow motion
i pray that you’ll find peace of mind
and I’ll find you another time
i’ll love you another time

Fill your life with good vibes and positivity, and the negative forces will not affect you. Have fun. Laugh often. Love deeply. Life truly is a gift.

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I've seen a lot of meta about the promo pictures, but I haven't seen anyone talk about the weird wound Cas has in/on his cheek in the picture where he's in the car. To me it almost looks like a bullet wound. Although that's more speculation than meta. (also you can see the reflection of the camera-trailer-thing in the impala's side lmao)

Hahaha :D Well the promo shots aren’t the finished angles from the show, even if they might mimic them (just because that’s the way the sets are pointing to film in them) so I would say the camera is just there because that, buuut it is a very shiny car and it’s far from the only time you see the film crew because of that so I don’t think anyone can get too precious defending this :P

Anyway, as for Cas’s face, if you zoom in to 500% to get a better look, I think it’s just scratched up - I’m guessing that might be them fleeing the scene since they have Mary piled in the back seat and all, while they look beat up already… It looks to me more like a big scratch than a bullet wound at max zoom especially since his face is kind of beat up all around it:

Though of course shooting Cas in the head is as pointless as giving him a papercut if you use the wrong gun. :P

(Eee their profiles look so good next to each other even at 500% zoom and weird pixel blurs…)


In some shows if there is a black female lead, their outfit sometimes be looking like the wardrobe department didn’t even try like they just put some shit together and said you good. Like us black girls don’t dress in bright colors all the time, we have other taste in clothing, we have great fashion sense. So shout-out goes to The Flash’s  wardrobe department for always dressing the lead female on the show Candice up, hence making Iris look fabulous. Them outfits be on point. They know she is the lead and they dress her accordingly and it shows.


guess who made another shidge vine? me. cause it’s my birthday and i deserve it ;)

We think, talk, write about patience so much. It’s easier said than done; it’s not a destination, you don’t just become patient - it’s a journey where you’re constantly patient- you discipline your soul to not react how it usually does, you withhold your tongue from frustration, you stop short of thinking bad thoughts and if you do, you don’t act on them. Patience is when you so much want to cry or scream or run away and you close your eyes and remember that your return is to Allaah - that this too shall pass and it will, that you’re not weak but the devil is manipulating you into acting out. Easier said than done, easier written than practiced, but start by acknowledging what patience is and how to constantly be it.

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1. What is your name or alias? Any interesting stories behind why you were named that or why it is your alias?

Ella, my full name is Elisabeth though. Over the years I had a billion different nicknames and besides Liz Ella is my favourite. But I’ve been calle Lizzie, Elisa, Elli and basically everything you could possibly imagine too. 

2. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I love acting. It has been a hobby of mine for several years and if I can trust other peoples comments I’m rather good at it. Acting is one of my favourite things to do besides writing, reading and watching a silly bunch of TV shows. Fun Fact: I prefer playing villains in plays, because it is way more fun, like a million times more fun. 

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it’s weird, we don’t know players personally, they don’t know we exist, we don’t really have an impact on their lives but my god little do they know how much they mean to us, and stuff like this makes us appreciate our players even more, we’re here to support them, tweet them nice things just so they know we’re here, and what they’re doing impacts more than just 90 minutes of football each week