I called my dad today and we spoke for the first time since we got into an argument a few weeks ago. I felt so horrible… He told me he was still recuperating from it and that it gave him anxiety attacks. I said I was sorry and asked why, and he said I mean a lot to him and when we’re not okay he’s not okay and it broke my heart because I know I’m my dads best friend and I know he cherishes our relationship and talking. So I just felt awful waiting this long to call him. I’m gonna make sure to keep in touch once a week like before because even tho he pisses me off sometimes I know no one loves me more than my dad

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A SUPER CUTE FRIEND OF MINE KEEPS CALLING ME CUTE AND I CANT TELL IF SHES FLIRTING OR JUST BEING NICE LIKE IM DYING AND BLUSHING SO BADLY!! im a girl who sucks at flirting so how do i even know if shes flriting w me??? shes so cute ahhh???

Ah talk about gay girl problems lol

One of my friends is going through the exact same thing rn!
Does she know you’re gay? Is she gay? If yes and she keeps calling you cute and touching you or complimenting you then I feel that yes it’s possible she’s flirting. It does also depends on the situation just be sure to read it properly. It’s so common for girls to be so nice and touchy feely with each other and it be completely platonic.
Look for signs. Notice when she touches you. Is it random or does she make the excuse to do so? Also notice if she’s been trying to spend even more time with you than usual, especially in group situations.
Just trust your gut.

Or you can be completely bold and ask her if she is flirting with you. She might act surprised but at least you asked her. They usually either back off or say yes. Even if she backs off and says she wasn’t flirting, at least you’ll know for sure and you won’t have to keep wondering.
EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Alley Wishes Maksim Chmerkovskiy ‘Congratulations’ On His Baby, Reveals Why She Doesn’t Watch ‘DWTS’ Anymore!

Kirstie Alley is putting past tensions behind her and sending well wishes to her former Dancing With the Stars partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Alley, who has been cast as a series regular on the second season of Scream Queens, welcomed ET to the set of the hit Fox horror comedy and shared a sweet message to Chmerkovskiy’s future tiny dancer.

“I hear he’s having a baby – Congratulations,” the Cheers alum said when asked if she still keeps in touch with Chmerkovskiy and the rest of the DWTS family.

It was confirmed back in May that Chmerkovskiy and his fiancée, fellow pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd, are expecting their first child together.

Alley and Chmerkovskiy formed a close bond in the ballroom when they danced together on both season 12 and season 15 of Dancing With the Stars, but the 36-year-old dancing professional later revealed that he and Alley had a major falling out.

“I thought we had a great relationship,” Chemrkovskiy told host Andy Cohen when he appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in 2014, “And if it was something else or not, I don’t know. But I got a message that now that I’m associating with other people that she can’t be associated with, I am no longer to be spoken with, and sorry, but that is what it is … but I still think the world of her and I wish her the best.”

Chmerkovskiy added that he believes Alley’s faith in the Church of Scientology might have had something to do with the demise of their friendship. “She stopped getting along with me,” he laughed. “I think the world of her. I’m not judging people by their religion. … I’m Jewish, and you know, I don’t really believe in science fiction, but whatever. We had a great relationship.”

Alley fired back at Chmerkovskiy’s comments by taking to Twitter. “Dear Sir..after you have a** raped me there is really no reason to include ‘I wish you the best’.. It’s rhetorical,” she posted to her fans in August 2014.

But the Look Who’s Talking star is no longer fixating on past dancing feuds. In fact, Alley admitted she’s not even watching DWTS this season. “There’s another show that’s in competition with [DWTS] that I’ve sort of gotten hooked on: The Voice,” she says.

“This is why I like The Voice: They’re creative, and they’re nice, and they’re supportive, and they validate everyone whether they’re good or bad,” she gushed. “I just love that vibe of following power and validation to artists. I think it’s so valuable to them! Other shows that have competitive singing and stuff like that – It’s just catty and I don’t like that.”

When asked if she missed preparing for those elaborate DWTS dances, the 64-year-old actress was quick to disagree. “I don’t miss the rehearsals at all!” she said with a laugh. “Again, I was so out of my element. It was so inhibiting .. But you don’t really realize how hard you’re worked when you do that. It’s pretty phenomenal.

"I’m shocked that people don’t die on the show,” she added with a laugh. “I was considering myself like, 'Am I going to be the first one that dies on Dancing With the Stars?’ Because it’s so physical, it’s crazy!”

Alley may not have died on DWTS, but there’s no telling if she’ll survive season two of Scream Queens!

the rule was that if people didn’t approach me first or weren’t thhe ones to keep trying to get in touch with me and if they said or did something trivial like not texting back or not sounding enthusiastic enough,it meant they hated me and they wanted to be left alone so i would stop trying and then i’d distance myself and long story short that’s why i have best frends but not enough friends or people i can just talk to or hang out with!!! but i’ve got to stop thinking like that and get away from that mindset!!! this year i’m changing a lot of things,im changing a looooot of things!!!!

How to Preserve Long Distance Relationships

In today’s modernized age we can easily communicate with our friends from all over the globe through the use of Facebook, Skype or any other type of social network. However, despite the technological advancement which aids us in maintaining our relationships over long distances, we oftentimes fail to preserve ties with our old friends. So why is it that some relationships survive the separation and others do not?

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